Đồng nghĩa của snow white


Blameless or faultless
irreproachable impeccable faultless perfect blameless immaculate unblemished exemplary flawless guiltless ideal innocent model pure unimpeachable copybook outstanding admirable consummate exceptional honorable honourable inculpable meritorious spotless stainless absolute beyond reproach cleanhanded clear indefectible letter-perfect lily-white picture-book picture-perfect seamless sinless squeaky-clean untarnished above reproach irreprehensible irreprovable good pristine reproachless righteous unblamable virtuous squeaky clean whiter than white unsullied clean in the clear above suspicion untainted uncorrupted undefiled crimeless honest guilt-free upright not guilty chaste without fault uninvolved unoffending virginal uncensurable impeccant uncorrupt angelic lawful legal licit free of unstained beyond criticism legitimate pure as the driven snow unspotted undamaged angelical white safe as pure as the driven snow incorrupt not to blame unspoiled uncontaminated intact whole without blemish unmarred moral decent unpolluted scrupulous precise exact accurate correct unerring untouched exquisite unflawed error-free sound unimpaired unexceptionable excellent trustworthy reliable dependable sackless harmless virgin classic snowy wholesome unbroken unmarked supreme errorless mint superlative free modest unspoilt optimal unguilty on target tip-top just so as sound as a bell as good as new clean-handed having clean hands without guilt unquestionable free from guilt free from blame fresh gleaming shining unassailable not responsible undisturbed acquitted prepared crime-free unchallengeable holy word-perfect demure law-abiding superb masterly defectless uninjured without errors unhurt entire free of sin beyond question beyond suspicion peaceful faithful meticulous A1 prime optimum peak spick-and-span finished foolproof ten right aces infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless nice apple-pie archetypal ultimate bang on spot on textbook absolved calm serene cleared exculpated untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated quintessential complete idyllic fitting coherent uninterrupted ordered logical harmonious uniform consistent smooth prototypical best right on on the nail on the mark on the button representative classical have-it-all best possible satisfactory acceptable unobjectionable inoffensive crisp natural refreshing unadulterated unharmed invigorating salubrious sparkling undebased envigorating restorative sterilized organic unscathed unaffected unchanged earthy sanitary unsoiled primal sterilised onside sweet luscious not rotten not sour unfermented artless cool unmixed distilled purified well-preserved unpunished delicate void nescient bereft devoid preserved unassuming unmoved indifferent ignorant empty unaware unimpressed unconcerned unaltered dry-eyed unstirred uninfluenced unprocessed recent latest young just out unstudied new original unfilled with out of danger in perfect condition safe and sound secure shipshape without a scratch untried in good condition tonic without lacking airy revitalising cooling energising pleasant lacking in unfamiliar with untouched by refreshful revitalizing rejuvenative revivifying energizing rejuvenating vitalizing scot-free sterile unacquainted with disinfected uninfected healthful taintless pasteurised aseptic intemerate healthy pasteurized good for you germ-free health-giving


Absolutely clean or pure
spotless immaculate pristine unsoiled unstained gleaming shining snowy ultra-clean antiseptic chaste clean fair shiny snow-white snowy-white spic-and-span spick-and-span squeaky-clean stainless unsullied perfectly clean speckless unmarked decent freshly laundered hygienic modest perfect sanitary spick and span wholesome whiter than white clean as a new pin unblemished untarnished fresh untainted pure flawless unspotted undefiled untouched taintless virgin as new neat tidy washed unpolluted mint intact laundered unspoilt shipshape in perfect condition faultless in mint condition trim new white polished unused cleansed sparkling brand-spanking new in tiptop condition unaffected cleaned dirtless squeaky unsmudged spic and span dirt-free orderly squeaky clean well-kept neat as a button neat as a pin spruce as clean as a whistle unspoiled neat and tidy brand-new brand new like new mint condition cleaned up exemplary rustproof scrubbed sanitized unchanged sponged laved showered sanitised unadulterated preserved inviolate unopened impregnant lily-white impeccable unworn apple-pie order clear errorless unexceptionable bright exquisite clean and tidy very clean delicate elegant cleanly simple graceful vanilla firsthand neat as a new pin untried excellent unmarred spanking unseasoned untrodden virginal spanking-new undamaged original spanking new uncontaminated brand spanking new sterile sterilized uncorrupted sterilised wintry stormy hoary white as snow soft snowlike niveous nival fluffy wintery

Trái nghĩa của snow white

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