Đồng nghĩa của knackering


Present participle for to tire out, become exhausted
exhausting fatiguing tiring wearing out tiring out doing in debilitating draining enervating wearying sapping prostrating knocking out weakening shattering enfeebling overtiring frazzling pooping devitalizing taking it out of overtaxing whacking incapacitating washing out disabling jading taxing bushing tuckering out busting etiolating killing wearing wasting softening breaking outwearing wearing to a frazzle wearing down laying low immobilizing indisposing crippling paralysing harassing undermining paralyzing making weak making feeble torpefying immobilising doing up pooping out depleting petering out straining impairing sinking overworking flagging putting out of action conking out handicapping reducing unnerving languishing succumbing attenuating emasculating fizzling failing paining eviscerating tuckering drooping making weary rendering infirm making tired shagging out draining of energy diminishing unhinging blunting vitiating burdening making sleepy plaguing sapping your strength bedraggling dropping sagging taking drowsing oppressing weighing fading glutting wearing on disempowering extenuating hampering encumbering hindering marring injuring hurting harming causing ennui growing tired disembowelling exenterating destroying disemboweling folding overburdening collapsing fainting wilting overstraining ennuying unstrengthening rooting confining to a wheelchair confining to bed bonking drawing overexerting overextending bankrupting nearly killing overdoing wiping out overfatiguing going stale growing weary giving out hitting the wall putting to sleep wearing oneself to a shadow wearing oneself to a frazzle running ragged running into the ground hamstringing ruining disarming depressing wrecking overthrowing mowing defeating making powerless bringing someone to their knees bringing low making impotent making helpless impoverishing sucking dry eating away eroding lessening lowering diluting using up shrinking sapping the strength of wearing away watering down sickening subverting emptying exasperating bleeding getting the better of atrophying depriving withering shrivelling emaciating shriveling boring consuming gnawing corroding making feebler contracting decreasing reducing the power of depriving of force removing the sting from reducing the powers of pulling the teeth of mitigating deflating thinning adulterating lightening soothing assuaging devaluating tempering offsetting abating rarefying calming dissipating constricting taking the edge off halting stopping jamming inactivating disenabling deactivating clamping kiboshing preventing from moving shooting down actioning unfitting preventing from working rendering incapable mangling taking out sabotaging totalling mutilating maiming invalidating damaging bringing to a standstill throwing monkey wrench in battering pinioning making inoperative spoiling bringing to a halt hocking totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing disqualifying rendering inactive arresting tying rendering inoperative muzzling


Requiring significant physical exertion
heavy arduous hard physical laborious demanding difficult exacting backbreaking strenuous tough onerous back-breaking tiring fatiguing exhausting wearying grueling gruelling murderous killing hellish rigorous wearisome harsh rough taxing toilsome trying burdensome challenging debilitating draining energy-consuming exigent laboured labored operose punishing sapping toilful depleting effortful herculean moiling painful severe shattering tiresome tough going uphill busy hectic formidable stiff testing Herculean rugged sweaty tall hellacious killer Augean wearing crushing grinding pick-and-shovel relentless vigorous enervating stressful brutal unbearable unsparing no picnic persnickety tedious crippling troublesome excruciating torturous bruising fierce harrowing irksome colossal ponderous daunting tortuous intolerable serious unremitting agonizing gargantuan bothersome agonising slavish difficile ambitious Sisyphean boring monumental wicked worksome impressive staggering extreme painstaking mighty almighty gigantic uncomfortable unforgiving energetic forbidding cumbersome oppressive galling grievous weighty upstream thorny intimidating hairy unpleasant distressing grim unyielding jarring solemn distressful really hard very hard backbreaker nerve-racking high-pressure huge steep overwhelming prostrating mammoth murder protracted lengthy hardworking unrelaxing dour massive mean dogged slow wretched exerting withering courageous forceful heroic dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy immense vicious marathon cruel troubling unnerving impossible prohibitive problem ominous insufferable merciless titanic sticky tormenting not easy intense like getting blood out of a stone ferocious savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting aggressive bold daring grandiose stringent industrious pressing grand elaborate extravagant intrepid imperious tricky visionary pretentious lofty time-consuming large-scale magnificent disturbing worrying vexing worrisome inconvenient disagreeable awkward upsetting disquieting vexatious fraught agitating annoying aggravating irritating nasty enervative nagging bitter unsettling strict disruptive harassing disconcerting alarming sinister frightening foreboding inhuman threatening traumatic depressing discomposing hardhanded searing frustrating pressured tense perturbing exasperating troublous dismaying provoking discouraging discommoding embarrassing startling gloomy perplexing intrusive impeding consequential austere terrible unreasonable anxious weary violent intractable creepy rowdy pessimistic prophetic uncertain strained grave excessive unrelenting immoderate knotty horrible fractious hefty ghastly frightful horrendous unruly bad undisciplined disorderly riotous wild critical hostile unmanageable restless superincumbent pestilent hypercritical drudging importunate dark uneasy confronting ugly flustering bumpy a stinker of a dangerous anxiety-ridden exorbitant rumbustious prodigious unfair stretching searching powerful responsible punitive inexorable thoroughgoing heart-pumping overburdening drastic spartan major a nuisance despotic domineering displeasing unjust nail-biting nervous nerve-wracking embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache an imposition careful thorough precise nit-picking large order heavy sledding very difficult racking chastening hurtful shocking disappointing carking no piece of cake diligent niggling maddening infuriating by the book plaguy pestiferous concerning pestilential complex complicated profound confused concentrated intensive abstruse stormy te recondite tortured clumsy contrived artificial leaden unfavorable unfavourable pesky emotionally draining inhospitable adverse disadvantageous horrifying bleak foul rotten dreadful horrid vile tight charged infestive ungovernable damaging repressive messy fearsome menacing dismal affected overdone forced studied appalling atrocious abominable audacious terrifying unwelcoming negative stark tickly discomfiting unsettled heightened untoward prickly dolorous unrealistic grotty inept overwrought unnatural maladroit itchy incommodious distressed afflictive scratchy frantic chaotic improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible lousy beastly causing discomfort ill-fitting fanciful unreal active eventful frenzied frenetic lively hair-raising unlikely from hell troubled turbulent far-fetched animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous furious bustling full of problems beset by problems difficult to achieve a bummer of a full on spirited action-packed raucous boisterous troublemaking belligerent contumacious lawbreaking thuggish pugnacious unrestrained anarchic lawless uncompromising perfectionist radge clamorous judgmental obstinate disapproving judgemental fussy dictatorial overbearing inflexible overexacting unamenable unaccommodating querulous insistent cavilling unbending hardheaded quibbling disparaging obdurate needy possessive hairsplitting caviling firm sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous censuring cavillous stubborn unflinching demeaning cynical tyrannical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous hard-line over-strict hard to please over-exacting fault-finding hard to satisfy over-censorious over-particular

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