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Alternative for maxi

  • danh từ
    • số nhiều là maxis
    • áo hoặc váy dài đến gót chân

Tính từ

Unable to be surpassed
unsurpassable unparalleled unrivalled unequalled incomparable peerless matchless unsurpassed unmatched inimitable supreme nonpareil unexampled unequaled unrivaled superlative only transcendent paramount surpassing towering highest utmost preeminent most unmatchable maximum topmost max uttermost unequalable extreme significant out of sight the most top consummate last nth ultimate greatest quintessential optimum best ideal apogean outside unique superior pre-eminent perfect second to none leading foremost first premier sovereign predominant without equal beyond compare excellent absolute chief principal primary rare head prime cardinal dominant outstanding great without peer lead overriding grand master exceptional commanding overbearing key arch capital presiding main central overmastering high prior supereminent primal sovran beyond comparison prevailing hors concours in a class of its own number one numero uno big singular without match without parallel one-in-a-million par excellence exalted prominent famous major well-known renowned stellar unchallenged unparagoned alone unexcelled culminating exquisite final definitive decisive stand alone without an equal exceeding ascendant extraordinary untouchable unbeatable total governing directing all-time best uppermost unconditional transcendental sublime highest ranking top-drawer mother of all excelling magnificent whole entire awe-inspiring uplifting moving primordial unconfined intact infinite inspiring boundless unlimited innate abstract intellectual eternal theoretical accomplished beyond grasp finished obscure hypothetical original inspirational intuitive fantastic transcending most significant

Danh từ

A class of racing sailing yacht that pushes at the upper limits of the International Offshore Rule of regulated sail yacht racing, having a waterline length in excess of 70-feet

Danh từ

The greatest amount, extent, or intensity possible, permitted, or recorded
maximum most ceiling peak top utmost uttermost crest greatest limit extremity height pinnacle summit apex apogee extreme max outside zenith acme upper limit vertex climax culmination highest nonpareil preeminence record supremacy greatest extent the end top figure crown head meridian crescendo capstone noon noontime end ultimate high point high noon high-water mark ne plus ultra sum depth tip-top highest point consummation superlative crowning point tip nadir optimum termination prime highlight apotheosis greatest possible extent high water mark pole boundary edge margin epitome flower greatest degree highest degree end point finale denouement perfection tiptop ascendancy bitter end payoff crowning moment best part high spot best excess hardest high cap superiority inordinancy eminence pay-off extent nth degree breaking point pitch intensification capsheaf sublimity up there spire tops roof culminating point heyday pink world record maximum value highest level top form peak of perfection maximum point full extent completion finish conclusion utmost degree close very limit copestone result capper crowning touch punch line blow off critical mass terminal acuteness marge bourn ambit bloom flowering butt extremes last blooming farthest point furthest point cut-off point springtime blossom golden age salad days best days florescence flush floruit golden years best years time quintessence glory days day in the sun full flowering halcyon days day cream nonesuch prime of life maturity spring vigor vigour youth finest success last word verdure dernier cri the last word utmost extent vitality best bit prime of one's life prime time blossoming flourishing latest most fashionable apoapsis apocenter apsis best example perfect example ultimate example newest floodmark watermark tidemark extreme case strength achievement steeple tower record level most up to date crowning glory le dernier cri best condition cusp feature high level memorable part triumph highest extent most memorable part most outstanding feature choicest part finest point greatest point top part crème de la crème beau idéal accomplishment best moment spike past adolescence youthfulness tender years lead all-time upper extremity best of times exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal elevation glorification deification byword icing on the cake highest part leader pick prize pride elite immortalization idealization choice chief mother of all first place idealisation beau ideal highest rank best thing since sliced bread cat's whiskers cat's pyjamas the bee's knees

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