Đồng nghĩa của insular

Alternative for insular

Trái nghĩa: continental,

Tính từ

Ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside one's own experience
narrow-minded provincial parochial petty blinkered limited illiberal inward-looking prejudiced restricted small-minded conventional close-minded localist myopic narrow petty-minded sectarian short-sighted small-town bigoted diehard dogmatic dyed-in-the-wool entrenched hidebound inflexible parish-pump rigid set biased blimpish closed discriminatory intolerant Lilliputian little partisan picayune small xenophobic circumscribed claustral jerkwater confined contracted secluded separated sequestered sectional regional conservative local chauvinistic reactionary racist racialist particular stuffy mean unsophisticated selfish unimaginative district nationalistic unadventurous strait-laced town fanatical prudish priggish moralistic prim starchy puritanical civic parish one-sided closed-minded geographical divisional bounded territorial prissy vernacular neighborhood chauvinist partial shockable opinionated ungenerous neighbourhood grudging uncharitable obdurate disdainful contemptuous hateful contained introverted hick shallow constricted lopsided one-eyed topical puritan borné inexorable short-term improvident nationalist ultra-conservative suburban thematic localised localized ethnocentrist ethnocentric isolationist uninformed factional corn-fed upcountry jingoistic jingo sexist clannish cliquish ignoble homespun rude bucolic simple homegrown unpolished outmoded unfashionable pastoral doctrinaire schismatic unenlarged pigheaded self-centred set in one's ways nasty vulgar base exclusive extremist fanatic denominational shabby spiteful extreme self-centered lacking foresight cheap nonconformist religious sceptical nonconforming skeptical parti pris splinter dissident mean-minded stingy unsympathetic resentful vindictive contemptible malicious mean-spirited uncompromising unforgiving dictatorial unfair unjust individualistic snappy irritable irate averse upset unwilling worked-up waspish outraged short-fuse antipathetic unforbearing indignant fractious jaundiced tilted unindulgent legendary strict Victorian stiff old-fashioned formal old-maidish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy proper goody-goody warped Grundyish distorted square obstinate severe niminy-piminy traditional coloured staid blind colored uptight fuddy-duddy anti-Semitic straitlaced prim and proper stick-in-the-mud homophobic of the old school tight-laced inequitable governessy mimsy sententious genteel Pecksniffian stubborn censorious prepossessed twisted austere zealous authoritarian smug nice-nelly straightlaced bluenosed fundamentalist disapproving pompous despotic slanted stern anti-gay heterosexist tyrannical conforming buttoned-down stilted arrogant orthodox weighted influenced preferential conformist straight preconceived tendentious magisterial inclined predisposed button-down deaf shortsighted unpersuadable resistant self-righteous niggling trivial maniacal radical rabid militant overscrupulous holier-than-thou sanctimonious single-minded activist pedantic Pharisaic swivel-eyed hypocritical vain self-satisfied complacent superpatriotic squeamish old-maid overnice demure overmodest interested jingoist unobjective non-objective loaded overexact simpering pretentious scrupulous affected rigorous mincing artificial precise offish fastidious finicky unprogressive ultraconservative racially discriminatory racially prejudiced racially bigoted brassbound ageist disablist conditioned paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic unbalanced archconservative classist leaning fattist presupposing intransigent mossbacked unreasoning conspiratorial devoted overzealous accessory sympathetic adhering intractable set in your ways reserved hard-line sedate set in one's opinions sober impersonal old-line old-school die-hard fixed in one's views misleading favorably favourably unrepresentative ascetic fogeyish deadly musty cynical bitter jealous humourless fusty forbidding pietistic envious old-fogeyish suspicious self-important hot bloated supercilious humorless as dry as dust puffy foetid warm fetid smoky smelly important unenlightened sordid tight bourgeois undemocratic parsimonious alt-right tightfisted totalitarian miserly anti-democratic oppressive repressive hair-shirt spartan correct disenchanted disillusioned hostile soured pessimistic traditionalist decorous close-fisted draconian fascist stodgy misanthropic invidious green-eyed distrustful disappointed covetous abstemious moral abstinent assertive Pooterish respectable doctrinal Biedermeier ceremonial ceremonious antiliberal proscriptive greedy penny-pinching emphatic overbearing imperious peremptory comme il faut straight-laced bien pensant pontifical yellow unenthusiastic tainted jaded unindifferent opprobrious imperative domineering insistent adamant high-handed authoritative arbitrary downright unchallengeable self-opinionated unquestionable categorical unyielding opinionative unbending opinioned fascistic cocksure confident definite stiff-necked egotistical unequivocal tenacious determined dictative wrong-headed bullheaded high and mighty

Tính từ

Lacking contact with other people
closed detached inaccessible isolated lonely segregated separate solitary insulated self-contained self-sufficient cut off introverted reserved quiet uncommunicative private secretive reticent withdrawn reclusive undemonstrative aloof antisocial unsociable retired hermitic all alone unemotional companionless friendless lonesome unaccompanied alone immune by oneself forsaken deserted discreet retiring introvert demure independent closemouthed restrained cautious silent constrained laconic unsocial distant ungregarious unforthcoming self-restrained cold media-shy standoffish unfriendly hermitical shy hermit-like guarded cool unrevealing taciturn unapproachable snobbish eremetic stand-offish close-mouthed tight-lipped non-communicative abandoned desolate forlorn godforsaken lone empty vacant uninhabited unoccupied single estranged marooned vacated stranded left barren remote solo bare rejected unpeopled secluded untenanted lorn destitute neglected derelict disused forgotten unfrequented unattended apart sequestered on one's own individual unused stuck outcast by itself unvisited unbefriended void high and dry sole evacuated only stag hermit by yourself without a friend in the world alienated sad bleak dreary unpopular unwanted uncherished unloved grounded unique one waste wild depopulated without friends homeless free tenantless unescorted lost single-handed particular without companions cast away odd with no one to turn to removed on its own left in the lurch left alone set apart idle disaffected indifferent out on a limb ruined me myself and I me and my shadow shunned unconnected unfilled unattached distinct destroyed virgin on the outside looking in on my own uncultivated unpopulated homesick spurned ostracized uncared-for discrete onliest adrift desert rough inhospitable trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged to one side ostracised without ties with no ties to let cloistered disowned uninviting depressing cheerless despondent uncivilized untouched unhappy unchaperoned partnerless solus all by one's self unguarded unwatched singular one-off special uncivilised without an escort a cappella isolate traveling light loner on your own feeling friendless misanthropic sui generis offish out-of-the-way uncompanionable beached aground shipwrecked wrecked ashore run aground unfriended bereft sidetracked penniless sidelined out in left field on the rocks passed up left at the altar discarded uncouth down disconsolate renounced comfortless troglodytic cast off left stranded

Tính từ

Contemptibly dull and ordinary
suburban boring conventional dull ordinary conservative parochial provincial small-town uninteresting average bourgeois commonplace pedestrian undistinguished unexceptional unremarkable unsophisticated blinkered bog-standard inward-looking limited middle-class parish-pump country rural common or garden no great shakes nothing to write home about not up to much traditional conformist illiberal unadventurous predictable staid common hidebound middle-England petit-bourgeois property-owning shopkeeping materialistic propertied Pooterish Victorian old-line philistine narrow-minded narrow small-minded petty bigoted restricted small Lilliputian picayune prejudiced sectarian little uninformed localist inflexible jerkwater corn-fed upcountry intolerant homespun simple homegrown unpolished outmoded unfashionable rude bucolic pastoral biased short-sighted myopic dogmatic rigid partisan close-minded petty-minded diehard discriminatory dyed-in-the-wool entrenched blimpish claustral sectional set confined regional reactionary local stuffy chauvinistic xenophobic mean district town unimaginative civic parish selfish closed-minded one-sided geographical divisional bounded territorial strait-laced vernacular neighborhood racist partial moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy fanatical racialist prissy chauvinist opinionated shockable neighbourhood ungenerous grudging uncharitable obdurate contemptuous hateful disdainful contained introverted shallow hick short-term improvident constricted lopsided one-eyed closed circumscribed contracted secluded sequestered separated puritan localised localized borné inexorable factional clannish cliquish lacking foresight set in one's ways doctrinaire schismatic shabby spiteful base nasty vulgar ignoble exclusive extremist fanatic denominational self-centred self-centered cheap ultra-conservative extreme mean-minded stingy religious sceptical nonconforming skeptical parti pris dissident nonconformist splinter contemptible malicious mean-spirited resentful vindictive sexist nationalistic unsympathetic pigheaded unenlarged unfair uncompromising unforgiving dictatorial unjust irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant jaundiced unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish unforbearing fractious tilted legendary

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