Đồng nghĩa của batting a thousand

Tính từ

Not reprehensible, blameless, without blame
irreprehensible admirable model laudable meritorious excellent praiseworthy estimable commendable righteous honorable honourable virtuous pure good classic paradigmatic quintessential sterling worthy punctilious bueno classical correct neato prototypical blameless characteristic illustrative representative typical irreproachable unblamable guiltless inculpable innocent not bad lily-white not too shabby ideal fine perfect faultless copybook flawless consummate exceptional impeccable outstanding textbook definitive imitable archetypal archetypical without fault unimpeachable applaudable exemplary above reproach very good beyond reproach honest moral upright sinless noble ethical principled respectable squeaky clean upstanding immaculate incorruptible clean scrupulous high-minded right-minded whiter than white morally correct just reputable dignified lofty moralistic untarnished angelic squeaky-clean pure as the driven snow self-righteous high-principled decent unblemished stainless wholesome clear right saintly spotless lawful saintlike godly elevated cleanhanded unbribable law-abiding uncorrupted right-thinking in the clear anti-corruption sanctimonious clean-living proud chaste decorous seemly redoubtable proper modest celibate rectitudinous equitable unobjectionable undefiled professional vestal G-rated untainted favoring obedient balanced incorrupt dutiful sound incorrupted reverent conscientious noble-minded chivalrous greathearted natural gallant high magnanimous lordly cultivated tractable charitable well-behaved seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly irreprovable reproachless pristine uninvolved straightforward snow white unsullied unoffending above suspicion unspotted clean-handed guilt-free beyond criticism crimeless sackless not to blame not responsible not guilty trustworthy straight true nice faithful kosher legit true-blue on the up and up up front without reproach on the level of excellent character all right

Tính từ

Worthy of being lauded
creditable praiseworthy admirable commendable estimable laudable meritorious exemplary honourable reputable respectable worthy deserving excellent exceptional good notable noteworthy sterling applaudable fine first-class first-rate outstanding wicked ace brill champion fab grand smashing splendiferous super tip-top top-notch beaut bully top-hole believeable decent honest honorable nasty organic palmary reputed satisfactory suitable up to the mark well-thought-of worthy of admiration worthy of commendation not too shabby salt of the earth thankworthy meritable praisable stellar righteous virtuous keen choice upright terrific wonderful great marvellous impressive mean superb worthwhile swell select splendid slick marvelous brilliant noble superlative superior cracking neat peachy prime crackerjack phat capital of the first water world-class A-OK out of this world of note upstanding reliable seemly smart dependable right justified needy justifiable rightful eligible due fitting magnificent pillar gone gnarly tough well-favoured well favoured supreme cool world-beating meritious golden winner boss meedful exquisite rad tiptop deserving congratulations rare noted venerable valuable schmick dream distinguished dope salt of earth solid masterly top drawer belting unreal sovereign attractive sik greatest pearler A1 exo barrie supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chillin' copacetic cat's pajamas best ever super-duper ka pai second to none out of sight of the highest order zero cool A-1 of the first order hunky dory heavenly fabulous fantastic sensational awesome lovely divine groovy top unsurpassed nifty beautiful quality dandy bumper hot gangbusters classic topflight immense memorable famous magic fantabulous gangbuster radical supernal dynamite frontline wizard prizewinning bonny primo corking bonnie banner very good top-shelf out-of-sight jim-dandy first-string blue-chip four-star high-class blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge peachy keen par excellence number one top-of-the-line bang-up numero uno gilt-edged topping boffo prize down brag hype brave glorious sublime tremendous amazing delightful remarkable extraordinary perfect spectacular stunning phenomenal striking incredible spiffing bonzer peerless gorgeous ripping dreamy amazeballs mega pleasing too much mind-blowing matchless bosting enjoyable dazzling on fleek best bodacious crucial breathtaking nice ideal beezer goodly sound def elegant unparalleled accomplished consummate fabby eminent far out charming preeminent pretty stupendous high-grade incomparable pleasurable premier unrivaled pre-eminent spanking elite bad marvy premium unrivalled pleasant magical of high quality wondrous lank kif formidable majestic finest high-quality awe-inspiring topnotch gratifying agreeable flawless of the highest quality astonishing crack delectable transcendent top-class special too good to be true of the highest standard prodigious satisfying astounding dramatic alluring refined ravishing vintage highest desirable deluxe radiant top-grade unique delicious top-quality top-drawer leading fascinating class winning illustrious picturesque bewitching beauteous dominant jolly welcome unequalled graceful fly enchanting unexcelled singular top-tier captivating jaw-dropping lofty sightly arresting imposing eye-popping unequaled exciting moving resplendent splendorous scrumptious congenial top of the line top of the range enviable unforgettable felicitous chic handsome exclusive overwhelming delightsome appealing savoury savory standout invaluable cute skilful skillful top-level awesomesauce luscious palatable quintessential renowned optimum sweet fancy inspired grateful high priceless fair surpassing bosker humbling dulcet to die for foxy unmatched tasty darling blessed blest comely taking frabjous angelic shapely staggering optimal pulchritudinous enticing good-looking engaging statuesque mind-boggling thrilling very best delicate model unbelievable without equal way-out classy symmetrical beyond compare highest quality well-formed hunky-dory monumental eye-catching easy on the eye inspiring grade A well-favored festive panoramic tasteful happy cheerful outrageous entrancing plush celebratory stylish momentous cream star aesthetic lead faultless unbeatable colossal flagship amusing entertaining prominent celebrated tops untouchable uppermost miraculous effusive extreme excessive scenic advanced crowning fantastical commanding inflated exaggerated worthiest diverting rapturous exalted blissful really good idyllic intense startling award-winning ducky far-out fashionable deep aesthetically pleasing fun confounding surprising fetching adorable the dog's bollocks profound ambrosial yummy lush of highest order esthetic uncommon the best something else solid gold nonpareil above and beyond in a class all by itself stirring very pleasant very agreeable easy on the eyes pretty as a picture like wow lavish out-of-this-world gee-whizz of a high standard luxurious certified key sharp quick mint legit hypnotic sophisticated polished mighty virtuoso masterful bestselling agile deft clever posh ritzy rewarding top-of-the-range juicy rocking splendacious A-list definitive authoritative classical proper unorthodox wild handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious spruce replayable crashing distinctive choicest first top quality high quality master peak hand-picked elect really nice awe-striking sunny amiable selected prize-winning genial dainty good quality high-caliber a cut above knockout likable paragon eloquent agitating most superhuman paradisal spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly favored 10 popular preferred preferential likeable banging pick fat elevated august quaint proud likely lovesome handpicked plum favorite precious better improved enhanced joyous cat's meow sup rior all very well well and good good-quality high-calibre favoured favourite cherry-picked unusual very nice grade-A with it pretty cool to your liking high-end the very best state-of-the-art a standout carefully chosen first-line paradisiacal unsurpassable inimitable paradisiac unexampled romantic better than usual first class of the best quality better than average drop-dead exhilarating intoxicating A-grade 24-karat merry able especial historic important stupefying eye-opening whimsical major never to be forgotten mind-bending spine-tingling competent cheering heartening heartwarming gladdening glad extravagant picture-perfect spesh portentous gay gladsome main red-carpet primary sumptuous unmitigated towering arrestive magnific electrifying showy daring influential impassioned ridiculous crazy powerful insane bold rousing absorbing stately touching massive affecting noticeable one and only interesting buzzworthy unordinary joyful bright decorative signal ornamental red-letter out of the ordinary heart-warming light-hearted creative of moment sexy physically attractive cultivated emotional imaginative expressive fit nice-looking aesthetically appealing fine-looking subtle dollish beddable tantalising irresistible tempting magnetic beguiling voluptuous prepossessing curvaceous winsome fanciable tantalizing glamourous glamorous photogenic seductive drop-dead gorgeous ineffable cheery refreshing telegenic cultured artistic musical harmonious pictorial rhythmical stimulating very pleasurable dapper showstopping willowy personable sensual camera-friendly presentable prettyish sheen debonair very attractive greatly to one's liking

Trái nghĩa của batting a thousand

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