Đồng nghĩa của astounding

Alternative for astounding

astounds, astounded, astounding

Đồng nghĩa: amaze, astonish, surprise,

Tính từ

Surprisingly impressive or notable
amazing astonishing surprising shocking stunning stupefying breathtaking impressive staggering striking bewildering brilliant disquieting disturbing jaw-dropping unnerving unsettling awe-inspiring blindsiding dumbfounding dumfounding extraordinary eye-opening flabbergasting incredible jarring jolting mind-blowing mind-boggling notable noteworthy outstanding phenomenal remarkable sensational startling unbelievable uncommon wondrous amazeballs eye-popping gee-whizz confounding overwhelming unheard of beyond belief hard to swallow unexpected unforeseen unanticipated unpredictable sudden unpredicted unusual mystifying baffling disconcerting dramatic from left field out of the blue without warning surprise distressing alarming outrageous destabilizing worrying uncomfortable destabilising dynamite hard to believe perturbing shock frightening upsetting scary frightful preposterous bizarre strange befuddling outlandish mindboggling flustering freaky devastating freakish awful unthinkable unannounced unimaginable out of the ordinary capricious crazy perplexing confusing puzzling unaccountable impenetrable mysterious inexplicable unfathomable intricate complex complicated convoluted Byzantine involved labyrinthine incomprehensible wildering Daedalian Gordian disorienting beyond one difficult to understand appalling dreadful horrible ghastly horrifying hideous disgusting scandalous monstrous disgraceful offensive terrible revolting sickening abominable odious repulsive foul horrific nauseating atrocious unspeakable loathsome abhorrent repellent repugnant obscene horrendous vile grisly forbidding fearsome terrifying horrid bad intimidating rancid terrific nightmarish distasteful dire grewsome obnoxious repellant fulsome direful nasty formidable gross gruesome ugly nightmare noxious evil lurid macabre noisome agitating fearful nauseous deplorable godawful abysmal redoubtable hellacious glaring detestable wicked heinous spine-chilling from hell hair-raising

Tính từ

Inspiring astonishment or wonder
amazing astonishing staggering wonderful awesome stupendous stunning wondrous marvellous prodigious fabulous sublime miraculous marvelous surprising portentous awful eye-opening breathtaking remarkable incredible extraordinary mind-blowing spectacular phenomenal awe-inspiring mind-boggling sensational tremendous impressive overwhelming unbelievable fantastic striking eye-popping amazeballs magnificent brilliant jaw-dropping out of this world thrilling great glorious exciting grand splendid super imposing fascinating fab dramatic dazzling unimaginable immense heart-stopping unreal outstanding terrific superb majestic startling stupefying inconceivable formidable divine enormous huge massive colossal vast monumental exceptional excellent mind-bending monstrous mega humbling smashing beautiful large intense exhilarating stirring magical towering humongous stimulating unheard of astronomic enthralling heavenly awe-striking fantastical mammoth gigantic empyreal bad superhuman mighty gargantuan heavy giant substantial utmost electrifying titanic inordinate considerable whopping unusual out-of-this-world rousing fantabulous cosmic unutterable inspiring jumbo humungous intoxicating wicked exhilarative unspeakable monster astronomical herculean galvanizing topping charged mountainous superior implausible improbable unlikely whacking leviathan bumper brill confounding rad stellar moving galvanic ace cool magic radical oceanic pharaonic heroical walloping supersized heroic untold electric singular gigantesque cyclopean planetary vasty elephantine galactic supersize cosmical profuse ginormous capital supercalifragilisticexpialidocious theatrical super-duper ineffable impossible kicky bonzer king-size oversized king-sized unthought of Himalayan Brobdingnagian hallucinatory wizard spiffing far-out enchanting captivating far out mind-altering sensorial bewitching king size psychedelic galvanising heart-stirring top-hole ethereal hair-raising first-rate rip-roaring first-class state-of-the-art preternatural better than expected supreme coruscating bewildering incomprehensible supernatural royal unco superlative matchless something else epic peerless spine-tingling gee-whizz shattering thumping hulking appalling dreadful providential unparalleled unprecedented difficult to believe mondo terrible whopper fearful frightful awing devastating inexplicable unaccountable thumping great Herculean blissful unique splendorous special charming envigorating uncommon strange freakish wonderworking anomalous supermundane numinous supranatural sweeping way-out tip-top very good out of sight top-notch very great notable great big whacking great whopping great noteworthy shocking dynamite fat titantic resplendent fabled beguiling invigorating out of the ordinary unheard-of enlightening fairy-tale enlivening fairytale-like dream-filled overcoming paralyzing very large crushing paralysing surpassing belief the utmost too much like a dream come true blinding indescribable inexpressible unthinkable theatric legendary outrageous extravagant mean crucial some indefinable undefinable incommunicable cracking lovely delightful def uncommunicable nameless inenarrable fabby gorgeous dreamy beggaring description beyond description beyond words bodacious boffo undreamed of phat jim-dandy marvy sovereign sound dope empyrean transcendental untellable deep holy sacred celestial ideal transcendent spiritual neat too good to be true bully peachy boss bosting top drawer sizeable beaut groovy dandy spanking to die for too sacred for words beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason ripping beezer corking chillin' champion swell exo on fleek kif sik goodly keen lank flabbergasting abnormal immeasurable mortal big copious ominous gross

Tính từ

Difficult or impossible to believe
incredible unbelievable unconvincing unthinkable implausible improbable inconceivable unimaginable far-fetched impossible questionable absurd astonishing extraordinary fantastic outlandish preposterous fanciful fantastical incredulous doubtful dubious staggering unconceivable unrealistic breathtaking unimagined uncompelling fishy phenomenal ridiculous tall untenable incogitable insupposable labored laboured strained uncredible unsubstantial beyond belief hard to swallow highly unlikely hard to believe hard to take rings phony scarcely credible not in the least likely not able to hold water out of the question cock and bull cock-and-bull amazing sensational remarkable awesome stunning spectacular impressive wondrous stupendous outstanding wonderful striking rare unusual exceptional conspicuous notable uncommon brilliant arresting singular prodigious fabulous noteworthy marvellous marvelous dramatic unique eye-catching out of the ordinary terrific tremendous out of this world surprising miraculous noticeable bizarre unreal prominent distinctive dazzling commanding emphatic marked bold magnificent awe-inspiring weird strange unprecedented mind-boggling startling mind-blowing odd memorable peculiar showy signal unheard of uncanny splashy flamboyant pronounced catchy electrifying abnormal atypical bodacious noisy amazeballs unwonted salient eye-popping thrilling jaw-dropping gee-whizz unparalleled wild imposing superb incomprehensible unheard-of superlative great splendid unforgettable momentous especial uncustomary significant exceeding aberrated extraordinaire aberrant freak anomalous preternatural kenspeckle grabby fascinating never to be forgotten exciting whimsical surpassing unlikely considerable stellar grand special unusually good curious engaging important distinguished obvious crazy mad glorious manifest unordinary unco arrestive attractive beautiful too good to be true unfamiliar powerful gorgeous funny queer weird and wonderful shock-horror attention-grabbing offbeat extravagant unexpected oddball observable interesting pointed hair-raising emotional piquant stimulating sultry eminent divine left-field excellent moving cherished touching perfect magical particular sublime enigmatic superior ineffable unspeakable untold unutterable out there imaginative romanesque chimeric romantic glamourous glamorous what out of the way distinct evident picturesque dignified illustrious indescribable sensitive inspiring supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chimerical illusory deviating inapprehensible undreamed-of unknowable overwhelming unthought of unmistakable exhilarating intoxicating substantial huge strong clear-cut visible undreamed of the drop-dead clear sensuous extra special what great perceptible appreciable forcible full of it not understandable spine-tingling mind-bending captivating dynamite telling jazzy cogent compelling forceful lofty charming confounding tense beyond wildest dreams sensory suspenseful beyond the realm of reason beyond your wildest dreams gripping riveting lively can't miss it different shocking scandalous horrifying graphic climactic vivid novel quaint stem-winding high-octane heady effective sensorial sensual pre-eminent awkward exotic sudden intense studied famous breath-taking perplexing unexplored inexplicable untried alien foreign unknown mysterious newfangled new out of place mystifying puzzling sensationalistic stirring revealing lurid appalling weighty rip-roaring action-packed solid super screaming sensationalist gee-whiz catchpenny preeminent smashing primo wicked yellow historic newsworthy melodramatic buzzworthy world class rough pungent excessive livid tabloid coarse X-rated vulgar colored coloured gilt-edged zero cool nonsensical serious ludicrous irrational grandiose out-of-the-way unaccustomed insane wacky zany foolish cockamamie comical flash gnarly heavy forby hare-brained off-the-wall off the wall make-believe off beaten path flimsy weak suspect thin illogical debatable farfetched unreasonable too much beyond the bounds of possibility difficult to believe forced fabricated won't wash far out iffy suspicious reachy exaggerated incoherent contrived problematic elaborate not likely outrageous dubitable won't hold water full of holes equivocal unapt for the birds mythical uncertain made-up eccentric remote obscure false misleading unnatural imaginary distorted phony shady incongruous dishonest phoney artificial fairy-tale overdone farcical shaky laughable visionary untrustworthy disputable infeasible capricious impracticable doubtable suppositious flakey flaky not on not to be thought of outside chance out of sight unsure hundred-to-one unplausible inauthentic hokey faint slight imcomprehensible extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely overblown untoward contrary unsound highly colored beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly embellished untrue untruthful unacceptable slim specious unpersuasive insupportable trifling feeble lame hyperbolic less likely unsatisfactory inadequate pathetic transparent shallow ponderous ineffectual slim and none not expected sick dope beyond possibility embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable undependable likely poor unimpressive dodgy caricatural harebrained reaching blown up speculative undecided unconfirmed unsettled kooky scatterbrained cockeyed lamebrained screwy complicated increditable ill inconsequential unbelieveable recondite long shot fat chance on thin ice touch-and-go overdramatic high-flown sensationalized half-baked not convincing very good problematical overstated inflated shonky open to doubt past belief pseudo not quite right open to suspicion potentially dangerous open thick potentially false suspected under suspicion unclear not kosher uncivilised inordinate uncivilized unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous ideal erratic ambitious fancied highly coloured unachievable legendary illusive daft extreme barmy hallucinatory potty unattainable pretend invented fictitious fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal imagined imaginal fictional notional poetic phantasmic outré last straw out of bounds unworkable unfeasible unobtainable crackpot unviable hopeless kinky blue sky pipe dream shadowy fictive pie in the sky aerial castles in the air dreamlike fairy tale floating on cloud nine cock-eyed forlorn vain impractical insurmountable undoable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unrealizable unsolvable risible irresolvable paradoxical impervious insoluble inaccessible useless futile inexecutable impassable irrealizable hardly possible no-go non-viable like herding cats not possible no-way beyond you not a prayer not worth considering beyond one way out contrary to reason

Tính từ

Causing dismay, horror, or revulsion
appalling horrible terrible awful horrifying shocking dreadful horrific ghastly hideous frightful horrendous atrocious dire harrowing nightmarish abominable alarming frightening grim grisly gruesome monstrous scaring shameful terrifying unspeakable vile abhorrent daunting dismaying fearful horrid intimidating outrageous disgusting hateful heinous loathsome odious unnerving abject distressing godawful grewsome lurid macabre nightmare petrifying repellent revolting sickening terrific tremendous unforgivable unpardonable disheartening egregious hellacious nauseating repugnant repulsive bad formidable grody grotesque heavy inexcusable mean upsetting from hell grievous redoubtable direful scary forbidding fearsome hair-raising dread spine-chilling lamentable terribly bad very bad sinister abysmal strange ghoulish morbid sublime baleful eerie shuddersome bloodcurdling overwhelming creepy unearthly offensive nasty beastly foul calamitous execrable detestable unpleasant evil disturbing woeful deplorable gross obnoxious wretched distasteful disagreeable miserable tragic lousy cruel wicked rotten grave chilling disquieting despicable obscene inhuman scandalous insufferable worrying unfortunate ugly dismal savage severe traumatic contemptible startling intolerable desperate spooky disastrous vicious ruinous hairy catastrophic nauseous nefarious extreme diabolical brutal barbarous objectionable cataclysmic troublesome villainous distressful hellish disconcerting serious devastating gloomy noxious painful perturbing heartbreaking iniquitous dangerous flagitious repellant dark barbaric regrettable destructive noisome fulsome disgraceful fiendish critical bestial menacing indescribable unutterable black rancid unbearable unpalatable hopeless parlous sorry difficult sick pathetic agonizing ungodly sad fatal brutish poor irksome pitiful harsh ruthless depraved reprehensible ghostly agonising devilish displeasing depressing ominous unlucky blood-curdling doleful disgustful loathly God-awful sinful sombre somber heart-rending cataclysmal unsettling troubling weird bitter sick-making fateful infamous galling unhappy agitating immoral gory merciless eldritch acute heartrending chronic base stinking damning gut-wrenching harmful annoying uncomfortable sorrowful spine-tingling discomforting irritating vexatious adverse accursed desolate melancholy bleak yucky unwelcome afflictive violent wanton stressful funereal off-putting crippling infernal damnable unpropitious black-hearted flagrant unreasonable fraught discouraging bloody excessive murderous crushing extravagant tragical cacodemonic solemn discomposing pitiable foreboding crying hard facinorous deadly fierce uncivilised uncivilized devastative forlorn criminal unkind gut-churning unacceptable piteous annihilatory pitiless icky unsavory sadistic mournful unsavoury excruciating shattering depressive melancholic cheerless glum sepulchral brute dreary morose beyond the pale inauspicious terrorizing unpleasing uncongenial unfavourable perverted unfavorable glaring drastic exceptionable terrorising worrisome demoralizing amoral affecting taxing unsightly haunting bothersome torturous inexpressible callous sober threatening malevolent perilous preternatural insupportable satanic awesome dreaded demoniac mortal immoderate trying irretrievable undesirable grotty supernatural uncanny unendurable tormenting troublous animal demoralising vexing opprobrious lethal unfair inconceivable concerning humourless humorless imposing stark prurient anguished testing frustrating preposterous exorbitant sedate steep bodeful heartless low-down unwarranted awe-inspiring unholy saddening sanguine catastrophal bewildering low striking ill-fated moving intense OTT unnatural hurtful hostile sanguinary mean-looking hapless dispiriting injurious dispirited deathly drab ill-starred causing fear unappealing yukky disappointing nerve-racking mortifying mirthless unlovely poignant butcherly truculent cold over the top spookish sour drear revulsive unmerciful sullen inhumane lugubrious dingy irrational Kafkaesque bloodthirsty dislikeable dislikable nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal lou dicey untold brackish catty beast great undescribable demonic risky precarious hazardous discommoding dodgy unstable blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder inconvenient punk outcast Mephistophelian demoniacal deleterious lewd wrong aberrant impoverished oppressed frozen gnarly unbelievable impressive onerous thrilling unimaginable brooding degrading poverty-stricken tough pressured demanding baneful apocalyptic weighty mighty unseemly scurvy diabolic annihilative sleazy cursed ineffable like death warmed up exciting breathtaking disreputable overpowering powerful afraid massive gruelling arduous tiring malignant irredeemable crashing invidious backbiting ignominious untrue maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting nagging beyond words undefinable blood-stained blue pesky highly improper disconsolate joyless rueful comfortless demonian demonical Luciferian consequential profound peracute indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil crummy all-powerful red hot fugly misproportioned reptilian misshapen freaky unsatisfactory mephitical irritable perplexing aggravating troubled austere unamusing distressed hair-curling cliff-hanging extraordinary suspenseful unrelenting strong pulse-pounding oppressive dejecting dolorous dolesome sensational sore frenetic maniacal unhallowed crazed mad possessed piggish gluttonous swinish unclean degraded feral boorish ferine carnal coarse rebarbative pernicious blighting earth-shattering messy phantom afflicting uninviting uncool awkward huckery grueling too horrible for words graphic exaggerated shivery shuddery detrimental tenebrous faint mortuary haggard wraithlike anaemic dim deathlike corpselike anemic weak life-threatening depressed spectral causing excitement melodramatic explicit shadowy gray grey murky stupefying pressing crucial ravaging shady extraterrestrial haunted mysterious other-worldly pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking lachrymose derisible plangent urgent staggering stunning astonishing amazing like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin unhealthy surprising alien bizarre a stinker of a a bummer of a trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful unrestrained rubbishy untoward unsuccessful nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking death-obsessed eery portentous exigent abortive tasteless ribald cheap salacious kitschy pulp oppressing scowling inordinate stirring despondent dejected doomed luckless ill-boding suggestive dirty filthy not of this world phantasmal phantasmic shock-horror tacky vivid juicy undue inappropriate hyperphysical heavenly ethereal yellow full-frontal cold-blooded unsympathetic off-color purple racy fiery raunchy salty deep colorful rough distinct garish maddening impossible exasperating unfeeling hard-hearted remorseless overextravagant unnecessary insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy disproportionate needless overmuch overdue overweening stiff O.T.T. extortionate hard-boiled scurrilous too great shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious corrupt degenerate uncalled for stone-hearted unforgiving unpitying thick-skinned hard-nosed obdurate compassionless desensitized indurate soulless unkindly affectless slash-and-burn inconsiderate take-no-prisoners ironhearted uncharitable uncaring case-hardened pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney stony unsparing dastardly ridiculous unconscionable sneaky conscienceless knavish too much unjust over-the-top unthinkable illogical uncompassionate with a heart of stone desensitised cold-hearted

Tính từ

Very strong or proficient in a skill or ability
formidable impressive great mighty powerful terrific tremendous able adept capable proficient redoubtable accomplished adroit indomitable invincible strong expert gifted masterly seasoned skilful skilled skillful talented virtuoso brilliant efficient excellent good knowledgeable outstanding qualified trained ace awesome crack crackerjack deadly magic mean nifty stellar wicked wizard amazing compleat habile puissant admirable remarkable first-class first-rate fine marvellous consummate marvelous magnificent wonderful superb practised master experienced versed competent dexterous masterful practiced complete veteran superlative dextrous deft professed smashing educated top-notch tasty professional fab splendid hotshot world-class handy tip-top very good artful brill savvy sharp well versed a dab hand at champion polished sensational fabulous fantastic demon exciting exceptional clever elite apt ingenious superior dazzling thrilling genius super class cool slick out of this world pro exo sik best handpicked deluxe choice capital leading star top topnotch distinguished rad phat schmick smart ready hep hip brainy creative stirring imaginative with it wised up innovational memorable innovative inspiring affecting enthralling supreme innovatory inventive enterprising original resourceful influential profound momentous consequential virtuosic peerless hot whiz coruscating A1 there smooth clean cracking vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz intense important forcible inspired nimble-fingered on the beam on the ball very able up to speed no slouch sharp as a tack know stuff top-drawer no dummy top-hole impassioned effective of genius supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazeballs well-done bravura specialist facile workmanlike leet delicate au fait schooled big league extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified quick intelligent nimble familiar learned agile fit neat conversant practical well-versed suitable bright vet acquainted effectual perfect old astute keen precise knowing sophisticated well trained effortless faultless exquisite hardened mature finished tried tested versant erudite flawless accurate well-rounded scholarly impeccable dynamite disciplined refined au courant well informed well-informed long-serving proper up to snuff fitted enlightened battle-scarred prompt all-around cunning canny in the know wise equal aware instructed switched-on alert down discerning up to it up to date clued-up multitalented multiskilled nippy clued up genned up tuned in established serviceable sure-handed taught tutored useful all-round topflight equipped intellectual cultured abreast informed suited finely judged well-read prepared acute adequate cognizant worldly exceptionally good precocious endowed sussed satisfactory phenomenal cerebral posted perspicacious worldly-wise graceful a hand at whip-smart old hand quick-witted sharp-witted up on in the loop balanced unrivaled exact businesslike thorough painstaking time-served unrivalled conscious eligible reliable shrewd crisp cultivated exercised certified urbane sensible long-time weathered literate plugged-in productive extraordinary illuminated perceptive glorious sage well educated penetrating at home up-to-date omniscient sagacious rational fast having know-how well-executed knowing the score in the picture eggheaded supersmart ultrasmart whip hyperintelligent judicious been around tuned-in very intelligent no stranger to know the ropes plugged in with-it not born yesterday Einstein class act whiz kid shining at prodigious methodic methodical very well systematic careful preeminent transcendent quintessential classic straight decisive decent exemplary ultimate specialized active elegant well-briefed organized notable specialised fluent kosher perfected employable long-term advanced magisterial right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on sure-fire stringent licensed chartered prolific sly strict express categorical immaculate pure fleet cute select rangé appropriate certificated first class drilled phenom pitch-perfect happy organised habituated artistic dominant crafty primed well up inch-perfect hardy having the know-how golden well executed versatile toughened matured having good hands forward credentialed right fitting dynamic ultraefficient teachable hot tamale adept physically sufficient authorized supremely skilled quick to learn ideal desirable preferable perfectly-executed feasible licenced proved authorised accepted noteworthy clever with one's hands good with one's hands beautiful of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years sublime heavenly cut out for having a knack for worldly wise been there versed in mega banging crucial easy well versed briefed divine bosting rounded sport accustomed killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable nobody's fool pretty worthy responsible out of the ordinary percipient unprovincial calculating know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know one's stuff know the answers adapted quick on the trigger quick on the uptake well up in steady old-time inured insightful wily apprized well briefed well suited well qualified have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age sentient observant of the first water broken in highly endowed abreast of the facts filled in lettered top-shelf the right stuff knowing one's stuff having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer having the right stuff like a pistol has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up there able to perform know one's onions clear-sighted having been around clear-eyed know backwards and forwards knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways academic highbrow bookish literary of the old school studious civilized pedantic esoteric recondite donnish sapient widely read well read understanding prescient solid deep well-educated polymath professorial philosophical grounded abstruse philosophic civilised well-grounded sound solemn scientific grave studied pansophic privy across apprised appreciative knowledgeable about abreast of apprised of up with in touch well informed about plugged into enlightened about aware of wise to switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of well versed in clued up about well up on in the know about clued up on well instructed genned up about hip to switched on to

Động từ

Causing of amazement
amazing astonishing blowing away stupefying bewildering blowing one's mind bowling over flabbergasting impressing staggering stunning surprising baffling dazzling dumbfounding flummoxing mystifying puzzling shocking alluring attracting awing beguiling bewitching captivating charming electrifying enchanting enthralling mind-bending perplexing startling striking flooring dazing disconcerting confounding overwhelming nonplussing taking aback confusing rocking appalling throwing thunderstriking dumfounding shaking up knocking for six unnerving striking dumb shaking aweing dismaying fazing surprizing bemusing knocking sideways stopping someone in their tracks petrifying discomposing knocking out taking by surprise alarming overcoming leaving open-mouthed stumping befuddling jolting exciting buffaloing paralysing muddling fogging horrifying scaring leaving aghast stirring knocking for a loop paralyzing frightening upsetting discombobulating overpowering perturbing foxing fascinating befogging fuddling addling vexing wildering benumbing terrifying hypnotizing numbing rattling catching off balance making someone scratch their head spellbinding overawing bedazzling moving touching agitating daunting unsettling beating bamboozling disturbing graveling gravelling posing disquieting mazing getting disheartening distracting boggling causing to be at a stand hypnotising taking your breath away knocking the stuffing out of affecting intimidating affrighting outraging worrying rousing repelling disorienting provoking rendering speechless mixing up knocking over boggling the mind disgusting distressing panicking sickening thrilling scandalizing spooking alaruming flustering galvanizing immobilizing enthusing stimulating muddying arousing chillin chilling transfixing discomforting discomfiting unhinging consternating devastating obfuscating bulldozing setting someone thinking jarring taking someone's breath away throwing a curve galvanising scaring to death scandalising striking terror into throwing off balance setting someone back on their heels taking somebody's breath away immobilising hitting like a ton of bricks terrorizing mesmerizing revolting inspiring exhilarating cowing ruffling gripping frighting offending grabbing nauseating shattering arresting eluding exercising blinding insulting depressing browbeating deterring scaring witless delighting complicating scarifying discouraging demoralizing stiffing halting freezing filling with fear scaring stiff abashing curdling the blood scaring someone out of their wits knocking over with feather putting the fear of God into blurring getting to taking one's breath away palsying slaying chilling to the bone making your hair stand on end boggling the mind of throwing into a panic sweeping off your feet mesmerising taking the wind out of your sails making teeth chatter terrorising putting the wind up grossing out scaring off taking someone aback scaring the living daylights out of stopping dead stirring up scaring away messing with one's head sweeping someone off their feet scaring the bejesus out of piquing scaring the pants off demoralising making blood run cold throwing into a blue funk springing something on putting one away carrying away bedevilling bedeviling throwing into a tizzy leaving speechless unmanning springing on confusticating frustrating sticking embarrassing boggling someone's mind gobsmacking throwing a curveball throwing for loop defeating getting at knocking one's socks off blowing one away setting one thinking throwing off knocking the stuffing out of someone screwing up putting away making speechless throwing for a loop throwing into panic giving a shock taking breath away besotting influencing dizzying disordering knocking senseless filling with wonder filling with amazement disorientating making one's flesh creep getting the wind up freezing your blood making someone jump out of their skin making your blood run cold giving one the creeps chilling someone to the marrow giving someone the heebie-jeebies giving someone goose pimples throwing into a fright scaring someone half to death besetting thickening involving tangling sweeping away putting out of action bringing around hitting concerning jumbling entangling encumbering causing wonder striking with awe snarling up muddying the waters thwarting mixing you up mucking baulking raveling balking ravelling stumbling troubling traumatizing catching up harrowing swaying putting chill on scaring silly frightening the life out of reaching impacting displeasing distressing greatly antagonizing angering telling on feeling admiration scoring cutting a figure carrying enforcing making an impression on showing off making a hit leaving a mark on making an impression killing grandstanding registering making splash pushing around feeling respect having an impact on flurrying bothering distempering hagriding undoing frazzling ailing derailing fussing prostrating incapacitating hamstringing crippling disabling hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising traumatising shaking out of your complacency giving a turn giving someone a turn giving offence to antagonising conquering bringing up short deranging burning up grieving weirding out freaking out annoying paining galling badgering interfering tiring making uneasy irking intruding getting in the way afflicting irritating engrossing entrancing holding riveting enrapturing rivetting bringing to grinding halt shutting down making inert weakening anaesthetizing enfeebling demolishing making nerveless deadening laming destroying closing disarming debilitating anesthetizing making a splash knocking dead knocking someone's socks off wowing gorgonizing animating stopping in one's tracks rooting riveting the attention of stopping one dead rooting to the spot invigorating energizing titillating firing intoxicating charging frenzying motivating lighting a fire under firing with enthusiasm pumping up dynamizing envigorating giving someone a kick magnetizing giving someone a charge commoving turning on magnetising giving a buzz getting someone going energising making one's hair stand on end scaring the daylights out of making one's blood run cold crushing dulling blunting dampening laying out damping whelming cauterizing overmastering swamping oppressing knocking unconscious cauterising snowing under desensitizing suppressing diminishing reducing stifling impairing repressing retarding obtunding torpefying drugging rendering insensitive greatly upsetting desensitising setting thinking stymieing hitting for six going to one's head grinding down cumbering hebetating putting the wind up someone mooning daydreaming gathering wool snowing breaking someone's heart bedazing balling up making punchy inebriating knocking socks off showboating hotdogging dispiriting making emotional poleaxing blinding temporarily wrecking running circles around steamrollering doing in subordinating downgrading grinding making someone's hair stand on end dejecting tranquilizing undermining putting into a flap putting someone off their stroke enervating needling uncalming sapping psyching out causing someone to lose their composure throwing into a tizz riding setting back frightening to death sedating devitalizing filling with terror making someone shake in their shoes making your flesh creep sending into a cold sweat scaring the life out of paralysing with fear striking fear into frightening out of your wits scaring the hell out of scaring the pants off of frightening the living daylights out of frightening someone out of their wits mortifying rapturing stultifying narcotizing pleasing shaming alleviating transporting humiliating lessening discountenancing rapping dullening drawing chagrining overjoying mitigating checking moderating cushioning abating demeaning palliating relieving easing assuaging decreasing soothing trancing subduing smothering sending into raptures filling with delight ravishing discrediting dishonouring making awkward making ashamed making self-conscious making uncomfortable owning showing up slowing getting rid of gassing putting an end to doping depriving taking the edge off quieting KO'ing chloroforming drowning etherizing injuring putting to sleep putting out of order consuming exhausting dimming making a monkey of teasing giving a bad time catching one short putting on the spot hanging up dishonoring plaguing putting in a spot putting in a hole bugging putting out of countenance letting down giving a hard time sweeping over depriving of sensation

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