Đồng nghĩa của at peace

Alternative for at peace


No longer alive, dead
dead deceased departed at rest passed away no longer with us late lifeless lost fallen perished demised asleep lamented passed on cold breathless no more six feet under as dead as a doornail pushing up daisies with God dead as a doornail gone expired defunct extinct murdered slain slaughtered killed low exanimate under the sod inanimate insensate insentient inert not breathing nonextant bought the farm buried having breathed one's last stiff disintegrated turned to dust retired done bygone vanished bypast in the grave laid to rest offed down reposing mortified wasted spiritless out of one's misery still gone to meet maker unanimated erased cut off gone to reward bereft of life cadaverous liquidated pushing up the daisies checked out silent not existing resting in peace kicked the bucket finished former gave up the ghost bit the dust past forgotten earlier ancient olden long-ago disappeared foregone old-time gone by of old wiped out died out of yore passé done for dated invalid concluded lapsed old out-of-date destroyed obsolete outmoded primeval primordial prehistoric nonexistent archaic exterminated immemorial antediluvian extinguished ended primigenial abolished void snuffed out terminated vanquished superseded primaeval out cold no longer extant dead and gone long gone dead as a dodo irrelevant casualty bitten the dust faded missing stone-dead ruined over outdated redundant kaput demolished effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated dear departed much lamented late lamented no longer living unconscious run had it comatose devastated crushed frittered insensible out of commission down the drain inactive desert faint brute unmoving motionless waste unresponsive limp at an end doused quenched out dead and buried a thing of the past ancient history in the past over and done with unknown inexistent not living in a faint out for the count dead to the world no longer existing remote no longer known pristine long past long ago long departed previous antiquated one-time completed erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned belated forepassed long-gone oldfangled past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge


Having emotional or mental peace
calm unruffled composed serene placid tranquil untroubled cool collected undisturbed unperturbed peaceful sedate together unworried unshaken level coolheaded smooth possessed equal recollected limpid self-possessed self-composed at ease unflustered unfazed poised relaxed unflappable equable cool, calm and collected still unmoved quiet imperturbable nonplussed unagitated laid-back even-tempered chilled easy dispassionate impassive controlled self-assured pacific unexcitable unemotional cool-headed unbothered easygoing equanimous as cool as a cucumber confident self-controlled nonchalant halcyon level-headed levelheaded temperate cool as a cucumber steady unconcerned undismayed unaffected content gentle phlegmatic stilly hushed centered lown stolid assured centred stoical patient restful keeping your cool unexcited sure of oneself carefree undaunted sober firm resolute unalarmed unflinching measured reasonable stable unstirred unvexed unflurried untouched not moved even undistracted urbane self-confident elegant suave dignified reserved well-balanced like a millpond waveless motionless in control mild-mannered casual neutral detached stress-free civil unimpassioned unshakable passionless sure of yourself keeping one's shirt on soothed calmed grounded keeping a stiff upper lip sensible disimpassioned clearheaded cool as cucumber serious have one's act together staid not turn a hair commonsensical repressed suppressed quieted blissful peaceable secure unperturbable sure sanguine conciliatory easeful reposeful in repose constant at rest mellow anxiety-free good-tempered mild balmy windless harmonious prelapsarian stormless bucolic heavenly sunny pleasant soothing pastoral fair pellucid reconciled satisfied quiescent comfortable resting insouciant rational easy-going balanced moderate well balanced restrained formal happy-go-lucky blithe stoic undemonstrative businesslike assertive cold tolerant self-restrained sane breezy free and easy complacent sound mature aloof distant indifferent fearless reticent proper unhurried realistic deliberate devil-may-care seemly decorous practical somber positive inhibited wise stiff solemn philosophical dependable stately demure sombre self-contained reliable self-reliant taciturn prim unresponsive self-asserting bold frigid modest forbearing laid back emotionless full of common sense pragmatic grave circumspect apathetic judicious prudent complaisant nerveless informal uncommunicative indulgent brave gutsy undemanding remote unfeeling courageous retiring shy unapproachable secretive cold-blooded low-pressure close-mouthed withdrawn close logical diffident cautious upbeat unhesitating dauntless standoffish soft-spoken misanthropic solitary backward uncompanionable conventional bashful icy ceremonious noncommittal reclusive offish eremitic regular flexible poker-faced constrained resigned disinterested guarded accommodating all there well adjusted believing in oneself lax down-to-earth long-suffering lackadaisical forgiving amenable uncomplaining leisurely uninterrupted unbroken unanxious unfluctuating blasé hard-headed accepting impassible certain liberal uninhibited philosophic affable clinical callous numb affectless unsentimental intrepid benign audacious inexcitable insensible trouble-free without a care in the world discreet thick-skinned unafraid settled good-natured impersonal serious-minded can-do lenient filled with aplomb gung ho heartless commanding authoritative cocksure permissive unsympathetic overconfident nonpassionate objective matter-of-fact hard-boiled well-adjusted unswerving puffed up cozy not surprised unchanging unvarying in a relaxed manner daring uniform no-nonsense agreeable graceful plucky idyllic consistent invariable supine debonair taking your time cosy in check tamed restricted disciplined limited contained fine unaltering unalterable straight deliberative farsighted stabile orderly systematic methodical clubby bovine understanding immovable smug self-satisfied even-keeled happy unsurprised irenic docile loose considerate silent euthymic not dismayed doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear earnest leisured fixed slack liberated free unrestricted compromising unceremonious unrestrained enduring hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches with one's feet on the ground unrushed unsociable under control persistent persevering kind well-disposed fatalistic rosy high sober-minded sobersided unforthcoming in one's right mind untaxing submissive untiring mild-tempered longanimous passive responsible private cocky believing expectant expecting hotshot hotdog undoubtful know-it-all self-secure hassle-free calm and collected enlightened profound deep moral ethical deep-thinking learned good having both feet on the ground calculable unfriendly stand-offish fortitudinous pumped up unimpressionable stuffy offhand outgiving indolent uncritical lazy hang-loose lucid coherent unrestrictive inscrutable friendly stick-in-the-mud boring starchy media-shy chill coldhearted obdurate marble hard-hearted uncompassionate inexpressive blah insensitive deadpan listless flat glacial normal closemouthed chilly timid tight-lipped laconic dumb shrinking introverted self-effacing regulated unexcessive medium curbed conservative warm freewheeling muted checked unextreme understated downbeat full of oneself with the patience of Job Olympian retired snobbish airy unpassionate laissez-faire unimpressible insusceptible perceptive unconfused cold sober analytical scientific heedless right solid uncaring non-restrictive unrevealing hardened dry indurated spiritless gay light-hearted along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches tough abstract iceberg low-key able to reason clearly mentally sound able to think clearly compos mentis in possession of all your faculties of sound mind clear-headed sound of mind having all marbles with both one's feet on the ground right in the head easy-peasy lacking concern pococurante buoyant unserious incurious uncurious jaunty perfunctory frivolous uninterested strong live-and-let-live non-emotional chilled out fast unfaltering unerring safe thoughtless careless cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less self-sufficient free from worry free from care staunch steadfast unwavering surefooted sure-footed self-assertive self-respecting with both feet on the ground impartial unbiased uninvolved honest uncolored open-minded nondiscriminating even-handed independent without favor on-the-fence evenhanded nonpartisan unslanted fair-minded unbigoted nondiscriminatory unprejudiced nonaligned disconnected equitable


(of one's conscience) Free of guilt
clear clean guilt-free guiltless pure immaculate innocent peaceful blameless calm exemplary faultless flawless free good impeccable inculpable irreproachable righteous serene stainless tranquil virtuous absolved cleanhanded cleared exculpated exonerated lily-white sinless spotless unblemished uncensurable undefiled unimpeachable unsullied untainted untarnished untroubled in the clear pristine uncontaminated unpolluted fresh above suspicion crimeless perfect virginal legal upright not guilty safe uncorrupted uninvolved unstained honest untouched squeaky clean unspotted unoffending wholesome crisp chaste lawful natural licit above reproach squeaky-clean impeccant uncorrupt angelic legitimate refreshing unspoiled free of undamaged pure as the driven snow intact unmarred not to blame angelical without fault beyond criticism unadulterated unharmed invigorating whiter than white unspoilt sterilized salubrious sparkling undebased envigorating virgin ideal restorative unmarked unblamable model seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible incorrupt beyond reproach organic unscathed unaffected sterilised unchanged earthy sanitary clean-handed moral unsoiled harmless primal irreprehensible honourable honorable white whole unimpaired unflawed uninjured unhurt as pure as the driven snow sound crime-free unguilty onside undisturbed snowy acquitted free from guilt free from blame without guilt sweet luscious without blemish law-abiding copybook outstanding not rotten not sour scrupulous sackless consummate admirable meritorious exceptional unfermented modest decent irreprovable reproachless artless not responsible cool snow white unmixed distilled purified well-preserved unpunished delicate void nescient bereft devoid preserved unassuming unmoved indifferent ignorant empty unaware unimpressed unconcerned unaltered dry-eyed unstirred uninfluenced unprocessed recent latest young just out unstudied new original unfilled with out of danger in perfect condition safe and sound secure shipshape without a scratch entire untried unbroken in good condition tonic exquisite exact precise without lacking unerring airy revitalising cooling energising pleasant lacking in accurate errorless ten right aces correct infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless nice apple-pie on target unfamiliar with untouched by refreshful revitalizing rejuvenative revivifying energizing rejuvenating vitalizing scot-free sterile unacquainted with disinfected uninfected healthful taintless pasteurised aseptic intemerate healthy pasteurized good for you germ-free health-giving ethical upstanding worthy noble principled reputable just trustworthy respectable laudable praiseworthy right-minded saintly commendable high-minded true incorruptible excellent straight estimable conscientious equitable holy proper pious anti-corruption reliable dependable stand-up all right fair moralistic punctilious classical square kosher morally correct high-principled godly saintlike sterling impartial peerless faithful conscionable right-thinking self-righteous fine spiritual paradigmatic classic quintessential lofty unassailable elevated unbribable bueno prototypical neato dutiful superb sublime matchless supreme fair-minded applaudable unequaled legit aboveboard not bad true-blue batting a thousand not too shabby clean-living on the level devout dignified unequalled God-fearing religious unbiased unprejudiced objective seemly decorous deserving celibate characteristic representative typical illustrative even-handed creditable charitable open-minded dispassionate vestal fitting truthful noble-minded first-class guileless neutral non-partisan equal anti-discrimination non-discriminatory very good distinguished unobjectionable justified inviolate respected G-rated responsible evenhanded nonpartisan reasonable candid nondiscriminatory straightforward sincere up front uncolored above board salt of the earth on the up and up untouchable unquestionable having clean hands highly respectable unchallengeable shining gleaming redoubtable unfailing demure unexceptionable paradisiacal accomplished utopian foolproof expert crowning skilled experienced skilful beyond compare splendid skillful culminating paradisiac A-OK out-of-this-world excelling defectless adept finished imitable archetypal textbook definitive archetypical rectitudinous beyond question beyond suspicion godlike devoted reverent philanthropical philanthropic without sin professional chivalrous sainted of principle circumspect free of sin magnanimous gallant maidenly obedient balanced incorrupted favoring innocent as a lamb courteous detached humane blessed loyal honest-to-goodness above-board of good repute veracious pukka worthwhile venerable valuable cultivated tractable well-behaved sanctimonious Christian trusted prayerful frank civil rational on up-and-up according to the rules solid trusty dapper alright goody-goody esteemed highly regarded inoffensive clean-cut precious morally right morally acceptable justifiable invaluable lenient sportsmanly favouring prim sportsmanlike saving dinkum beatific god-fearing unworldly superior true blue continent unblighted unprofaned divine seraph proud great of good report A-1 lily white wide-eyed unparalleled superlative premium wet behind ears disinterested prime incomparable unrivaled top-notch stellar unsurpassed babe in woods pure as driven snow notable world-class preeminent tip-top pre-eminent first-rate elite noteworthy full of integrity full of good works A1 high high-grade unrivalled high-quality vindicated with the law on one's side with right on one's side in the right scot free let off free to go free of blame borne out validated off the hook without reproach of excellent character


Feeling a sense of fulfilment
fulfilled happy satisfied content contented gratified pleased comfortable placid serene accomplished achieved actualized attained compassed completed concluded consummated crowned delighted dispatched effected effectuated executed finished matured obtained perfected performed reached realised realized rewarded untroubled at ease brought about carried out made good put into effect brought to a close done settled complete finalized finalised over discharged ended terminated wrapped up through sewn up over with done with sorted out up down resolved polished off finished off in the can glad wound up thankful over and done with closed relaxed clinched full-fledged all over consummate at an end full wrapped-up in the bag cheerful produced unworried complacent cheery tranquil final chuffed blissful decided appeased made established buttoned up out of the way brought to pass materialized substantiated materialised built determined perf handled organized organised exhausted depleted spent rendered set prepared effete wrought willing to accept ceased taken care of a wrap used up gruntled triumphant lapsed entire elaborate mature developed pacified well pleased faultless conclusive ripe thorough knocked off tied up like the cat that's got the cream worked out come to an end over and done joyful tickled assuaged joyous dead defunct kaputt obsolete expired extinct kaput agreeable smug willing all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free can't complain tickled pink pleased as punch gone past no more bygone forgotten ancient history elapsed bypast gone by dead and buried out of hand a thing of the past former departed ancient earlier olden vanished discontinued nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore in the past run out out of date out-of-the-way caused run invalid unrenewed void dead and gone passed all up left removed voided induced finished with dispensed with previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled quenched smothered suppressed past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

Trái nghĩa của at peace

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