Đồng nghĩa của diehard

Danh từ

A person who holds extreme political or religious views
extremist radical fanatic militant zealot partisan revolutionary activist sectarian dogmatist bigot crazy enthusiast devotee maniac revolutionist fundamentalist hardliner ultra chauvinist rebel agitator energumen crank ultraist terrorist die-hard fiend nut revisionist partizan monomaniac racialist racist doctrinaire segregationist prejudiced person opinionated person game changer visionary crusader ideologue idealogue addict buff freak evangelist red hot Young Turk true believer afficionado fan mavin apologist junky fool fancier lover hound bug aficionado habitue maven sucker head junkie adherent young Turk supremacist xenophobe wackadoo wackadoodle reformer obsessive admirer demon supporter groupie follower progressive sexist person black supremacist racial bigot white supremacist klansperson leftist red socialist persecutor dogmatizer sexist homophobe subversive firebrand nonconformist avant-garde renegade superpatriot MCP stickler jingoist hypocrite intolerant puritan objector iconoclast nihilist freethinker mutineer secessionist insurrectionist rioter revolter anarchist insurgent Bolshevik Bolshevist male chauvinist pig votary disciple aficionada rooter habitué geek booster believer fundi pupil convert votarist connoisseur backer sectary cohort worshipper epigone acolyte member worshiper champion jock liegeman defender janissary amateur upholder sympathizer sympathiser expert pundit stalwart advocate hanger-on promoter -head sycophant accessory sponsor satellite a great one for appreciator ham wizard master savant ace votarient student friend attender nerd protagonist learner apostle one of the cognoscenti proselyte catechumen chela card-carrying member hobbyist authority cognoscente doyenne doyen ninja techie activity practitioner slave great one patron cat pursuivant barmy army proponent avid supporter obsessed fan adorer bhakta perfectionist servant sectator scholar attendant witness hero-worshiper idolizer separatist dissident schismatic dissenter idolater recusant ally agnostic atheist non-theist sceptic unbeliever fan club free thinker idealist heretic misbeliever skeptic maverick voter helper abettor confederate comrade bedfellow abetter henchman insider fellow traveler

Tính từ

A person who strongly opposes change or who continues to support something in spite of opposition
conservative dyed-in-the-wool reactionary traditionalist deep-dyed hard-core hard-line intransigent ultra-conservative unprogressive immovable indomitable inflexible long-standing staunch steadfast unchanging uncompromising unyielding adamant blimpish entrenched rigid conformist fogyish stick-in-the-mud obstinate single-minded stubborn hard-nosed resolute determined tough unbending obdurate intractable firm dogged unwavering unrelenting pertinacious headstrong wilful willful iron-willed strict extreme implacable tenacious inexorable stiff-necked hardline hard mulish relentless perverse opinionated hardened pigheaded adamantine bullheaded hardheaded ossified inconvincible indurate pat self-willed self-opinionated hard and fast unshakeable unpersuadable unmalleable stiff bloody-minded radical not giving an inch inveterate immoderate undeviating uncooperative unaccommodating die-hard strong stringent rigorous unshakable brassbound bull-headed fixed unflinching refractory unswayable uncompliant definite fanatical unbudgeable balky narrow-minded steely hidebound unadaptable iron blinkered dedicated immutable grim unappeasable stiffened persistent unchangeable recalcitrant renitent merciless ruthless unmovable immalleable durable set in your ways set in one's ways standing one's ground cast-iron exacting committed locked in dead set on militant hard-boiled stern ungiving unflagging untiring indefatigable tireless persevering steady bred-in-the-bone deep-seated deep-rooted settled confirmed intrenched deep rooted sedulous importunate assiduous game obscene explicit pornographic X-rated stand pat devoted unwaivering faithful unsparing decided rugged categorical brick-wall set unswerving harsh strong-willed contrary severe unreasonable resolved solid strong-minded constant unfaltering contumacious difficult unalterable invariable cussed stalwart insistent purposeful stable intent remorseless froward unmanageable rock-ribbed set in stone draconian incompliant unvarying demanding stout unbendable forceful cruel cantankerous sure pitiless vigorous authoritarian insubordinate unforgiving bolshie stony unshaken obstreperous hard-and-fast ironclad picky unhesitating bound earnest changeless rebellious austere iron-fisted unsympathetic disobedient defiant abiding serious stubborn as a mule tight sturdy fierce deaf to reason oppressive fast obstructive consistent awkward dead set unmodifiable fussy established untoward wayward uniform decisive ungovernable disobliging unbreakable heavy-handed cross-grained true restive enduring certain unhelpful binding dogmatic invariant tyrannical gritty determinate undaunted fastidious hard to please ornery finicky stroppy particular choosy bold wrong-headed obsessive unamenable permanent emphatic perpetual tiresome troublesome incommutable unfeeling inalterable deliberate gutsy regular stuffy drastic spirited ferocious brave thrawn absolute plucky discriminating irreversible pig-headed courageous callous mettlesome bent focused static rough unmoved uncharitable unruly exact focussed scrupulous spunky inexpugnable unfluctuating contrarious stout-hearted winner-take-all zero-sum meticulous rebel choosey recusant finical irremovable forbidding purposive irreconcilable truculent dour prissy mortal hard as nails assertive hard-hearted over-particular nit-picking unpermissive frozen even unfailing do-or-die bitter driven haughty manful bent on bent upon dictatorial hell-bent on ingrained puritanical lasting hell-bent upon punishing flinty lusty unmerciful heavy bulldog unvaried concentrated secure locked trying uncaring unfriendly all-or-nothing win-or-lose full of determination strenuous perseverant unflappable unpitying fractious obsessed unchanged aloof narrow precise prim persnickety imperious critical punctilious hanging tough valiant stony-hearted no-nonsense careful perfectionist final ramrod pernickety impliable domineering same unremitting monotonous four-square selective nice habitual fossilized unswervable impenetrable hypercritical hard-bitten squeamish confining fussbudgety out delicate by the book meaning business overnice pedantic old-maidish agreed arranged hearty nit-picky illiberal prearranged planned arbitrary absorbed engrossed immobile stated excessive biased fossilised disciplinary unflexible unassailable mutinous cold mule uptight heartless punitive robust despotic iron-handed in the bag dainty incontrovertible conventional eternal concentrating resistant preoccupied predictable fixated unresponsive indurated ineradicable concrete indelible savage occupied doctrinaire unsentimental unemotional still immersed unstoppable indestructible devout sworn deadly prescribed loyal formal hardhanded brutal stationary unpliable unrelieved granite monolithic reserved desperate hard-headed flat dug in standing pat cynical impregnable unmoving seasoned overbearing undiversified grave hardy unfading intrepid positive toughened proper unqualified continuing straight sound discerning faddish faddy ageless unabated cohesive hardhearted inured sticklerish possessive remote tough nut rude sensitive querulous methodical dire true-blue reliable finicking persisting sustained bound and determined as stubborn as a mule opinionative nitpicking compact by the numbers systematic unpredictable never-failing overparticular ill-natured lacking compassion uninterrupted negative wrapped up hell bent on equable astringent well-set hang tough cold-hearted strait-laced cold-blooded fretful fuddy-duddy hell-bent hard to satisfy pass-fail high stakes clear-cut high-stake sine qua non petrified irrational noncompliant incontestable estranged seditious disaffected factious insurgent alienated bony rigidified vexatious annoying illogical exasperating non-compliant firmly-based regimented pushy mullish impassive well-founded uninfluenced patient unwilling disciplined controlled unimpressionable jelled inevitable unvacillating unitary undifferentiated wild quiescent Draconian unreceptive boneheaded inconsiderate unsupportive pounding creaky aching sore incurable uncontrollable cocksure diligent unimpressible unbeatable invincible pervicacious unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable crisp lifelong perdurable proud impertinent bullhead mean unrepentant uncompassionate undisciplined prejudiced intolerant arch inordinate spartan unconquerable poignant valid powerful convincing compelling acrimonious drawing painstaking coherent out-and-out steel energetic punitory heady cold fish proof against persuasion hostile barbarous antagonistic ineluctable unforgetful assured eager riveted stick to guns set in concrete ironhanded onerous outrageous extortionate nonnegotiable convinced sticky iron-jawed thick necessary compulsory in place in position insoluble thorny indocile problematic knotty do or die hold one's ground hold the fort hold the line murderous solid as a rock tough nut to crack monomaniacal hellbent hard-shell locked-in solemn set-on one-sided unsurpassable invulnerable engaged enthralled enthusiastic with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way plain marble-hearted closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced closed-minded imperturbable nerveless hard-hitting sticking to one's guns disciplinarian ascetical pressing browbeating formidable ascetic autocratic lionhearted rock hard unsinkable not changing clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out mean business preconceived unsmiling chilly frigid icy frosty unconditional infallible impatient remove continuous tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of fearless heroic untameable insurmountable bulletproof insuperable cool inelastic vindictive inhuman distant trusty dependable swingeing penal no going back at each other's throats with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in unabating never-ending interminable ceaseless incessant unceasing continual non-stop go-getting not cooperative louring gruff undefeatable impassable doughty preset unquestionable nonmoving case-hardened like death and taxes pugnacious whole-hearted uncurving boorish argumentative lowering intimidating imperishable predetermined allotted specified attentive unbudging with a heart of stone sky-high defined decreed nonmotile dominant in earnest two-fisted sombre somber ungentle clamorous judgmental disapproving picky-picky old womanish overfastidious conscionable old maidish heedful trivial stickling punctual shrewd practical realistic oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied stabile never-changing prevailing sacrosanct well-established express rheumatic going good down-the-line pious trustworthy redoubtable hard-working immotile matter-of-fact down-to-earth hard-shelled mean-looking unblinking overexacting exigent cavilling nagging irritable vexed testy captious snappy temperamental chippy quarrelsome disputative prickly huffy overcritical ungracious grumbly hard to handle invidious fiendish crotchety uppity touchy feisty sour crabby irritating impolite disputatious world-weary definitive stipulated complex rule-bound hard-edged compacted packed hard-handed rocky consolidated compressed quibbling disparaging faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous tried and true allegiant ardent liege tried-and-true tried and tested observant lacking sentiment through-and-through zealous complicated writ in stone demeaning carping censorious entire intense all exclusive studious enrapt whole undivided as hard as nails as tough as old boots toughened by experience limiting pontifical enforceable traditional customary coercive classical repressive wholehearted as straight as an arrow resilient compulsive unobliging aggressive bureaucratic officious involved similar not subject to change watchful alert high-maintenance fiery uncivil discourteous burning unquenchable furious identical matching equivalent anchored over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious legislating sanctioned didactic authoritative preceptive bossy normative accepted nailed quiet hitched hooked situated attached located fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians equal homogeneous unpleasant disagreeable negativistic averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant leathery hard-wearing substantial made fast ordered fated orderly fateful well-proportioned plumb well-balanced symmetrical unbroken consonant level incorrigible of a piece normal compatible smooth unamiable uncongenial intensive motivated fit strapping brawny prescriptive steeled molded mighty moulded dense healthy conditioned fine staid heavy-duty well built withstanding long-lasting sharp prudish refined keen pure correct conscientious perceptive acute mathematical made to last tough as nails affected stilted detached starched starchy overdelicate priggish scientific withdrawn unsocial official unforthcoming restrained unapproachable uncommunicative seemly reticent antisocial undemonstrative taciturn polite schoolmarmish Victorian difficult to please impossible to please straight arrow keeping people at arm's length stand-offish

Tính từ

Unwilling or unable to change because of tradition or convention
hidebound conservative traditional reactionary orthodox unprogressive ultraconservative brassbound paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic archconservative conventional illiberal mossbacked narrow intolerant prejudiced inflexible rigid biased dogmatic blimpish fundamentalist set uncompromising fanatical puritan jaundiced intractable individualistic parochial narrow-minded old-school small-minded old-fashioned old-line buttoned-down button-down die-hard dyed-in-the-wool petty-minded close-minded strait-laced ultra-conservative hard-line set in your ways fixed in one's views set in one's opinions bigoted provincial insular petty limited localist myopic restricted blinkered inward-looking small-town short-sighted sectarian entrenched partisan claustral parish-pump jerkwater discriminatory picayune traditionalist Lilliputian small right-wing little backward-looking rightist prudish priggish moralistic prim starchy stuffy puritanical obscurantist prissy chauvinist chauvinistic shockable opinionated alt-right Tory Birchite doctrinaire partial one-sided constricted lopsided one-eyed unimaginative borné inexorable obdurate xenophobic closed uncharitable ungenerous circumscribed selfish mean contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways true-blue counter-revolutionary unreceptive retrogressive mediaeval intransigent medieval right unreasonable prehistoric outdated regressive counterrevolutionary racialist sexist racist nationalistic unenlarged pigheaded closed-minded fogyish obstinate firm bourgeois stable conformist unchanging timid sober quiet guarded uncreative controlled steady redneck undaring unchangeable constant fearful middle-of-the-road fuddy-duddy old line old guard white bread holding to not extreme hard hat right of center in a rut established blind extremist unsophisticated philistine accepted sectional local suburban unadventurous common extreme ordinary parti pris religious outmoded deaf unpersuadable resistant stubborn shortsighted convinced immovable unreconstructed cautious introverted moderate prudent unenterprising safe careful shallow regional hick temperate boring ethnocentric purist factional middle-class stick in the mud clannish cliquish schismatic self-centred self-centered exclusive fanatic denominational property-owning uninformed commonplace upcountry corn-fed materialistic shopkeeping propertied unfair homespun rude unpolished pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable sceptical nonconforming skeptical dissident nonconformist splinter Pooterish unjust predictable Victorian staid inequitable non-objective loaded weighted distorted unobjective warped influenced coloured ageist disablist conditioned anti-gay homophobic anti-Semitic heterosexist prepossessed classist fattist inclined presupposing predisposed leaning colored preconceived past old ancient former folk from the past old-world historical familial prior ancestral out-of-date historic family long-established lineal bygone old-style oral of yore unwritten handed-down received unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid approved popular strict despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly stingy anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian recognized mainstream correct proper normal regular official authoritative usual customary close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical prevailing doctrinal standard authorized prevalent canonical proscriptive greedy grudging antiliberal penny-pinching unoriginal familiar acknowledged unheretical routine derivative well established well-established kosher sanctioned straight admitted recognised pious punctilious legitimate rightful sound square authorised bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book by the numbers

Tính từ

Habitual, firmly established, and unlikely to change
dyed-in-the-wool confirmed entrenched inveterate complete established deep-rooted long-established absolute long-standing thorough thoroughgoing utter committed dedicated deep-dyed out-and-out devoted faithful firm incorrigible loyal staunch steadfast unshakeable bred-in-the-bone chronic die-hard full-bore habitual incurable true blue unapologetic unashamed unfaltering unrepentant unswerving unwavering arrant card-carrying right-down through and through through-and-through congenital deep-down deep-seated fixed full-fledged genuine hardened infixed ingrained instilled true unchangeable uncompromising well-established mad keen deeply ingrained keen as mustard out and out to the core unreformed traditional unreconstructed hard-core hopeless irredeemable beyond hope unreformable impenitent persistent rooted settled deep set indelible immutable ineradicable inexorable well established deep-set old-fashioned unchanging irrepressible eternal undying dyed-in-the wool irremovable embedded dug in set firm fortified seasoned intractable perennial lifelong devout resolute intrenched irreformable enduring ardent proved fervent earnest unyielding vehement wholehearted stalwart fiery compulsive torrid obsessive intransigent longtime supreme stubborn obstinate zealous unshakable fanatical unredeemable irretrievable irrecoverable addicted unrecoverable uncontrite irremediable explicit sicker hard-line red-hot all-consuming hard-shell firmly established accustomed definite staid inured bona fide habituated bad abandoned uncorrectable beastly beyond redemption irreparable useless impossible loser wicked recidivous irreversible lost pathological shameless irrevocable obsessional past hope obdurate cureless beyond repair hooked irreclaimable unsalvageable remediless remorseless gone unregenerate ill-fated unremorseful unrepenting unabashed unblushing brazen regular conscienceless uncontrollable unalterable unrectifiable unfixable uncurable unrepairable unrestorable constant serious permanent grave fatal terminal final helpless recurrent severe lasting beyond recovery written off lost and gone beyond recall addictive reprobate dependent incessant frequent callous defiant relentless driven irresistible nowhere to go out of time irremedial broken ruined destroyed irreplaceable gone forever hardhearted recidivistic past mending impulsive by habit deadly unmitigable mortal without regret without remorse unreclaimable sad worsening prevalent recurring unsavable unregainable fallen besetting no-win up the creek beyond redress not contrite beyond cure wretched cursed gone for ever given up accursed doomed condemned afflicted vulnerable aimless excommunicated past praying for blighted alone fruitless past cure despaired of beyond remedy past remedy

Tính từ

Having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something
rabid wild violent extreme fanatical fervent bigoted extremist frantic frenzied furious intolerant mad maniacal uncompromising crazed over-enthusiastic overzealous passionate biased delirious ferocious feverish fierce frenetic gung-ho illiberal irrational one-sided partisan prejudiced raging raving unreasonable zealous berko berserk infuriated intemperate narrow-minded perfervid swivel-eyed ardent bitten corybantic crazy dedicated deranged diseased enthusiastic flipped ill infected insane intense keen mad-dog militant naked nutty obsessed overboard poisoned sick sizzling smoking ultraist unwell virulent freaked out dogmatic radical sectarian activist blinkered chauvinistic single-minded inflexible hysterical excited manic agitated uncontrolled distraught hectic overwrought hyper beside oneself demented fraught panic-stricken worked up out of control flipped out fevered unhinged wired unscrewed in a tizzy keyed up weirded out wigged out hyperactive energetic unrestrained nuts desperate confused turbulent distracted angry weird zonkers unglued unzipped at wits' end spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered overexcited uncontrollable restless tumultuous panic-struck obsessive panicky confusing exciting unbalanced lunatic nervous chaotic neurotic busy distrait convulsive maniac fast and furious hysteric off one's head in a state in a frenzy beside yourself madding abandoned phrenetic furibund boisterous overcome demonic demoniacal ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited lost it overwhelmed incoherent sectionable in a lather stunned struck incredulous overawed affected gay riotous emotional babbling unrestrainable distressed psychotic up turned out hopped up freaky high overpowered uptight lightheaded hot hallucinating aberrant deviant disturbed light-headed rambling disordered bewildered wandering hallucinatory unsettled disarranged deviate devastated irrepressible fiery in a panic carried away impetuous impassioned maddened vehement driven to distraction rampant blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic very upset in a fit seething unnerved possessed out of one's wits worried last-minute anxious het up wound up destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a flap having kittens in a tizz in a flat spin at your wits' end at the end of your tether in a cold sweat heated out of one's head out of one's skull overactive impatient mental high-strung like one possessed ape amok bananas bonkers spare batty bats barmy barro crook porangi crackers postal on the rampage up the wall off the deep end through the roof off the air off your rocker out to lunch around the bend out of one's mind

Tính từ

Possessing enthusiasm or passion
great ardent dedicated devoted fanatical fervent keen passionate assiduous avid committed eager enthusiastic vehement wholehearted zealous active diligent habitual hearty obsessed warm intent wild voracious agog ambitious amenable antsy anxious appetent athirst breathless covetous craving crazy desirous disposed engaged enthused excited game glad greedy gung ho hankering happy hungry hung up impatient inclined interested longing nuts pining pumped raring ready restive restless solicitous thirsty unreluctant willing geeked stoked hopped-up juiced hot hepped up champing at the bit chomping at the bit yearning animated itching inspired thrilled moved desiring dying fired up keyed up psyched delighted stirred aroused keen as mustard awakened stimulated gagging feverish intense fervid beside oneself psyched up elated worked up electrified motivated exuberant exhilarated rhapsodic bursting full of beans nutty spirited charged high bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lively thirsting aflame earnest grasping acquisitive itchy energetic pumped up itching for gone on juiced up geared up dying for ready and willing as keen as mustard rarin' to go cranked up dying to on fire in a hurry hot to trot raring to go approving touched atingle insatiable aching edgy lusting curious chafing straining ravenous desperate expectant enthralled burning avaricious rapacious impassioned mad potty desirous of impetuous restored refreshed revitalized straining at the leash daft dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless revitalised gotta have all agog on tenterhooks all a-gog consumed with desire in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on in suspense full of enthusiasm wishing vigorous joyful buoyant joyous jovial partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust ebullient longing for hoping for wanting encouraged excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic overjoyed chafing at the bit rabid jolly roused exultant keen on giddy piqued peppy elevated tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated fiery dynamic vivacious titillated anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for fascinated passional zestful aggressive proactive bullish banzai animate wacky perfervid forceful tantalized industrious concerned afire unqualified ready for willing for avid for blissful jubilant tumultuous alive conscientious gaga determined driven tantalised pleased sprightly bugged zesty warmblooded turnt red-hot aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring lustful keen for hopeful for hopeful envious wishful take-charge can-do mad keen high-spirited extremely enthusiastic cock-a-hoop thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for turned on aspiring to rapturous over the moon rapt gleeful transported cheerful entranced in seventh heaven bouncy gay merry enrapt heady bubbly delirious in raptures chirpy rhapsodical in high spirits effervescent on a high hysterical sparkling blissed out frenzied jaunty sunny peart jumping for joy walking on air cheery exalted zingy carried away zippy upbeat full of life crank frolicsome wigged out breezy triumphant irrepressible light-hearted in transports of delight chipper corybantic sent on cloud seven on top of the world frolic gamesome beside oneself with happiness vibrant perky vital energized airy blithe blithesome gratified chuffed bright wild with excitement energised wrapped bright and breezy captivated proud in a frenzy of delight heated waiting with bated breath full of vim and vigour gladsome smiley flying overwrought uplifted activated inspirited gloating agitated brash enchanted on edge turned-on galvanized in a frenzy lighthearted of good cheer delirious with happiness mettlesome astounded pert rejoicing with bated breath galvanised alive and kicking cheered stirred up full of fun as merry as a grig on pins and needles puffed up infatuated exulting bubbling flushed open-mouthed scintillating crowing dizzy vivid frantic happy-go-lucky carefree apprehensive glorying prideful triumphalist alert zappy prepared boisterous flipping in heaven brisk mirthful floating satisfied intent on hoping influenced up pizazzy bouncing springy snappy kinetic jazzy racy spanking pizzazzy jumpy frisky overexcited amused emotional flying high hilarious feeling one's oats dashing as pleased as Punch on the edge of one's seat pleased as punch hankering after amped-up blazing accelerated possessed fierce triumphal inflamed exhilarative aglow ablaze fired transfixed awestruck amazed effusive contented frothy gushing in paradise in rhapsodies started lusty overwhelmed overpowered celebrating tingling tingly amped fun-loving raving uproarious filled with joy doing handsprings revelling daring untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained distraught distrait hysteric distracted extravagant lyrical eulogistic bold swaggering boastful jocose laughing jocund jocular festive full of the joys of spring absorbed affected quickened ripe Corybantic victorious content reveling wowed beatific set smug boon self-driven set on bent on playful very excited spunky over-the-top thunderstruck flabbergasted drunk fain ravished coltish self-starting gallant kooky zany minded jumping up and down in transports extremely happy grateful flattered privileged eagerly blown away riled up orgasmic charmed beside yourself favourably inclined fond romping sportive skittish jittery gone athrill dreamy tickled to death beside oneself with joy in exaltation very happy out floating on air up for on for in the mood of a mind pysched up smitten enamored ludic rollicking kittenish frolicky gladdened diverted entertained honoured honored thankful wanton uptight worried nervous uneasy enchanté fulfilled wicked larkish prankish full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre in love def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it cool hip made up as happy as a clam very pleased pleasantly surprised as happy as Larry like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails gluttonous predatious piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish unfilled edacious hoggish ravening esurient insatiate anticipatory with an appetite covetous of in need of lusting after with a yen in want of waiting expecting fond of sweet on very enthusiastic quick enamoured wigged-out awaiting anticipating agape anticipant waiting for the axe to fall au courant watchful go-go vitalized anticipative vigilant hopped up set up looking good looking for waiting on

Tính từ

Having a hard, strong, and determined mindset, with very steady nerves

Tính từ

Prejudiced in favour of a particular cause
partisan biased one-sided prejudiced partial factional sectarian bigoted interested unjust coloured discriminatory parti pris preferential inequitable tendentious unbalanced unfair accessory adhering blind cliquish colored conspiratorial denominational devoted exclusive fanatic jaundiced limited narrow-minded opinionated overzealous parochial prepossessed sympathetic unreasoning warped zealous intolerant slanted dogmatic weighted small-minded blinkered distorted chauvinistic narrow illiberal inflexible insular provincial racist hidebound petty racialist rigid chauvinist influenced sexist myopic small-town predisposed subjective localist inward-looking restricted short-sighted petty-minded close-minded picayune xenophobic dyed-in-the-wool Lilliputian entrenched small prejudicial twisted blimpish claustral parish-pump jerkwater loaded anti-gay homophobic anti-Semitic heterosexist skewed conventional little fanatical unequal doctrinaire uneven non-objective lopsided inclined reactionary unindifferent false uncompromising stuffy misleading uncharitable obdurate extreme unethical arbitrary conservative discriminating ageist disablist jingoistic classist misrepresented disposed extremist swayed wrong set perverted invidious sceptical strait-laced wrongful falsified nationalistic moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy closed-minded prissy preconceived skeptical dictatorial shockable obstinate pigheaded tampered with embittered provocative argumentative questionable doubtful favouring constricted one-eyed discriminative favoring ill-disposed unimaginative undemocratic favorably unrepresentative favourably puritan minded borné inexorable ungenerous closed favorably inclined selfish mean angled circumscribed clannish contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways schismatic misreported inaccurate garbled misstated ultra-conservative doctored changed altered ethnocentric flag-waving isolationist unjustified resentful nationalist jingoist superpatriotic unsympathetic tinkered with religious sectional nonconforming dissident nonconformist local splinter undeserved unmerited cynical bitter jealous unforgiving woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist envious iniquitous unwarranted unprincipled shabby fixed unrighteous excessive underhand unforgivable low-down unenlarged suspicious male chauvinist undue dishonorable dishonest unlawful discreditable devious improper fraudulent cheating irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious disdainful tilted manipulative propagandist polemical unobjective male supremacist bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral deceitful dishonourable inexcusable vicious cruel injurious shameful base low vile criminal grievous wicked shameless disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic conditioned below the belt fattist distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous uncalled-for presupposing intransigent leaning spiteful adamant assertive yellow unenthusiastic grudging tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving pontifical arrogant cocksure dogmatical overbearing pompous imperious opinionative domineering opinioned of fixed views single-minded self-important bull-headed self-assertive stubborn of preconceived ideas self-opinionated

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