Đồng nghĩa của dour

Alternative for dour

dour /'duə/
  • tính từ
    • (Ê-cốt) nghiêm khắc, khắc khổ
    • khó lay chuyển

Tính từ

Relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner or appearance
forbidding grim stern unfriendly morose severe sour dismal gloomy gruff sullen austere dreary surly unsmiling frowning poker-faced uncommunicative fierce flinty grave intimidating louring lowering mean-looking rough rugged serious sober solemn somber sombre stark steely ungentle disapproving stony unsympathetic bleak crabbed dejected glum hard hard-faced harsh melancholic saturnine stringent sulky ugly menacing threatening hostile inhospitable glowering unpleasant ferocious frightening tough stiff cold vicious truculent foreboding sinister aloof earnest aggressive angry bitter pitiless callous adverse exacting venomous disagreeable hard-nosed strict negative fiery no-nonsense frigid icy frosty unfeeling savage formidable frightful fearsome resolute unkind authoritarian horrible ominous cruel uninviting unapproachable unrelenting malevolent dark grim-faced rigid relentless terrible unyielding unwelcoming unforgiving maleficent oppressive dangerous merciless mean heavy-handed unbending malignant obdurate unpropitious scowling antagonistic sedate staid grumpy distant strait-laced cantankerous unrestrained violent humourless rigorous humorless barbaric fiendish unfavorable unfavourable sobersided draconian cutthroat beastly determined cheerless fell bellicose brutal hellish bestial ruthless enraged brutish barbarous uncomic bad sadistic murderous illiberal rancorous pugnacious militant ramrod inhuman heartless unsparing unmerciful inflexible steadfast inimical wrathful confrontational combative malicious spiteful inhumane uncharitable inexorable single-minded dogged po-faced obstinate gray grey solid dire tyrannical belligerent warlike uncongenial alien virulent adversary adversarial disturbing astringent depressing hard-boiled unsociable contrary vitriolic biting antipathetic jaundiced unreceptive malefic hard-hearted viperous ornery catty nasty hateful argumentative scrappy pressing bullheaded repellent off-putting abhorrent repulsive offensive odious stolid overbearing wicked tight-lipped moody brooding unhospitable churlish cross formal splenetic crusty grouchy wild indefatigable reserved bad-tempered chilly unemotional stuffy horrendous disadvantageous horrifying ill-tempered furious ghastly uncomfortable daunting untamed feral boot-faced indignant temperamental aggravated aggrieved unruly remote terrifying disquieting jarring crabby bloodthirsty rabid brute uncompromising impetuous raging convulsive baleful delirious untoward monstrous incessive remorseless raving uncontrollable undomesticated fearful persistent hardy unwavering unshakable tenacious stubborn weighty frantic infuriated crazed mad butcherly rapacious firm animalistic primitive tigerish biffo aggers drastic hair-raising hard-line extreme thick-skinned cast-iron hard as nails toughened unflagging sturdy hardheaded intractable disciplinarian resolved hardened hard-core imperious ascetical immovable domineering iron-fisted demanding by the book absolute dyed-in-the-wool hardhearted browbeating mulish ossified stiff-necked ascetic unflinching autocratic disciplinary unfortunate tormenting wolfish torturous perilous injurious tyrannous despotic abusive intolerant dictatorial awful disheartening harrowing discouraging unwelcome worrying difficult miserable inauspicious distressing desolate exigent suppressive onerous insensitive unpitying straitened woeful ill-fated hard-pressed lurid joyless hopeless shadowy discommodious troublesome tortured harmful undesirable troubled full of hardship doubtful objectionable mournful strained black ill-omened treacherous direful ill-boding doleful chilling dreadful parlous nightmarish precarious comfortless upsetting messy jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky sad very bad critical foul hardhanded hard-shell

Tính từ

Unyielding and obstinate
determined obstinate purposeful resolute resolved set stubborn unyielding harsh rigid rigorous hard severe stringent tough stern unbending oppressive inflexible uncompromising draconian authoritarian firm forbidding disciplinary illiberal uptight adamant picky grim fixed adamantine bullheaded exacting headstrong intransigent hardline indurate intractable obdurate invariable pertinacious puritanical relentless solid steadfast undeviating stuffy unadaptable unpermissive unsparing unpersuadable unshakeable unwavering unrelenting heavy-handed dead set cast-iron iron-fisted hard-line no-nonsense strict dogged unswerving immovable tenacious inexorable unfaltering insistent implacable strong-willed indefatigable tireless untiring unfailing hard-nosed pigheaded unflinching unflagging unshakable steely steady self-willed single-minded patient hanging tough set in stone dedicated persistent staunch committed focused persevering diligent perseverant assiduous stiff-necked unchangeable immutable unalterable hardheaded willful inconvincible wilful mulish hardened ossified pat opinionated perverse self-opinionated iron-willed unshaken rock-ribbed locked in focussed never-tiring tough nut unappeasable decided unremitting stiff sedulous unstoppable perseverative intent importunate unswayable standing pat unbendable resistant bound and determined stop at nothing austere laborious never give up stout-hearted exact irreversible concrete brassbound bound unchanging unvarying static incompliant ramrod unmoving definite changeless hard-and-fast driven undaunted tough nut to crack writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon hard and fast spirited stalwart valiant gritty mettlesome unflappable full of determination strong-minded impassive constant stony-hearted unimpressionable stand pat quiescent dead set on permanent unmodifiable set in concrete dug in stick to guns

Tính từ

Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
saturnine gloomy sombre glum miserable lugubrious melancholy morose bad-tempered black bleak cheerless chill Cimmerian cloudy cold comfortless dark darkening depressing depressive desolate dire disconsolate dismal drear dreary dreich elegiac elegiacal forlorn funereal godforsaken grave gray grey grumpy humorless humourless lonely lonesome melancholic moody morbid murky plutonian sepulchral solemn somber sullen sunless taciturn tenebrific tenebrous uncommunicative unsmiling wretched ill-tempered phlegmatic unresponsive blue dejected depressed despondent dispirited down hopeless low moping sad sorrowful sulky unhappy woebegone woeful in low spirits in the dumps down in the dumps surly mournful sour grim joyless doleful crabbed cross irritable crabby ill-humoured ill-humored testy churlish grouchy mopey crestfallen cantankerous peevish crotchety crusty sober touchy dolorous glowering down in the mouth petulant unsociable drab splenetic chippy downcast waspish gruff serious dull irascible sedate pessimistic mirthless huffy fractious choleric downhearted sorry tetchy snappish mumpish mardy cast down stroppy short-tempered ill-natured scowling dispiriting angry cranky staid prickly pouting earnest severe weighty brusque frowning pouty disagreeable dyspeptic perverse bilious curmudgeonly narky ornery querulous brooding quick-tempered no-nonsense out of sorts in a bad mood stern low-spirited mopish curt ratty subdued long-faced uptight resentful snappy shrewish pettish harsh ugly captious saddening peppery fed up eggy peckish soreheaded scratchy liverish snaky out of humour disheartened acid like a bear with a sore head drearisome uninviting austere unwelcoming spiritless chapfallen broody bad droopy heavyhearted heartsick hangdog heartsore saddened heartbroken brokenhearted inconsolable heavy-hearted disheartening dim inhospitable abject dingy bare stark fiery Eeyorish impatient dragged bland rueful oppressive distressed fretful clinical argumentative truculent uncivil draggy pathetic dejecting uncomfortable impersonal shirty difficult acrimonious muted quarrelsome obstinate sourpussed mourning afflicted teary wintry heartbreaking jarring tearful wintery piteous institutional heartrending uncomic uncooperative sulking unfriendly short in the doldrums bearish miffy stuffy cross-grained stony-faced snippety short-fused hot-tempered blunt awkward on a short fuse vinegary down-and-out temperamental discouraged disappointed dry demoralized piqued sensitive intense oppressed weary indignant disgruntled huffish critical adust whingy straight boring tedious demoralised misanthropic cynical bitter sourpuss hurting ungracious chap-fallen snarky unamusing contrary brassed off cheesed off blue funk embittered unmannerly mean poker-faced snippy tough edgy fussy waxy snarling acrid trying nasty-tempered heavy-going bloody-minded tart as cross as two sticks in a mood sorehead on edge out of temper complaining whingeing serious-minded raspy chuffy unamused despairing dirge-like negative dirgelike rude bummed out boorish unpleasant impolite discourteous troubled vinegarish arsey abrupt disrespectful sarcastic brief scornful in a blue funk having the blahs having blue devils singing the blues unhelpful ill-mannered with a long face put out peeved vexed aloof feeling down full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny withdrawn deadpan leaden sage dignified sobersided in a huff having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop quiet forbidding thoughtful ponderous cold sober strictly business po-faced grim-faced stone-faced heavy depressant sunk in gloom emotional offended have the blahs excitable agitable fierce tooshie wounded neurotic kittle mopy skittish tense feisty bristly volatile high-strung hotheaded oversensitive discontented ireful contentious pertinacious easily frightened easily upset easily agitated hot-headed displeased whiny hypercritical whining exasperated grumbling crybaby annoyed iracund iracundulous disputatious waspy grousing thin-skinned having got out of bed on the wrong side out of humor hot under the collar growling sharp nasty caviling sore passionate cussed fault-finding dissatisfied carping griping malicious venomous fretting childish foul-tempered out-of-sorts cavilling hasty malignant hot-blooded vindictive filthy having got out of bed the wrong side spiteful obstreperous easily offended discouraging grief-stricken distressing broken-hearted tragic pitiful painful defeatist unpromising foreboding grieving anguished pitiable lamentable grievous lachrymose terrible in pain downbeat regretful plaintive poignant fatalistic gloom-ridden sorrowing suspicious distrustful unfortunate weepy upset deplorable doubting moving alarmist dolent tear-jerking given to looking on the black side lamenting maudlin regrettable unfavorable unfavourable devastated horrible ominous dreadful horrid poor traumatic weeping distressful upsetting threnodic bereft shocking harrowing disappointing horrific frightful atrocious unenthusiastic agonizing discomposing horrifying plangent touching heart-rending appalling agonising in the pits bowed down sick at heart pensive in sorrow in mourning heart-wrenching full of sorrow in tears uncaring ruined abandoned deserted unimpassioned waste exequial deathlike funebrial solitary spartan sinister unpropitious unmoved adverse disadvantageous inauspicious overcast deathly Stygian obscure hollow portentous nostalgic threnodial sorry for oneself demoralizing demoralising dirgeful crushed lorn resigned down-in-the-mouth excruciating troublesome crushing dolesome hard companionless unhopeful acheronian vexatious troubling ruthful affecting cut up doubtful worried shot down derisible mortifying daunted hurt wistful remorseful bereaved down in mouth in grief hapless in doldrums down in dumps grieved crummy destroyed emo bleeding ripped repentant contrite crying cast-down down and out weighed down torn up low in spirits let down taken down in the toilet on a downer low-down penitent apologetic squalid languished dysphoric languorous triste broken aggrieved tristful listless down-hearted languid foul sordid despicable contemptible hurtful sobbing shameful disgraceful vile execrable trashy rotten shoddy inferior lousy whimpering snivelling worrying indigent scurvy scungy impoverished destitute displeasing detestable derisory close to tears self-reproachful compunctious sheepish shamefaced conscience-stricken blubbering poverty-stricken gruesome larmoyant ghastly chilly sniveling on the verge of tears hideous grisly ashamed lurid frightening unearthly afflicting easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes eerie horrendous calamitous grotesque ghostly terrifying gory nightmarish monstrous fearsome revolting pitiless grewsome loathsome shadowy repulsive terrific repugnant nightmare awful spookish weird scary shady spooky offensive macabre chilling sickening sick God-awful unhealthy death-obsessed

Tính từ

(of a person) Lacking sophistication or refinement
rough unrefined coarse rude uncouth crude loutish uncultured churlish ungracious blunt brusque curt impolite vulgar boorish crass discourteous ill-bred tough uncivil bluff brutal brutish foul hard ill-mannered indecent indecorous indelicate lewd oafish obscene offensive profane ribald severe uncultivated unmannerly unpolished austere bawdy bearish dirty fierce filthy forbidding grim gross inconsiderate inelegant roughcast rugged stern stiff vulgarian bad-mannered cruel grievous gruff harsh inhuman intimidating louring mean stark steely untutored artless bitter common flinty foul-mouthed hardhanded heavy improper insensible loud lowbred lowbrow onerous oppressive tasteless unceremonious ungentle incult lowering murderous raffish roughneck ungentlemanly unladylike crabbed ill-tempered morose bad-tempered surly sullen ungallant uncharitable unchivalrous clownish unkind cloddish classless mean-spirited ignorant ill-humoured cantankerous uncivilised clodhopping ugly ill-natured irritable snippy ill-humored cross-grained polite ornery unpleasant unneighborly grumpy rustic uncivilized touchy cussed miserly unsociable truculent grouchy base crusty graceless thoughtless rough-hewn sharp nasty insensitive tactless unmannered ungraceful uncomfortable wooden uneasy abrasive rustical stilted cutting biting caustic vitriolic acerbic unfeeling callous hurtful acerb unsympathetic wounding abusive uneducated unworldly barbaric shameless barbarous raw barbarian corrupt outlandish savage socially unsure socially awkward lacking in social graces socially inept low sketchy mannerless illiberal gauche immature backward awkward loud-mouthed low-bred unsubtle undiplomatic grating impolitic injudicious ill-judged irritating annoying galling pitiless comfortless clumsy aggressive unfriendly spiky argumentative hateful scathing barbed hard to take sarcastic sardonic acrimonious rubbing the wrong way derogatory derisory tart mordant acid trenchant vicious malicious venomous acidulous spiteful firm strict uncompromising acrid corrosive snarky smart-aleck smart-alecky smart-mouthed scalding pungent satiric acidic satirical mordacious catty unfair unjust forceful excessive ruthless unyielding unbending sharp-worded angry virulent peppery double-edged unrelenting heartless rigorous extreme merciless rowdy

Tính từ

Requiring effort or labor
painful laborious hard tedious tough arduous strenuous trying challenging difficult formidable gruelling heavy onerous ponderous backbreaking bruising burdensome draining exacting excruciating rough severe tiresome wearisome brutal debilitating demanding dogged extreme grinding grueling harsh irksome labored punishing rigorous rugged serious tall taxing testing tiring toilsome tortuous torturous unremitting uphill wearying agonising agonizing exhausting exigent hellish herculean murderous relentless slow stiff stressful uncomfortable boring difficile effortful enervating fatiguing hellacious knackering laboured moiling sapping slavish sweaty toilful unbearable wearing wretched exerting Augean back-breaking Herculean tough going energy-consuming troublesome killing operose crushing oppressive harrowing intolerable killer weighty persnickety vigorous distressing galling cumbersome painstaking daunting unforgiving ambitious grievous forbidding pressing distressful upstream thorny fierce intimidating unyielding bothersome unsparing pick-and-shovel hairy gargantuan shattering depleting vexatious embittering nerve-racking hefty mighty unpleasant grim jarring solemn immense staggering colossal intense gigantic backbreaker time-consuming no picnic really hard merciless titanic worksome very hard physical traumatic inconvenient awkward worrisome responsible grave steep hectic busy immoderate thoroughgoing protracted wicked lengthy hardworking upsetting murder major austere excessive overtaxing overpowering plodding headache worrying disturbing dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon cruel troubling unnerving impossible crippling high-pressure prohibitive problem ominous insufferable sticky tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting nagging stringent shocking imperious tricky frustrating pressured enervative fraught vexing exasperating strict bitter inhuman searing hardhanded tense anxious agitating anxiety-ridden unreasonable aggravating exorbitant pestilent tight unfair overburdening a stinker of a aggressive bold daring monumental grandiose industrious grand elaborate extravagant intrepid visionary pretentious lofty energetic impressive large-scale magnificent

Tính từ

(of a person) Reserved or uncommunicative in speech
taciturn dumb reserved reticent silent tight-lipped uncommunicative aloof antisocial distant mute quiet unforthcoming withdrawn close-lipped inarticulate secretive unresponsive closemouthed close-mouthed cold introverted laconic media-shy retiring stand-offish unsociable untalkative brooding close curt detached dried-up mum mom sententious shy sparing speechless sullen unexpressive clammed up incommunicable tightlipped incommunicative uncommunicable restrained standoffish private cool undemonstrative unapproachable wordless guarded self-contained offish diffident unspeaking tongue-tied unfriendly reclusive solitary muted buttoned up modest formal remote frigid inhibited bashful voiceless discreet demure cautious uncompanionable unemotional retired sedate chilly at a loss for words backward indifferent dark misanthropic prim introvert icy soft-spoken conventional serene composed secret tight-mouthed ceremonious self-restrained collected placid hushed zipped mumchance on the QT shrinking stiff frosty clamlike self-effacing evasive gentle mild peaceful noncommittal eremitic non-communicative unbending hush-hush haughty unsocial unconcerned dummied up dry nonvocal not talkative stolid passionless lost for words emotionless unmoved dispassionate cold-blooded unassuming impassive timid mousy stoical apathetic phlegmatic unfeeling enigmatic deep impassible stoic constrained unclubbable asocial cagey incurious uninterested affectless numb coy controlled self-controlled standoff nongregarious of few words dumbstruck dried up dumbfounded snobbish uppity struck dumb stuffy playing one's cards close to one's chest saying nothing forbidding austere stuck-up soundless buttoned-up cold-eyed unable to get a word out not saying boo bereft of speech unrevealing keeping people at arm's length aphonic unflappable terse brusque meek unaffable unamiable timorous inward-looking unneighbourly uncongenial unconversational temperate silenced inhospitable short sheepish recessive unassertive independent still not forthcoming rude uncivil mopey mopish unneighborly hostile socially inhibited isolated zipped one's lips have tight chops ungregarious insular distrustful inaccessible inapproachable scowling aseptic disinterested retreated thoughtful recluse uncurious casual unloving wooden unaffectionate contained hermit-like hermitic hermitical silentious unheard unable to speak tongueless suspicious antagonistic cryptic Olympian self-sufficient all alone eremetic sober undercover furtive backstairs covert feline sly mysterious secluded hidden closed up shocked uptight buttoning up mum's the word zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip nontalkative clamming up tight chops astounded unwilling calm callous thunderstruck aghast dazed amazed in chambers in privacy in private inscrutable unfazed insolent unenthusiastic annoyed offended chill impudent impertinent unwelcoming lukewarm procacious glacial offhand in the background playing your cards close to your chest in the dark gobsmacked flabbergasted exact precise staid unruffled insensible imperturbable poker-faced shell-shocked correct proper obmutescent dumbstricken wouldn't say boo to a goose unimpressible unexcitable insusceptible inflexible unsympathetic cool as cucumber astonished hit for six knocked for six stilted starched affected starchy seemly official serious indurated matter-of-fact hardened heartless nonchalant inexcitable spiritless polite straight arrow strait-laced stiff-necked by the numbers proud insociable arrogant mean-looking laid back put on airs

Tính từ

Of a serious or important nature or consequence
solemn serious earnest sober somber consequential exigent glum profound sedate significant staid weighty considerable critical crucial important major material pivotal severe stern substantial urgent vital acute appreciable gloomy grim humourless key monumental portentous sombre austere eventful grave heavyweight momentous big difficult downbeat hard heavy heavy-duty hefty humorless major league quiet sad tough uncomic underlined cold sober no-nonsense matter of life and death far-reaching high-priority of consequence of great import of great importance of moment of significance all-important of great consequence life and death life-and-death big deal no laughing matter no joke pensive contemplative intense sullen deadpan cheerless funereal composed subdued unhumorous resolved thoughtful resolute introspective reflective long-faced joyless ruminative bound and determined stony-faced deep in thought straight-faced poker-faced unsmiling bookish unplayful sobersided po-faced decisive determining fundamental dire historic cardinal central essential pressing integral paramount overriding ponderous influential large-scale imperative capital burning determinative large core intrinsic focal worthwhile primary principal meaningful deciding prime especial main exceptional epoch-making earth-shattering telling noteworthy indispensable almighty dangerous grievous grand ill-fated life-changing major-league big league deep apocalyptic testing climacteric earth-shaking world-shaking world-shattering trying searching settling psychological conclusive fateful direful doomful unlucky inauspicious ominous resultful pertinent quintessential dominant desperate now or never clamorous touch and go insistent showdown hanging by thread touchy on thin ice climatic sweeping overruling necessary requisite preeminent primal premier predominant chief notable pronounced sizable imposing leading climactic supreme top great ruling master wretched depressing much needed very important outstanding prerequisite compelling needed required mandatory life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence must-have radical pre-eminent vitally important pointed prominent impactful immediate striking instrumental mighty top-priority powerful salient foremost disheartening discouraging shocking worrying desolate remarkable top-level overshadowing high-level big-time of concern high-profile of note big-league harrowing deadly forbidding sobering fatal forlorn unamusing destructive ruinous ugly strenuous devastating ill-starred uppermost sensational prodigious extensive unmissable special page-one unforgettable tremendous conspicuous front-page forceful newsworthy of import of great moment impressive most important

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