Đồng nghĩa của luminous

Alternative for luminous

Đồng nghĩa: beaming, bright, clear, glowing, light, radiant, shining,

Trái nghĩa: dark, dim,

Tính từ

Giving off light
shining bright brilliant glowing lustrous radiant lighted dazzling illuminated incandescent lambent lit lucent luminescent vivid effulgent gleaming refulgent resplendent candescent coruscating scintillating beaming bedazzling clear fulgent intense lucid phosphorescent sheeny shiny splendid luminiferous beamful crystal shimmering translucent sparkling glittering glossy blazing flashing ablaze irradiant glistening aglow light fluorescent glaring burnished twinkling polished sunny glistering glimmering flaming flickering illumined alight burning warm glassy lit up sleek rich flashy vibrant glittery glorious glowy irradiated beamy iridescent Day-Glo relucent rutilant limpid ardent satiny fulgurating agleam brightened sunlit lightsome colourful strong colorful smooth glazed fervid fervent moonlit auroral golden argent fulgid silvery mirrorlike pellucid glinting splendent fiery fulgurant radiating fulgurous rubbed satin buffed transparent crystalline nitid lurid clinquant deep striking gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy psychedelic see-through slick sparkly kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy transpicuous silky unblurred loud deep-coloured eye-catching clear-cut bright-coloured highly-coloured highly colored razzle-dazzle glitzy red-hot transcendent white-hot aflame gleamy irradiating soft shinning hot white healthy brightening illuminative glacé cheery varnished on fire intensely hot opalescent splendorous noticeable conspicuous neon stunning blinding waxy smouldering flaring well-lit suffused beautiful smoldering fierce overpowering reflective convey silver ruddy rosy well-lighted well lit well-illuminated shimmery luculent patinated slippery brightly illuminated well illuminated extremely bright reflecting light diaphanous reflecting silken sericeous satinlike scintillant full of light well lighted semitransparent full floodlit undimmed brightsome astral star stellar visual dramatic unobscured sunshiny cloudless glass-like colourless gossamer translucid semi-transparent semiopaque colorless liquid bespangled spangled starry radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform crystal clear graphic brightly coloured pronounced ostentatious spectacular breathtaking noisy exciting multicoloured stimulating impressive multicolored florid bombastic remarkable lively many-coloured thrilling marked commanding arresting emphatic electrifying bodacious colored powerful effective glamorous prominent plain brash multi-coloured fresh salient definite outstanding multicolour coloured motley grabby varicoloured prismatic variegated titillating catchy polychromatic harlequin rainbow heady multicolor kenspeckle bling gripping luxuriant startling tense suspenseful rainbow-like many-hued sensational hair-raising climactic sudden looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory dark unadulterated saturated extravagant elaborate animated exaggerated richly coloured brave baroque flowery distinguishable rococo decorated over-bright bloody festooned red multihued sanguine livid glowering overbright snazzy corinthian chromatic imaginative interesting arrestive screaming pure multichromatic varicolored scarlet reddish-orange crimson ginger pizazzy fancy pizzazzy smart wild polychrome patterned exuberant magnificent hued varied versicolor phantasmagoric particoloured picturesque particolored swanky swank stylish gorgeous theatrical swashbuckling brilliantly coloured superb ravishing majestic great many-splendoured parti-colored many-colored flakey peacockish camp pretentious flaky outrageous sporty gassy luscious chichi histrionic Day-glo imposing staggering sumptuous splendacious splendiferous fine magnolious dramaturgical notable stirring exhilarating rousing high astonishing amazing riveting incredible fascinating astounding extraordinary obvious exhibitionistic distinct awesome memorable phenomenal exceptional dramaturgic biting invigorating energizing spine-tingling envigorating sharp energising shock-horror stem-winding high-octane studied well marked forceful manifest evident arousing refreshing awe-inspiring breath-taking emotional melodramatic tragic theatric histrionical thespian expressive affecting farcical comic rip-roaring jaw-dropping action-packed gee-whizz

Tính từ

Clear in meaning without uncertainty or ambiguity
clear evident obvious lucid perspicuous plain transparent apparent bald bald-faced barefaced bright-line broad clear-cut decided distinct intelligible luculent manifest nonambiguous open-and-shut palpable patent pellucid ringing straightforward unambiguous unambivalent unequivocal unmistakable apprehensible comprehendible comprehensible fathomable graspable knowable perspicacious understandable crystal clear explicit glaring definite conspicuous noticeable undeniable self-evident visible indisputable pronounced striking perceptible overt blatant marked open undisguised recognizable observable prominent self-explanatory unquestionable coherent recognisable discernible direct bold unconcealed categorical limpid lucent beyond question well defined perceivable digestible detectable user friendly user-friendly incontrovertible tangible salient sharp simple indubitable incontestable certain flagrant crystalline positive outright precise well-defined distinguishable crystal plain to see univocal beyond doubt easily understood writ large crystal-clear as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile cut-and-dried sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb open and shut black-and-white accessible appreciable legible scrutable unsubtle downright demonstrable blinding inescapable express definitive specific logical penetrable distinctive blunt gross candid stark unblurred easy to understand undoubted sure conclusive clear as day clear as a bell as clear as day staring someone in the face as plain as the nose on your face written all over someone black and white cut and dried beyond a doubt no ifs ands or buts clearly expressed conceivable understood full as clear as crystal notable evinced divulged disclosed noncontroversial revealed evidenced rank egregious as plain as day crisp undisputed unquestioned clear cut articulate telltale particular out-and-out exclusive controlled glaringly obvious arrant discernable sensible hard and fast sharply defined unique obtrusive outstanding enunciated dramatic audible inimitable stunning plain as day clean-cut easily distinguishable graphic easily grasped for certain as plain as daylight credible plausible ostensible seeming remarkable believable colorable arresting crystalling staring one in the face absolute decisive well-constructed pure vivid see-through bright liquid unqualified translucent straight unreserved emphatic thin filmy transpicuous sheer diaphanous uncontestable undisputable no strings attached flat-out no fine print no holds barred nailed-on no catch straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out axiomatic frank exposed public right under your nose written all over one irrefutable brazen proven naked significant real assured true accepted confirmed recognized signal shameless genuine unhidden inarguable acknowledged unarguable final showy recognised accurate unassailable irrefragable unanswerable unchallengeable actual verifiable pointed brilliant flamboyant splashy commanding catchy grabby noisy bodacious kenspeckle eye-catching accomplished noteworthy not in doubt firm out in the open factual seeable authentic audacious discoverable concrete watertight uncontested unchallenged apodictic hard outrageous guaranteed compelling under one's nose notorious utter complete beyond dispute set substantial strong avowed known measurable beyond a shadow of a doubt undebatable visual in the bag easily seen extraordinary settled impressive big as life authoritative exact unusual convincing considerable rare uncommon confirmable noted on show sure thing inevitable ostentatious unmitigated necessary honest seen ocular sound memorable not in question macroscopic identifiable veritable provable verified spectacular unveiled compulsory in sight in view viewable established unerring bare crying not hidden unimpeachable dinkum uncontroversial to be seen infallible predestined capital brass-necked well-grounded serious special for sure forceful bona fide empirical on display on view out of the ordinary unexaggerated wholehearted ineluctable existing thoroughgoing unfeigned ineludible shocking doubtless without doubt flaunting inexorable solid dreadful material empiric objective sensational heinous unavoidable obligatory astonishing unashamed fundamental enormous scandalous atrocious ultimate admitted arrestive fated truthful important in plain sight flawless veridical demonstrative cogent surprising staggering astounding amazing protrusive unpreventable flashy realistic flat plainly seen certified much in evidence unprotected substantive incredible dazzling inordinate cold well-known loud clinching predetermined unescapable preordained detailed published disgraceful terrible reprehensible excessive extreme phenomenal deliberate ascertainable monstrous wicked surefire gaudy garish shameful mandatory required determinate reliable villainous iniquitous airtight unsheltered uncovered telling comprehensive prima facie well-marked bare-faced startling singular ascertained citable can't miss it double-checked well-founded sure-enough publicized fixed minute undefended exceptional mentionable namable nameable stated safe destined supreme establishable peeled barren shown stripped denuded exhibited no mistake proverbial down pat defined on ice unshielded wide open pregnable windswept publicised bound to happen sure to happen heavy plain as the nose on your face having down pat in the cards as sure as eggs is eggs honest-to-goodness unsealed bared out and out widely known open to the weather for show unmasked dug up open to the elements showing wide-open without shelter red-letter out laid bare great unrestrained cognizable traceable unmissable above board standing out clearly visible manifestly unshakable tyrannous dogmatic arbitrary attestable evincible joined-up runaway awful unequivocable ineliminable infamous matter-of-fact unadulterated artless freely admitted not disputed unfailing imposing breathtaking immodest thick irresistible impregnable invincible cinched unalterable binding nailed down harsh brutal determined trustworthy awe-inspiring attractive awesome patently true in evidence checkable supportable sustainable staring you in the face imminent doomed flagitious foolproof irrevocable well grounded well-proven well focused exhaustive salted away engaging tidy goodly sizeable reasonable fair spelled out anywhere to be seen unfabled upfront literal unvarnished flagitous unproblematic no two ways about it resolute last unconditional deciding odds-on irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad apodeictic exhibitionistic colourful lively glittery divergent discrete ponderable individual confident convinced gorgeous captivating beautiful attention-grabbing grody flaming in focus deducible inferable secure make no bones inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast good-sized large sizable healthy estimable severe forthright incisive undubitable silhouetted peremptory lurid readily comprehensible inerrant questionless failsafe stone cold easily understandable on the nose that's a fact stick out like sore thumb hanging out no ifs ands or buts about it well marked colorful shared broadcast can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts clearly defined not vague true to life no ifs and or buts fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss celebrated in circulation existent warts and all freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open faultless dependable perfect effective attested unabashed momentous given there are no two ways about it all sewn up unimaginary clearly explained without explanation easy to follow circumstantial impudent unblushing headline unforgettable interesting famous renowned very pat superior undoubtable legitimate physical brash unembarrassed insolent declared popular familiar confessed kosher eventful distingué granted valid legit certifiable grievous unrepentant wonderful quantitative exorbitant major assumed drop-dead snazzy without shame meretricious screaming overbold glitzy brassy sure enough non-fictional for real de facto honest to God real live immoderate proper eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible proclaimed identified common indemonstrable presupposed quantifiable different charming powerful distinguished jazzy lofty wondrous dynamite fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre existential experimental fact-based observational experiential aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic well known self-confessed branded generally known received publicly known in full view of particular interest worthy of note beyond a shadow of doubt worthy of mention murder splash super something else major-league terrific boss the end worth mentioning hot mind-blowing meaningful utmost underlined stand-out worth taking a look at high-profile of note cool goes without saying well documented impending inevasible prescribed locked up

Tính từ

Exceeding others in rank, status, quality or importance
distinguished eminent notable illustrious noteworthy prestigious outstanding preeminent superior noble signal bright redoubtable star astral prominent famous renowned celebrated important famed noted remarkable esteemed great well known significant conspicuous acclaimed respected pre-eminent well-known memorable foremost influential venerable elevated exalted leading of high standing exceptional striking extraordinary marked arresting unforgettable special brilliant grand honoured paramount august lionized salient notorious honored of note lionised of repute of distinction impressive reputable momentous distinctive pronounced glorious noticeable legendary aristocratic lofty consequential big-time eye-catching major dominant name superstar celeb arrestive celebrious main big-name big-league big league highly regarded major league well thought of splendid indelible catchy vivid haunting monumental historic resplendent admired heavy sublime popular recognized chief applauded predominant never to be forgotten not to be forgotten out of this world infamous capital principal high-profile top-drawer something else of mark of importance of consequence major-league in the public eye high-ranking visible recognised high far-famed widely knowbn much publicized talked about revered leonine redoubted lionlike page-oner big-gun VIP singular peerless especial shining nonpareil patrician talked of big name gentle titled obvious highborn lordly highbred genteel wellborn rare of gentle birth well born high-born noble-born of noble birth upper-crust blue-blooded upper-class silk-stocking unusual uncommon particular glaring peculiar amazing phenomenal top unique astonishing out of the ordinary powerful awesome incredible wonderful prodigious sensational spectacular top-notch supreme prime surprising admirable primary essential unparalleled fine excellent astounding unprecedented fantastic superlative atypical odd high-level key abnormal marvellous pivotal marvelous considerable commanding imposing first-class central first-rate anomalous awe-inspiring stunning unwonted exquisite breathtaking fabulous honourable good extraordinaire crucial stellar strange honorable premier vital world-class weighty unexpected bizarre incomparable superb puissant uncustomary aberrant queer weird high-powered terrific smashing unconventional seminal serious critical exciting staggering super unsurpassed exemplary amazeballs far-reaching respectable mighty dramatic curious perfect unfamiliar unheard-of unreal dazzling exceeding aberrated freak material meaningful preternatural stupendous mind-blowing unequalled big wondrous senior interesting cardinal sterling praiseworthy estimable eventful matchless meritorious unrivalled feted refreshing unrivaled emphatic focal heavyweight tip-top high profile heavy-duty out of the way commendable unequaled laudable big-shot unordinary far-out miraculous fundamental applaudable top-level tremendous storied integral mind-boggling reputed showy red-letter top-ranking splashy fab novel magnificent buzzworthy standout high-up unimaginable attractive pertinent primo worthy relevant surpassing creditable much-publicized thrilling unaccustomed inimitable deserving startling iconic urgent substantial core engaging lead unbelievable beautiful whimsical lauded choice presiding head bold best unheard of consummate pressing flamboyant eye-popping supereminent strong first uncanny wicked unexampled unthinkable bodacious arch inconceivable ace newsworthy happy attention-grabbing kenspeckle pointed brill high-grade dynamite ideal delightful highly rated splendiferous solid well-thought-of eye-opening high-priority high-flying worthy of admiration in the limelight all-important number one pleasing shocking of the first water fresh moving cherished acknowledged front-page extra special appreciable unorthodox enthralling offbeat stirring treasured fascinating different magical enduring elegant electrifying intrinsic immortal outlandish premium select recognizable ruling observable profound remembered rememberable authoritative exotic public competent grave ranking dignified captivating majestic stimulating topical elite irregular noisy grabby praisable meritable thankworthy recognisable flawless jaw-dropping overriding banner ponderous infrequent extravagant champion accomplished resonant well received gorgeous fixed in the mind potent one of a kind gee-whizz highest greatest immediate unco mean intense large-scale of moment beaut much touted divine cool trusted atypic instrumental off the wall formidable bully heavenly mega widely known deviant classic valued fanciful neat acute almighty cracking high-quality number-one freakish bosting piquant overbearing primal sovereign prior out-of-the-way worthy of commendation portentous uncharacteristic skookum life-changing of concern heroic stately proud A1 indispensable dandy numero uno swell worthy of note of great consequence life-and-death gilt-edged top-shelf par excellence supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pleasurable unexcelled one and only of the first order way out having made a name for oneself celebrity four-star controlling basic staple impeccable guiding untypical familiar efficient directing requisite intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive jutting tidy sizeable reasonable fair underlined unimpeachable irreproachable enjoyable inconsistent imperative measurable detectable perceptible necessary needed upper extolled faultless blameless off the beaten track energetic dynamic top-quality pleasant established famous name fateful landmark gratifying manifest awful in spotlight in limelight big-wheel fearless tenacious effectual regal magnanimous fabled determinative deep stupefying seldom seen earnest big time trendsetting regnant governing dominating hot-dog winning goodly good quality high-caliber a cut above fortunate auspicious very good prevailing learned alpha triumphal idealistic golden of substance seldom freaky divergent scarce distinct historical bewildering triumphant fulfilling groundbreaking worth mentioning preponderant high-minded well-connected first rate prized of the first rank gifted arch- venerated germane good-quality top of the line top of the range finest high-calibre of a high standard vaunted can't miss it out of the common uplifting unnerving disturbing unsettling disquieting valorous operative worthy of attention delicate dainty extreme sweeping large scandalous horrifying jolting dumbfounding dumfounding jarring flabbergasting blindsiding cheering satisfying rewarding epochal heart-warming exclusive valuable invaluable laureate improbable top-tier severe exigent sizable dire of influence definite importunate vigorous of interest festive ridiculous dubious preposterous absurd unrealistic wild front original ultimate typical model prototypical quintessential unlikely fantastical doubtful nonsensical implausible funny grandiose ludicrous irrational overwhelming confounding telling impactful burning determining top-priority worthwhile overmastering initial master sovran priceless precious wacky crazy insane comical oddball foolish mad cockamamie zany worthy of mention well-regarded stand-out rich recherche A-number-1 A-1 inaugural headmost unmatched one-off irreplaceable flash gnarly forby hare-brained spesh other specific off-centre left-field grievous overshadowing dangerous life and death off-the-wall far-fetched make-believe very fine sensationalistic lurid appalling revealing hotshot hotdog hard to swallow beyond belief red-carpet celebratory magic up there super-duper fat doozie something mondo unsurpassable unparagoned without equal purpose-built new transcendent beyond compare without precedent sui generis unrepeatable archetypal utmost second to none once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate in a class by itself newfangled off beaten path world class sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny kooky erratic errant specialized nonconforming off-key outrageous unconforming discordant alien unknown quaint unrepresentative unharmonious way-out quizzical kinky eccentric quirky isolated perverted specialised at the cutting edge heavy stuff hot stuff at the leading edge expert top-hole solid gold masterly yellow shock-horror melodramatic hair-raising banging skilful appealing zero cool up to the mark suitable palmary nasty honest decent believeable satisfactory organic adroit adept deft skillful capable able pretty clever to the max tabloid vulgar pungent excessive livid X-rated emotional sultry coloured rough coarse colored provocative entertaining absorbing intriguing compelling topping gripping riveting engrossing enchanting affecting thought-provoking batting a thousand not too shabby salt of the earth chillin' quality rad inspired prizewinning schmick fantabulous radical groovy immense hype slick keen gangbuster dope hot gangbusters wizard frontline righteous lovely nifty optimal gone peachy prize optimum crackerjack bonny corking boss phat down sik bonnie bumper boffo splendorous supernal belting brave pearler exo brag barrie lasting top-of-the-line topflight the very best high-class state-of-the-art the best on fleek gilt-edge out-of-sight jim-dandy blue-chip peachy keen bang-up a standout first-string A-OK blue-ribbon five-star inviting charismatic hypnotizing hypnotic exhilarating envigorating hypnotising entrancing intoxicating electric tantalising enticing mesmerising mesmerizing bewitching galvanising magnetic timeless unfading everlasting eternal perpetual undying meaty amusing invigorating preoccupying charming unputdownable immersing beguiling inspiring prepossessing involving racy tantalizing mesmeric spellbinding compulsive trenchant unboring vibrant newsy relatable rousing alluring action-packed consuming seductive galvanizing diverting imperishable stamped on your memory most significant most important most illustrious most prominent most skilled most influential

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