Đồng nghĩa của crumble

Alternative for crumble

crumbles, crumbled, crumbling

Đồng nghĩa: break up, disintegrate,


To break into small fragments due to impact
collapse disintegrate fragment smash beat break up cave in fall apart fall to pieces fall down break down tumble down go to pieces come apart at the seams come to dust go to rack and ruin crumple break come apart buckle shatter fall tumble splinter give way split give founder fracture fall to bits slump go down topple fall in shiver subside rive divide break apart sag yield implode separate bust come down dismember topple over disrupt fold fail disunite sink succumb go come to pieces drop burst go out dissolve fall apart at the seams cave sever explode dismantle come to bits crash crack spall flop fragmentize dash blow apart give out smash to smithereens split up give in tear come unstuck crush stave stave in settle wilt be overcome crack open crack apart burst apart rend destroy keel over faint bust up pash unravel go wrong stumble break into pieces break into tiny pieces break into fragments break to smithereens smash into smithereens slide descend sink inwards collapse inwards crash in come down about one's ears crater duck fall flat rupture disperse disband disconnect turn disorganize disimprove taint detach blow up fly apart go belly-up take apart fade away turn to dust demolish snap sunder pulverize trash annihilate blow out total pulverise cleave damage splinterize fragmentalize waste part pull to pieces make mincemeat of nuke eradicate torpedo pop blast blow disassemble wreck devastate crunch scrunch wrack cream prang mangle finish off tear apart make hash of crush to smithereens wrack up malfunction come unwrapped batter rift come unglued physically break ravage powder crack up smash up write off dash to pieces perforate puncture squash squish breach distort extinguish ruin vaporize desolate decimate raze warp break to pieces erupt detonate smatter impair pull down exhaust tear down do in disable rub out vaporise split asunder break open break into crump go off dissipate be set off burst out fly into pieces go bang tatter shred ribbon rip deconstruct pull apart take to bits take to pieces pull to bits strip down dispel rip apart dissever drive squander send wrest cut disturb pierce pull tear in two rip to pieces rip in two lacerate tear to pieces tear asunder slit rip asunder slash chase migrate clear out set asunder scatter diverge disject go separate ways go in different directions move in different directions put to flight go their separate ways


To worsen in quality or value
deteriorate degenerate decline decay worsen atrophy retrograde sink ebb regress rot devolve descend perish decompose go downhill fade fall slide slump retrogress wane fail slip collapse go down the toilet get worse go to pot hit the skids diminish wither disintegrate languish lapse go to the dogs go down the tubes weaken degrade drop flag depreciate go to rack and ruin disimprove fall off wilt break down grow worse spoil become worse waste away dwindle waste droop backslide fall apart go bad go backwards fall to pieces wear away go to the pack go to pieces revert debilitate relapse stagnate become dilapidated lessen lower impair go to seed grow weak corrode be in decline take a turn for the worse putrefy shrink retreat recede vitiate debase nosedive sag moulder corrupt lag go return emaciate become emaciated break up become debilitated shrivel up decrease skid deprave molder lose quality be neglected be on your last legs be the worse for wear die out go off shrivel contract fall down pall dissolve slacken reduce fade away pejorate run to seed die on vine come apart at seams damage depress suffer injure adulterate mar break alloy undermine fall into disrepair be abandoned thin disappear go from bad to worse make something worse take a nosedive lose it be worse for wear dry up become shrunken reach depths drop off die be disregarded be forgotten be damaged be handicapped be impaired appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be shown to disadvantage hit rock bottom come apart at the seams become enfeebled turn pervert demoralise warp debauch demoralize stain become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's deathbed be breathing one's last be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis be approaching death fall into decay wither away subside retrocede recidivate sink back drift back slip back fall away fall back go back lose ground lose headway turn back turn the clock back throw back roll back move back sicken dilapidate fall apart at the seams go into decline abate taper go down tumble ease de-escalate plunge plummet dip dive relent crash ratchet down phase down nose-dive downturn crater remit slide back moderate let up taper off drain away die away die down falter drift move backward decompensate withdraw go down the tube retire be overtaken be overcome back away drop back pull out go back to move away close retract back depart stray go away back off move further off die off draw away draw back flow back totter lose devalue leave the straight and narrow go wrong go down the primrose path fall from grace go astray trail drag slope buckle cheapen flop grow less bow out lose value cave in go into a tailspin go through the floor fold up hit the dirt decrease in value tip over hit the floor be precipitated become lower take a header decline in price drop down


Gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed
erode corrode destroy eat gnaw abrade consume disintegrate spoil undermine weaken deteriorate dissolve weather decay devour fret nibble rot wear away diminish impair lessen sap scrape away bite bite at eat away at grind down scour waste wear down chip away at gnaw away at waste away break up eat away eat into rust wear through bite into gnaw away damage decompose melt exhaust dissipate liquefy burn into burn through tarnish run through perish fragment chafe rasp rub fray gall frazzle be destroyed become rusty scrape scratch graze corrade grind scuff use tax overuse fade bother overwork wear wear out wear thin become worn rub away crumble away rub down grind away wash away become threadbare scrape off cut down use up go to seed enfeeble oxidize cripple reduce oxidise debilitate oxidate enervate devitalize etch burn soften compromise subvert disable ruin shake hurt crush break emasculate tire etiolate vitiate impoverish corrupt prostrate chip away sear whittle away wither sap the strength of engrave sabotage mar threaten undercut injure hinder impede denude incapacitate shrink flake canker depress dent whittle sap your strength put the kibosh on take the edge off decline disempower dilute curb limit check attenuate atrophy stagnate munch chew stale degenerate go stale drain make feebler disturb disrupt chomp champ crunch deplete water down make feeble masticate pull the teeth of reduce the power of remove the sting from deprive of force reduce the powers of infringe encroach on bleed lower tear chumble manducate strain wreck blunt interfere with overcome gum chaw place a limit on bleed dry rob from slowly reduce slowly lessen slowly diminish gradually overcome


To disappear
dissolve disappear vanish fade disperse evaporate dissipate disintegrate dwindle evanesce perish decompose ebb subside dematerialize die diffuse disassemble flee fly melt melt away scatter sink wane wilt wither break down fade away fall away be destroyed decline dilapidate dispel fizzle out peter out unmake pass away cease to exist break into pieces come to an end waste away deteriorate diminish lessen abate droop degenerate tail off let up slump decrease lower weaken decay slacken fall off taper off die down shrink contract drop ease taper recede moderate shrivel drop off slack off run low wear away slow down give way die out go downhill die away fail flag curb quiet settle waste check fall reduce collapse lighten quell depreciate relent remit atrophy dry up calm down restrain devaluate lose edge soften narrow down wear down go pall grow faint de-escalate halt give in ratchet down drain away phase down fade out ease off grow less break up draw to a close plummet plunge decrement blur become smaller become less grow smaller drain rebate slash be abandoned be disregarded give up be forgotten be neglected lapse pass languish discontinue elapse conclude stop expire terminate close cease quit finish end determine tail away curtail cut down modify retrograde bate emaciate tire lag sag molder moulder ease up trail off falter wear off lose spirit relapse lose minimise minimize impoverish tremble totter grow weaker thin out faint debase depress vitiate limp grow dim cripple relax break off dead-end go down go dead pack in leave off run out wink out wind up peter dim attenuate wind down become weak be on the way out get smaller fall short


To surrender or end all resistance to
cede yield succumb capitulate surrender submit relent bow concede fold fall acquiesce budge blink comply give in back down cave in admit defeat concede defeat throw in the towel give up raise the white flag throw in the sponge defer knuckle under wave the white flag show the white flag lay down arms buckle under quit give way pack it in be beaten give up the struggle accept defeat be overcome be overwhelmed toss it in put up white flag climb down lay down go under fall victim go down eat crow go along with eat humble pie cry uncle roll over give yourself up accede give away the store bow to come to terms assent accept collapse lose agree bend buckle be defeated suffer defeat bow out be conquered relinquish cave kowtow resign come off second-best be vanquished be trounced say uncle fall victim to come up short be overcome by be overwhelmed by be conquered by give in to resign yourself fail break concur truckle make concessions give keel call it a day approve be the loser be bested by knuckle backpedal lose out abdicate comply with be beaten by throw in your hand be humbled crash out pull out stop trying hoist the white flag pay homage die of vail retreat throw up one's hands chuck it in throw up the sponge drop fall in line desist stop withdraw honour respect honor surrender to subjugate genuflect subdue adhere come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst be worsted fall short adapt knuckleunder adjust admit cringe fawn accommodate agree with obey roll over and play dead submit to yield to back out conform be submissive bend the knee humble oneself give ground turn in give oneself over hand over fold up cry quits let go turn over call it quits chicken out suffer come a cropper be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo be outdistanced take a beating bail out cut out show white flag fall apart heed observe be overthrown be deferential drop a bundle come apart break down crumple be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt topple be destroyed by be vanquished by cooperate with acquiesce in sink lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of act in accordance with be servile concur with fall to pieces pass into enemy hands lose one's position to fall in tumble down go tumble implode


To quench or satisfy (one's thirst)
slake assuage quench sate satiate satisfy gratify relieve abate allay appease compose cool decrease disintegrate extinguish lessen loose mitigate moderate reduce refresh relax relaxed slack subdue take the edge off diminish dull blunt quell alleviate attenuate ease deaden check damp soothe mollify temper tone down soften lower overcome still lighten dampen calm weaken palliate dilute indulge fulfil fulfill keep in check slow deplete dwindle dent downsize drop de-escalate downscale knock down smooth quieten control help slacken pacify quiet modify ameliorate lull numb sweeten improve placate address extenuate benumb desensitize undermine take the sting out take the bite out pour oil on soft-pedal stifle muffle smother cauterize suppress thin obtund hebetate curb desensitise cauterise water down put a damper on curtail cut cushion cut down cut back minimize restrain minimise depress slash tranquilize contract tranquillize wind down lenify qualify scale down shrink limit taper depreciate pare down settle decrement impair repress mark down roll back damp down mute prune discount erode narrow trim ebb devaluate pare kill ease off bring down slim down step down put an end to restrict modulate degrade silence deduct dispel stop make less anaesthetize dial down clip comfort tail off anesthetize make cutbacks in cheapen remit shorten quash retard mask gentle wane paralyse squelch sap buffer mellow retrench regulate banish dissipate subtract devalue truncate abridge undervalue constrict destroy peter out make smaller axe inhibit deflate downgrade sink shave minify paralyze ax decline couch cure phase down write down rein in cut off choke off cut back on throw cold water on taper off scale back take down trim back slow down trim down drop off aid assist write off get rid of let up on pour cold water on put a stop to dampen down ease up on subside ration revise wear away wear down tame hush commute contain dock excuse blanket defuse put at rest restraint disempower fill surfeit reduce the force of round down whittle down make weaker dulcify chill out calm down settle down rein pipe down make nice dismiss fix up take sting out patch things up ratchet down gruntle break take the heat off play down eliminate rein back make reductions in retrench on salami-slice drive away chase away put to rest square drive off enfeeble demote cut in price lower in price cool out adulterate rarefy disable cripple vitiate offset debilitate enervate undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale adjust loosen turn down cause to fall offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of render worthless incapacitate stun exhaust drown unnerve stupefy injure freeze tire dope rebate cut down on make fewer take the bite out of take the sting out of subjugate make reasonable disgrade demerit drive down release rise above knock out squash crush make less intense put damper on put the lid on dry up amortise cast down brighten strike off knock off take off take away amortize tighten arrest salve counteract run down halt punctuate succor succour console vary solace dumb censor clam liss interrupt run interference for disburden clear the way let up cheer nurse forward disengage facilitate speed up doctor relent simplify meliorate promote free make easier speed untighten expedite attend to lift open the door further delay keep down put down cut short close up say nothing clamp down on crack down on slap down snuff out prevent break up bring respite to detain hinder bring an end to take a load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid take load off handicap rationalize stunt decelerate impede economize rationalise economise hold up stall set back obstruct hold back keep back mire hamper lag retardate stay loiter postpone procrastinate embog choke reef interfere with back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of bog down keep waiting anchor it budget cut phase out tune down roll down trim away


A baked dessert made with fruit and crumb topping

Trái nghĩa của crumble

crumble Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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