Đồng nghĩa của quarreling

Alternative for quarreling

quarrels, quarreled, quarrelled, quarreling, quarrelling

Đồng nghĩa: altercate, argufy, dispute, dustup, row, run-in, scrap, words, wrangle,


In a state of disagreement
disputing at loggerheads at variance in disagreement at odds in opposition conflicting in conflict quarrelling arguing at sixes and sevens clashing in contention estranged at outs at cross purposes feuding fighting wrangling disagreeing at war locking horns at each other's throats at daggers drawn on bad terms on the outs out of sync incompatible inconsistent contradictory like cat and dog contrary opposed antithetical opposite differing different contrasting irreconcilable opposing divergent discrepant incongruous adverse dissimilar antagonistic antipathetic discordant inconsonant anti disparate dissonant oppugnant counter poles apart against contrastive paradoxical varying hostile antithetic incongruent averse inimical inharmonious separate repugnant unalike repelling diverging deviating polar distant unequal not in keeping anomalous dissentient confronting controverting up against defensive out of step warring disputed crossing facing enemy restrictive allergic out of line objecting battling combating defending obstructive exposing protesting out of keeping gainsaying denying antonymous at cross-purposes rival out of harmony out of tune adversarial against the grain oppositional distinctive mismatched incomparable distinct disharmonious independent nonidentical incommensurate contrasted uncoordinated discrete contrariant disconsonant unfavorable unfavourable unmixable non-identical ill-matched bipolar at odds with mutually exclusive unlike diverse variant contra untypical atypical irregular unnatural off-key factious factional unsimilar various unsympathetic resistant dead set against set against diametric antipodal antipodean diametrical ambiguous ornery nullifying counteractive reverse con contradictive converse negating agin self-contradictory no go


A disagreement between two or more parties
dispute disagreement argument conflict disputation contention difference discord dissension dissent friction altercation contestation dissensus dissention nonconcurrence quarrelling strife antagonism clash difficulty firestorm misunderstanding row spat variance controversy disharmony quarrel squabble velitation falling out falling-out discordance disunion discordancy disaccord dissonance dissidence debate disaffection inharmony unrest schism rivalry infighting tension bickering divisiveness squabbling division warfare acrimony wrangle backbiting enmity dissonancy disunity war wrangling scene bitterness factionalism feuding inharmoniousness hostility opposition resentment trouble flak fuss rebellion faction internal strife difference of opinion bad blood bad feeling conflict of opinion bad vibes sour note power struggle fight tiff scrap feud hassle brawl contretemps set-to barney donnybrook run-in bicker battle royal war of words rhubarb argy-bargy fracas kickup imbroglio exchange argle-bargle rammy shouting match cross fire bust-up afters miff ding-dong broil words slanging match affray rupture dust-up ruction estrangement alienation beef breach tussle animosity shindy split ruck confrontation tangle clashing bunfight antipathy separation threap collieshangie ill feeling contest ill will shindig tracasserie tracasseries rift argumentation turf war disturbance severance combat stand-up discussion rumpus arguing tumult brush bone of contention break vendetta uproar blowup battle ruckus brouhaha fighting hatred struggle polemic sedition discontent insurrection detachment divorce objection grudge parting commotion flap animus bagarre brannigan bit of argy-bargy aversion incompatibility divergence dissentience storm bone to pick fray dislike skirmish grudges back-and-forth grievances competition hullabaloo scission withdrawal embroilment agitation passage of arms sparring resistance protest disapproval encounter flare-up dustup unfriendliness turbulence lack of agreement upheaval hate yike spite rancour malice venom malevolence malignity divergency disjunction disconnection disjuncture passage at arms loathing disorder mutiny odium rancor abhorrence jaundice detestation spitefulness gall gulf restlessness dissatisfaction ructions jar partition disruption breakup rumble melee needle discourse contentiousness go contrariety riot duel scrape fisticuffs isolation emulation biffo chasm remonstrance dogfight match free-for-all disgruntlement insubordination static demur souring bout break-up secession nonconformism engagement refuting rebutting face-off exchange of views cleavage misbelief bone hubbub parting of the ways disruptiveness conflagration polemics divided loyalties acrimonious exchange clashes gap controverting disparity unharmoniousness dialectic mooting forensic quarrelsomeness sectarianism tilt doubt lack of concord fractionalization dissolution brush-off striving conflict of interest peeve malignancy enemyship spleen enemyhood foeship uncordiality daggers palace intrigue niggle opposing views unorthodoxy dispeace independence jarring disloyalty counteraction bifurcation fractionation clash of views palace politics tug of war hiatus romp stew defiance blood feud conversation powwow complaint dust catfight scuffle crossed wires irreconcilable difference nonconformity nonagreement squall fireworks problem frustration knock down and drag out verbal fight family feud revenge refusal denial counter-argument sundering scrum petty quarrel insurgence repugnance clinker head-to-head verbal sparring scrimmage disillusionment apathy cynicism joust sparring match swedge scrabble roughhouse punch-up throes drifting apart stoush boilover square go rough and tumble to-do round indifference distance boxing match exchange of blows clamor clamour remoteness diversion physical encounter prize fight defection disaffiliation setting against turning away coolness cutting off diverting breaking off vying competitiveness disrelish rough-and-tumble apostasy knock-down-drag-out talking-to antithesis contradistinction oppugnancy aggression incongruity tug-of-war sweepstakes grapple sweep-stake resignation quitting splitting breakaway leaving matchup tournament candidacy sport race event game jealousy challenge turmoil ball game confusion ferment retreat seceding desertion retirement exiting departure chaos bother disquiet athletic event anarchy uprising keeping up with the Joneses one on one restiveness uneasiness rioting pulling out upset dither perturbation worry unquietness hurrah dropping out splinter group tizzy anxiety discontentment fermentation instability unease annoyance grief distress change trepidation cause célèbre anxiousness nervousness fear apprehension irritation chagrin anguish vexation malaise mortification moodiness sorrow perplexity crisis disease ennui Sturm und Drang


Present participle for have a heated argument or disagreement
arguing fighting disputing rowing brawling disagreeing bickering differing scrapping squabbling wrangling altercating falling out sparring spatting argufying clashing brabbling controverting hassling jarring quibbling tiffing having a fight having a row locking horns bandying words battling bumping carping caterwauling cavilling caviling charging chopping logic colliding complaining contending contesting crossing swords disapproving dissenting dividing embroiling failing to agree feuding having a misunderstanding striving struggling tangling varying warring breaking with finding fault having words objecting to setting to taking exception taking on getting tough with having a tiff having it out mixing it up fighting like cat and dog going at it hammer and tongs conflicting challenging doing battle coming to blows grappling skirmishing debating scuffling waging war having a disagreement wrestling opposing dueling duelling bumping heads attacking threaping butting heads having a dust-up having a barney having a spat combatting combating having at it disaccording engaging exchanging blows tussling having a dispute going to war tilting argy-bargying discepting taking issue having an argument putting up a fight assaulting contradicting gainsaying scrimmaging confronting locking antlers engaging in conflict romping protesting against making war having a punch-up engaging in hostilities coming into conflict having a scrap fencing boxing having an altercation bearing arms encountering discording hashing over objecting talking back laying into picking a bone taking up arms vying clashing with questioning starting fighting kicking up a row raising Cain lighting to raising your fists getting into conflict scraping digging fratching scolding berating reaming jawing nonconcurring having shouting match rassling trading zingers picking at nastily arguing taking exception to dissenting from differing from calling into question diverging from duking it out plying weapons coming to grips jousting going for each other cutting and thrusting demurring having a difference of opinion getting into a dispute slugging discussing causing a scene mounting an attack facing bandying agitating going at it going up against having a set-to canvassing mooting canvasing messing tongue-lashing bawling out differing in opinion having a different opinion banging heads calling on the carpet talking over hashing out exchanging blows with engaging with battling with coming to blows with tussling with scrapping with closing with doing battle with struggling with campaigning sassing pettifogging rehashing thrashing out messing with exchanging views tossing around hammering away facing down verbally fighting knocking around jumping on one's case kicking around batting around having a squabble having a quarrel sticking it to picking an argument socking it to shooting bombarding zapping haggling paltering going one on one putting up a struggle having at each other getting in one's face shifting waffling hypercriticizing chicaning evading avoiding paralogizing pretending flip-flopping nit-picking coming up against squaring up becoming involved jumping on each other taking the field carrying on hostilities joining battle engaging in combat taking the field against skirmishing with marching against conducting a war having a slanging match campaigning against grappling with arguing over taking issue with jumping on going for the jugular letting have it ripping into each other contradicting each other hemming and hawing making a big thing about putting up an argument catching at straws blowing hot and cold fighting over trying to win battling for laying a finger on repelling struggling for trying for putting up dukes ganging up on traversing fighting for knuckling with contending for competing for tussling for putting on gloves striking rivalling competing crossing bucking rivaling defending squaring off withstanding going for vying for challenging for laying out socking quarrelling jostling roughhousing jockeying essaying protesting prevaricating niggling nitpicking equivocating criticizing picking to pieces splitting hairs criticising playing off trading punches tourneying manhandling tackling pushing trading blows entering the lists breaking a lance cuffing crusading raising fists slugging it out demonstrating pressing driving advocating straining endeavoring exerting grunting working raising a fuss crying out stirring up opinion endeavouring getting to grips diverging rejecting repudiating stoushing refusing rebelling abjuring stickling renouncing shying balking declining swedging racing baulking rumbling saying nothing doing expressing disagreement with failing to agree with withholding assent refusing to support arguing with saying no way declining to support expressing objection expressing disagreement flying in the face of quibbling over disagreeing with saying not a chance emulating trying striving against bidding attempting struggling against pitting oneself against matching strength going up against in contest going head to head scrambling for going for broke participating in matching wits pitting yourself against pitching oneself against jockeying for position going after coping with seeking prize running for going for the gold trying to beat going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats fighting nastily

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