Đồng nghĩa của curious

Alternative for curious

Tính từ

Tending to ask questions or to investigate, typically for information or knowledge
inquisitive probing questioning quizzical enquiring inquiring interrogative investigative querying scrutinising scrutinizing enthusiastic examining inspecting fascinated interested intrigued keen agog eager excited moved attentive captivated gripped riveted absorbed affected engrossed intent enticed focussed focused stimulated enthused entranced hooked inspired ambitious desirous inspirited roused ardent avid impressed inquisitorial beady-eyed analytical searching inquisitory attracted nosy into analytic drawn catechistic caught predisposed rapt obsessed sold lured taken touched penetrating burning with curiosity quizzing catechistical exploring earnest snoopy responsive charmed entertained awakened fired all ears gone occupied wondering struck sympathetic open dying to know doubtful on the case eat sleep and breathe investigatory outward-looking studious prying heuristic speculative intrusive fact-finding Socratic bewitched besotted enamoured enamored fond crazed smitten mesmerised mesmerized spellbound mad keen on enthralled by devoted to passionate about struck on mad about fixated by addicted to hooked on riveted by interested in enamored of attached to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by attracted to nuts about turned on gone on crazy about bewitched by besotted with infatuated with hungry for clever insightful sensitive pointed canny smart perceptive incisive thorough trenchant sharp subtle discerning perspicacious exploratory intense researching discriminating acute ingenious piercing judicious intuitive astute quick-witted observant fascinated by intent on smitten with eager for sweet on love-struck by enchanted by charmed by hung up fond of captivated by wild about obsessed with taken with enamoured of beguiled by partial to gripped by in love with intrigued by enchanted enthralled immersed deep enraptured infatuated involved consumed preoccupied engaged hypnotized head over heels lost caught up mad on sold on wrapped up hypnotised loving amorous in love beguiled transfixed held taken up up to here crazy lovesick head over heels in love fixated connected ignorant distracted devoted submerged absentminded distracted by somewhere else in a brown study entranced by wool-gathering not there in a world of one's own taken up by distrait miles away with one's head in the clouds preoccupied by bound-up absent-minded dreamy abstracted all wound up not with us spellbound by stuck on dotty twitterpated silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet fixed concentrated steady enrapt watchful concentrating steadfast settled alert locked in set on dialed in deep in really into

Tính từ

Inquisitive in a meddlesome manner
nosey nosy prying snoopy intrusive meddlesome nebby interfering meddling snooping tampering probing spying inquisitorial inquisitory intruding interested intermeddling obtrusive officious presuming presumptuous enquiring inquiring inquisitive protrusive investigative eavesdropping questioning scrutinising scrutinizing busybody impertinent peering busy peeping searching pushy prurient analytical pushing forward inspecting examining disquisitive speculative puzzled personal importunate interrupting gossipy interviewing interrogational cross-examining interrogative fact-finding research over-curious agog intrigued over-interested voyeuristic nosing nosy-parkering nosy-parker investigating undercover inspective exploratory researching butting in big-eyed poking challenging keen sifting pondering burning with curiosity busybodied speculating invasive unwanted guessing unwelcome trespassing disturbing wondering mischievous uncalled-for encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling pragmatic interposing insensitive unpleasant protruding upsetting indiscreet chiselling bumptious self-assertive offensive assertive brash bossy bold overbearing forceful aggressive loud domineering obnoxious impudent annoying bustling interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interruptive interference self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial overbusy ambitious thrusting arrogant rude fussy bureaucratic cocksure confident overconfident over-assertive cocky pushful go-ahead insistent nervy strident loudmouthed full of oneself blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging

Tính từ

Differing in some way from the norm
odd bizarre peculiar strange funny queer unexpected unusual eccentric mysterious puzzling weird abnormal anomalous atypical offbeat different outlandish unfamiliar unique inexplicable intriguing mystifying unnatural perplexing quaint quirky aberrant aberrated baffling idiosyncratic unorthodox deviant eerie erratic uncanny crazy dubious suspicious wacky whacky freakish kookie uncommon kooky queerish zany off-kilter unconventional remarkable extraordinary wild singular rum kinky bizarro out-of-the-way screwy far-out oddball off-the-wall way-out funky weirdo cranky out of the ordinary freaky irregular spaced-out rare off the wall uncustomary freak fantastic off-centre exceptional unwonted unaccustomed wacko outré untypical whimsical surprising preternatural novel out of the way exotic original absurd way out far out incongruous ridiculous left-field phenomenal unaccountable fanciful spooky out there droll inconceivable unco foreign special especial unreal alien ludicrous preposterous flaky incomprehensible flakey extraordinaire creepy uncharacteristic daggy exceeding capricious extravagant incredible fantastical alternative surreal grotesque avant-garde unheard of astonishing insane unknown out in left field obscure unprecedented fishy outre nutty unheard-of isolated amazing divergent new off-center mad questionable unthinkable nonconformist unordinary perverse irrational nonsensical foolish unparalleled conspicuous unpredictable unbelievable comical prodigious unrepresentative far-fetched fresh nonstandard quizzical something else distinctive untried scarce infrequent unfathomable imaginative out of the common perverted inscrutable bewildering confusing in left field supernatural warped individual noteworthy romantic twisted characteristic unlikely monstrous Bohemian madcap unimaginable devious deviate dotty cockamamie aberrational daft bent dilly crackpot unexplored unexplainable arcane striking distinct creative impenetrable insoluble distinguished anomalistic wayward doubtful slang awesome memorable deviating esoteric befuddling wonderful outrageous outstanding recondite disparate chimerical imaginary radical off-key nuts non-typical off-base bohemian unintelligible off-color jarring beat illusory out of line heteroclite visionary make-believe inexplainable little known cockeyed nonconforming off the beaten track hare-brained unearthly out of this world exclusive old-fashioned secret ghostly sporadic laughable suspect equivocal sensational eye-catching unhealthy dissimilar silly humorous arbitrary fancy random fabulous other-worldly out of place scary amusing implausible corrupt improbable unknowable eldritch awkward disconcerting atypic prominent significant eminent refreshing sick enigmatic flighty malformed unrealistic miraculous notable digressive rogue mythical pervy spookish haunting unhinged demented unbalanced unsolvable unrecognized dumfounding confounding awe-inspiring astounding transgressing eye-popping cuckoo distorted heterodox rummy grandiose unlike contrary newsworthy interesting unrecognised extreme beyond comprehension wandering sicko dippy cracked batty hippy abstruse newfangled innovative poetic few and far between boho barmy weird and wonderful mental psycho potty muddling wildering thin on the ground experimental dreamlike chimeric phantasmal phantasmic remote uninvestigated suppositious inspired variant beyond understanding avant garde hard to swallow off the air offhand illogical oddish chance ornate individualistic contradictory poignant paradoxical mischievous playful depraved out-there exciting stupefying maverick informal waggish disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent shady nondescript startling egregious few custom customized specialized signature personalized distinguishing particular impressive loner cool dumbfounding dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable dodgy vagarious teratoid changeable fitful seldom Gothic gothic baroque kookish risible farcical problematical problematic progressive advanced touched unsavoury degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic unconforming like nothing on earth unceremonious occasional rambling straying non-standard wigged out schizoid schizo defective breaking new ground eccentrical seldom seen licentious deviative immoral excentrical altered imported ready one of a kind untraditional out of keeping crotchety not tightly wrapped pathetic cockamamy derisive derisory limited very unconventional incomparable inimitable indescribable indecipherable undefinable insolvable off-beat colourful glamorous varying heretical crinkly twisty unsavory off the rails funny peculiar fluky not prepared brand new uncharted stunning momentous beyond your ken dicey chancy uncertain witty derisible fascinating unforgettable arresting unnormal heteromorphic transcendental superhuman transcendent supernormal eery magical ironical expressive spectacular stupendous unconvincing incredulous previously unencountered outside one's experience personalised specialised customised mystic serious tremendous wondrous bugged out unconceivable misleading ambitious uncompelling artificial diagnostic discriminating identifying one and only diagnostical classic symptomatic amazeballs unforeseen flustering overwhelming portentous supranormal ghoulish devilish foreign-looking marvellous marvelous attractive glamourous illusive hallucinatory heavy flash gnarly forby dreamy loony never to be forgotten artistic inventive originative unannounced unanticipated discomfiting nonplussing jolting nonplusing dismaying upsetting external enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine outside very strange off beaten path not normal bonkers goofy artful brilliant fertile ingenious genius keen out of sight cock-and-bull cock-eyed loopy clownish comic innovational vivid quixotic revolutionary astute frightening sinister shattering from abroad brainsick screwball looney deranged crackers crazed lunatic loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained psychotic fruity haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko daffy meshuga balmy certifiable head in the clouds out of touch with reality blue-sky Promethean gonzo looney tunes loony tunes spectral cryptic non compos mentis dark fearful uneasy acting crazy enigmatical mystical concealed scaring spine-chilling petrifying terrifying hair-raising chilling blood-curdling ambiguous murky unexplained ideal fancied made-up unsolved hidden unnerving superstitious paranormal crawly ghostlike legendary veiled pretend invented fictitious fantasied tall phantom fictional notional mythic imagined imaginal fairy-tale stealthy deep sibylline barbarous elliptical difficult subjective cagey elliptic shadowy aerial fairy tale fictive floating double-edged cock and bull blue sky hard to take pipe dream pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine staggering great breathtaking sublime mind-blowing dramatic mind-boggling eye-opening superior shocking magnificent jaw-dropping imposing considerable signal intense terrific important glorious marked splendid excellent impossible superb monumental superlative powerful supreme major grand strong noticeable peerless substantial unequalled awful dazzling massive towering unequaled matchless big acute unrivalled flabbergasting profound famous paramount perfect unrivaled surpassing meaningful commanding beyond belief enormous unutterable super huge thrilling consequential unmatched vast blindsiding historic unexampled large emphatic bold pronounced unreasonable material beyond compare exquisite sizeable sizable formidable unsurpassed consummate immense celebrated pre-eminent solid typical ample excessive high appreciable without equal sudden gee-whizz lavish unpredicted majestic stellar incogitable extensive exorbitant smashing inordinate red-letter showy weighty electrifying splashy flamboyant catchy salient renowned top ultimate unexcelled beautiful groundbreaking noisy bodacious hefty substantive famed colossal astronomical record utmost eventful healthy ground-breaking heroic fine without parallel abundant second to none horrendous divine splendorous stirring epic specific steep unsettling magic unconscionable essential immoderate stiff nonpareil voluminous intolerable landmark kenspeckle grabby manifest supermundane observable unimagined whopping generous obvious handsome giant tidy standout severe respectable earth-shattering harebrained good much moving earthshaking preeminent dynamite primo unsubstantial sui generis far-reaching from left field scarcely credible alarming incommunicable thin proud gorgeous royal out of the question undreamed of elevated inane inconsistent resplendent celestial stately luxurious unholy surprise God-awful unusually good lofty differentiating occult fatuous best metaphysical otherworldly disturbing ungodly uncommunicable engaging evident proper undue arrestive profuse labored laboured senseless ineffable too good to be true gigantic overmuch unspeakable unsurpassable plethoric frightful tectonic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious recherche dreadful untold headline overextravagant enthralling unmistakable personal overdue illustrious unmerciful critical touching boundless overweening suspenseful attention-grabbing unthought of supranatural pioneering perceptible titanic mammoth private hulking hypothetical insupposable numinous humongous forceful vital large-scale mythological theatrical fab inspiring best ever above average crucial major-league goodly out-of-this-world par excellence phony weak august uplifting fateful better than expected highly unlikely buzzworthy influential urgent front-page first-time phoney principal imperial undreamed-of flimsy largish not in the least likely steady of note pivotal out of the blue awe-striking too much opulent palatine in a league of its own swell elegant regal won't wash palatial first-rate in a class of its own full of it princely magnific without warning solemn kingly difficult to believe swanky beyond the realm of reason sumptuous first-class queenly statuesque splendiferous noble heavenly heroical beyond the bounds of possibility venerable ominous very great sightly baronial Homeric very unique immortal bigger than life very unusual odd strange leading finest chief foremost other inexpressible determining blinding unbeaten unsocial cherished unworldly topmost star providential imitation concocted ersatz staged discordant representative perturbing romanesque without peer asinine pointed wonderworking unharmonious copious captivating humbling reasonable exhilarating whopping great what faultless flawless immaculate impeccable devastating extra special shock only the utmost exemplary model prototypical quintessential disproportionate astronomic gargantuan errant larger than life very different dope legit enjoyable mind-altering inapprehensible raving antisocial whacking tense psychic fortuitous unforeseeable one-off irreplaceable fat titantic whacking great immeasurable can't miss it undescribable the unrestrained disorderly surpassing belief unblemished not on insupportable beyond possibility festive all your own psychedelic bountiful impracticable mercurial what great streets ahead unparagoned heart-stopping godlike not understandable beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams rad oversize decent infantile imbecilic crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo wicked maximum imcomprehensible reachy exaggerated overblown happy stupid featherheaded bad ill imprudent foolhardy unworkable puerile pure gripping riveting lively Herculean herculean fundamental unacceptable offensive undiscovered topical extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful archetypal in a class by itself clear-cut visible overdone nasty late horrid unseemly uncivilised atrocious uncivilized spesh uttermost world class graphic climactic citable mentionable namable nameable red-carpet primary main celebratory drop-dead clear over-the-top OTT not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe reaching infeasible daring impassioned groovy dandy delicious absorbing affecting like wow hunky-dory rousing omnipotent bionic irresponsible plentiful oversized bulky outsized outsize biggish maximal extramundane non-rational hypernormal unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded very good relevant lamebrained scatterbrained shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady forcible heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up limitless unrepeatable unrepeated of particular interest worthy of note delightful admirable ostentatious gilt-edged telling charming jazzy compelling cogent gratifying studied bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason zero cool worthy of mention murder splash boss hot underlined stand-out patent high-profile nameless never before encountered little-known unrenowned golden beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer portly won't hold water full of holes open to doubt for the birds past belief discrete diacritic decisive milestone breath-taking purpose-built without precedent once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind separate highest greatest beyond human intensified fairy invisible unrevealed superordinary uncomprehensible predominant ascendant rip-roaring action-packed of substance preponderant cardinal impactful high-priority mighty capital keynote burning conclusive glaring high-level pressing heavy-duty earnest resonant all-important worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum ponderable potent climacteric grave triumphant fulfilling real worthwhile key of moment epoch-making the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at all-time scanty subtile subtle sparse tenuous attenuate short light attenuated deficient semioccasional scattered rarefied unfrequent firm sturdy sound folkloric soaring cheering shining satisfying honorable exalted pleasurable rewarding bright pleasing honourable epochal heart-warming deadly raging sovereign mortal excelling useful durable valuable heavyweight recognizable apocryphal traditional proverbial untenable superabundant infinite unlimited entire intellectual intuitive absolute inspirational eternal accomplished primordial unequalable transcending whole unconfined intact innate abstract theoretical finished mother of all greatest possible strained uncredible distinguishable familiar identifiable allegorical parabolic symbolic storied earth-shaking rings phony hard to believe sky-high sky-scraping multistorey mountainous big-deal horrifying recognisable individualised enchanted storybook made up fabled well-known of importance beyond grasp altitudinous Brobdingnagian not able to hold water of consequence of significance independent idiomatic intimate patented individualized privy detectable express decipherable ginormous airy spiring unmatchable unmeasurable towery skyscraping fearsome appalling forbidding ghastly hairy dread bloodcurdling intimidating dire terrible horrible redoubtable direful spine-tingling nightmarish hair-curling cliff-hanging causing excitement more than human

Tính từ

Holding one's attention
interesting appealing absorbing arresting captivating compelling engaging entertaining fascinating impressive intriguing provocative stimulating striking affecting attention-grabbing enchanting engrossing enthralling gripping riveting stirring thought-provoking exceptional exciting noteworthy refreshing attractive bewitching breathtaking charismatic delightful electric electrifying enticing entrancing exhilarating eye-opening hypnotic hypnotising hypnotizing intoxicating inviting magnetic mesmerising mesmerizing pleasing remarkable vivid action-packed alluring amazing amusing astonishing beguiling charming eventful fine inspiring memorable out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing showy splashy tantalising tantalizing thrilling worthy of note compulsive consuming diverting emphatic fabulous galvanising galvanizing immersing envigorating invigorating involving magical marvellous marvelous preoccupying prepossessing seductive spellbinding unique vibrant wonderful wondrous meaty mesmeric moving newsworthy relatable unboring buzzworthy fresh newsy piquant portentous racy spectacular topical trenchant unputdownable titillating arousing puzzling irresistible enrapturing transfixing elfin fetching delectable ravishing dazzling glamourous luring glamorous tempting provoking seducing winning very interesting beautiful dramatic desirable lively lovely pleasant siren winsome sensational powerful dreamy mind-blowing come-hither sexy colourful heavenly staggering readable colorful strong hair-raising stunning brilliant drawing attracting agreeable divine witty heady startling magnificent rip-roaring scintillating encouraging charged extraordinary suggestive astounding inspirational mind-boggling monopolizing incredible phenomenal heart-stopping lurid enjoyable sparkling mouthwatering persuasive overwhelming hot monopolising miraculous sublime eye-popping eye-catching glorious awe-inspiring graphic specious salacious viral pretty intense animated gorgeous fairy-tale profound imposing shock-horror outstanding galvanic conspicuous kicky mind-bending exhilarative awesome challenging exquisite notable shareable prominent spicy relaxing scandalous flirtatious clever perfect addictive commanding sensuous idyllic witching spirited jaw-dropping sensual appetizing magic erotic glitzy enchanted very exciting all-consuming distracting glittering fun dreamlike lovable taking disarming risqué ritzy sexually arousing sexually exciting raunchy passionate superb orphic funny juicy appetising picturesque sirenic humorous bonny sultry prestigious rich motivating inveigling rapturous fairylike detailed splendid noticeable evocative chucklesome droll clear hilarious likeable likable forcible smart emotional significant tremendous comical distinctive unusual stem-winding marked emotive distinct salient fab spine-tingling theatrical fantastical great extravagant bodacious noisy bold telling signal eloquent highly coloured gee-whizz out of this world arrestive confounding influencing prompting transporting ensational enveloping salty endearing obsessing controlling pulling illecebrous totally absorbing anodyne storybook romantic traditional fortunate happy sweet Orphean warm welcoming edgy escapist fantasy teasing pornographic comely stimulative cute fair cutesy influential saucy lewd sexually stimulating smashing mouth-watering strong in character immodest shameless immersive bright adrenalizing exalté hectic glossy cordial open full of personality come-to-bed coquettish slinky amorous steamy fantastic prodigious potent besetting devouring larger than life excellent stupendous unbelievable cosmopolitan tinselled exotic tarty invincible unconquerable inevitable scrumptious indomitable beckoning uncontainable overriding ineluctable exhilarant elating hallucinogenic mind-altering ebullient elegant giving one food for thought superior immoderate dominating obsessive ardent high profile jet-setting bling fast-lane royal super effervescent coruscating vivacious tense admirable fervid raging burning deep-seated exhausting obvious evident fashionable stylish manifest chic classy characterful suspenseful shocking horrifying unmistakable glam awe-striking realistic clear-cut visible transcendent well dressed first-class first-rate kenspeckle flamboyant rare grabby uncommon drop-dead pronounced surprising catchy glinting glimmering sprightly opulent foxy trendy righteous flashy nifty resplendent far-out sumptuous grand special out of sight majestic unmitigated splendorous towering monumental surpassing lavish magnific sightly luxurious observable perceptible appreciable climactic lifelike easy worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth entranced charmed bewitched dynamite forceful distinguished singular jazzy cogent lofty bizarre lucid effective high-octane drop-dead gorgeous appalling sensationalistic revealing visual faithful unforgettable authentic haunting sudden studied fiendish conjuring sharp sensationalist screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny breath-taking cheering pictorial delineated looking like a million shaking impassioned trembling emotion-charged graphical expressive yellow historic momentous melodramatic congenial recreative nice too good to be true shivering quaking vibrating soul-stirring anthemic inspiriting shuddering active definite true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging boss wild tabloid vulgar coloured pointed rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored intellectual intelligent poignant scream riot cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless zero cool be a ball cultured highbrowed cultivated serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow sophisticated heavyweight learned literary classical intellective

Tính từ

Showing a keen desire or enthusiasm
agog eager enthusiastic excited impatient avid anxious keen antsy ardent athirst crazy desirous enthused geeked great greedy hopped-up hot hungry juiced nuts pumped raring solicitous stoked thirsty voracious wild enthralled expectant gung ho hepped up breathless interested all agog all a-gog on tenterhooks in suspense open-mouthed flabbergasted astounded thunderstruck on edge waiting with bated breath with bated breath on pins and needles on the edge of one's seat longing yearning champing at the bit passionate craving itching zealous hankering appetent dying pining chomping at the bit willing intent fervent ready ambitious desiring animated fanatical vehement covetous keyed up thrilled ready and willing psyched keen as mustard dedicated wholehearted wishful restless aching fervid exhilarated gagging lively spirited inspired rarin' to go hot to trot energetic raring to go moved devoted restive earnest thirsting inclined exuberant mad keen wishing dying to as keen as mustard motivated psyched up fired up bursting vivacious obsessed committed delighted stirred aroused amenable disposed hopeful acquisitive awakened intense stimulated bright-eyed and bushy-tailed itchy game beside oneself feverish worked up elated on fire desirous of electrified ebullient mad sprightly determined rhapsodic pleased animate titillated heated potty engaged glad burning edgy tumultuous driven happy nutty hung up daft insatiable full of beans high-spirited intent on warmblooded aflame self-starting grasping charged high ripe warm ravenous hearty rapacious itching for gone on active diligent assiduous dying for juiced up cranked up in a hurry pumped up geared up hankering after approving touched atingle hoping desperate lusting avaricious impassioned enamoured chafing straining impetuous restored refreshed revitalized dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to very keen gotta have habitual unreluctant diehard prepared straining at the leash set on bent on revitalised vigorous bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on up rabid frantic raving frenzied uproarious hysterical delirious consumed with desire enamored full of enthusiasm set fain fiery dynamic untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust aggressive proactive bullish banzai longing for hoping for wanting minded fascinated passional zestful chafing at the bit spoiling in a frenzy wacky perfervid forceful tantalized industrious concerned afire unqualified keen on inquisitive conscientious gaga tantalised bugged zesty favourably inclined take-charge can-do very excited turnt red-hot extremely enthusiastic atremble aquiver up for in the mood on for of a mind pysched up anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for jumping up and down ready for willing for avid for predatious gluttonous joyful buoyant joyous jovial edacious hoggish ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate eagerly aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring lustful keen for hopeful for envious spoiling for encouraged excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic overjoyed with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of in want of jolly roused exultant thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for jumpy jittery giddy piqued peppy elevated tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated turned on aspiring to worried overwrought nervous apprehensive uptight agitated uneasy blissful jubilant alive cock-a-hoop waiting for the axe to fall

Tính từ

Using or characterized by irony
ironic sarcastic dry sharp bitter sardonic acid caustic mocking scathing scoffing sneering stinging wry mordant satirical trenchant acerbic double-edged tongue-in-cheek cynical derisive derisory ridiculing scornful backhanded mordacious sarky acrid alert arrogant atypical backbiting biting burlesque chaffing clever contemptuous contradictory critical cutting defiant disparaging exaggerated implausible incisive ironical jibing keen poignant pungent quick-witted ridiculous satiric spicy twisted uncomplimentary witty taunting disrespectful snarky barbed corrosive scalding jeering acidulous acerb smart-mouthed nasty salty smart-aleck smart-alecky tart offensive scorching mean acidic carping disdainful ambiguous two-edged sly droll pessimistic unbelieving sceptical vitriolic suspicious acrimonious irascible wise misanthropic humorous snide doubtful misanthropical contumelious skeptical severe evil malicious irreverent harsh disingenuous cynic insulting contorted virulent astringent deformed distorted crooked warped uneven quizzical rapier-like corroding polemic venomous burning razor-edged waspish aslant askew pawky awry skewwhiff teasing catty pithy rough spiteful rude unkind uncivil parodying Hudibrastic pointed Rabelaisian lampooning paradoxical spoof spoofing farcical bantering oblique indirect subtle deadpan laconic equivocal brusque waggish deprecating apathetic sour twitting saucy scurrilous captious needling austere ornery weisenheiming sharp-tongued low-key matter-of-fact quietly humorous poker-faced straight-faced underhanded sneaky distrustful disbelieving with tongue in cheek disillusioned doubting incredulous negative disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard bleak black mistrustful hard-boiled nonbelieving detracting hurtful cruel piercing vicious searing devastating wounding penetrating withering belittling abusive derogatory poisonous hostile savage denigratory unfriendly abrasive hateful fierce pejorative acute blistering vituperative opprobrious slighting ill-natured defamatory rancorous degrading snappy curt snarling peppery deprecatory vindictive demeaning dismissive insolent reproachful slanderous splenetic churlish malign surly slashing callous bad-tempered malevolent ill-tempered vilifying maligning libellous violent libelous disapproving stern brutal stringent reviling malignant obloquious short vituperatory depreciative depreciatory telling unpleasant testy unsparing calumniating obnoxious gruff truculent squint-eyed derogative detractive decrying denigrative crabbed snappish grouchy cantankerous injurious bilious calumniatory censorious crusty traducing ill-humoured heartless cussed ill-humored pillorying polemical piquant contemptible ferocious ungracious pernicious foul maleficent blunt vulgar forceful berating unmannerly shrewish grim malefic crisp racy angry cross snidey irritable insinuating evil-intentioned scolding touchy invective inconsiderate hypercritical grumpy peevish prickly supercilious crabby tetchy ratty ruthless choleric castigating emphatic cranky scurrile scurril disagreeable superior extremely critical crotchety calumnious argumentative chippy curmudgeonly dyspeptic upbraiding humiliating narky short-tempered scratchy eggy despicable liverish crushing peckish soreheaded quick-tempered snaky full of contempt despiteful like a bear with a sore head terse drilling clear-cut condescending impertinent unsympathetic aggressive wicked unblunted merciless controversial strict exacting zesty contentious snippy acetose rigid rigorous vengeful baleful unrelenting edged affronting provocative salt exciting stimulating savoury zingy pert tangy savory sharp-worded thoughtless censuring condemning cursing pitiless sadistic disputatious wanton strong vigorous acetic tonic coruscating blasphemous cold-blooded damaging reproving castigatory mortifying blasting antagonistic impolite discourteous unflattering sulphurous sulfurous driving forthright clear scandalous cold pettish fractious diminishing deflating dishonouring unfavourable powerful effective explicit distinct snubbing blighting abrupt discrediting edgy potent unequivocal aspersive quarrelsome cross-grained stroppy shirty short-fused personal bad-mannered ill-mannered vitriolous invidious discreditable mud-slinging envenomed dour snippety saturnine brief on a short fuse vinegary offhand ranting denunciatory debasing false untrue unfounded uncharitable vile absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical preposterous abhorrent haughty razor-sharp minimising fault-finding dishonoring aspersing minimizing unfavorable dripping with malice bad execrable wretched annoying ignominious sordid ignoble currish dirty dishonorable base detestable low paltry overbearing sniffy snotty egotistic snooty out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky gally smart sassy nervy mean-spirited evil-minded dishonourable low-minded low-down accurate venomed antisocial pertinent unsociable meaty meaningful laid on the line right-on short-and-sweet right to it legit pregnant in a nutshell on the nose boiled down insightful calling a spade a spade on the button for the birds unneighbourly inhumane inhospitable uncongenial reclusive fiery reserved selfish hating egoistic solitary standoffish egotistical narrow-minded eremitic querulous moody huffy impatient miffy sorehead passionate complaining spunky hot-tempered sharp-tempered

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