Đồng nghĩa của embittering

Alternative for embittering

embitters, embittered, embittering

Đồng nghĩa: alienate, anger, antagonize, arouse, incense, inflame, provoke, set against,


Present participle for to frustrate, vex, provoke, or annoy
exasperating irritating aggravating annoying angering bugging galling provoking exacerbating incensing infuriating irking piquing riling vexing enraging inflaming maddening nettling narking rankling rousing antagonising antagonizing getting to hassling needling peeving miffing rasping bothering chafing driving crazy eating frosting getting grating gravelling graveling griping itching persecuting riding ruffling sending into a rage spiting agitating burning up disturbing driving to distraction exciting frustrating getting at hacking off humping making someone see red roiling upsetting bumming out driving mad putting out teeing off ticking off trying the patience of wearing on winding up getting in your hair getting on your nerves getting your goat giving someone the hump hacking you off making waves rubbing up the wrong way working up getting on one's nerves getting on your wick rubbing the wrong way sticking in one's craw driving round the bend driving up the wall getting under your skin setting one's teeth on edge outraging madding fretting steaming up souring displeasing acerbating offending affronting enflaming iring empurpling gnawing festering making your blood boil perturbing rattling one's cage discouraging disheartening bristling crossing grilling goading dispiriting depressing arousing boiling baiting crazing burning getting someone stirring up getting your back up egging on blowing up raising hell getting across dissatisfying getting your dander up putting your back up losing one's temper giving someone the pip making sore chillin dismaying unmanning demoralizing unnerving chilling daunting rattling someone's cage ruffling one's feathers getting up someone's nose making somebody's hackles rise demoralising trying making discontented causing annoyance to causing resentment to obsessing harassing mortifying tormenting pestering plaguing paining gnawing at grating on hurting eating away at eating up smouldering intensifying brewing fermenting causing vexation cankering ulcering gathering blistering causing bitterness ulcerating causing annoyance smoldering causing resentment


Present participle for to feel, or cause to feel, disheartened after learning the truth about something


Present participle for to corrupt, or to prove harmful or destructive to
poisoning corrupting degrading debasing perverting warping vitiating subverting depraving demeaning cheapening debauching abasing deteriorating bastardising bastardizing demoralising demoralizing lessening profaning prostituting cankering defiling tainting coloring colouring biasing biassing prejudicing undermining turning jaundicing souring contaminating confounding distorting rotting inflicting rusting consuming polluting blighting envenoming corroding soring staining ruining scourging ulcering animalizing bestializing wasting away lowering devaluing fouling brutalizing brutalising sullying abusing disgracing leading astray smirching chastening desecrating spoiling damaging harming infecting misusing humbling depreciating adulterating shaming making degenerate bemeaning sinking taking down influencing casting down blemishing impairing twisting violating wasting humiliating misapplying marring betraying misemploying injuring despoiling demoting bending reducing discrediting seducing diluting weakening mortifying belittling dragging down dishonoring dishonouring alloying disparaging lowering the status of diminishing unsettling going bad stooping descending soiling going to hell skewing living in the gutter mongrelizing downgrading depressing denigrating reducing in value worsening squandering sacrificing selling sabotaging destabilizing undercutting manipulating dumping on crawling degenerating selling out reducing in quality subjugating bringing down tarnishing bringing low destabilising hurting ravaging deforming defacing disfiguring crippling blackening debilitating devaluating pulling down darning scorning vicing voodooing flaming befouling tarring mocking swearing trashing blaspheming hoodooing cussing reviling cursing reducing the status of dragging through the mud treating with disrespect desensitizing dehumanizing talking dirty committing sin committing sacrilege putting double whammy on doing wrong misrepresenting misinterpreting falsifying dehumanising panning desensitising destroying detracting slamming decrying derogating garbling bringing shame to cutting down shooting down putting down running down tearing down cutting down to size taking down a peg misconstruing diverting fudging misrelating misstating deflecting slanting cooking outraging mistreating brainwashing doctoring salting steering veering changing altering faking cutting spiking watering doctoring up


Mentally oppressive or hard to endure
heavy onerous burdensome demanding challenging difficult formidable traumatic weighty vexatious worrisome wearisome stressful distressing trying upsetting crushing harrowing exacting nerve-racking galling intolerable oppressive taxing worrying disturbing toilsome distressful exigent grievous hefty irksome nagging painful pressing severe testing tough troublesome harsh shocking arduous laborious hard exhausting gruelling inconvenient back-breaking awkward strenuous Herculean tiring responsible uphill grave wearing punishing grueling fatiguing killing persnickety stiff backbreaking overpowering tedious tiresome serious merciless rigorous excessive ponderous grinding austere time-consuming overtaxing cumbersome plodding headache rough murderous rugged draining wearying sapping herculean effortful moiling brutal killer excruciating hellacious sweaty tall grim knackering hellish stringent cruel crippling debilitating enervating Augean pick-and-shovel relentless labored laboured torturous fierce unsparing operose bitter bothersome strict inhuman searing ambitious hardhanded agonizing hairy enervative depleting tricky agonising intense vigorous bruising thorny unpleasant unbearable unremitting forbidding sticky toilful daunting tortuous energy-consuming colossal extreme unrelenting shattering savage really hard knotty draconian painstaking no picnic hectic mighty unforgiving solemn gargantuan critical spartan uncomfortable tormenting awful very hard tough going weary immoderate problematic inexorable steep monumental heavy-handed pitiless frustrating pressured tight extravagant stern fraught impressive dire vexing rigid exasperating disagreeable gigantic staggering upstream intimidating hazardous prostrating impossible despotic unyielding imperious titanic flinty slavish difficile tyrannical domineering punitive tense exorbitant forceful Sisyphean superincumbent bold drastic slow anxious unreasonable abusive grandiose boring drudging prickly delicate bleak daring aggressive unmerciful racking murder mean dour agitating dangerous wicked lofty ruthless insufferable worksome almighty energetic problematical ticklish perilous chancy concerning dodgy iffy dark precarious bad nasty great authoritarian backbreaker uncompromising wretched immense jarring busy unfriendly dubious hostile suspect questionable prohibitive unendurable ramrod large-scale ferocious high-pressure very difficult hard-hearted hard-nosed anxiety-ridden huge stretching a nuisance physical unfair massive dreadful an imposition overburdening overwhelming carking protracted lengthy hardworking withering searching mammoth prodigious thoroughgoing strained dogged major aggravating Spartan unjust heroic courageous careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking pestilent exerting large order heavy sledding complex complicated profound confused concentrated intensive abstruse stormy te recondite sensitive controversial a stinker of a inflexible by the book firm ominous audacious inordinate undue ironhanded intransigent brassbound dicey easier said than done high-impact torturesome drudgy vicious unnerving scabrous uphill battle hard-won marathon troubling problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone discomforting unpermissive timewasting inefficient strong unconscionable swingeing sharp long overweening towering heightened cast-iron hard-line unrealistic industrious hardheaded intractable overextravagant overmuch headstrong overdue insane plethoric baroque devilish chastening fiendishly difficult grand elaborate intrepid violent maleficent brutish wolfish truculent sadistic barbaric improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible tremendously difficult very challenging implacable robust barbarous poignant pretentious visionary fanciful unreal humourless sedate humorless staid sober repressive sobersided unfeeling unkind callous heartbreaking unlikely disquieting heart-rending tyrannous inhumane intolerant heartless unsympathetic dictatorial magnificent unsmiling obdurate no-nonsense uncomic astringent far-fetched difficult to achieve yukky hurtful unwelcome unhappy sour miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky afflicting heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad suppressive insensitive chronophagous icky sore remorseless mortifying unpitying illiberal unsavoury po-faced intemperate provoking annoying inclement offensive calamitous afflictive frantic chaotic gut-wrenching active eventful frenzied frenetic lively hard-boiled hard-shell turbulent restless flustering animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling wild full on unruly spirited rowdy action-packed bumpy raucous

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