Đồng nghĩa của first class

Alternative for first class

Tính từ

(often followed by 'at') Skilful or adroit
great skillful talented adept adroit accomplished expert proficient skilful able ace competent deft dextrous masterful masterly polished skilled crack dynamite schooled versed virtuoso well-versed best brilliant class clever consummate dexterous elite experienced hot marvelous marvellous master practical practiced savvy seasoned stellar superb top-notch trained a hand at apt good handy mean A1 capable crackerjack demon educated effective effectual efficient fit fitted knowledgeable multiskilled multitalented practised qualified refined sure-handed taught tutored veteran well-rounded all-around all-round workmanlike outstanding excellent first-class magnificent fine first-rate compleat gifted complete formidable impressive professed superlative artful professional exceptional splendid wicked well versed wonderful terrific tremendous out of this world nifty awesome wizard smashing fab magic supreme hotshot very good tip-top dazzling tasty bravura smart delicate deadly genius fantastic habile fabulous sensational sharp big league superior brill remarkable champion slick a dab hand at exceptionally good distinguished world-class admirable specialist cool peerless ingenious notable glorious facile extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified top-hole top-drawer mighty powerful redoubtable exo sik strong invincible indomitable quintessential rad phat schmick exemplary ultimate perfect pro puissant amazing virtuosic faultless astounding handpicked deluxe choice capital phenomenal extraordinary leading star top topnotch super artistic endowed intelligent grand ready whiz inspired cut out for having a knack for class act shining at there smooth clean hep hip brainy cracking matchless sterling rare nimble-fingered on the beam on the ball very able up to speed no slouch sharp as a tack know stuff no dummy sublime eminent celebrated renowned illustrious well trained mega amazeballs topping bonzer famous with it wised up out of sight leet au fait on fleek sumptuous no-expense-spared lavish princely elaborate expensive fit for a king slap-up quick exquisite vet old impeccable finished long-serving hardened battle-scarred mature topflight familiar versant learned cultivated tuned in flawless reliable bright exercised cultured time-served serviceable established precocious tested tried sophisticated weathered conversant perceptive worldly wise instructed been around preeminent transcendent prodigious keen select certified fluent accurate satisfactory useful proper suitable very well golden dominant switched-on acquainted well-informed drilled phenom classic sussed habituated balanced supremely skilled well executed forward dynamic ultraefficient elegant matured prepared toughened worldly-wise well up perfected feasible right on errorless dead-on spot-on thorough suited sure-fire well sporting exact on-target precise trustworthy stringent up on graceful discerning discriminating sensitive selective steady disciplined long-time old-time inured realizable killer useable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable working in the know out of the ordinary urbane worldly wise well up in been there old hand versed in hardy rounded accustomed sport fastidious have smarts old beyond one's years have the goods got it advanced for one's age ahead of one's peers canny versatile broken in appreciative from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday wise to ways of the old school the right stuff knowing one's stuff knowing the score meticulous

Tính từ

Excelling above all others
best finest leading outstanding top dominant greatest premium prime apex complete consummate first-rate foremost number 1 preeminent premier principal superior unparalleled unprecedented unrivaled unsurpassed chief matchless perfect primary prominent supreme terrific transcendent unequalled unequaled ace champion dominating head highest main noted number one peerless primo second to none A-1 boss capital choice choicest crown exceptional Grade A incomparable inimitable optimum select super superlative best possible crack distinguished first first-class illustrious nonpareil notable out-of-sight paramount prize-winning sans pareil top drawer topflight top-notch top-of-the-range top-tier unbeaten undefeated beyond compare big-time blue-ribbon estimable exemplary top-class top-drawer tops world class high-class industry leading a cut above the rest number-one of the highest quality one-in-a-million optimal par excellence pre-eminent record-breaking star surpassing top of the line top of the range unbeatable unexampled unexcelled unrivalled unsurpassable without equal superfine utopian vintage excellent superb fine marvellous great marvelous wonderful stellar fantastic splendid fabulous grand awesome sensational sterling fab quality cool cracking divine neat tip-top mean heavenly fantabulous swell dandy lovely noble nifty groovy peachy topping radical hot phat slick beautiful classic dynamite crackerjack supernal dope corking prizewinning immense top-of-the-line top-shelf keen gilt-edged righteous blue-chip frontline famous five-star jim-dandy bang-up banner prize wizard A-OK first-string gilt-edge bumper bully gangbusters gangbuster four-star numero uno peachy keen boffo bonny brag bonnie down hype brave gone magnificent brilliant out of this world smashing wicked world-class exquisite glorious admirable sublime good elite impressive tremendous brill high-quality very good extraordinary top-hole supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazing phenomenal high-grade remarkable rad topnotch incredible eminent too much magic worthy tiptop beaut schmick spiffing top-quality delightful dazzling of the first water exclusive accomplished striking spectacular valuable mega rare bosting special A1 sovereign on fleek ripping bonzer meritorious formidable mind-blowing bodacious deluxe gorgeous flawless applaudable amazeballs exo sik masterly commendable crucial stunning stupendous high elegant splendiferous of the first order skilful skillful ideal sound laudable breathtaking noteworthy unreal prodigious majestic belting pearler imposing barrie honourable enjoyable nice praiseworthy honorable attractive priceless lofty def dreamy unique awe-inspiring of high quality chillin' lead precious bad memorable desirable invaluable spanking thrilling exciting exalted of the highest standard grade A far out out of sight important commanding peak reputable pleasing powerful virtuoso elevated pleasant top-level winning predominant top-grade beezer luxurious central highest quality too good to be true major dainty authoritative clever luxury ingenious enviable upmarket distinctive august stately cardinal inspired class classical unmatched cream fancy expert renowned blissful model royal able selected proud crowning profound marvy creditable solid goodly hunky-dory fabby ultimate splendorous lank kif fly key of the highest order of a high standard way-out the dog's bollocks ruling biggest the best astonishing enchanting genius uppermost satisfying influential smart quick creative standout radiant agreeable favorable satisfactory sharp gratifying maximum singular talented gifted pleasurable delicate big celebrated rapturous extreme bright respectable recherche arresting deserving chic worthiest well-known shipshape faultless dignified monumental congenial gnarly pick outrageous resplendent classy upscale inventive state-of-the-art massive venerable extravagant unbelievable inspiring awesomesauce magnific adept mighty rich bosker maximal favourable mind-boggling outside moving extraordinaire very best super-duper high-end out-of-this-world award-winning zero cool top quality extremely good top-end top-flight master regal grandiose reliable certified plum high-level high-ranking staggering imperial positive utmost brainy intelligent entrancing prevailing acceptable epic baronial controlling better ravishing senior intellectual heroic welcome gallant charming fascinating masterful prestigious astute stirring profitable super-eminent super-excellent heroical fair coruscating enthralling alluring largest delectable exhilarating fantastical especial first-line up to snuff irreproachable Homeric unimpeachable acute high-up affecting upper-class VIP esteemed aristocratic honored untouchable deft advanced pretty sunny idyllic respected wondrous plush astounding effusive excessive knowledgeable learned scholarly solid gold decent blameless eventful worthwhile foxy pure scrumptious quintessential honest exaggerated inflated not bad flagship precocious apical intense trusted adroit penetrating educated erudite discerning cerebral perspicacious momentous really good signal refined costly dear pricey expensive paradisal paradisaic A-list copacetic paradisiacal paradisiac competent banging culminating rational fast alert knowing eloquent rousing posh unusually good Einstein sharp-witted spendy big-ticket impassioned best ever in a class all by itself eggheaded supersmart very intelligent ultraexpensive something else high quality mostest whip nimble most one in a million hyperintelligent quick-witted far-out whiz kid honoured deep ka pai like wow worthy of admiration worthy of commendation spiritual whip-smart topmost salt of the earth not too shabby ultrasmart above and beyond of highest order pricy in a league of their own high-ticket tough heavy world definitive larger greater higher bigger elder piked impeccable hand-picked elect highest-ranking arch- captivating bewitching popular preferential favored 10 preferred mint legit unforgettable well-made handpicked favorite agile fat thoroughbred sweet favoured cherry-picked favourite uncommon unusual rewarding colossal grade-A rocking juicy meritable dream carefully chosen unblemished good quality high-caliber a cut above the very best a standout eclectic sophisticated to die for eximious skilled polished ritzy really nice handy apt stylish well-designed natty convenient spruce loftiest high-test tophole bestselling 24-karat A-grade high-profile marked cat's meow five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality fashionable unorthodox with it pretty cool wild hunky dory cat's pajamas awing consequential above average slap-up diverting particular reigning chur rockin plummy cushy good-quality high-calibre portentous miraculous theatrical up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu regnant record ascendant significant refreshing insane gee-whizz forcible vital crash-hot archetypal imaginative predominate unassailable core very fine eye-popping awe-striking heart-stopping eye-opening jaw-dropping paradisic ambrosial superhuman yummy lush adorable saintly surprising agitating strong domineering prevalent supereminent overriding governing presiding crazy effective well-done essential traditional entire unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged whole intact innovational innovative arch primal covetable plump preferable capable innovatory ripe mature ridiculous overbearing overmastering furthermost sovran enterprising original uttermost max resourceful daring bold delicious lavish absorbing touching dramatic major-league front-page lordly virtuosic well-connected notorious prized valued highly regarded pukka upright propitious auspicious transcendental sacred uplifting inspirational the most holy abstract virtuous recognized of influence high profile historical oratorical towering integral alpha all-important top-ranking high-powered upper fabled puissant cogent successful famed potent seminal of note deciding of genius opportune moral dependable ethical unmarred principled optimistic advantageous hopeful resonant recognised iconic opulent ambitious palatial haughty pompous sumptuous ostentatious pretentious large trustworthy upstanding likable appealing rosy heartening encouraging providential conscientious up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty batting a thousand believeable organic well-thought-of trusty roseate upbeat promising likely justifiable justified fitting incorrupt joyous comforting lovesome flashy affable comfortable photogenic amiable hunky clear mild tasteful tempting euphoric glamorous seductive presentable engaging high-minded of good report law-abiding true right-thinking squeaky clean high-principled right-minded paragon sup rior all very well well and good fortunate A-number-1 hundred-proof dollish amusing glossy snazzy flamboyant fetching taking aesthetic well-favored showstopping OK cheery drop-dead splashy good-looking beauteous glamourous intoxicating showy in order dishy relief unspoilt glad comely knockout blessed pulchritudinous statuesque fun cunning cute eye-catching zingy soothing hospitable sightly prettyish full of promise golden one-off rose-colored genial passable delightsome telegenic elating copasetic esthetic savory grateful darling dulcet blest paradisaical calming recreative ecstatic relishable likeable irie savoury better than usual improved enhanced of the best quality better than average most excellent most important most outstanding most influential most prominent

Tính từ

Luxurious, catering to those who are rich and wealthy
expensive extravagant lavish classy luxurious posh swank swanky upscale fancy grand exclusive lush affluent opulent plush rich ritzy splendid luxuriant first-class deluxe sumptuous palatial luxury plushy Lucullan luxe silken Lucullian Babylonian elaborate elegant select costly magnificent gorgeous palace delicate choice rare dainty luscious recherche exquisite ornate fine refined recherché wild prodigal wasteful abundant exaggerated excessive regal unrestrained exuberant unreasonable profuse copious showy pretentious thriftless improvident intemperate immoderate superior openhanded unstinging profligate impressive over-the-top effusive profusive quality special high-class upmarket loaded swish fancy-pants pricey palatian splendiferous well appointed super grandiose stylish majestic chic ostentatious stately imposing lavishly appointed resplendent glitzy fashionable smart superb de luxe glamorous trendy princely snazzy fit for a queen fit for a king tony well-appointed noble splashy upper-class spectacular monumental beautiful flashy awe-inspiring high-toned dignified glorious proud flamboyant sensuous chichi august breathtaking upholstered imperial indulgent swankish splendacious magnolious distinguished pompous lux dicty high aristocratic snappy sharp ornamented five-star handsome sybaritic snobby epicurean sensual comfortable a la mode au courant with-it dear modish voluptuous striking swell embellished exalted royal valuable baroque flash kingly great spiffy heroical magnific epic massive gallant baronial heroic sovereign precious frilly Homeric in the lap of luxury elite sophisticated up-market high-end genteel yuppie tasteful formal spacious glittering peacocky elitist snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish potty large-scale illustrious finest par excellence cultivated overdone stuffy heavenly champagne ultra comfy fit for a prince riotous velvet sublime fit for a princess brilliant happening voguish fresh in cool supercool hip classic prestigious beyond price lofty high-born upper-crust famous lordly out of this world prestige cosmopolitan haute intricate swishy decorative hedonistic decorated pampered ornamental dazzling easy gratifying pleasurable adorned rococo gaudy self-indulgent pleasure-loving fussy busy towering extreme devilish sprauncy plummy larney schmick swagger prime fanciful jazzy splendorous splendrous brave la-di-da top-drawer froufrou florid fancible unusual cushy custom beautifying highfalutin chi-chi magnifico high-quality solid gold over the top OTT exorbitant extortionate high-priced priceless overpriced big-budget high-cost steep spendy big-ticket stiff ultraexpensive pricy highly priced premium high-ticket highly-priced inordinate executive inflated top cher over the odds worth its weight in gold an arm and leg

Tính từ

Denotes a well-dressed person, typically but not necessarily a male
sharp smart chic fashionable snappy stylish trendy attractive debonair sophisticated classy cool modish natty spruce dressy elegant fly snazzy tony dapper exclusive flash fresh happening hip kicking kicky nifty spiffy supercool swell swish ultra-modern voguish au courant in sassy schmick stylin' trig dashing distinctive excellent first-class swank a la mode in style in vogue now with it groovy modern trim on fleek swanky chichi mod up to the minute contemporary in fashion all the rage trendsetting hot up to date big funky latest swinging ritzy with-it popular in thing rakish flashy neat high-class posh well-groomed swagger well dressed up-to-the-minute fancy well turned out bang up to date jaunty upscale current designer all the go showy new up-to-date glamorous de rigueur dressed to kill as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox culty clean in-thing well groomed du jour plush crisp well turned-out hep turned-on def tasteful tidy high-toned faddy jazzy prim sporty well-dressed fine slick uptown sumptuous latest thing upmarket casual massive grand downtown courtly flamboyant besuited ostentatious gay genteel dainty faddish expensive newfangled favored favoured smartly dressed well-liked beautiful le dernier cri a go-go last word luxurious deluxe splashy suave lavish smooth urbane loud flattering high-fashion understated raffish ornate refined cosmopolitan polished confident pretentious plushy down gnarly majestic spiff bandbox prevailing usual stately snug dap customary vogue fashionably dressed popularized graceful stunning red-hot popularised sleek crowd-pleasing handsome dressed to the nines à la mode clean-cut undercool wicked informal appealing impressive opulent formal on trend exquisite elaborate rich peacocky swankish swishy avant-garde breezy pop large favorite last-word exciting lovely with style soigné cutting-edge favourite saucy dress in good taste gorgeous bling flippant quality superior fancy-pants well put together pizazzy pizzazzy as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox dicty select steezy modernistic spivvy dandy spiffing bright colorful the new orderly high fashion zooty presentable flaunting glittering glittery brazen gaudy glitzy colourful shipshape plugged-in bang up-to-date dressed up looking sharp nice uncluttered awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware devil-may-care groomed styleworthy kempt in high feather tidied on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to in the mainstream dressed to the teeth antiseptic nobby doggy spry nimble brisk smug chiseled chiselled neat and tidy class foxy clever in the know turned out ingenious well-turned-out crucial charming dressed to nines courteous impeccable stylistic spruced up cultured civil self-possessed gracious self-assured picked up well-pressed chivalrous gentlemanly gallant dignified well mannered sartorial well bred svelte gentle affable well-bred mannerly cultivated cheerful happy nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly pleasant newest well-presented prevalent state-of-the-art new-fashioned leading edge sexy progressive sought-after advanced in favour artistic recent in demand pretty restrained well-designed cutting edge innovative delicate discerning ultramodern comely in favor novel brand-new neoteric space-age present-day new age becoming aesthetic cute well-tailored classic esthetic well-heeled handy well-made fashion-conscious party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nicest couturial soigne streamlined comfortable offbeat swaggy desired celebrated shiny good aerodynamic flowing big thing legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable timely fetching craze fad chi-chi simple well-off enhancing spick and span dolled up spiffed-up dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look widespread commercially successful successful dressed up to the nines agreeable in with it forward-looking distinguished inviting alluring on the cutting edge in the latest style noble decorous choice well-chosen leading-edge rare ornamented affected go-ahead high-tech overdone august recherche aristocratic stylized hi-tech modern-day immaculate decent spotless hospitable modernized modernised leading newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle worldly worldly-wise suitable adorable good-looking welcoming enlightened experienced civilized jet-set intelligent citified blasé erudite mondaine civilised mature worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary discriminating harmonious fastidious pleasing fit sensitive fitting quiet unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical precise subdued aesthetically pleasing

Danh từ

A group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a similar group
elite best cream elect flower pick nonpareil choice prime quality royalty pride fat select top select few A-list corps d'elite cream of the crop crème de la crème four hundred prize aristocracy jewel illuminati treasure pink finest gem priesthood choicest pearl jewel in the crown tops upper crust pick of the bunch favorite favourite paragon nobility ideal ultimate height gentry core top drawer upper class masterpiece epitome perfection quintessence acme model classic Hall of Fame embodiment prototype apotheosis standard archetype showpiece chosen shining example exemplar catch glory wonder personification jet set preference plum gentility chef-d'oeuvre essence trophy beautiful people haut monde high society leading light masterstroke darling outstanding example masterwork champion magnum opus ne plus ultra tour de force chef d'oeuvre peak stroke of genius work of art piece de resistance pinnacle zenith pick of the litter paradigm utmost nonesuch taonga peach trump triumph coup crown jewel privileged better sort second estate something else monument perfect example hit one in a million perfect example of its kind beauty knockout pride and joy blue blood patriciate beau ideal master work favoured dearest apple of one's eye best of the bunch the top of the heap pet lap dog the best upper-crust favored gold source of envy envy object of envy latest most fashionable most select essentiality spirit lifeblood heart soul option selection substance discretion ruling class volition valuable object objet of virtu objet d'art newest apogee apex druthers alternative bet stuff election liberty norm stereotype picture way choosing first criterion good example idea eidolon pattern angel cynosure bag aces representation type byword most up to date dernier cri crackerjack champ lovely love sublimation original noblesse most accomplished most skilful best choice top choice patron saint cup of tea the last word in-crowd last word typical example boast acme of perfection finest example honour honor credit finest specimen find beau idéal best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example cultured class the privileged the Four Hundred privileged class smart set society the quality high life beau monde the better sorts specialty charm genius phenomenon rarity speciality prodigy phoenix bonus star sensation head pièce de résistance windfall meed dividend premium reward asset nugget award carrot gentlefolks gentlefolk lead chef d'œuvre humdinger godsend marvellous feat great work leader meridian chef-d'œuvre success capstone climax culmination chief first place high point highest level highest rank crowning point utmost extent high-water mark

Trái nghĩa của first class

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