Đồng nghĩa của niggling

Alternative for niggling

Đồng nghĩa: fiddling, footling, lilliputian, little, petty, picayune, piddling, piffling, trivial,

niggles, niggled, niggling

Đồng nghĩa: bicker, brabble, fret, fuss, pettifog, quibble, squabble,

Tính từ

Significantly unimportant and deserving of little to no attention
petty trifling insignificant piddling minor chicken footling fussy inconsequential inconsiderable measly minute negligible no-account nominal paltry peanut picayune picky piddly piffling pimping quibbling slight trivial unimportant caviling cavilling finicky frivolous nit-picking pettifogging de minimis Mickey Mouse small nugatory little fiddling incidental nickel-and-dime worthless inappreciable small-fry foolish irrelevant meagre meaningless meager insufficient puny pointless immaterial light pitiful derisory miserable mean pathetic scanty of little account inadequate of no account not worth mentioning lightweight exiguous insubstantial superficial shallow mingy valueless of no consequence minuscule minimal not worth bothering about poxy tiny contemptible small-bore casual nonessential skimpy beggarly inessential of little importance silly base penny-ante twopenny-halfpenny secondary dinky lesser scant of no importance of little consequence peripheral cheap idle non-essential two-bit ignorable marginal shoestring infinitesimal small-time miserly token poor inferior wretched stingy pitiable mere ungenerous flimsy useless trite time-wasting unessential ineffectual unnecessary unsubstantial senseless hairsplitting purportless lousy deficient short sorry unproductive barren sparse low lower junior empty scrimpy limited subordinate trashy scratch inconsequent everyday nothing slender microscopic shabby diminutive inane nondescript of no moment of minor importance minor-league of no great concern second-rate not worth speaking of low-ranking sophisticated subtle subsidiary modest lean insulting restricted imperceptible potty ridiculous absurd outrageous ludicrous laughable risible preposterous impractical lamentable hair-splitting casuistic captious equivocating sophistical peppercorn niggly commonplace neglectable toytown wanky momentary atomic skin-deep evanescent vanishing extraneous set common shoddy sleazy narrow unconsequential bush-league obscure smalltime uncelebrated lilliputian smaller vain hollow loitering jejune idling vapid insipid banal mean-minded narrow-minded beside the point of little import neither here nor there unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp fatuous puerile flippant unhelpful no big deal no big thing purposeless flighty bogus inutile unavailing despicable mediocre abandoned sterile futile profitless abject waste drossy counterproductive unusable unprofitable ignoble ineffective no biggie all the same small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero unconsiderable empty-headed without depth hardly worth mentioning diddly rinky-dink too little too late petty-minded ordinary undistinguished reduced unremarkable lowly scarce average indifferent vague minimum middling run-of-the-mill fine weak no great shakes slim humble ancillary impalpable indistinguishable inconspicuous uninspired undetectable pedestrian fractional unexceptional indiscernible forgettable second-class unimpressive gradual insensible humdrum prosaic bog-standard unmemorable unexciting workaday inaudible shadowy ephemeral subnormal less indistinct sad so-so nothing special unnoticeable second-string invisible imponderable middle-of-the-road vanilla wanting intangible sparing faint fair diminished unknown tangential unobservable unpretentious nothing to write home about bland unsatisfactory normal less important supplementary uninspiring routine standard OK bad half-pie dull lower-level off thin inapposite feeble plain vanilla frothy passable tenuous not much cop slighter impertinent auxiliary little known medium uneventful inapplicable anonymous tolerable subservient lacking usual inglorious fragile irrelative unimposing adequate undersized remote typical few frail run-of-the-mine run-of-mine unsound poorer outside null second-fiddle low-grade plain of no value lackluster lacklustre fair-to-middling amateurish amateur substandard accessory lame conventional unnoteworthy characterless unacceptable third-string standard-issue garden-variety of no matter bush unsung not very good common or garden dismal not so hot not up to much a dime a dozen little-known unrenowned frugal dubious doubtful unfamiliar dispensable invalid plebeian wee unconvincing expendable good-for-nothing unfamous disappointing unheard-of spare occasional moderate nanoscopic implausible woeful distressing rare bottom simple smallish forgotten unrelated minus scrubby unhonoured foreign stock superfluous subpar dissatisfactory subjacent unperceivable indefinite decent teensy-weensy basal dependent lower-ranking skimp unheard of contributory of no merit low-born crummy cut-and-dry cut-and-dried regular imperfect not germane not pertinent defective dwindling lower-class uninteresting junk lemon mainstream junky lower-grade extra boring familiar wack crumby punk not to the point negative low-quality customary suboptimal rubbish no-good second-banana additional wrong sour ill bog standard fair to middling next to none collateral a minor point ten a penny below par next to no garden variety tributary seldom seen second rate from hunger off the subject perfunctory twopenny mild ne'er-do-well small-scale symbolic local barely perceptible tinpot zero zilch zip disregardable undemanding acceptable bitty little bitty fragmentary supplemental unintellectual depleted inconsiderate tacky menial by-the-way by-the-by background nether unapparent unassuming no never mind matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference extrinsic unobtrusive teeny-weeny featherweight failing imponderous incompetent not enough below the mark lessened gentle scattered illogical unclear outclassed déclassé demeaning degrading sporadic fruitless no use of less importance shy irrational boilerplate par for the course undistinguishable imperceivable uncommon infrequent general a notch under unreasonable attendant ignominious servile chaffy rubbishy lower rung low-level least smallest littlest slightest impossible to detect contributing related fewer merciful nowhere jake garden plastic satellite outranked adjuvant sub worse tawdry low-rent hack unestablished of no benefit bootless unfructuous pants to no avail cut lowest just substract under subject second reserve crude barely visible hard to make out lower in status lower in rank minutest tiniest merest fewest nothing to get excited about middle of the road run of the mill shortened nameless plain-Jane homely unextraordinary unvaried hackneyed generic stereotyped off-the-shelf stereotypical at a low level in short supply run-down faulty nasty rotten unworthy unreasoning two a penny straggling light-headed harebrained light-minded ditzy lightheaded goofy yeasty featherbrained giddy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained ropy duff unsuitable unsatisfying offensive unlikely fallacious declined depressed not worth a hill of beans a dead loss unfrequent entry-level bottom-rung beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat below someone not so important merely only displeasing distant needless frilly lacking substance unrecognized nonrational few and far between jerry-built below average no good minor league tenth-rate below standard poor-quality not up to par not up to scratch not satisfying not up to snuff damaged not so great unseen moving compassionate afflicted stirring joyless heartbreaking scurvy grievous arousing mournful rueful piteous heartrending vile touching affecting cheerless deplorable commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful distressed comfortless gratuitous thin on the ground lighthearted low in numbers hard to find hard to come by at a premium unnoticed unacclaimed noteless very little least possible unneeded illegitimate not so much beside the question wide of the point nihil ad rem not at issue not to the purpose not significant wide of the mark smallest amount of not important shaky questionable improbable not as great unnoted overlooked unappreciated proletarian unwarranted unfamed unrecognised unglorified unlauded odd unapplauded unhailed unhonored far faraway outlying sketchy nebulous baseborn underprivileged unacknowledged void unrefined severe unwashed rough nothing more than no more than no more important than no better than no-name far-fetched meh excessive vulgar lowborn prole out-of-the-way colorless fairish colourless intermediate ruthful mundane drab lumpen plebby uncouth unfit sordid hazy unspecific suspect working-class luxury deadwood of poor quality indeterminate unsubstantiated whatever excess baggage uncalled-for neat pocket pocket-size bantam Lilliputian miniature dwarfish half-pint shrimpy pint-size petite trim undersize pint-sized dainty dear mini pocket-sized fun-size toylike adorable cute pygmy unconnected nonvalid nullified annulled null and void cancelled nonbinding inoperative of low birth low-life of low rank inapt dime-a-dozen adorbs compact natty teeny little-bitty rescinded revoked repealed abolished disconnected detached independent unassociated disparate unapt dissociated inapropos separate inappurtenant fun size absent nonexistent untrue powerless canceled unsanctioned unreal imaginary inefficacious teeny weeny off base out of place not connected with out of order not applicable not pertaining to off the topic not connected off the point not related nothing to do with

Tính từ

Causing slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety
bothersome irritating troubling awkward difficult nagging persistent tricky troublesome worrying vexatious disturbing annoying perturbing irksome distressing trying vexing tiresome unpleasant aggravating exasperating upsetting maddening unsettling harassing worrisome taxing galling thorny rankling infuriating pesky inconvenient harrying wearisome pestiferous pestilential plaguy pestilent problematic displeasing disagreeable riling frustrating abrasive chafing nettlesome peeving grating carking nettling disquieting rebarbative burdensome alarming plaguey pesty traumatic provoking concerning tedious antagonizing infernal jarring discomposing discomforting antagonising confounded cussed daunting harrowing dismaying grave nerve-racking prickly demanding agitating sticky troublous disconcerting hairy scary tormenting unwelcome teasing anxious-making enraging agonizing agonising wearing enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall irking knotty boring nasty incommodious painful mean nerve-wracking discommoding bedevilling ugly wicked unpleasing unnerving unamusing punchable uncongenial bedeviling apprehensive objectionable wretched repugnant deplorable discouraging challenging forbidding puzzling lamentable afflicting disappointing festering antipathetic unsatisfying unattractive impossible discordant grotesque harsh offensive unsuitable inappropriate inharmonious unaesthetic insensitive stridulous ill suited stridulent dry harsh-sounding out of place oppressive arduous laborious hard importunate tough heavy intractable repressive ungovernable uphill rowdy undisciplined murder messy infestive rough dangerous damaging disorderly onerous severe exacting toilsome perplexing stressful delicate grievous punishing strenuous exhausting weighty ticklish gruelling problematical grueling exigent crushing rigorous formidable sensitive excruciating tiring grim brutal complicated back-breaking testing dodgy intricate fatiguing cumbersome stiff complex backbreaking distressful baffling involved rugged touchy wearying embarrassing ominous Herculean hellish effortful disruptive serious convoluted controversial ponderous sinister bitter murderous tense draining herculean sapping uncomfortable gloomy depressing tortuous torturous threatening critical inopportune killing fraught unmanageable cruel untimely unsparing grinding foreboding unwieldy killer dire sweaty stringent moiling catchy unhandy discommodious persnickety tricksy spiny operose inexpedient bruising startling frightening imperious pressing creepy unseasonable humiliating vexed intimidating hellacious intolerable tall perilous unfavorable unfavourable hostile discomfiting dicey ambitious bleak confronting dark merciless mystifying fierce unremitting precarious intrusive consequential impeding elaborate awful debilitating toilful uncertain incommoding compromising pessimistic vigorous unbearable laboured labored hefty unyielding bewildering knackering tight energy-consuming anxious unreasonable unfortunate inhuman enervating cringeworthy mighty uneasy flustering hazardous obstinate cringey painstaking intense ill-timed searing hardhanded tangled chancy stubborn questionable iffy colossal extreme clunky cringe-making problem pressured demeaning labyrinthine unforgiving superincumbent dictatorial involute unfriendly obdurate sophisticated confusing unfathomable obscure byzantine titanic impenetrable tyrannical overbearing unpropitious involuted prophetic upstream fractious Augean gargantuan depleting shattering fiddly aggressive pick-and-shovel solemn disadvantageous excessive charged detrimental sour immoderate embittering clamorous troubled unfair gnawing quarrelsome shameful treacherous disobliging steep direful insistent dubious spartan suspect degrading uncompromising clumsy baroque daedal labyrinthian nail-biting dreadful Byzantine cumbrous crippling shocking risky bulky fussy austere intransigent unrelenting discountenancing perfectionist time-consuming headache ungainly prohibitive hectic unamenable unaccommodating strict paradoxical pertinacious inflexible cranky bunglesome Gordian terrible querulous unbending hardheaded relentless toe-curling inauspicious high-pressure afflictive hypercritical immense unflinching staggering gigantic slavish detailed really hard very hard backbreaker gnarly temperamental rocky hard to please cryptic abstruse fancy pitiless inexorable incomprehensible confounding tough going inscrutable undecipherable enigmatic entangled recondite hard-line sombre difficult to understand full of twists and turns no picnic negative anxiety-ridden over-particular somber disheartening dismal difficile hard to satisfy restless nervous hurtful accursed exorbitant remote prejudicial emotive responsible nauseating provocative embarrassed echinated stimulating briery pointed thoroughgoing tender overtaxing overpowering plodding major infelicitous devastating a stinker of a like herding cats acid distasteful unpalatable plaguing tickly kittle bumpy dolorous insufferable nice devilish mistimed itchy scratchy distressed high-impact drudgy vicious worksome uphill battle hard-won marathon like getting blood out of a stone almighty easier said than done torturesome savage scabrous unendurable not easy ferocious gut-wrenching off-putting unsteady unstable causing discomfort ill-fitting unmanoeuvrable changeable volatile capricious mercurial inconstant fickle variable ill-chosen devil of a very devil of a badly timed domineering autocratic no piece of cake despotic unjust undemocratic draconian shaming mortifying tyrannous overwhelming violent authoritarian iron-fisted confused dirty anti-democratic punitive ruthless coercive serpentine impractical filthy lumbering difficult to handle disputed menacing knotted jumbled mixed interlaced dense high-handed peremptory overweening adverse lumbersome Daedalian hi-tech Daedalean a nuisance dispiriting ironhanded depressive heavy-handed confining rough going graceless unclear unintelligible abstract minacious insoluble complicate unanswerable ignominious clamant urgent pugnacious debated contentious contested heavy-footed slow slow-moving an imposition mind-boggling hard to solve hard to explain mind-bending hazy above one's head beyond comprehension esoteric mystical thought-provoking ambiguous inexplicable profound deep rambling advanced enigmatical over one's head beyond one's grasp unsolvable mysterious opaque fathomless woeful ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy tortured harmful doubtful gray mournful black injurious chilling grey jeopardous morbid apocalyptic sad very bad cheerless bad straitened dour lurid morose undesirable full of hardship glum miserable strained ill-omened ill-boding doleful parlous nightmarish comfortless desolate clodhopping huge blundering uncoordinated massive maladroit bellicose moot debatable disgraceful discreditable barro dishonouring blush-making a devil tenacious indefatigable tireless unco lubberly elephantine ramified reticular mazy undetermined undecided unresolved unsettled unconcluded hard to use like a bull in a china shop substantial dishonoring equivocal unseemly distracting rattling dogged instant imperative burning crying emergent acute compelling persevering entreating necessitous in contention ongoing at issue in dispute afflicted open to question open to debate hot-button trouble avid solicitous pushy earnest forceful suppliant overeager recalcitrant open to doubt up in the air yet to be decided much debated hard-nosed pigheaded picky fastidious boorish rigid argumentative finicky full of problems strong-minded irritable bloody-minded testy perverse bull-headed steadfast choosy refractory captious snappy cantankerous uptight chippy headstrong resolute immovable disputative oafish bearish thrawn huffy stroppy froward opinionated dogmatic indomitable overcritical wrong-headed irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious grumbly single-minded set in one's ways finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious contrary fiendish ill-natured crotchety ornery uppity feisty discontented dissatisfied rude crabby stiff-necked contrarious impolite opinionative disputatious balky obstreperous beset by problems overly solicitous judgmental disapproving overexacting cavilling quibbling disparaging possessive sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling firm censuring cavillous cynical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious

Tính từ

Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments
critical censorious condemnatory condemning castigatory reproving denunciatory deprecatory disparaging disapproving scathing criticising criticizing fault-finding judgemental negative unfavourable unsympathetic hypercritical overcritical pedantic pettifogging cavilling carping quibbling nitpicking pernickety picky belittling calumniatory cavillous censuring cutting cynical griping hairsplitting unfavorable bellyaching captious caviling faultfinding judgmental rejective whingeing derogatory reprobatory reprobative nit-picking nit-picky pass-remarkable ultra-critical hair-splitting finicky nagging fussy overnice demanding hard to please reproachful nice exacting persnickety complaining nitpicky punctilious fastidious particular over-rigorous over-strict difficult to please exceptive sarcastic severe meticulous over-censorious over-particular over-exacting impossible to please overscrupulous overparticular fine subtle overexact overprecise querulous overrefined ambiguous equivocal evasive grousing grouchy moaning grumbling grouching whining bleating on someone's back jesuitical sophistical berating damning slighting deprecating kvetching mithering chuntering choosy dissatisfied discontented perfectionist dainty irritable crabby touchy cantankerous peevish trivial testy perverse petty thorny acrimonious unfair contrary petulant unjust cross tricky scolding critic humbling diagnostic demeaning judgy harsh trenchant sharp discerning penetrating biting contemptuous choleric withering discriminating analytical satirical lowering stern delicate choosey finicking very critical overexacting fussbudgety finical old-maidish pejorative uncomplimentary denigratory abusive depreciative vituperative scornful insulting derogative depreciatory detractive disdainful accusing offensive derisory degrading denigrative accusatory defamatory hostile contumelious damaging scurrilous decrying slanderous libellous opprobrious libelous unflattering derisive injurious discouraging antagonistic vilifying unfriendly adverse rude hurtful nasty deprecative denouncing poor maligning bad invective vitriolic spiteful upbraiding inimical calumnious catty low detracting admonitory sneering scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile traducing incriminatory malicious sharp-tongued accusatorial full of reproof damnatory denigrating disrespectful accusive mean adversarial sardonic slating knocking adversary personal disavowing opposing minimizing vicious dismissive detractory discrediting minimising antipathetic jaundiced inhospitable prejudicial dishonouring scandalous mud-slinging naysaying counter defaming dishonoring despiteful malevolent humiliating ill-disposed malign reproaching insolent debasing reviling brusque cruel blameful disappointed pharisaic self-righteous proscriptive admonishing shrewish cursing familiar intrusive impertinent cheeky frowning unforgiving accusative scoffing boot-faced disapprobatory reprehensive culpatory reprehending chiding severely critical unpleasant displeased maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting contemptible arrogant mocking condescending imputative recriminatory diminishing deflating precisionist exact precise scrupulous maledictive slurring virulent literalist dogmatic literalistic purist formalist discreditable venomous hateful irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading ironical obloquious castigating calumniating ranting casuistic scholastic casuistical sophistic aspersive blunt aspersing untoward libeling injuring excoriating despicable hurting offending abasing libelling vile shaming malignant disgracing vulgar unhelpful honest candid attacking undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive stark straightforward realistic outspoken vexatious unappealing corrosive caustic abrasive destructive troublesome straight from the shoulder uncharitable warts and all snide epithetical

Tính từ

Small and weak
puny little diminutive undersized feeble frail pint-sized small stunted weak dwarfish pygmy slight underfed weakly fun size sickly underdeveloped tiny undernourished bantam delicate dinky fine fragile half-pint Lilliputian pint-size pocket pocket-size pocket-sized shrimpy smallish subnormal toylike undersize undeveloped weedy inferior infirm meagre meager minor nothing peanut peewee picayune runt scrawny shrimp small-fry two-bit unconsequential unsound unsubstantial useless wee worthless zero zilch small time miniature petite mini minute midget teeny minuscule teensy-weensy microscopic teeny-weeny infinitesimal itsy-bitsy bitty teensy dwarf bitsy weeny itty-bitty minuscular minikin pee-wee microscopical atomic microminiature weensy insignificant yea big negligible toy trifling minimum short elfin little bitty baby compact runty little-bitty fun-size nanoscopic titchy vest-pocket small-boned pintsize dainty pintsized tiddly skinny thin slender small-scale stubby light twiggy reedy runtish imperceptible miniaturized micro homuncular slightly built scrubby knee-high to a grasshopper eensy miniaturised slim eensy-weensy bite-sized squat teeny weeny very small spindly pygmyish sprightly atrophied underweight portable tincy teentsy lanky measly low dwarfed microbic handy abridged potted sawn-off reduced molecular bijou concise condensed piddling piffling ickle trim neat cute dear adorable capsule minim exiguous lightweight pygmaean invisible lilliputian button lesser secondary bush-league adorbs minor-league small-time natty meek lank mere a slip of a … knee high to a grasshopper itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy spare insufficient inconsiderable attenuate sparse skimpy inappreciable limited gracile cramped stick skeleton broomstick scant second rate snub embryonic truncated babyish young immature infant fleeting junior hasty shriveled brief wizened shrivelled size-zero short-lived lightly-built not large not big hardly any not heavy nano bitesize flyspeck scaled-down knee-high nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about bite-size marginal faint minimal remote nominal outside unlikely vague improbable distant off dubious doubtful poor paltry modest stocky far-fetched scanty insubstantial squatty mite narrow invisible to the naked eye flimsy poky implausible nanosized unimportant model very little teenty bonsai indiscernible unnoticeable smaller extremely small barely perceptible granular submicroscopic fragmentary runted scrub shot undergrown dumpy fubsy youthful munchkin efficient shallow yea high small fry low-lying not long low-slung boxy with no room to swing a cat not tall sawed-off economic of space knee high to a gnat close to the ground far faraway outlying scarce isolated wispy dicey iffy absurd rare inconceivable fractional questionable diminished subtle gentle

Danh từ

The action of objecting to something
demur objection exception complaint demurral dissent opposition remonstrance protest protestation expostulation scruple demurrer dispute fuss stink challenge difficulty recalcitrance carping compunction griping grousing kick misgiving qualm question boggling caviling cavilling doubt misgivings unwillingness remonstration disapproval grievance criticism outcry gripe cavil censure niggle grumble dissatisfaction moan grouse squawk hesitation disagreement beef grouch argument quibble declination disapprobation demurring disinclination odium discontent disesteem revilement reluctance displeasure dislike rejection repugnancy shrinking fulmination counter-argument formal complaint murmur fault-finding condemnation uproar indignation problem dissuasion flak concern howls of protest railing debate inveighing reservation mutter word peep hostility worry protesting reproach statement of opposition whining murmuring moaning grumbling muttering rebuke taking exception beefing whingeing reproof denunciation disparagement whine opprobrium petition reproval revolt captiousness uncertainty grouching mithering twining bellyaching nitpicking civil disobedience whinge controversy wail vociferation furore cry confusion dubiousness lament outrage furor kvetch contention dubiety carp hue and cry chorus of disapproval plaint howl of protest anxiety miserere clamour blackball bellyache riot declaration turmoil tumult campaign knock clamor whimper bleat yammer holler bone of contention question mark tantrum outburst hysterics big stink work-to-rule test of scepticism resistance contradiction rebellion argument against stand against defiance contest confrontation conflict squabble questioning of interrogation difficulty with skepticism disobedience quarrel groan howl hullabaloo row charge hubbub commotion noise ballyhoo roar umbrage rumpus accusation annoyance distress ruction squeal ruckus brouhaha bone bone to pick axe to grind hoo-ha ax to grind representation to-do pain howling affliction sob lamentation yike sigh keen guff jeremiad statement of dissatisfaction twine rumble clamouring public outcry public outrage song and dance rallying cry grunt exclamation hullaballoo keening peeve pique rancour blast case rancor hubba-hubba clamoring ferment aversion frustration aggravation bugbear crow to pluck bane exasperation inconvenience kerfuffle dread bother irk irritation hassle nuisance headache ado vexation irritant resentment racket storm stir fear pother trial disturbance flap palaver hate splash quarrels ructions bobsy-die carry-on bugle call statement thorn in one's side pet aversion thorn in one's flesh bane of one's life exposition account explanation deposition allegation claim report submission

Động từ

Present participle for to complain or express discontent in a wearisome manner
carping fussing cavilling caviling nitpicking complaining moaning nagging objecting grousing grumbling quibbling arguing criticising criticizing finding fault twining splitting hairs beefing griping whingeing bellyaching pettifogging nit-picking finding fault with grouching whining bleating censuring denouncing decrying condemning kvetching muttering knocking equivocating chuntering mithering creating hypercriticizing keening growling sounding off chopping logic picking holes kicking up a fuss flyspecking quibbling about niggling about taking apart picking holes in kvetching about lamenting protesting subtilizing mumbling groaning bemoaning grunting querying making a fuss crying out mincing matters raising trivial objections picking nits faulting prevaricating picking sharping a distinction making a fine distinction refining a distinction arguing over nothing cavilling at objecting to carping about complaining about raising trivial objections to beating about the bush disparaging hollering croaking repining squealing murmuring yammering inveighing grumping yowling yawping yauping crabbing whimpering screaming reproaching grizzling squawking kicking wailing caterwauling maundering picking on pecking bothering panning objurgating going on picking at remonstrating chirping opposing nattering cribbing sniveling snivelling kicking up a stink demurring disapproving expostulating dissenting taking exception speaking out against grieving challenging scolding disagreeing bewailing taking exception to taking issue excepting deprecating disputing plaining over kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about inveighing against protesting against raising objections arguing against deploring expressing disagreement expressing disapproval crying expressing disagreement with lodging a protest against expressing disapproval of raising objections to railing taking issue with puling fulminating taking a stand against beefing about making a fuss about fretting recriminating blasting blaming resisting fighting making a stink putting the boot in combatting lodging a complaint running down combating making an objection railing at making a complaint gurning sighing sulking mewling charging contravening indicting defying accusing laying differing ascribing imputing gainsaying refuting attacking carrying on looking askance going on about sorrowing for sorrowing about sighing over grieving over rumbling kicking up a rumpus gabbling sputtering muddling swallowing slurring snarling droning burbling wittering talking under your breath revolting expressing objections taking a stand making a protest rebelling making a stand back-talking expressing opposition putting up a fight saying no speaking out voicing disapproval kicking against saying no to taking up the cudgels howling expressing objections to minding lodging a protest remonstrating against spurning having a problem quarreling with disapproving of grousing about grumbling about drawing the line moaning about having a problem with declaiming disavowing baulking discountenancing balking disesteeming ranting about discommending drawing the line at crossing griping about impugning lashing admonishing castigating upbraiding reviling lambasting ranting vituperating begging to differ frowning on roasting berating trashing vilifying raising objection taking on railing against tangling with mixing it up with going-one-on-one storming abusing denigrating raging scorching jumping down one's throat bawling sounding off about working over tongue-lashing grouching about cracking down on letting have it yelping bellyaching about laying into complaining vehemently about going after yapping having at ripping into laying out opposing strongly objecting strongly to bickering frowning upon squabbling complaining vociferously about animadverting withstanding raining

Động từ

Present participle for cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety
annoying irritating bothering provoking troubling worrying criticising criticizing badgering concerning exasperating galling hassling irking plaguing riling upsetting bugging cavilling caviling disturbing getting rankling rankling with getting to hacking off nagging at finding fault with harassing vexing aggravating angering nettling piquing peeving narking pestering tormenting miffing riding rasping needling ruffling infuriating winding up nagging exacerbating grating chafing bedeviling bedevilling teasing fretting baiting goading rubbing up the wrong way taunting stinging putting out humping getting across enraging persecuting spiting eating frosting griping itching perturbing burning up gnawing roiling prodding pricking hounding haunting getting at incensing agitating intimidating bullying hectoring harrying offending dogging distressing disconcerting affronting displeasing insulting browbeating discomfiting graveling gravelling discountenancing discomposing wearing abrading hacking you off getting on your nerves rubbing the wrong way giving someone the hump getting on one's nerves getting across someone afflicting assailing blighting besetting beleaguering inflaming dissatisfying embarrassing imposing upon confounding putting on the spot burning torturing maddening oppressing burdening bedogging festering exercising flustering unsettling confusing rattling hanging over unnerving molesting flurrying disquieting inciting grizzling preying on one's mind eating at causing anxiety grilling starting stirring fazing throwing putting off affecting making blood boil making someone's blood boil sending into a rage taking a rise out of putting someone's back up getting in someone's hair stirring up trying one's patience getting a rise out of setting on getting under one's skin hitting where one lives setting one off trying someone's patience getting on someone's nerves getting someone's back up working into lather making waves putting someone out making angry discombobulating making nervous shaking up carping throwing off balance disgruntling flummoxing furbelowing exciting blustering flooring frilling cowing fuddling disrupting stumping disgusting scolding domineering putting someone off their stroke tiffing huffing stewing petting putting into a flap rattling one's cage throwing into tizzy causing someone to lose their composure throwing into a tizz getting one's goat wearing on ticking off sticking in one's craw driving up the wall setting one's teeth on edge chiding berating picking at fussing pecking at henpecking finding fault picking on giving a hard time spurring hazing heckling examining tweaking questioning quizzing getting under your skin getting your back up getting in your hair running up the wrong way

Động từ

Present participle for to bother with persistent thoughts or memories
nagging troubling worrying bothering plaguing tormenting annoying haunting irritating bugging irking burdening vexing aggravating gnawing at mithering hanging over weighing down lying heavy on lying heavily on rankling with weighing heavily on causing anxiety to preying on your mind upsetting distressing afflicting perturbing concerning disturbing fretting oppressing agonizing agitating perplexing harassing disconcerting fazing discomposing disquieting straining agonising getting to driving up the wall making anxious burning up making uncomfortable causing discomfort to stirring up making uneasy causing concern to torturing bedevilling bedeviling beleaguering besetting weighing on possessing nagging at niggling at discomfiting grieving paining alarming saddening hassling stewing fearing stressing pestering hurting harrying sweating fussing spooking puzzling trying grinding ailing interrupting making waves giving a bad time giving someone grief hacking you off flipping out giving a hard time harrowing wounding preying on stinging mortifying making miserable depressing obsessing cutting to the quick moving racking making wretched galling causing anguish to taking over touching casting down affecting pressing down on affronting anguishing cutting besieging dissing hounding taking control of searing causing suffering to appalling stabbing causing someone distress causing pain pricking causing anguish persecuting excruciating badgering cursing importuning striking buttonholing bending someone's ear stirring exciting thrilling rousing recurring piercing offending preoccupying staying with coming back to maddening infesting nettling insulting slighting shocking scarring traumatizing injuring damaging harming discomforting disrespecting outraging slapping crucifying hurting the feelings of dumping on traumatising shaking up doing in hurting one's feelings tearing to pieces getting giving offence to putting down weighing getting someone down dejecting aggrieving disheartening dismaying dispiriting bringing down discommoding bringing one down breaking one's heart crushing dampening spirits putting into a funk displeasing chastening breaking the heart of riling discouraging putting a damper on bumming out exasperating hacking off dragging down narking making blue

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