Đồng nghĩa của entire

Alternative for entire

Trái nghĩa: partial,

Tính từ

Made up of or involving all of something, including every detail, part, or aspect
whole complete full total perfect gross intact undivided choate compleat comprehensive consolidated integral integrated inviolate plenary solid unified in one piece all-inclusive unbroken exhaustive thorough unabridged uncut overall unimpaired grand undiminished uncondensed faultless unabbreviated unreduced undamaged unexpurgated broad extensive untouched thoroughgoing outright replete full-length sound unblemished aggregate lock stock and barrel uncensored inclusive absolute whole enchilada whole nine yards the works full-scale unharmed combined unspoilt all unmarked full-blown imperforate whole-hog whole-length full-dress hook line and sinker organic unmarred wide-ranging unscathed undocked unitary overarching unsullied unspoiled pure pristine general seamless maximal unflawed encyclopedic sweeping global compendious universal detailed embracive composite virgin all-embracing encyclopaedic unhurt undefiled all-in all-encompassing ample flawless all-out far-reaching finished unshortened blanket cyclopedic panoramic omnibus in-depth consummate unedited broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged continuous full-fledged across-the-board long scatheless full-blooded utter categorical uninjured collective single unpolluted impeccable unstained full-on stainless widespread immaculate catholic spotless unlimited umbrella clean expansive wall-to-wall unchanged in depth across the board unaltered uneaten full-out open final livelong categoric unmitigated sheer undisturbed unprofaned sacred joined completed indivisible quorate conclusive wholistic unqualified unviolated rounded airtight maximum fully constituted unadulterated uncontaminated holistic all-in-one one-piece long-range long-term big picture added unmutilated together unsevered bulletproof wide accumulated indiscrete uninterrupted wholesale out-and-out eclectic advanced before tax before deductions coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary broad-ranging radical multidisciplinary all in one piece developed whole schmear whole shebang in sum collected corporate mixed encircling containing infinite comprising discursive synoptic the whole shebang the big picture of great scope full-sized fully developed whole ball of wax assembled cumulative common unaffected fully fledged omnipresent worldwide ubiquitous heaped amassed piled summative international mint ideal untarnished natural pervasive fully formed fully grown superlative superb without blemish pandemic pervading generic prevalent fresh accurate picture-book correct exemplary model picture-perfect irreproachable masterly letter-perfect unerring error-free indefectible permeating cosmopolitan ecumenical unmoved indifferent copybook tip-top rampant inescapable abundant plentiful plenteous copious adequate unimpressed unconcerned dry-eyed unstirred uninfluenced itemised itemized largest unanimous multinational mundane worldly unrestricted regular astronomical diffuse accepted without fault as sound as a bell as good as new just so out of danger in perfect condition sanitary incorrupt safe and sound secure good virginal shipshape without a scratch untried in good condition clear all-round most broad-brush one-size-fits-all all-over inviolable infrangible immune

Tính từ

Without qualification or reservations
absolute total complete thorough utter downright full outright perfect categorical pure stark thoroughgoing unmitigated unqualified wholehearted categoric sheer unreserved clean definite solid unadulterated unalloyed unconditional unconstrained undiminished undivided unlimited unmixed unmodified unrestricted unsurpassed ultimate out-and-out all-out flat-out straight-out all out full-on straight out without limit without qualification without reservations consummate arrant flat unequivocal dead blooming positive rank profound simple plumb dreadful whole crashing fair deadly cotton-picking regular stone very bodacious blank deep-dyed unbroken infernal blasted wholesale plain clear real plenary direct unambiguous no catch unstinting genuine undiluted explicit final round blessed confounded certain right all-fired through and through no ifs ands or buts even express extreme veritable sure unquestionable decisive limitless indubitable unrestrained exact assured unrelieved unmistakable proper unquestioning open determinate wide dyed-in-the-wool exhaustive no strings no fine print right-down no holds barred no kicker mere unbounded emphatic precise unvarnished constant conclusive prize firm steady steadfast unfaltering utmost undeniable infinite comprehensive enduring abiding overt actual terminal never-failing abundant uncontrolled endless surpassing full-bore without reservation full-scale gross bloody capital incessant chronic decided unremitting continuous unconditioned unrelenting unabridged palpable open-ended with no strings patent no joke transparent obvious all glaring blatant flagrant brute unalleviated resounding forthright definitive common uncompromising effusive gushing committed apodictic specific undisguised unshakeable true bare bald blunt unadorned clear-cut point-blank farthest enthusiastic staunch sincere fervent earnest determined unflinching zealous hearty no strings attached one hundred per cent in every respect farthermost main only pure and simple devoted unswerving dedicated unwavering furthermost outermost heartfelt ardent serious warm stalwart unfeigned furthest fullhearted loyal impassioned passionate authentic remotest last uttermost outmost undisputed overarching endmost aftermost hundred percent whole-souled bona fide whole-hearted uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian sweeping too much farthest away last straw too-too preeminent worst case furthest away ultra out of bounds chief in-depth full-blown supreme naked severe maximum inveterate royal resolute honest intense conspicuous straight faultless overwhelming major unmistaken unblemished brazen egregious maximal everlasting double-dyed sound finished barefaced significant nth strict out and out huge top max factual perfected harsh confirmed true-blue perpetual extraordinary eternal true blue drastic grand unfailing staring candid frank outstanding signal singular marked overall customary adamant assertive insistent fixed unstinted pronounced quite single altogether crass very great systematic unimpaired optimum unregenerate without reserve usual peremptory monstrous atrocious infamous notorious vile diametrical concentrated shameless relentless austere intensive cordial rigid unabated uncorrupted wholesome stone-cold point blank right royal untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending most unembellished rightly so called nothing other than through-and-through oppressive convinced confident persistent unsoftened grim paramount untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying horrible from the heart matchless highest satisfied doubtless persuaded eminent excellent unsurpassable errant ideal peerless inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable enormous biggest topmost implicit concrete legit flaming greatest completed in every way hellacious bleeding flipping blinking chuffing effing self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating greatest amount of greatest possible ruddy plurry bally deep great tremendous acute almighty accurate affirmative cold free from doubt fulfilled grievous radical thundering outrageous brutal uber preposterous indisputable hard forceful irrefutable cocksure incontestable incontrovertible inarguable forcible spot-on developed accomplished elaborate mature valid dinkum dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable ripe admissible undoubted watertight veridical immaculate rigorous amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn right on most distant most extreme

Tính từ

Devoted completely to one object
undivided whole complete concentrated full total exclusive collective focused thorough unbroken undistracted wholehearted absolute consistent engrossed unadulterated unalloyed unmitigated unqualified unreserved unshared absorbed consummate dedicated focussed sincere unflagging united unswerving attentive committed concerted continued scrupulous unanimous all circumspect deliberate detailed diligent fast fixed intense intent minute rigid steady vigilant out-and-out lock stock and barrel individual particular independent personal exclusory segregated special to the exclusion of everything else in person allocated assigned customized custom built customised concentrating observant enrapt firm single-minded studious determined preoccupied occupied steadfast earnest fixated watchful deep alert resolved inflexible immersed obsessive obsessed fanatical sole wrapped up strong-minded persistent intensive motivated resolute driven dogged only single unique private restricted discriminative restrictive prohibitive circumscribed especial exclusionary confined closed peculiar uninclusive licenced privileged preferential licensed noninclusive purposeful set insistent unwavering bound decisive persevering staunch bent unyielding unfaltering obstinate undeviating stubborn assiduous strong-willed tenacious indefatigable relentless perseverant tireless uncompromising unrelenting obdurate unbending unshakeable decided dead set settled out do-or-die bent on bent upon hell-bent on hell-bent upon pertinacious untiring enthralled unfailing unflinching stalwart pigheaded immovable enthusiastic patient hanging tough intransigent never-tiring full of determination hell-bent positive tending inclined disposed predisposed leaning professional on task rapt eager riveted engaged impatient undaunted careful spirited sedulous industrious rigorous unremitting constant grim hard-nosed unshakable valiant steely headstrong bullheaded conscientious searching meticulous painstaking careerist unstoppable perseverative enterprising ambitious gritty mettlesome unshaken unflappable forceful unhesitating emphatic implacable unmalleable telelogical playing hard ball mean business nose to the grindstone dead set on calculated be out for blood unappeasable laborious keen methodical indurate assured self-willed flat-out clear-sighted rock-ribbed all out straight out never give up tough nut stout-hearted hard-working close devoted monomaniacal hellbent go-getting pig-headed

Tính từ

Large in magnitude or number
powerful enormous great sizeable considerable gigantic large massive significant sizable immense prodigious substantial colossal extensive full immeasurable mammoth monumental substantive titanic whole abundant advantageous hefty huge monstrous noticeable sufficient voluminous ample astronomic astronomical big complete elephantine herculean hulking jumbo king-size king-sized large-scale lavish long lucrative major marked oversized plenteous plentiful profitable profuse prosperous solid superabundant whopping king size adequate much respectable worthwhile rewarding reasonable goodly biggish outsized bulky bumper handsome oversize largish not to be sneezed at outsize appreciable tidy paying good remunerative gainful heavy grand vast weighty gargantuan sturdy tremendous towering burly giant cumbersome generous ponderous imposing serious strapping stout husky humongous unwieldy beefy mighty gross heavyweight well-built Herculean whopping great cumbrous whacking great extraordinary awkward mountainous overgrown brawny monster strong humungous leviathan ginormous ungainly stupendous cosmic super inordinate stellar clumsy boxcar tall cyclopean galactic cosmical vasty walloping thumping powerfully built pharaonic hunky hearty clunky thumping great healthy whacking muscular filling wide broad unhandy muscly grandiose meaty formidable chunky hulky thickset monolithic solidly built bunglesome material blimp lumbering giant-sized giant-size cranky meaningful broad-shouldered barn door mesomorphic heavily built square mega epic gigantesque oceanic consequential robust supersize supersized stark thewy heroical planetary steady very big mahoosive super-duper Himalayan very large heroic Brobdingnagian stiff notable portly steep decent lumpish oafish rich exorbitant loutish clodhopping legit pronounced tubby chubby clumpy unco excessive infinite expansive boundless limitless phenomenal bountiful almighty magnificent princely behemothic behemoth statuesque extravagant kingly featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable well muscled buff jacked muscled bruising rugged good-size good-sized a whale of a extremely large extremely big mondo super colossal larger-than-life megalithic extra-large full-size jumbo-sized Cyclopean titan super-colossal lofty consistent permanent Bunyanesque fleshy extreme heavyset thick mastodonic staggering brobdingnagian cavernous commodious sinewy lusty sturdily built manly obdurate pumped up stocky stalwart tough ripped spacious liberal roomy capacious Falstaffian fubsy paunchy flabby buxom greater larger zaftig man-size of considerable size man-sized dirty great not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong muscle-bound corn-fed well upholstered broad in the beam well fed unmanageable important ill-shaped unmanoeuvrable key real firm eventful historic momentous sound useful durable valuable principal big-deal earth-shattering tectonic major-league earthshaking cracking

Tính từ

Comprehensive and far-reaching in nature
radical complete sweeping thorough comprehensive exhaustive extreme severe thoroughgoing absolute drastic extensive major total utter rigorous serious desperate draconian pervasive profound stringent violent excessive forceful uncompromising advanced iconoclastic ultra far-reaching wide-ranging root-and-branch top-to-bottom deep broad wholesale wide encyclopedic full out-and-out encyclopaedic universal all-out revolutionary full-scale harsh strong dire strict heavy immoderate rigid punishing tough stern momentous substantial sharp swingeing extravagant exorbitant oppressive punitive austere stiff inflexible unyielding fanatical hardline firm egregious downright outrageous flagrant gross preposterous sheer cruel brutal intense great life-changing hard Draconian complicated complex grim punitory intricate elaborate sophisticated single-minded definite diehard hardhanded dramatic difficult involved forcible intransigent hard-nosed undeviating hard-hitting virulent vicious savage truculent tricky unqualified rank supreme thundering right maximum tremendous utmost ultimate unadulterated acute hellacious almighty unalloyed proper pure grievous uber veritable arrant overwhelming unbending inordinate undue exceptional consequential remorseless unrelenting zealous unreasonable unusual exaggerated unmitigated steep unconscionable unconventional unmerciful overkill baroque devilish remarkable unseemly ferocious uncommon intemperate fancy nonsensical overextravagant imprudent overdue insane overweening irrational overmuch intolerable fabulous plethoric improper towering lavish too much over the top O.T.T. out of proportion

Tính từ

Above or beyond what is expected or normal
transcendent superior consummate pre-eminent unique unparalleled incomparable matchless peerless supreme unrivalled ascendant exceeding excellent extraordinary paramount predominant superlative unequalled great sublime transcendental unsurpassed excelling magnificent absolute abstract accomplished awe-inspiring boundless eternal fantastic finished hypothetical ideal infinite innate inspirational inspiring intact intellectual intuitive moving obscure original perfect primordial surpassing theoretical towering transcending ultimate unconfined unequalable unequaled unlimited unmatched unrivaled uplifting whole beyond grasp second to none inimitable nonpareil unsurpassable unexampled beyond compare without equal only rare exquisite beyond comparison outstanding best exceptional out of sight top greatest alone unparagoned foremost in a class of its own leading topmost without parallel preeminent unmatchable singular highest without peer most utmost unexcelled hors concours chief distinguished finest renowned unapproached without match eminent prominent star major important sovereign one-in-a-million unchallenged famous celebrated illustrious top-tier par excellence premier arch- unbeatable faultless all-time solid-gold champion gilt-edge aces tops super prevailing first culminating final elite choice marquee supereminent world class stand alone without an equal all-time best maximum max uttermost extreme significant maxi exclusive the most quintessential model classic unprecedented novel essential exemplary prototypical special typical standout one-off irreplaceable one of a kind extraordinaire signal sui generis far-out phenomenal unheard-of unconventional unimaginable notable unrepeatable archetypal in a class by itself one and only noteworthy something else purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime newfangled amazing new without precedent remarkable unordinary primo one-of-a-kind incredible unrepeated fresh

Tính từ

Finished or having been brought to an end
finished completed complete concluded done over accomplished consummated executed final finalised finalized fulfilled achieved full terminated ended realised realized discharged settled through closed attained dispatched effectuated perfected ceased compassed decided down effected resolved lapsed made performed satisfied up done with sewn up wound up wrapped up at an end knocked off over with polished off tied up worked out over and done with over and done come to an end gone extinct past carried out dead brought about sorted out expired defunct no more bygone finished off in the can out of the way forgotten in the bag ancient history all over wrapped-up elapsed spent actualized bypast full-fledged clinched buttoned up gone by dead and buried produced consummate out of hand obsolete a thing of the past determined former departed prepared ancient earlier olden happy ripe vanished established content contented pleased discontinued nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore organized gratified in the past run out brought to pass organised comfortable obtained crowned matured out of date at ease brought to a close made good out-of-the-way materialized substantiated built caused exhausted depleted rendered set effete wrought materialised kaputt kaput run handled used up a wrap invalid perf relaxed unrenewed void taken care of all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free dead and gone passed all up left removed voided induced finished with dispensed with developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled serene placid quenched smothered suppressed past recall delighted reached untroubled rewarded in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane put into effect at peace in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

Danh từ

The whole of something

Danh từ

A adult male horse

Phó từ

Used to emphasize the accuracy of a figure or description
exactly precisely just completely entirely quite totally absolutely accurately correctly definitely full literally strictly truly all altogether clean dead due enough even explicitly expressly faithfully fast flat fully heartily out perfectly plumb prompt right rigorously scrupulously sharp smack-dab soundly squarely thoroughly truthfully unequivocally utterly well wholly wide faultlessly methodically specifically unerringly veraciously all of all over bang carefully every inch indeed in every respect on the nail positively severely square in every way on the money spot on through and through to the hilt bang on for certain for sure no mistake one hundred per cent on the button the ticket to a T to the letter for a fact on the dot on the nose downright comprehensively all the way in all respects unconditionally consummately stark unmitigatedly wholeheartedly unrestrictedly undisputedly totes roundly in toto unqualifiedly radically exhaustively to the maximum extent all in all systematically sweepingly detailedly minutely really inside out extremely very unreservedly at length outright without reservation to the core lock, stock and barrel top to bottom terribly without exception at all extensively in depth in detail reservedly uniquely undividedly flat-out full blast unconstrainedly without qualification down to the ground to the max to pieces for fair to bits in whole down the line one-hundred percent heart and soul from A to Z immensely exceedingly decidedly uncommonly extraordinarily most very much unco fair mighty majorly jolly real seriously to the fullest extent exceeding lekker powerful devilish way ever so categorically implicitly veritably limitlessly unlimitedly infinitely ultimately purely to the nth degree directly smack clearly slap straight smack dab slap bang surely conclusively unquestionably undoubtedly closely certainly particularly dead on promptly without a doubt plainly especially punctually plump unambiguously manifestly decisively immediately on time spang genuinely obviously undeniably indubitably unmistakably emphatically distinctly without question assuredly sure so flush exclusively meticulously solely a hundred per cent only direct specially rightly finally firmly rigidly point-blank on the knocker indisputably incontestably incontrovertibly authentically inarguably doubtless unarguably easily alright forsooth patently beyond doubt beyond question solidly all right hands down unswervingly in full without omission on all counts to the limit come hell or high water en masse to the end to the minute reliably painstakingly punctiliously flatly without error without deviation straightforwardly word for word actually beyond any doubt slam bang infallibly deadly finely smack bang properly pointedly irrefutably effectively notably palpably without doubt in fact doubtlessly evidently plain no ifs ands or buts hook, line and sinker there are no two ways about it without fail in all as sure as eggs is eggs all out in entirety beyond the shadow of a doubt in specie of course diametrically authoritatively validly truely slap-bang critically resolutely adamantly plum spot-on unhesitatingly no doubt widely deeply flawlessly aright largely certifiably transparently headlong round admittedly fairly objectively justly considerately on the dot of … clear markedly concretely smack on square on slap on mathematically identically full on cert posolutely simply yes right on as well sure thing abundantly up and down root and branch hook line and sinker close in truth in reality all told amply in no uncertain terms indicatively evenly without flaws the very thing to a tee neither more nor less on the stroke of … plentifully intimately stringently factually royally merely exactingly at close quarters impeccably out-and-out from first to last out and out from soup to nuts from top to bottom from beginning to end no strings attached straight out errorlessly goodly downrightly with a fine-tooth comb but alone sharply at the right time conscientiously from the ground up from stem to stern to a nicety at first hand undoubtably just so quite so no more than essentially barely far and away to the second dead on time undeviatingly permanently demonstrably unimpeachably straightly distinctively characteristically irrevocably there's no denying it beyond a doubt no ifs ands or buts about it needless to say beyond a shadow of a doubt by all odds with certainty by all means by a mile beeline controlledly spot on time at the proper time bang on time purposefully purposely singularly too awfully you bet definitively for ever convincingly inexorably respectively individually idiosyncratically intentionally deliberately fussily heedfully conscionably finickily demandingly incredibly for good inescapably as a crow flies legitimately once for all determinately settled enduringly peculiarly awful mightily desperately frightfully blisteringly achingly that badly eminently sorely extra super far beastly enormously filthy verily with something in mind on purpose with someone in mind done with with conviction past regret beyond recall supremely stinking greatly bloody ever hugely highly darned intensely thumping fantastically roaringly colossally surpassingly dang bone fiercely corking fabulously darn wildly heavily once and for all beyond shadow of doubt for all time in actuality in sooth


Complete, or the greatest possible

Trái nghĩa của entire

entire Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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