Đồng nghĩa của outstanding

Alternative for outstanding

Tính từ

Exceptionally good
excellent fine great exceptional superb first-class superlative first-rate brilliant champion stellar good important magnificent noted special wonderful celebrated distinguished formidable impressive marvellous mean super terrific well-known ace amazing crack masterful masterly meritorious notable prominent skilful skillful smashing superior tremendous virtuoso world-class admirable amazeballs eminent exemplary exquisite fab fabulous fantastic sensational awesome capital dominant estimable pre-eminent principal standout tiptop top-notch wicked dazzling eventful neat cool keen magic marvelous phenomenal predominant stupendous swell beaut belting bonzer brill chief far-out greatest hundred-proof primo rad ripping schmick wizard A1 A-1 A-number-1 barrie boss bosting exo mostest pearler phat spiffing top-hole topping tops on fleek out-of-sight out of this world out-of-this-world supercalifragilisticexpialidocious number one splendid prime supreme grand top extraordinary unsurpassed remarkable peerless matchless choice unparalleled sterling glorious tip-top perfect noble leading incomparable consummate cracking famous crackerjack unrivalled unrivaled sublime unique quality rare divine striking nifty preeminent topflight par excellence premier beautiful incredible numero uno heavenly unequalled slick lovely very good groovy noteworthy dandy high-class fantabulous premium blue-ribbon peachy radical dynamite accomplished hot singular supernal unequaled prizewinning classic foremost illustrious immense dope best banner jim-dandy prize bang-up gilt-edged corking prodigious top-shelf first-string gilt-edge frontline top-of-the-line select paramount righteous blue-chip bully bumper master A-OK five-star primary spectacular four-star major main brave inimitable boffo peachy keen key unmatched gangbusters gangbuster central expert transcendent highest crucial breathtaking brag sovereign signal first bonny bonnie uncommon mind-blowing stunning down unusual finest astonishing elite beyond compare hype adept skilled surpassing gone second to none cardinal unprecedented worthy adroit renowned memorable proficient topnotch especial awe-inspiring without equal high able splendiferous arch competent star mega high-quality practised overriding big dexterous talented marked deft astounding of the first water unreal unexcelled gifted wondrous vital essential practiced primal top-drawer imposing unsurpassable significant high-grade conspicuous abnormal unexampled complete dextrous lofty atypical odd extraordinaire bodacious head overbearing out of the ordinary capable sik staggering nonpareil top-tier applaudable delightful pivotal distinctive mind-boggling experienced anomalous flawless elevated efficient overmastering miraculous versed exalted out of sight unwonted class influential focal uppermost number-one prevailing gorgeous compleat powerful particular of the first order professional commendable laudable honourable surprising faultless prior sovran of high quality freak artful top-class honorable aberrant clever preternatural of the highest quality veteran exclusive educated peculiar towering strange core ideal arresting august elegant ruling chillin' lead praiseworthy majestic thrilling exceeding commanding unheard of polished unbelievable professed exciting valuable inconceivable momentous invaluable fundamental ultimate bizarre proud mighty prestigious top-quality priceless topmost reputable uncustomary honoured inspired delicate of the highest standard aberrated critical well versed without parallel trained attractive too good to be true unimaginable honored def famed royal unfamiliar top-level stately hotshot genius sound big league epic controlling only consequential senior esteemed successful unbeatable dignified extreme unforgettable high-level desirable moving unusually good salient fancy better beyond comparison supereminent enjoyable bravura rich workmanlike choicest regal unaccustomed weird vintage top of the line top of the range venerable tasty monumental deluxe presiding gallant potent handy impeccable smart deadly refreshing savvy novel unconventional heroic integral optimum habile seminal magnific sharp untypical record arch- of a high standard high-ranking beezer basic eye-opening top-ranking puissant world class far out highly regarded enviable magical high profile high-powered seasoned top drawer best ever something else radiant staple obvious of the highest order prevalent too much coruscating ingenious grandiose in a class of its own unexpected apt extremely good imperial effective original weighty queer curious shining spanking most resplendent massive baronial inspiring heroical respectable alpha preponderant awesomesauce dreamy strong pleasant notorious respected greater crowning portentous marvy acclaimed goodly Homeric unheard-of recognized fabby zero cool bosker exotic lank kif creditable quintessential red-letter utmost the dog's bollocks reliable extra special redoubtable outlandish winning authoritative classical popular refined intrinsic iconic without peer exceptionally good excessive gee-whizz certified resonant prize-winning exaggerated trusted recognised necessary of prime importance of greatest importance big-time irreproachable jaw-dropping a dab hand at high-up all-important splendorous eye-popping pompous one of a kind very best industry leading major league way-out well known the best considerable demon far-reaching sweet absolute bigger worthwhile fantastical invincible rockin qualified bad outrageous enthralling indomitable glittering effectual knowledgeable supernatural shocking advanced pleasing really good plush specialist above average recherche bright top-of-the-range new deserving eloquent astral transcendental larger higher apex irregular sumptuous untouchable determining luxurious facile unthinkable freakish unknown exhilarating one in a million effusive unbeaten lordly out of the way opulent palatial schooled historical awful banging overruling worthiest inflated dominating bewildering honest decent of note deciding well-connected prized valued solid fresh groundbreaking revolutionary in a league of their own cream final compelling pioneering outré magnanimous flagship of influence fabled without match of supreme importance first and foremost outre idiosyncratic eccentric newfangled ranking top-grade alone all-time serious headmost one-in-a-million atypic requisite uplifting heavy unordinary immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled not too shabby highly trained ground-breaking best possible first-time worthy of admiration worthy of commendation highest quality first class must-have urgent confounding optimal indispensable a cut above the rest hors concours super-duper of highest order of the first rank ka pai unlikely high-minded in a class all by itself high-priority in a league of its own sui generis of great consequence superfine out-of-the-way above and beyond needed luxury unimpeachable blameless captivating charming enchanting entrancing bewitching piked pronounced noticeable mint legit chic marquee distinct scrumptious delectable grander more pro festive blinding stirring upmarket awing historic touching cherished handpicked fascinating triumphant happy whimsical creative tophole clear total utter gnarly different paragon fly model hunky-dory beyond words beyond description proper spesh chur definitive affecting agitating immaculate immortal good quality high-caliber a cut above nice imaginative red-carpet celebratory sunny positive initiative theatrical offbeat unorthodox intrusive projecting pertinent protruding obtrusive relevant arrestive jutting sup rior effulgent innovational innovative biggest infrequent high-test material aces unparagoned solid-gold thoroughbred good-quality high-calibre elemental profound all very well well and good telling governing unmatchable unchallenged innovatory well executed cooler largest elder adored time-honored gratifying improved enhanced artistic number 1 uncharacteristic dainty top-priority enterprising inventive intense forcible rousing crash-hot blissful rapturous regnant predominate opening beginning unblemished endowed sheer earthshaking record breaking downright thorough chartbusting earthshattering ready resourceful helpful public intellectual unearthly axial intelligent No. 1 fearless tenacious joyous ascendant richest cat's meow like wow front award-winning unapproached meritable dream awe-striking brainy hep hip of moment impassioned virtuosic off the beaten track pretty slap-up congenial diverting not bad tip top picturesque initial the very best state-of-the-art a standout a million dollars like a million dollars top-rank superseding of greatest significance intervening revered first rate learned admired legendary triumphal idealistic highly rated heart-stopping better than expected pure egregious better than usual of the best quality better than average seldom seen dramatic without an equal culminating all-time best stand alone Grade A crown efficacious precious ambitious having a knack for haughty ostentatious pretentious large cut out for class act shining at inaugural five star of the highest type grade A high quality top grade best-quality top quality highest-quality unaccountable inexplicable mysterious sacred inspirational holy spiritual abstract copacetic very great whiz well thought of major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league skookum promising starry intoxicating there clean smooth self-important overblown immodest highest-ranking hotdog heavyweight undefeated sans pareil of mark in the public eye improbable incomprehensible implausible difficult to believe wised up with it paranormal stupefying very fine in a class of one's own useful productive unfailing practical the most exacting very able sharp as a tack on the beam know stuff nimble-fingered on the ball up to speed no slouch no dummy eye-catching valorous hunky dory up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty believeable satisfactory organic well-thought-of at the cutting edge heavy stuff hot stuff at the leading edge utopian record-breaking eximious well-done metaphysical mystical otherworldly uncanny superhuman supernormal unworldly other-worldly decisive never to be forgotten huge substantial sure-fire imperative unconquerable lavish princely cat's pajamas mind-bending spine-tingling unnatural of genius batting a thousand salt of the earth unnerving disturbing unsettling disquieting unstoppable oratorical upper-class VIP upper cogent aristocratic kingly ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative supermundane determinative pressing acute meaningful climactic jolting dumbfounding dumfounding startling jarring flabbergasting blindsiding invulnerable mandatory burning vitally important very important required life-and-death life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence much needed earth-shattering prerequisite unassailable overwhelming posh blockbusting leet ritzy magnolious insurmountable impregnable bulletproof insuperable au fait splendacious swanky hard to swallow beyond belief celestial cosmic outrageously bad not beatable rudimentary underlying upright virtuous elementary benevolent generous ethical principled upstanding moral chivalrous gracious humane just beneficent scanty subtile flimsy subtle sparse occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated seldom deficient few semioccasional scattered rarefied thin isolated scarce unfrequent sporadic limited cultivated uncorrupted natural pick fat chad liberal courtly polite greathearted unselfish bounteous charitable tolerant benign sympathetic great-hearted noble-minded anti-corruption stand-up self-sacrificing most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most excellent most skilled most powerful

Tính từ

Exceeding others in rank, status, quality or importance
remarkable arresting notable noteworthy striking distinguished exceptional extraordinary memorable signal catchy distinctive eminent haunting impressive indelible unforgettable vivid consequential conspicuous eye-catching historic illustrious important marked momentous monumental significant special celebrated famous noble preeminent pre-eminent prestigious famed notorious prominent pronounced redoubtable renowned salient arrestive astral bright leading luminous main major noticeable star well known never to be forgotten not to be forgotten out of this world great noted superior acclaimed dramatic well-known brilliant esteemed obvious bold emphatic honoured considerable glorious rare exalted respected influential commanding splashy stunning honored venerable evident showy unusual substantial flamboyant uncommon manifest visible spectacular bodacious noisy kenspeckle lionized big-name legendary heavy revered of note foremost weighty big grabby of high standing amazing popular imposing eventful lionised sensational dazzling singular distinct well thought of august strong of repute observable powerful meaningful grand wonderful big-time top awesome clear staggering storied astonishing lauded high-profile unmistakable major-league astounding big-league incredible phenomenal dominant glaring out of the ordinary admired immortal breathtaking vaunted awe-inspiring elevated of consequence remembered surprising chief plain recognizable red-letter headline serious much material earthshaking earth-shattering name superstar appreciable predominant major league recognisable decided world-class of importance high-powered exciting enduring patent amazeballs acknowledged lively paramount puissant of distinction particular estimable high-ranking lofty highly rated super reputable tectonic definite startling fateful perceptible much touted well received recognized VIP applauded celebrious redoubted celeb laureate critical decisive crucial jaw-dropping marvellous gee-whizz clear-cut feted big league splendid vital big-shot recognised forceful supreme fabulous highly regarded heavy-duty mighty high-level timeless solid apparent traditional smashing blatant terrific praised engaging citable marvelous thrilling mentionable namable nameable palpable thick discernible distinguishable epoch-making fantastic cherished lasting unreal underlined flashy wondrous pointed landmark electrifying attractive heroic treasured extolled identifiable big-gun fascinating peerless earth-shaking attention-grabbing rememberable worthy of note broad mind-blowing action-packed pivotal grave proverbial worthy of mention stand-out epic infamous large widely known of significance fabled especial portentous far-reaching capital principal well-thought-of fixed in the mind intense something else of mark much publicized up there worthy of attention in the limelight potent magnificent superb fab picturesque persistent peculiar ostentatious splendent active busy full perennial evergreen abiding classic time-honoured ageless reputed venerated interesting gorgeous captivating beautiful inescapable tidy sizeable reasonable fair respectable resplendent sublime obtrusive valued shining measurable detectable hard flagrant monster established nonpareil aristocratic tense unique groundbreaking in the public eye top-drawer assured forestanding exhibitionistic colourful glittery loud event-filled strenuous well-regarded having made a name for oneself much-publicized can't miss it different ground-breaking drop-dead easily seen suspenseful commemorated number one numero uno public goodly lurid gaudy garish hectic eye-popping forcible of particular interest talked of on the map distingué dynamite telling compelling charming jazzy cogent confounding bizarre big name far-famed widely knowbn talked about gripping riveting dense well marked colorful raving unexpected hot utmost murder splash boss cool graphic climactic senior trendsetting dominating regnant big-wheel sovereign hot-dog winning seminal governing apocalyptic to the fore paragon genius in the foreground shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady epochal boldface bold face much vaunted commended hailed cheered worth mentioning worth taking a look at the end sudden studied very great high-up high-flying life-changing of moment world-shaking life-and-death world-shattering sizable fundamental breath-taking unfading highly esteemed preponderant severe earnest resonant cardinal impactful large-scale deep high-priority urgent all-important keynote carrying a lot of weight quantum generous burning milestone conclusive front-page extensive extreme hefty unordinary ponderable climacteric newsworthy pressing perpetual everlasting undying eternal rip-roaring imperishable enthralling superlative highly thought of hair-raising high miraculous sharp open standout surpassing mythical transparent unambiguous prodigious unbelievable unambivalent unequivocal tremendous explicit categorical stupendous mythic nonambiguous stamped on your memory uncanny leonine lionlike page-oner lucid written all over one mythological fairy-tale ringing bald enunciated audible primo wicked fictitious folkloric imaginary perspicuous luculent straightforward barefaced unco world class plain as day well-defined open-and-shut bright-line well defined clean-cut crystal clear easily distinguishable bald-faced black-and-white apocryphal fictional hypothetical imagined gilt-edged allegorical parabolic symbolic zero cool fanciful storybook made up enchanted magic make-believe magical

Tính từ

Great in importance, extent, or size
monumental prodigious awesome classic grand important lasting majestic significant awe-inspiring enduring enormous historic impressive memorable stupendous unforgettable immortal remarkable striking ambitious large-scale magnificent marvelous marvellous astronomic astronomical Brobdingnagian bumper colossal cosmic cosmical cyclopean distinguished elephantine epoch-making exalted galactic gargantuan giant gigantesque gigantic herculean heroic heroical Himalayan huge humongous humungous immense jumbo king-size king-sized leviathan mammoth massive mega mighty monster monstrous mountainous oceanic oversized pharaonic planetary super super-duper supersize supersized titanic transcendent tremendous vast vasty walloping whacking whopping abiding permanent fantastic king size lofty mortal overwhelming towering ginormous phenomenal extraordinary terrific thumping decisive conclusive emphatic notable very great noteworthy unmistakable resounding great extreme goodly substantial roaring complete unqualified out-and-out thorough big thundering rip-roaring surpassing large whopping great whacking great dirty great supreme thrashing top maximum utmost intense pronounced incredible exceptional extensive superb uttermost excellent max severe rare acute high tall imposing elevated soaring steep multistorey sky-high sky-scraping fancy unconscionable undue excessive overextravagant extravagant overdue insane overweening stiff overmuch immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant unmerciful baroque devilish paramount altitudinous lavish superior hulking sublime stellar airy spiring imperial aerial unmeasurable unmatchable skyscraping ultimate preeminent towery considerable sizeable formidable staggering amazing immeasurable gross astounding stunning profuse mind-blowing breathtaking mind-boggling sweeping very large very big wonderful miraculous startling fabulous unusual astonishing sensational unbelievable dramatic flabbergasting spectacular Olympian abnormal fantabulous wondrous copious ominous shattering devastating awful terrible fierce dreadful harsh horrific fearful overcoming exciting crushing eye-opening paralyzing paralysing thunderous wide expansive incalculable unlimited eternal broad epic infinite boundless voluminous ample endless limitless comprehensive capacious sizable measureless illimitable heavy weighty grandiose widespread hefty almighty bulky interminable expanded generous unwieldy spacious abundant prolific Gargantuan commodious plenteous handsome overgrown unbounded mundo detailed Herculean never-ending thumping great whale of a far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching all-inclusive

Tính từ

Blameless or faultless
irreproachable impeccable faultless perfect blameless immaculate unblemished exemplary flawless guiltless ideal innocent model pure unimpeachable copybook admirable consummate exceptional honorable honourable inculpable meritorious spotless stainless absolute beyond reproach cleanhanded clear indefectible letter-perfect lily-white picture-book picture-perfect seamless sinless squeaky-clean untarnished above reproach irreprehensible irreprovable good pristine reproachless righteous unblamable virtuous snow white squeaky clean whiter than white fine excellent laudable commendable estimable praiseworthy quintessential sterling textbook definitive imitable paradigmatic archetypal classic archetypical punctilious without fault applaudable correct bueno very good neato classical worthy prototypical batting a thousand not bad not too shabby unsullied clean in the clear above suspicion honest untainted upright uncorrupted undefiled crimeless guilt-free not guilty chaste uninvolved unoffending virginal uncensurable impeccant uncorrupt angelic lawful legal licit free of unstained decent beyond criticism legitimate pure as the driven snow unspotted undamaged angelical white safe as pure as the driven snow incorrupt not to blame unspoiled uncontaminated intact whole without blemish unmarred moral unpolluted scrupulous unexceptionable precise exact accurate error-free unerring untouched exquisite unflawed sound unimpaired trustworthy reliable dependable sackless harmless virgin snowy wholesome unbroken unmarked supreme errorless mint superlative free modest unspoilt optimal unguilty on target tip-top just so as sound as a bell as good as new without errors clean-handed having clean hands without guilt unquestionable free from guilt free from blame fresh gleaming shining unassailable not responsible undisturbed acquitted prepared crime-free unchallengeable holy word-perfect demure law-abiding superb acceptable satisfactory unobjectionable inoffensive masterly defectless uninjured unhurt entire faithful meticulous free of sin beyond question beyond suspicion peaceful A1 prime optimum peak spick-and-span finished foolproof bang on spot on ten right aces infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless nice apple-pie ultimate absolved calm serene cleared exculpated untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated complete idyllic fitting coherent uninterrupted ordered logical harmonious uniform consistent smooth right on on the nail on the mark on the button best representative have-it-all best possible

Tính từ

Highly obvious or conspicuous
glaring obvious conspicuous gross patent blatant flagrant outrageous overt striking visible egregious manifest obtrusive unconcealed unmistakable inescapable open rank unmissable apparent audacious pronounced transparent undisguised plain to see brazen capital clear crying evident excessive extreme inordinate noticeable protrusive stark as plain as day as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile staring someone in the face sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb undeniable bald extravagant arrant barefaced palpable shocking dreadful scandalous atrocious heinous shameless outright naked terrible monstrous shameful brass-necked out-and-out awful notorious infamous plain enormous utter sheer downright complete flaunting bold straightforward ostentatious disgraceful reprehensible unashamed wicked unmitigated iniquitous villainous indisputable bald-faced prominent deliberate out and out preposterous immodest flagitious flagitous grody flaming bare-faced stick out like sore thumb hanging out distinct unequivocal self-evident discernible definite unabashed decided pellucid broad ringing unambivalent unambiguous perspicuous luminous lucid nonambiguous open-and-shut clear-cut luculent bright-line unblushing impudent unquestionable insolent unembarrassed brash cut-and-dried exclusive controlled crystal clear glaringly obvious unsubtle unrepentant loud gaudy snazzy showy flashy without shame screaming brassy meretricious overbold garish glitzy open and shut in plain sight serious absolute unqualified grievous exorbitant major significant immoderate

Tính từ

Not settled or resolved
undecided undetermined unsettled open pending unresolved indefinite debatable indeterminate moot uncertain unclear unestablished unknown unsure vague arguable disputable iffy problematic unascertained ambiguous borderline controversial doubtful dubious tentative dodgy unconcluded yet to be decided in the balance on ice open to doubt open to question on the back burner up in the air unfinished incomplete unattended to ongoing awaiting action in abeyance hanging fire in limbo suspended deferred undone awaiting decision postponed remaining still open awaiting attention in the air not done to be done put off in cold storage in a state of uncertainty betwixt and between in a state of suspension unpaid forgotten abandoned neglected left out on hold put to one side in no man's land in suspension left awaiting dependent ominous continuing pensile in reserve pendent hanging in line on board on line around the corner in the works unconfirmed questionable equivocal in doubt open to debate disputed unanswered contentious indecisive inconclusive undefined dubitable confused unfixed vexed problematical irresolute unpredictable chancy in dispute doubtable inexact obscure speculative to be decided unspecified unsolved contestable up for grabs controvertible imprecise negotiable clouded up for discussion in question open-ended contested dicey hesitant issuable mysterious mootable wavering vacillating suspect indistinct perplexing enigmatic touch and go bone of contention the jury's out between sixes and sevens cryptic between rock and hard place hazy unlimited open to discussion ill-defined marginal unrestricted hairy at issue ambivalent hidden undisclosed hot-button exceptionable unproven concealed puzzling incalculable unexplained unlikely indistinguishable inexplicit shadowy apocryphal abstruse arcane flimsy not yet established contingent opaque in a state of limbo not definite touch-and-go anybody's guess uncompleted in hand unclassifiable uncommitted peripheral frontier bordering enigmatical undependable ignored woolly non-specific open to argument of two minds unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged wide-open unforeseeable insecure at risk debated not fixed unspecific open for discussion not yet settled unfinalized confusing muffled not settled murky nebulous secret yet to be settled intangible indiscernible equivocating weak argumentative disputatious polemical polemic unrevealed elusive unverified unreliable unprovable dark not restrained pendant scrappy contended quarrelsome untold in contention thorny ticklish delicate sticky knotty taxing spurious undivulged blear occult hypothetical limitless approximate wooly riddling subject to debate provocative critical awkward troublesome difficult fractious tricky under advisement not obvious under examination infinite immeasurable endless unrecognized unapprehended unconvincing unproved unnoted unrecognised noteless unperceived much debated a live issue a moot point a controversial subject unsatisfying unsatisfactory inadequate resolving nothing lacking groundless unfateful unfounded deficient unsound uneventful proving nothing measureless unfathomable horizonless immensurable illimitable boundless bottomless unbounded fathomless a matter of opinion flexible leaving matters open unidentified faltering hesitating abeyant undiscovered unfamiliar left hanging waffling discussable improbable still open to question still open to doubt unheard of implausible unrealistic fanciful not decided unthinkable incredible preposterous fantastic movable exchangeable transactional convertible assignable variable sitting on the fence ridiculous absurd unbelievable subject to discussion difficult to believe long shot unapt far-fetched hard to swallow fat chance beyond the bounds of possibility on thin ice scarcely credible open to modification

Tính từ

Showing or characterized by great energy and movement
spanking active airy animate animated bouncing brisk energetic frisky gay jaunty jazzy kinetic lively mettlesome peppy perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy sparky spirited sprightly springy vital vivacious zippy dashing excellent exceptional fast fresh magnificent marvellous marvelous new rapid remarkable striking swift vigorous whopping wonderful bouncy spry dynamic full of beans high-spirited sparkling bubbly zestful chipper playful buoyant full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour effervescent bright vibrant frolicsome enthusiastic exuberant sportive happy chirpy breezy alert strong forceful peart zingy upbeat cheerful zappy merry fiery keen wick cheery nimble go-go sparkly lusty hardy tireless zesty light-hearted spunky jolly full of energy light sunny ebullient alive and kicking ball of fire full of the joys of spring as merry as a grig as lively as a grig agile carefree bold indefatigable gamesome powerful forcible gingery sturdy untiring lighthearted red-blooded driving feisty enterprising swinging jumping full of pep bright and breezy full of get-up-and-go joyful blithe stimulating lightsome exciting passionate robust vivid sharp rollicking potent eager frolic unflagging busy stalwart industrious in high spirits zealous rocking strenuous high-powered hyper smart daring sexy energized activated jovial confident genial glad colorful colourful insouciant excited wild flourishing tough ardent debonair energised gleeful blithesome quick mobile scintillating clever peppery alive bustling elated unconcerned jocose sporty aggressive crank ludic thriving rugged impassioned intense perk venturesome virile barnstorming flush happy-go-lucky sound brash gutsy hale and hearty go-getting full of fun stirring effective in good spirits pushy take-over on the go in fine fettle raring to go neat bubbling dapper nonchalant pertinent relevant interesting dull tight casual flippant salacious glitzy fancy jazzlike psychedelic saucy sassy breathless fervent irrepressible graceful gritty fairylike grooving coltish aware full of the joy of living valiant uncaring unthinking unconsidered untroubled heedless unworried indifferent avid occupied hot burning heated full of vim and vigor romping skittish enlivened unserious insubstantial moving demoniac motive kinematic dynamical locomotive motile high kittenish frolicky eventful dexterous dextrous deedful vitalized full of zip on the move wanton fanciful whimsical elastic volatile resilient electrifying to the point entertaining dramatic jumpy excitable wicked larkish prankish flamboyant dazzling happening vehement humming buzzing rousing hopping coruscating intensive astir abuzz determined feeling one's oats full of joie de vivre storming resounding ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating emphatic radiant responsive mirthful full-blooded all-out muscular abubble have-a-go hard-hitting high-octane aboil full of spirit exhilarating heady festive joyous frivolous distinctive piquant rich poignant tart tasty tangy pungent witty convivial cheering devil-may-care fun-loving pleasure-seeking slaphappy laughing winsome rakish jocund gladsome jocular eupeptic canty waggish forward self-assertive presuming as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world resourceful original healthy imaginative ingenious audacious adventurous fit strapping fine athletic inventive able-bodied blooming in good health creative hale strong as an lion in good trim in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition gifted capable intrepid able ambitious talented quick-witted hearty adventuresome venturous go-ahead free-swinging up-and-coming nerved entrepreneurial courageous nervy emboldened persuasive steamroller fighting fit take-charge efficient hard-driving full of vim in the pink fit as a fiddle hungry pushing progressive coming on strong itching craving gumptious hardworking yearning diligent aspiring hustling spark plug lusting hard ball innovative advancing self-starting ready impish exhilarated devilish trim easy natty flip joking spruce showy employed engaged working assiduous laborious sedulous tied-up assertive violent at work well on the job resolute hectic stout perceptive invigorated firm wholesome good restored whole well-conditioned hard at work Herculean brawny refreshed earnest burly buff boisterous husky in harness at it intelligent rehabilitated influential hard-pressed fanatical astute unwearied busy as a bee buzzy sinewy on the hop hard at it bursting with health bright-eyed bushy-tailed compelling shredded jacked beefy fun engrossed quick off the mark on the ball tenacious tied up young acute physically fit mighty stark militant involved rested shrewd quivering effectual revived relaxed rushed off your feet brilliant clear trembling game two-fisted brainy committed quaking pulsating dedicated staunch sharp-witted shaking interested fit as a flea throbbing beating restless supersmart hyperintelligent ultrasmart as fit as a fiddle glowing wrapped up like new in rude health wide awake right as rain belligerent combative muscly bellicose quick on the uptake normal pugnacious unsteady hard arduous hired laboring signed selected operating inked ripped chaotic argumentative productive well built quarrelsome extreme dogged taxing aerobicized exhausting frantic contentious confrontational full in place in collar plugging away on board on duty physical truculent severe hunky disputatious crowded warlike scrappy thewy on the payroll in a job agonistic impressive frenetic frenzied rigorous chippy swarming persistent gladiatorial lithe discordant assaultive awake preoccupied plucky brawly labouring absorbed teeming telling immersed penetrating fierce thronging all right brave OK devoted overloaded in good physical condition in good physical shape steadfast snowed quick-thinking motivated well-built in shape furious hard-working on the run have one's hands full in-your-face in fine feather expressive wholehearted nimble-witted observant discerning up to one's ears busy as a beaver lucid eloquent warm perspicacious driven pulling no punches faithful enthused obsessed puissant genius whip-smart pumped intent unyielding raring like Piccadilly Circus great willing as fit as a flea full of go full of commotion agog solicitous voracious all there as strong as an ox appetent thirsty desirous anxious impatient nuts antsy keen as mustard crazy athirst gung ho greedy unused rosy undimmed stimulated verdant relieved florid ruddy unfaded fair dewy creamy unwithered retained gregarious concentrated outgoing fluid ambulatory invigorating health-conscious youthful jobholding better concerted unremitting pertinacious piercing healthful right healthier heaving powerfully built broad-shouldered thickset recovered envigorating party zoolike rapier-like ok gallant healed afoot herculean full of activity A1 mended cured manly refreshing finely honed clubby social peaches-and-cream lucrative money-making paying rewarding well-proportioned mesomorphic in trim unavailable revitalized reinvigorated with it blunt uncontrolled unbridled unrestrained live sweeping festal partyish enjoyable welcoming masculine inspired practical persevering remunerative gainful fruitful taken outdoor outdoorsy revivified rejuvenated renewed fitter manful inexhaustible rushing thronged nifty holiday virulent up and about in motion hunky-dory as strong as a horse as strong as a lion full-bodied well-developed built focused on utilized utilised sports-loving deviceful in action charged revitalised reenergized sound in body and limb in good form in excellent shape solid as a rock fine and dandy skipping irregular springing bounding leaping hurdling have a previous engagement with a customer tied down have a prior engagement on assignment fast-moving important galvanic unwearying unfailing receptive heavy valid cogent hurried on the trot clocked up inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated perked up significant rabid still going strong going strong incessant fervid thrilled time-poor savvy convincing weighty radical warring fighting head over heels grind fearless stoked titillated apt delicate canny deft in an occupation contemporary sophisticated modern hip fascinated passional unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened ultra-active contending extremist combating rushed off one's feet too much on plate competent wise adroit slick adept skilful knowing weariless rhapsodic geeked aflame wacky perfervid afire nutty concerned tantalized unqualified iron-willed embattled juiced keyed up turnt hepped up gone on red-hot bugged hopped-up ready and willing as keen as mustard mad keen gaga pleased hot to trot tantalised chomping at the bit conscientious champing at the bit warmblooded smart as a whip sharp as a tack skillful quick on the trigger whiz mercurial quick on the draw curt wired in demand having a full plate having many irons in the fire slaving having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry unimpaired rosy-cheeked safe and sound in use solid enduring reinforced stable secure fixed durable steady big substantial hard-nosed uncompromising stubborn unflinching electric magnetic plausible armed efficacious militaristic rebellious warrish assertory martial offensive military revolutionary like a new man good at sports sagacious unwavering obstinate strong-willed sure loyal self-confident unbending in full swing well-founded hard as nails heavy-duty well-made up-to-date trendy graphic realistic up to snuff in top form the picture of health drastic conclusive coercive credible unanswerable compulsory motivating impellent major urging propulsive positive strong-minded decisive single-minded unfaltering detailed exacting tiring ornery in arms up in arms lifelike evocative affecting picturesque arresting firm in spirit independent resolved heroic indomitable certain mean purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad unhesitating take charge touchy challenging demanding difficult visual unforgettable memorable authentic haunting charismatic activating self-motivated highpowered energising energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing diehard turbulent testing harsh trying unsparing gutty pictorial delineated emotive distinct thin-skinned graphical fascinating hot-blooded burdensome flustering madhouse tumultuous riotous PDQ prompt on the warpath high-strung habitual trembly pulsing shuddery reverberant play hard ball play for keeps true-to-life true to life definite crystal clear theatrical sharply-etched highly coloured rowdy bumpy onerous full on unruly wearing imperious action-packed raucous quavering oscillating shivering rhythmic rhythmical reverberative reverberating shivery cadent cadenced palpitating hurrying about rushing about in a hurry in a rush dashing about engrossed in at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in shaky fluttering quavery shuddering jittery longing amenable inclined restive hung up hankering disposed unreluctant pining covetous strident aquiver tremulous atremble thunderous tottering lilting conscious wabbling wabbly juddering rocky tottery wobbly sonorant wobbling insomnolent awakened sleepless up with a steady pulse insomniac roused wakeful cognizant not asleep wide-awake tossing and turning not sleeping

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outstanding Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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