Đồng nghĩa của compensation

Alternative for compensation


Đồng nghĩa: recompense,


Something, typically money, awarded in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury
damages recompense remuneration indemnification indemnity requital reparation redress reimbursement restitution repayment satisfaction meed offset payment recoupment remittance amends atonement comp guerdon payoff reprisal settlement solatium benefit claim costs counterclaim reward quittance pay reprisals salary return earnings retribution profit stipend consideration wage fee honorarium allowance gain income emolument wages retaliation proceeds premium expiation reciprocity take reckoning revenue refund hire defrayal bread take-home quid pro quo take-home pay paycheck justice penalty revenge packet profits vengeance propitiation takings remedy penance punishment payback pay envelope deserts salt meet coverage remittal shake bonus scale advantage setoff reciprocation fees emoluments redemption yield restoration judgement net gross commission reparations judgment apology bounty fine rectification rebate award handout price dues forfeiture gross pay comeback lucre defrayment interest net pay returns squaring things benefits cash nemesis measure for measure tit for tat poetic justice just deserts eye for an eye money vindication remediation retainer charge penitence forfeit replacement substitution reinstatement perquisites perks pickings accrual gate accruement blood money mulct damage making good rate something in return barter salvo alimony advance pension pay-off sum annuity down support subsidy portion amortization amortisation outlay expense part acquittal lex talionis tooth for a tooth insurance gains fate protection give-back discharge kickback give-up acquittance discount consolation something returned doom sanction sentence means incomings receipts cure aid help ease relief ruling money back Doomsday assistance correction dividend rewards turnover determination conviction punition decree verdict assurance security handouts absolution amendment renewal reworking remodelling rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment change remodeling revision repair balancing remission attrition cash flow money received drawings harvest bottom line take home royalty avails dividends assets livelihood gravy rule condemnation pittance perquisite bacon stipendium day of retribution last judgment judgment day day of judgment what is coming to someone compunction purgation revanche measure counterblow comeuppance avenging avengement cover rap decision pronouncement due reward an eye for an eye an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth just reward retributive justice self-abasement self-mortification self-punishment self-flagellation hand-outs punitive action


Something, typically money, awarded in exchange for goods or services
payment remuneration disbursement remitment remittance pay consideration earnings fee reward salary stipend wage allowance bonus premium profit quittance remittal return take recompense dividend paying perquisite tip gratuity giving meed perk commission cut gravy award guerdon honorarium benefit bounty percentage rate right price deserts merit interest money repayment prize perks due piece share emolument slice fringe benefit entitlement requital gift payoff winnings present privilege honour lagniappe gain carrot handout inducement sum honor desert merits claim crown accolade garland goodies sweetener brokerage piece of the action royalty portion feather in cap just deserts whack grant plus bite chunk dues ante advantage extra rake-off incentive purse slice of the cake baksheesh pay-off bribe appreciation cue rights grease plum need prerogative deserving prem scholarship expenses donation indemnity endowment koha largesse duty satisfaction title complimentary fee fair treatment rightful treatment commish payback ransom liberation money charge cost settlement something to sweeten pot additional benefit toll figure added extra cheque bill tariff account monies damage freight hire amount freebie prequisite perquisites allowances appanage benefits solatium transmittal transfer throw-in donative pourboire cumshaw fare handle subscription juice price tag expense take-in house end compensation package employee benefit plus point smalls bonsella dropsy negotiable instrument transfer of funds money order decoration something extra gravy train little extra backhander bit extra small change little something extra little something benefit in kind gratification apportionment prize money divvy moiety quantum royalties vigorish factorage cut-in


An instance of kind, or charitable, behavior
kindness service aid benevolence favor benefaction boon courtesy help bounty favour grace indulgence assistance mercy succour succor turn alms benediction blessing philanthropy relief benefit benison boost dispensation honor honour charity contribution deed gift support donation endowment funding grant largesse abetment handout patronage subsidy welfare assist offering sponsorship subvention allowance bursary comfort deliverance sustenance furtherance reward salvation good deed good turn hand-out kind act act of assistance act of kindness goodwill gesture promotion backing collaboration cooperation hand investment finance reinforcement advancement facilitation leg up lift funds financing grants backup influence guide helping hand money scholarship head start counsel palliation attendance hand-holding mentoring forwarding furthering attention nurturance abettance encouragement services intervention ministrations offices a lift a kindness a leg up a helping hand a hand a favour easement a break a good turn present bequest gratuity donative award bestowal stipend presentation bonus allotment allocation appropriation giveaway freebie concession freebee fairing lagniappe dole largess handsel lump comp annuity legacy entitlement fellowship premium perk settlement goodie baksheesh honorarium privilege admission provision gifting prezzie tip conferment perquisite inheritance sweetener pourboire stake payment koha tribute pension hand-me-down consideration generosity conveyance transfer assignment compliment compassion unselfishness liberality accommodation dowry write-off beneficence fund bequeathal revenue income transferal zakat devise hereditament property nest egg trust alimony subsidisation indemnity financial aid financial backing subsidization souvenir token pittance tithing oblation douceur giving bonsela offertory windfall godsend advantage gain profit convenience felicity good thing asset luck good manna extra virtue additional benefit added attraction plus plus point break miracle good fortune stroke of luck added extra lucky thing piece of good fortune manna from heaven lucky break good luck piece of luck


A mutual giving and returning
reciprocation complementation exchange retaliation sharing barter correspondence counteraction counterattack counterblow giving in return interchange repayment reply reprisal requital retribution revenge trade vengeance an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth tit for tat counteroffensive countermove counterstrike counterpunch recompense reparation reward reaction response return counterassault reimbursement remuneration payment payback afterstroke retaliatory blow return blow fightback counter-attack indemnity amends restitution proceeds take benefits income gain settlement interest yield profit accruement accrual gate reciprocity recrimination counterstroke redress comeback quid pro quo satisfaction getting even ultion defence defense attack comeuppance riposte rally neutralization neutralisation lex talionis something in return blow for blow measure for measure meed just deserts poetic justice a taste of your own medicine an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth a Roland for an Oliver punishment avenging eye for an eye nemesis penalty avengement atonement tooth for a tooth chastisement deserts discipline wrath castigation correction judgement reckoning indemnification paying back judgment act of vengeance due reward retributive justice vindication what's coming to you what you deserve recaliation as good as one gets desert a game at which two can play avengment wreak vindictiveness counterplay counterinsurgency restoration quittance fate settling of scores rectification settling of score evening of score doom Doomsday due justice damages remedy wages day of retribution last judgment judgment day day of judgment what is coming to someone revanche measure just reward just punishment deserved fate


Makeweight or complement


An official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict
settlement agreement arrangement conclusion deal resolution bargain understanding decision disposition pact accommodation accord adjustment compact contract convention covenant determination establishment finding ruling adjudication completion compromise confirmation judgement judgment termination disbursement expenditure pay payoff quietus reimbursement remuneration showdown trade-off working out happy medium treaty concordat entente bond protocol negotiation alliance pledge concord verdict transaction stipulation resolve engagement promise opinion indenture decree arbitrament concession order call arbitration truce pronouncement sentence commitment diagnosis warranty result charter choice deduction guarantee guaranty surety undertaking terms deliverance outcome armistice deed handshake award modus vivendi mediation give-and-take intercession inference business fixing obligation composition preference account reconciliation selection league paper adjudgement commission acknowledgment conviction appointment disposal nomination assumption findings recommendation warrant harmony sequitur acknowledgement allotment option presumption eduction induction approval evaluation answer piece of paper half measures gentleman's agreement deciding entente cordiale friendly agreement prearrangement sanction cartel finalisation finalization conciliation mediatorship intervention trust papers dicker peacemaking interceding interposition international agreement quid pro quo interpretation reasoning supposition package deal record surmise conjecture prognosis writ common view meeting of minds punishment document permit lease codicil recognition affidavit avowal oath illation ratiocination concordance gentlemen's agreement note balance accordance privilege licence injunction rule the nod refereeing judging umpiring meeting of the minds concurrence consent acceptance assent results right franchise adaptation change fitting middle ground declaration assessment adjudicature calculation discernment divination consequence solution verification win-win situation neutral ground transformation compliance adjudgment fifty-fifty half measure end modification alteration makeover conformity measurement ascertainment discovery perception purpose pick halfway house half and half prerogative election way visualization visualisation affair discretion will volition conveyance endowment grant license patent fifty-fifty deal check choosing bet vote druthers picking designation matter top of the list preferment thing fave first choice selecting priority favorite favourite favour appraisal say favor proceeding sale action enterprise event trade setting specification coup proceedings occurrence intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play prescription business deal authorization naming authorisation a decision about

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