Đồng nghĩa của retaliation

Alternative for retaliation

retaliation /ri,tæli'eiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự trả đũa, sự trả thù, sự trả miếng


A sharp, angry, or witty reply
retort answer reply response return comeback rejoinder counter riposte acknowledgment acknowledgement repartee replication sally antiphon cooler crack gag jape jest joke lip quip reprisal respond revenge squelch topper wisecrack witticism back answer back talk parting shot snappy comeback reaction counterattack reciprocation take feedback answer back thrust maneuver manoeuvre echo sass vibes account reception knee-jerk reaction pleasantry come back with reverberation one-liner barb aphorism epigram funny vibe kickback opinion giggle pun rib laugh yuck yuk boffo drollery boff waggery josh boffola nifty witty remark smart remark bon mot banter badinage prank play on words gibe fun remark clever remark raillery jibe equivoque paronomasia jeer humour wit dig lark trick humor satire funny remark double entendre flash of wit clapback facetiousness spoof wordplay hoax zinger ruse joking levity whimsicality Atticism insult escapade caper wittiness quips witticisms sardonic remark pithy remark smart crack practical joke apophthegm whimsy foolishness buffoonery play witty comment amusement game fool windup mock setup offense offence mockery wile aside waggishness puns merriment squib quirk jive ridicule rib-tickler jolly clown canard sneer affront insinuation slur slight taunt good-natured remark witty communication shaggy dog story mot jocularity funniness snappy retort gem jokes burlesque cutting remark frolic clowning mischief stunt farce yarn put-on parody antic shenanigan monkeyshine counterblast pushback witty poem nice turn of phrase witty saying jeu d'esprit persiflage jesting crosstalk bantering chaff joshing patter ripostes give-and-take teasing backchat sallies witty conversation chaffing irony sarcasm witty remarks bons mots pleasant conversation


Something given as a reward or in recompense for something done
payment hire pay salary wage fee remuneration wages emolument stipend compensation earnings fees recompense reward emoluments price rate reimbursement allowance consideration handout honorarium income packet paycheck profit remittance requital revenue gain gross pay lucre net pay proceeds profits take-home pay takings acquittal advance alimony amends amortisation amortization annuity award bounty cash defrayal defrayment down expense indemnification outlay part pay envelope pay-off pension portion quittance redress refund reparation repayment restitution return subsidy sum support reciprocation meed revenge settlement atonement restoration indemnity damages satisfaction payoff recoupment benefit guerdon bonus premium grant take reprisals inducement bribe deserts money incentive reprisal perquisite solatium take-home sweetener dividend bread perks gratuity prize carrot present charge remittal commission gift scale fix reciprocity advantage offset graft honour merit salt right counterclaim honor retribution accolade cut gravy interest claim due tip quid pro quo backhander perk meet reckoning coverage shake kickback pay packet entitlement comp expiation desert propitiation redemption penance bribery garland goodies crown setoff scholarship dues merits donation appreciation plum expenses endowment fringe benefit payola feather in cap just deserts bacon penalty winnings yield reparations sop pickings boodle purse decoration justice forfeit forfeiture net percentage fine dowry mulct hush money rebate assistance wedding gift squaring things remitment disbursement allocation benefaction fellowship bung retainer cue need prerogative privilege rights grease palm greasing payroll returns perquisites kick-back payout deserving gross prem earned income handouts vindication penitence pittance stipendium cost costs pledge complimentary fee largesse koha lagniappe hand-outs something in return ransom cumshaw damage reinstatement title incomings receipts gains dividends apology contribution subsistence maintenance honoraria making good rightful treatment fair treatment insurance sanction extra groceries gate balance favour favor payback salvo liberation money upkeep pocket money keep ration boon plume kudo distinction fringe benefits protection something returned rake-off piece of the pie bottom line instalment installment financial support sum of money give-back discharge give-up money back acquittance discount consolation store stock value spiff punishment amercement regard blue ribbon levy assurance security financial penalty assessment punitive action welfare dot plus enticement share remedy rectification superannuation cover cure aid help ease relief allurement gratification IRA retirement pension retirement fund social security retirement income welfare payment subvention retirement account fixed income comeback correction softener oil marriage settlement lobola tocher amendment vengeance renewal reworking remodelling rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment change remodeling revision repair balancing remission prize money marriage portion money under the table

Trái nghĩa của retaliation

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