Đồng nghĩa của rebate

Alternative for rebate

rebates, rebated, rebating

Đồng nghĩa: discount, rabbet,


A long, narrow cut or depression in a hard material
groove channel cut indentation furrow hollow trench gutter rut score canal cutting gouge trough flute rabbet fissure seam corrugation crease crimp depression ditch fluting incision notch pucker scallop scratch slit valley gash mark line nick conduit drain culvert flume gully duct snick scrape watercourse chip cavity dent ridge sewer hole slash sluice dike spillway indenture pipe cleft tube crater dint scar laceration race outlet dip chute scoop track kerf wrinkle pit fold abrasion concavity scotch dimple indent crinkle blemish recess hack graze arroyo excavation chamber sheugh fosse foss runnel cup niche mill spout rip rent wound scarification moat nip carving dissection pleat scuff pothole sink pattern marking slot crack nock chase crevasse gap plica rivel crow's-foot undulation rimple ruck wheel track crow's foot sluiceway drainpipe waterspout rainspout wheel mark leader penstock passage prick injury shave puncture snip main cave funnel eaves sulcation eaves trough cavern flow conductor pipeline cable lead-out lead-in striation basin dish bowl den nook cranny tear opening fossa lacuna curve sinkage vacuity sinkhole void bottom gulf sag socket pocket impression pockmark jag defect flaw damage knock cleavage pierce stab waterway course aqueduct racecourse raceway canyon pass runway artery vein tideway tunnel stream gorge ravine seaway corridor shipping lane estuary brook sea lane sea route river creek rivulet drainage system rill dyke chasm run gill gulch storm drain storm sewer kloof shaft sap defile inlet beck couloir earthwork streamlet burn bourn wadi gulley clough coulee rille slide valve entrenchment shipping canal ramp borehole incline slope bore-hole mouth well dugout drill foxhole causeway brooklet bourne wall burrow racetrack bridge waterworks viaduct fall runlet tributary gullet stadium circuit hippodrome speedway cove firth bottleneck water enclosure palisade dam barrier water passage bore fleet ha-ha inland waterway ship canal saddle defence defense linn dale vale freshet mine col choke point heugh bunny thrutch chine abyss cleuch delta rillet billabong antrum donga sloot running track glen branch strath dingle dene dell deep narrow valley bed combe slade rift nullah sinus cwm vega coomb bay pool lagoon swale lowland plain


To diminish to nothing
peter out diminish dwindle fade die out disappear ebb evaporate fail taper off wane decrease die away fade away fizzle out melt away tail off trail away abate come to nothing dissolve drain fall through give out lessen pall recede run out stop subside trail off go away run dry come to a halt come to an end decline vanish weaken let up ease die down fall away moderate drop sink drop off lower slacken shrink taper fall remit de-escalate relent ease off phase down ratchet down die off end drain away grow less slump reduce cease deteriorate attenuate contract fall off wither cease to exist decay pass away die waste away terminate wilt be no more droop degenerate pass wind down flag crumble disperse finish quell shrivel dissipate become extinct wear off fade out expire plummet halt drop away perish evanesce dry up wear away slow down deplete melt grow faint go close grow dim slacken off go downhill grow smaller lighten become smaller languish soften calm down slack off collapse wind up draw to a close curb cool off curtail trail become less dim depreciate clear restrain run low devaluate wear down minimize fold quieten erode alleviate conclude dematerialize come to a stop fly flee depress relax decrement blur break off discontinue downscale downsize temper go down minimise tone down cease to be break up blow over quiet settle tail away disintegrate cut down cut mitigate lag emaciate sag settle down withdraw ease up give way desist impair cut back run down fizzle become weaker lapse dull roll back quit dispel elapse minify plunge dent leave off evanish slash check waste shut down lose edge narrow down wither away flop flatline calm close down quieten down atrophy degrade be over dilute dampen give in be forgotten pause falter thin out tire allay come to a standstill faint become weak bate close out slow be used up nosedive clip become obsolete break break down cool it run its course thin get smaller take the bite out knock down grow feeble assuage take the edge off extenuate subdue make smaller determine pack up dead-end rachet down dilapidate wink out take the sting out abort vanish into thin air cut out pack in make less pass into oblivion disappear from the face of the earth level off gutter lose strength lose intensity modify pine weary succumb retire blunt pare down turn down take a nosedive dip be gone mollify relieve slake retrograde molder go dead moulder flow away go through the floor hit the floor abbreviate retrench release disengage deaden give up sink into oblivion disappear slowly clear up depart decompose exit rescind shape elongate lull palliate mute damp muffle become unproductive grow barren grow sterile come to grief etiolate decelerate chill out slack unlax coast cool diffuse scatter disassemble go south be done for cease to be known leave no trace come to naught be abandoned be neglected be disregarded vaporize hush deliquesce pass off rarefy die on vine poop out fag out tucker out become less loud become unimportant lose its effect lose its effectiveness cushion soothe peter phase out thin down still be destroyed unmake break into pieces cease to yield get less descend become shadowy numb become indistinct become vague become confused make faint become blurred limit concentrate vaporise parch come to a halt end come to a an end slip come down grind to a halt amputate crop abridge soft-pedal pass on become rarer become less common scale down miss the mark end in defeat be a fiasco miscarry misfire end in disappointment slack up fall down can desist from lay off cut off knock off shut off give over totter impoverish cripple relapse debase vitiate lose tremble limp dial down axe pare lose spirit grow weaker bring to an end bring down couch trim ax make cutbacks in amortise take down trim back downgrade qualify amortize step down trim down mark down cast down tighten complete come to a close stop dead culminate finish off wrap up draw to a halt come to rest get done cut short pack it in end up stop in one's tracks reach a standstill hold stand be exhausted be out of exhaust be cleaned out have no more be fresh out finish up be finished wear out cease to function conk out stop working founder go kaput tank flounder stall yield go belly-up flame out fall flat crash bite the dust crater bomb lose power seize up go phut run aground give come unstuck stop functioning buckle crumple cave in flunk give up the ghost be on the way out fall short regress worsen retrogress slide get worse rot devolve hit the skids go down the toilet go to pot go to the dogs go down the tubes backslide retreat tumble go backwards shrivel up deflate become worse go to rack and ruin retrocede stagnate dive be in decline fall apart nose-dive go to the pack debilitate wizen disimprove narrow fall back skid go back grow worse move back go bad fall to pieces draw back lose ground revert go to pieces spoil return slope condense shorten downturn constrict age corrode flow back go from bad to worse lose quality go into a tailspin take a turn for the worse take a header be the worse for wear move backward become lower ebb away sicken grow weak become emaciated modulate reverse incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards grow mummify slim wrinkle putrefy weather damage lose courage become debilitated go out drift pull out back away drop back compress dry become less intense telescope get lower go downwards make something worse move away go down the tube suffer become dilapidated run to seed pejorate go to seed compact back retract be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go into decline devalue squeeze fall into disrepair drag cheapen back off move further off be handicapped appear in a poor light be impaired be at disadvantage be damaged be shown to disadvantage desiccate constringe capsule capsulize drop down die away or out die away or down reach depths scrimp bow out draw away blast blight become limp hit rock bottom come apart at the seams take in infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost drift back recidivate slip back sink back become stale become marcescent lose value adulterate mar undermine injure alloy fold up hit the dirt tip over be precipitated decrease in value decline in price lose it end gradually be worse for wear throw back lose headway turn the clock back turn back demise decease croak part bust be deficient exterminate ruin abolish go awry go amiss be wanting be insufficient kick in kick off peg out step out pop off check out be ruined be lacking be found lacking strike out be inadequate not come to ripeness

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