Đồng nghĩa của decelerate

Alternative for decelerate

decelerates, decelerated, decelerating

Đồng nghĩa: retard, slow, slow down, slow up,


To cause to proceed or move at a slower pace
slow retard brake slacken slow up go slower slow down ease up reduce speed slacken off slack up hit the brakes lose pace lose speed slam on the anchors put the brakes on lessen one's speed impede hinder detain delay obstruct set back bog down check hamper inhibit keep back hold up handicap restrict curb hang up restrain stall stay mire interfere with encumber arrest clog hamstring hold back postpone trammel cumber reduce lessen decrease retardate moderate halt choke loiter stop put a brake on let up embog throw a spanner in the works of wind down throw a monkey wrench in the works of drop speed sink prevent intermit discontinue slack off ward off constrain put on the brakes step down keep bar block dam temper stunt get bogged down make late control limit curtail regulate abate lag diminish reef quiet qualify procrastinate rein in slack slam on the brakes cut back lose steam back-water keep waiting cut down anchor it let down flaps get in the way of become slower get slower make slower reduce in speed defer interrupt put back dawdle baffle flag crimp baulk down poke fetter bog hesitate balk loaf falter choke off take down close off shut off shut down back off bring to screeching halt stymie thwart cramp frustrate shackle hobble bridle foil handcuff hog-tie manacle embarrass forestall tie up short-circuit cripple repress deter prohibit derail suppress bork put off suspend stonewall counteract shelve disrupt withhold hold stand in the way of contain stifle confine oppose put an end to hold off stem avert reschedule stave off hold over adjourn put on hold remit scupper protract interdict hold in get in the way circumvent hold down cut off catch shut out counter hold off on burden put on the back burner put on ice tie interfere smother freeze prorogue govern straiten tame forbid table prolong debar pigeonhole avoid weigh down mothball defend against head off nip in the bud put over keep lid on lay on the table put on back burner take a rain check on put in cold storage put a stop to lay over hold in abeyance still pause defeat staunch preclude muzzle rein evade constrict disadvantage draw up measure rule nullify circumnavigate bind pull up contravene fetch up keep under control keep in check sidestep skirt choke back hem in bottle up cork pull in respite bring to a standstill spoil extend steer clear of stem the flow of set aside hang fire give rain check sabotage discourage crab neutralize occlude muffle bottleneck ruin inconvenience sandbag chain subdue stanch congest overload neutralise terminate faze circumscribe oppress entangle bring up resist jam dissuade from cut short clot stuff fight back leash gag bit imprison close stop up continue ward can box in keep a lid on bite back gaol jail rule out keep in cramp one's style be a hindrance to lock up put at a disadvantage saddle with carry over keep within bounds cool off place at a disadvantage clog up plug up bring to an end keep in abeyance keep the lid on cool kill waive gum up bung up end straitjacket cause to wait cause to stay impair debilitate withstand enmesh net ensnare capture dissuade quash snag prevent from making progress incommode barricade block up lengthen drag your feet tie one's hands sideline entrap discomfit rattle get out of taboo outlaw enjoin charge discommode bother tether disconcert blockade fix scrub sidetrack drop brace strangle put paid to escape bypass beat give disadvantage take out put out of commission cease peg discipline dally temporise temporize overturn scotch make difficult set limits on impose limits on entrammel foul up screw up put on brakes put an stop to knock off give a rain check take a raincheck deflect chill obviate intercept forfend keep at bay turn aside stave fend off keep off anticipate give a hard time stand fence put a limit on louse up break off dampen incarcerate intern wreck put the stopper on stump ditch take wind out of upset outwit crash do for juke put the kibosh on unsettle harness disband dissolve prorogate recess throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of cool down hold in check put aside keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on button up squelch swallow keep down box up keep in line tie down impound bring under control have on a tight leash sit on put away pin down pull back rein back guide direct crack down hogtie delimit ban lock in coop up fence in close in immure deny concuss shut in deprive shotgun disallow necessitate push back count out put in abeyance file lay off lay aside break up inactivate quit pink-slip call a halt to omit put on the shelf stand still come to a standstill not move stand off peter out repulse rebuff checkmate wrong put half nelson on leave to another time slacken pace treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to treat harshly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time throttle saddle load screen obscure complicate monkey with lumber laden lade overtax weight freight stress strain tax overwhelm overburden plug bung obturate die squeeze dam up gibbet drown fill gunge up wring stopper fill up silt up noose


To reduce the intensity of
ease diminish abate lessen moderate attenuate dull quell relax weaken ebb subdue de-escalate ease off phase down ratchet down decrease decline subside dwindle wane fade recede slacken drop off relent sink remit let up taper pall die out drop away die away shrink lower slow desist fall taper off die down fall away become weaker slack drain away come to an end cool it coast stop terminate cool off unlax end fade away cool tail off peter out halt chill out drop reduce fall off slump contract grow less flag plummet wither go down droop ease up fail deteriorate soften plunge melt away decay disappear slack off shrivel slow down drain cease depreciate evaporate grow smaller nosedive degenerate waste away mitigate slacken off vanish become smaller fizzle out alleviate wilt trail off sag crumble retrocede regress die off devaluate go downhill downsize descend dip dissolve close calm down crash wind down wear away settle quieten trail downscale languish get smaller finish waste depress temper deplete get less go take a nosedive rachet down collapse curtail grow faint tumble wear off dive fall back run low minimize minimise curb flow back lighten check get lower calm nose-dive quiet restrain withdraw settle down lag emaciate lapse erode devalue dent bate dry up narrow down wear down die blur evanesce melt grow dim break go away deflate break off run out come to a stop break up become lower knock down become less retreat rebate come to a halt fade out lull pass slash dim quieten down still slip retire retrogress lose edge slake give way faint downgrade trail away thin out grow weaker relapse tire slope totter lose decrement cut retrograde condense falter cheapen shorten release minify conclude discontinue thin quit draw back downturn come to nothing crater mark down level off fall short pause draw to a close wind up leave off write down tone down go through the floor hit the floor pack in modify cut down tail away pass away allay assuage relieve modulate mollify pine weary succumb be forgotten dissipate rescind shape elongate dampen peter disengage lose strength lose intensity narrow incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over grow flow away phase out thin down fall through give out extenuate abbreviate retrench go out slim wrinkle go downwards fall down close out pare down make smaller make less turn down infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost run dry sink lower telescope become less intense atrophy constrict compress lose its effect lose its effectiveness elapse minimalize discount die away or out die away or down disintegrate determine expire drop down pull out return back away drop back compact skid give in become weak worsen write off lower in price devalorize lower in value drag backslide buckle molder dilapidate moulder squeeze tighten move away go back adjourn flop disperse perish be on the way out constringe capsule capsulize bow out back retract depart move back dematerialize fly flee scrimp come down go into a tailspin fold up hit the dirt tip over break down be precipitated take a header lose value decrease in value cave in decline in price back off move further off dead-end wink out go dead etiolate can become softer become quieter take in lose ground do less rest amputate impair crop clip abridge soft-pedal hush fold deliquesce grow feeble pass off rarefy die on vine evanish poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out become less loud become unimportant clear draw away impoverish cripple debase vitiate tremble limp get quieter get softer desist from lay off cut off knock off shut off cut out give over cut back roll back slack up be over pack up come to a standstill take a breather take a break take a breath relax your efforts hold back take the bite out take the sting out lose spirit

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