Đồng nghĩa của principal

Alternative for principal


Đồng nghĩa: chief, dominant, essential, foremost, head, important, leading, main, primary, prominent,

Tính từ

First in importance, rank, or value
leading chief first main primary foremost dominant key prime capital highest predominant premier supreme essential paramount cardinal fundamental basic central master prominent arch critical crucial major overriding pivotal preeminent staple top vital controlling focal ruling salient strongest big commanding grand greatest lead overbearing overmastering presiding prevailing primal prior sovereign sovran supereminent topmost ultimate uppermost utmost great head maximum arch- number one number-one pre-eminent numero uno second-to-none important superior outstanding core high significant notable necessary indispensable intrinsic influential best integral eminent elemental consequential noteworthy preponderant prevalent illustrious elementary decisive top-notch underlying rudimentary distinguished requisite material powerful weighty ascendant champion momentous imperative star top-tier unsurpassed famous serious urgent inherent root governing finest elite big-time top-drawer matchless peerless quintessential top-ranking determining consummate radical needed incomparable regnant high-priority final must-have renowned heavy dominating superlative authoritative constitutional absolute celebrated all-important noted basal unequaled directing senior popular unparalleled pressing unequalled first-rate apex required stellar conclusive overruling transcendent considerable conspicuous far-reaching exalted constitutive definitive deciding surpassing meaningful well-known foundational burning grave crack signal marked predominate innate beginning major league biggest monumental respected primitive esteemed high-level rudimental recognized unrivaled of greatest importance unrivalled necessitous first-class elevated life-and-death reputable front noble exceptional substantial honoured imposing high-ranking well known heavyweight pertinent settling remarkable striking excellent mighty honored recognised reigning ranking historic highly regarded crowning heavy-duty mandatory introductory top-priority telling premium of great consequence seminal special predominating original acclaimed unsurpassable substantive famed especial lofty immediate prestigious potent super compelling meat-and-potatoes of note inimitable bottom-line maximal second to none apical pronounced unexcelled emphatic high profile tiptop eventful intense exigent topflight characteristic culminating major-league extensive big league current top drawer widespread compulsory prerequisite earnest in charge obligatory ingrained structural iconic earth-shattering regal top-level headmost abecedarian particular dignified keynote profound operative respectable strategic imperious of prime importance rife unprecedented prepotent intervening largest acute rampant No. 1 perfect honorable honourable sizable exemplary select large appreciable boss dire constituent needful unbeatable nonpareil fateful resonant glorious big-league world class industry leading large-scale noticeable relevant of the first rank highest-ranking general extraordinary best possible high-up top-class a cut above the rest comprehensive mainstream prize-winning earthshaking accomplished vitally important of the utmost importance of the essence high-powered common worthiest outside fine defining clear guiding primordial all-embracing loftiest initial five-star obvious superseding public official alpha effective total peak last unconditional standard towering impressive natural component deep-seated organic acknowledged almighty in control prepollent greater definite august upper crown immanent larger determinative certain venerable established first and foremost overpowering ponderous A-1 primo worthwhile sweeping ace germane solid climactic of concern hard-wired complete causal of supreme importance familiar revered forceful importunate formidable tops severe optimal trusted notorious deep optimum demanded impactful tough peremptory distinctive choice high-class legendary utopian unexampled admired lionised of consequence life and death landmark lionized number 1 undefeated unbeaten strong extreme well thought of puissant in the ascendancy much valuable redoubtable steady skookum tectonic memorable called for without equal all important top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range par excellence mother of all beyond compare wanted of high standing record-breaking first class hefty blue-ribbon of distinction sans pareil expert finished unmatchable initiative king arresting unlimited oustanding simple chad axial opening of greatest significance royal richest pioneer mainline top-rank infinite unrestricted unrestrained unbounded boundless nucleus favoured favored chosen successful winning in demand high-grade everything all-encompassing responsible shaping evaluative imperial full kingly utter vulgar overall majority received managing nuclear monarchical monarchal stipulated irrevocable categorical zenithal in first place terrific moving intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive arrestive jutting monarchial majestic splendid record determinate closing A-number-1 inaugural extra special big time better invaluable dynamic refined patrician aristocratic A-list omnipotent efficacious supervisory all-powerful arbitrary unassailable magnanimous fabled sublime stately ascendent hotshot hotdog nitty-gritty out of the ordinary high priority Grade A choicest domineering right-hand higher bigger elder connected concluding clinching recognizable heroic learned triumphal idealistic superfine of the highest quality out-of-sight one-in-a-million vintage estimable genteel desperate applauded executive heavy stuff hot stuff difficult sustaining axiomatic supporting substratal underived groundlaying trenchant axiological substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom unmatched furthermost incumbent prized valued posh dandy cool unequivocal infamous luminous bright brilliant untouchable reputed in the limelight extolled holding the reins at the heart of solemn drastic emergency sore impelling involuntary nonelective forced highbred gentle huge wellborn highborn upmarket decided incisive high-minded well-connected first rate gifted highly rated overarching visible at the cutting edge at the leading edge pointed instrumental headline portentous unforgettable recognisable generous milestone glaring newsworthy feted lauded sensational rare worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon front-page unusual big-shot unordinary ponderable climacteric high-flying clamant driving crying emergent terrible parlous appropriate compulsatory sombre hard somber sober world-class standout talked about much publicized of repute far-famed widely knowbn big-name out of sight tip top out of this world much-publicized fatal crisp settled grievous overshadowing life-changing dangerous high-profile to the fore desired incumbent on recommended expedient preferred proper de rigueur binding name of game specified the most sizeable called-for very great no joke no laughing matter super colossal mammoth of great import of moment of significance astral starry well born silk-stocking upper-class widely praised blue-blooded upper-crust high-born very important life-or-death much needed of interest highest ranking litmus test usual customary set vigorous real existing ordinary firm sturdy sound fashionable good useful durable ample healthy massive commonest prodigious superabundant abundant vast stock going conventional accepted historical big-deal preponderating integrant catholic universal in circulation worldwide in style normal regular ecumenical in fashion by the numbers in vogue true ingredient formative fractional composite divisional in the public eye deep-rooted celestial shining cosmic deep-down built-in native indigenous hardwired connate inborn inbred engrained of influence of mark congenital partial combinative part factorial constituting through trunk arterial ideal uttermost most unique max model nth pure only unqualified classic faultless flawless archetypal exquisite prototypical beyond comparison invincible singular very impeccable without parallel downright superb sheer enormous all-out autocratic out-and-out outright unmitigated dictatorial thorough magnificent classical unconquerable unblemished idyllic flat-out thoroughgoing categoric stark representative immaculate despotic indefectible arrant unalloyed unadulterated rank paradigmatic greatest possible totalitarian magisterial authoritarian precise autarchic in a class of its own tremendous deadly right magnific typical assertive clean fair dreadful bodacious blooming alone untainted copybook stainless spotless whole cotton-picking straight-out maxi tyrannical unequalable grandiose epic baronial plumb unstoppable proud gallant flat heroical without peer dead worthy Homeric blank archetypical irreproachable unmarred unparagoned best ever marvellous excelling transcendental without match fitting marvelous mostest blameless aces immortal exact eternal textbook correct untarnished greatest amount of foolproof immense one and only best-case on the button indomitable effectual high-octane invulnerable unchallenged tyrannous triumphant divine stone impregnable efficient exceeding determined insuperable administrative monocratic autocratical exciting thrilling concentrated resplendent tyrannic unconstrained unreserved emblematic symbolic fantastic high-quality stereotypical wonderful tsarist czarist unbroken dazzling treasured seamless insurmountable bulletproof upmost autarchical picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect hors concours intact storied without fault idealized idealised tip-top phenomenal perpetual one-off crashing unremitting A1 suitable opportune sui generis one of a kind just right true to type on the money in a class of one's own spot on umpteenth ten skilled skillful out-of-this-world adept paradisiacal experienced skilful paradisiac A-OK defectless distinct anti-democratic arrogant marquee apogean admirable unapproached unfettered extravagant lion's share hegemonic undiminished gilt-edge all-time solid-gold unimpeachable exhaustive full-scale farthest unflawed victorious without an equal stand alone beautiful epochal unbowed commendable praiseworthy laudable meritorious one plain demonstrative all-time best resolute unstinted gubernatorial superintending overseeing conducting ordering regulatory restraining mastering presidential unvanquished unsubdued inveterate horrible gorgeous hugest absolutist plenipotent outermost furthest individual autonomous applaudable very good capable able quality effulgent radiant splendiferous absolutistic on the throne godlike competent unconquered unsullied remotest farthermost exclusive best-example dream come true fairy-tale pie-in-the-sky fearsome adored time-honored gratifying signature princely unending endless imitable raging indescribable mortal trendsetting big-gun big-wheel hot-dog full-blown full-on novel eloquent rich oratorical four-star VIP cogent predictable unmistakable habitual outmost endmost aftermost sterling undemocratic finishing ending well-suited apt made to order tailor-made just the job queenly monarchic idiosyncratic totemic irreplaceable furthest up terminal unaccountable crowned top-grade top-shelf egregious enterprising energetic the best stirring gripping riveting hair-raising apocalyptical apocalyptic dramatic action-packed insistent high-end top-quality top-of-the-line extraordinaire at his best at its best at her best first-string accurate aggressive go-ahead go-getting traditional blue-chip A-grade furthest away farthest away errant perfected positive chronic entire intellectual intuitive awe-inspiring uplifting inspiring inspirational obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined abstract approved unheard-of unconventional plenipotentiary purpose-built new sanctioned something else without precedent authorized unrepeatable far-out unimaginable officiating fresh once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate amazing incredible in a class by itself newfangled fast-track thundering outrageous harsh gross uber preposterous overwhelming flagrant veritable hellacious brutal climatical climactical not beatable indelible haunting of a king no end of catchy wholesale unbound pushing driven ambitious pushy error-free unquestionable lasting cherished indestructible unyielding faithful scrupulous meticulous unerring beyond grasp robust go-go forcible deep-dyed timeless unfading vivid without blemish everlasting undying on the nail crimeless right on errorless unspotted on target on the mark bang on unguilty just so imperishable enduring enthralling never to be forgotten not to be forgotten spectacular observable legitimate accredited fancy unspoilt hot unsurmountable highly capable full of get-up-and-go in the saddle remembered rememberable inestimable profitable precious unflinching dauntless indefatigable inviolable unshakeable unbending all out no holds barred bureaucratic ex cathedra departmental legal lawful canonical authorised without limit ex officio straight out stamped on your memory fixed in the mind mind-blowing red-letter secure safe hot property undefeatable impassable irresistible unshakable unattackable irrepressible have-it-all up to standard up to snuff up to scratch up to par more powerful more important most important most prominent most influential most powerful most illustrious most excellent most significant most skilled most obvious most noticeable most outstanding most usual most frequent most high most extreme most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most favorable most typical most valuable most precious most scholarly most reliable

Tính từ

Exceptionally good
outstanding excellent fine great exceptional superb first-class superlative first-rate brilliant champion stellar good important magnificent noted special wonderful celebrated distinguished formidable impressive marvellous mean super terrific well-known ace amazing crack masterful masterly meritorious notable prominent skilful skillful smashing superior tremendous virtuoso world-class admirable amazeballs eminent exemplary exquisite fab fabulous fantastic sensational awesome capital dominant estimable pre-eminent standout tiptop top-notch wicked dazzling eventful neat cool keen magic marvelous phenomenal predominant stupendous swell beaut belting bonzer brill chief far-out greatest hundred-proof primo rad ripping schmick wizard A1 A-1 A-number-1 barrie boss bosting exo mostest pearler phat spiffing top-hole topping tops on fleek out-of-sight out of this world out-of-this-world supercalifragilisticexpialidocious number one splendid prime supreme grand top extraordinary unsurpassed remarkable peerless matchless choice unparalleled sterling glorious tip-top perfect noble leading incomparable consummate cracking famous crackerjack unrivalled unrivaled sublime unique quality rare divine striking nifty preeminent topflight par excellence premier beautiful incredible numero uno heavenly unequalled slick lovely very good groovy noteworthy dandy high-class fantabulous premium blue-ribbon peachy radical dynamite accomplished hot singular supernal unequaled prizewinning classic foremost illustrious immense dope best banner jim-dandy prize bang-up gilt-edged corking prodigious top-shelf first-string gilt-edge frontline top-of-the-line select paramount righteous blue-chip bully bumper master A-OK five-star primary spectacular four-star major main brave inimitable boffo peachy keen key unmatched gangbusters gangbuster central expert transcendent highest crucial breathtaking brag sovereign signal first bonny bonnie uncommon mind-blowing stunning down unusual finest astonishing elite beyond compare hype adept skilled surpassing gone second to none cardinal unprecedented worthy adroit renowned memorable proficient topnotch especial awe-inspiring without equal high able splendiferous arch competent star mega high-quality practised overriding big dexterous talented marked deft astounding of the first water unreal unexcelled gifted wondrous vital essential practiced primal top-drawer imposing unsurpassable significant high-grade conspicuous abnormal unexampled complete dextrous lofty atypical odd extraordinaire bodacious head overbearing out of the ordinary capable sik staggering nonpareil top-tier applaudable delightful pivotal distinctive mind-boggling experienced anomalous flawless elevated efficient overmastering miraculous versed exalted out of sight unwonted class influential focal uppermost number-one prevailing gorgeous compleat powerful particular of the first order professional commendable laudable honourable surprising faultless prior sovran of high quality freak artful top-class honorable aberrant clever preternatural of the highest quality veteran exclusive educated peculiar towering strange core ideal arresting august elegant ruling chillin' lead praiseworthy majestic thrilling exceeding commanding unheard of polished unbelievable professed exciting valuable inconceivable momentous invaluable fundamental ultimate bizarre proud mighty prestigious top-quality priceless topmost reputable uncustomary honoured inspired delicate of the highest standard aberrated critical well versed without parallel trained attractive too good to be true unimaginable honored def famed royal unfamiliar top-level stately hotshot genius sound big league epic controlling only consequential senior esteemed successful unbeatable dignified extreme unforgettable high-level desirable moving unusually good salient fancy better beyond comparison supereminent enjoyable bravura rich workmanlike choicest regal unaccustomed weird vintage top of the line top of the range venerable tasty monumental deluxe presiding gallant potent handy impeccable smart deadly refreshing savvy novel unconventional heroic integral optimum habile seminal magnific sharp untypical record arch- of a high standard high-ranking beezer basic eye-opening top-ranking puissant world class far out highly regarded enviable magical high profile high-powered seasoned top drawer best ever something else radiant staple obvious of the highest order prevalent too much coruscating ingenious grandiose in a class of its own unexpected apt extremely good imperial effective original weighty queer curious shining spanking most resplendent massive baronial inspiring heroical respectable alpha preponderant awesomesauce dreamy strong pleasant notorious respected greater crowning portentous marvy acclaimed goodly Homeric unheard-of recognized fabby zero cool bosker exotic lank kif creditable quintessential red-letter utmost the dog's bollocks reliable extra special redoubtable outlandish winning authoritative classical popular refined intrinsic iconic without peer exceptionally good excessive gee-whizz certified resonant prize-winning exaggerated trusted recognised necessary of prime importance of greatest importance big-time irreproachable jaw-dropping a dab hand at high-up all-important splendorous eye-popping pompous one of a kind very best industry leading major league way-out well known the best considerable demon far-reaching sweet absolute bigger worthwhile fantastical invincible rockin qualified bad outrageous enthralling indomitable glittering effectual knowledgeable supernatural shocking advanced pleasing really good plush specialist above average recherche bright top-of-the-range new deserving eloquent astral transcendental larger higher apex irregular sumptuous untouchable determining luxurious facile unthinkable freakish unknown exhilarating one in a million effusive unbeaten lordly out of the way opulent palatial schooled historical awful banging overruling worthiest inflated dominating bewildering honest decent of note deciding well-connected prized valued solid fresh groundbreaking revolutionary in a league of their own cream final compelling pioneering outré magnanimous flagship of influence fabled without match of supreme importance first and foremost outre idiosyncratic eccentric newfangled ranking top-grade alone all-time serious headmost one-in-a-million atypic requisite uplifting heavy unordinary immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled not too shabby highly trained ground-breaking best possible first-time worthy of admiration worthy of commendation highest quality first class must-have urgent confounding optimal indispensable a cut above the rest hors concours super-duper of highest order of the first rank ka pai unlikely high-minded in a class all by itself high-priority in a league of its own sui generis of great consequence superfine out-of-the-way above and beyond needed luxury unimpeachable blameless captivating charming enchanting entrancing bewitching piked pronounced noticeable mint legit chic marquee distinct scrumptious delectable grander more pro festive blinding stirring upmarket awing historic touching cherished handpicked fascinating triumphant happy whimsical creative tophole clear total utter gnarly different paragon fly model hunky-dory beyond words beyond description proper spesh chur definitive affecting agitating immaculate immortal good quality high-caliber a cut above nice imaginative red-carpet celebratory sunny positive initiative theatrical offbeat unorthodox intrusive projecting pertinent protruding obtrusive relevant arrestive jutting sup rior effulgent innovational innovative biggest infrequent high-test material aces unparagoned solid-gold thoroughbred good-quality high-calibre elemental profound all very well well and good telling governing unmatchable unchallenged innovatory well executed cooler largest elder adored time-honored gratifying improved enhanced artistic number 1 uncharacteristic dainty top-priority enterprising inventive intense forcible rousing crash-hot blissful rapturous regnant predominate opening beginning unblemished endowed sheer earthshaking record breaking downright thorough chartbusting earthshattering ready resourceful helpful public intellectual unearthly axial intelligent No. 1 fearless tenacious joyous ascendant richest cat's meow like wow front award-winning unapproached meritable dream awe-striking brainy hep hip of moment impassioned virtuosic off the beaten track pretty slap-up congenial diverting not bad tip top picturesque initial the very best state-of-the-art a standout a million dollars like a million dollars top-rank superseding of greatest significance intervening revered first rate learned admired legendary triumphal idealistic highly rated heart-stopping better than expected pure egregious better than usual of the best quality better than average seldom seen dramatic without an equal culminating all-time best stand alone Grade A crown efficacious precious ambitious having a knack for haughty ostentatious pretentious large cut out for class act shining at inaugural five star of the highest type grade A high quality top grade best-quality top quality highest-quality unaccountable inexplicable mysterious sacred inspirational holy spiritual abstract copacetic very great whiz well thought of major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league skookum promising starry intoxicating there clean smooth self-important overblown immodest highest-ranking hotdog heavyweight undefeated sans pareil of mark in the public eye improbable incomprehensible implausible difficult to believe wised up with it paranormal stupefying very fine in a class of one's own useful productive unfailing practical the most exacting very able sharp as a tack on the beam know stuff nimble-fingered on the ball up to speed no slouch no dummy eye-catching valorous hunky dory up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty believeable satisfactory organic well-thought-of at the cutting edge heavy stuff hot stuff at the leading edge utopian record-breaking eximious well-done metaphysical mystical otherworldly uncanny superhuman supernormal unworldly other-worldly decisive never to be forgotten huge substantial sure-fire imperative unconquerable lavish princely cat's pajamas mind-bending spine-tingling unnatural of genius batting a thousand salt of the earth unnerving disturbing unsettling disquieting unstoppable oratorical upper-class VIP upper cogent aristocratic kingly ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative supermundane determinative pressing acute meaningful climactic jolting dumbfounding dumfounding startling jarring flabbergasting blindsiding invulnerable mandatory burning vitally important very important required life-and-death life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence much needed earth-shattering prerequisite unassailable overwhelming posh blockbusting leet ritzy magnolious insurmountable impregnable bulletproof insuperable au fait splendacious swanky hard to swallow beyond belief celestial cosmic outrageously bad not beatable rudimentary underlying upright virtuous elementary benevolent generous ethical principled upstanding moral chivalrous gracious humane just beneficent scanty subtile flimsy subtle sparse occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated seldom deficient few semioccasional scattered rarefied thin isolated scarce unfrequent sporadic limited cultivated uncorrupted natural pick fat chad liberal courtly polite greathearted unselfish bounteous charitable tolerant benign sympathetic great-hearted noble-minded anti-corruption stand-up self-sacrificing most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most excellent most skilled most powerful

Tính từ

Being advanced in development
advanced forward progressive modern state-of-the-art avant-garde sophisticated innovative revolutionary higher developed foremost innovatory latest new newest up-to-date ahead complex evolved futuristic groundbreaking intricate leading newfangled pioneering prime recent supreme cutting-edge radical refined trailblazing avant breakthrough complicated elaborate ingenious pre-eminent excellent exceptional extreme flash improved late nifty paramount precocious snazzy leading-edge ultra-modern up to date forward-looking forward-thinking highly developed new-fashioned newly discovered recently developed up to the minute up-to-the-minute far ahead far along high-end well ahead well along ahead of the times contemporary modernistic fresh neoteric original inventive ultramodern novel high-tech cutting edge current innovational creative space-age hot high present-day unconventional unfamiliar unorthodox trendsetting disruptive ground-breaking red-hot experimental unusual mod designer unprecedented off-centre fashionable imaginative new age brand-new trendy modish left-field established stylish different go-ahead unique just out in vogue uncommon visionary technologically advanced leading edge originative perfected in au courant ahead of its time way-out modernized hip now offbeat in fashion all the rage never-before-seen settled modernised singular up-and-coming untried updated happening unknown strange hi-tech popular smart modern-day with it latter-day nouvelle enterprising topical a la mode out-of-the-box out of the ordinary mature liberal enlightened seminal future brand new enhanced voguish dynamic complete chic vanguard highly-developed cool lead 21st-century drastic rare head untested surprising exotic atypical involved faddish unaccustomed in-thing clever inspired unheard-of Promethean breaking new ground science fiction industrialized mould-breaking innovating spearheading gimmicky bleeding edge landmark avant garde unwonted alternative artful today matured present nontraditional timely transformational extant in style industrialised immediate quite recent grown variational extensive out of the common resourceful latter high-level with-it deviceful ongoing bohemian eccentric later the latest this season's new-fangled ambitious entrepreneurial inspiring special refreshing far-out twenty-first century distinctive artistic funky peculiar odd present-time self-regulating robotic automatic enthusiastic vigorous vital spirited driven energetic underground beat hot off press à la mode twenty-first-century bang up to date the newest germinal strategic well-thought-out multifaceted formative well-designed well-planned well-built swinging full-grown full-blown full-fledged automated artificially intelligent powerful difficult daring go-getting bold courageous audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered natty far cry mistakenly trendy new wave intelligent kicking hot off the fire last-ditch hot off the press kicky sweeping thorough tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in major tricky gumptious capable of learning fundamental unhackneyed better upgraded first game-changing world-shattering bettered forefront augmented better-quality revised remodeled ameliorated enriched reformed computerized technological in first place at the front digital headmost multimedia computerised front amended repaired elaborated reorganized corrected renovated mended reorganised remodelled SOTA fixed up bolstered up value-added made better sharp big groovy elegant snappy swish supercool exclusive swank du jour all the go on fleek classy swell in thing existent de rigueur culty popularized popularised dashing schmick chichi instant prevalent favored faddy favoured latest thing last word existing contempo swanky vogue prevailing upscale hep turned-on favorite def crowd-pleasing favourite le dernier cri glamorous attractive high-class high-toned dapper ritzy massive debonair coeval tasteful customary dressy trig downtown live rakish large pop swagger well-liked at this moment in the mainstream a go-go relevant concurrent coincident trim prompt high-fashion understated flattering commenced started sought-after pressing newborn in the news in favour already usual alive living genteel ad hoc in demand fancy of late in duration going on even now in process under consideration de nos jours for the time being actual dap just released in favor well turned-out up abreast showy hottest earthy fab breathing hippest sexy cosmopolitan lively appealing impressive crisp spruce exciting period young concomitant gnarly last-word desired well groomed well dressed down on trend well turned out smartly dressed celebrated bang up-to-date active just issued synchronous surrealistic high-style ultra modern coexistent posh jaunty shiny big thing simultaneous coexisting newsworthy twenty- first century as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable coincidental coetaneous craze fad chi-chi well-dressed well-groomed clean vivacious burning urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious dressed to the teeth fine uptown beautiful jazzy flashy bling steezy slick dressed to kill fancy-pants polished coterminous on the cutting edge in the latest style dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad in with it new look just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished widespread commercially successful successful well put together coextensive important synchronic awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware next at present time on hand on front burner buzzworthy common knowledge switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on in the know tuned in up on in on wise to hip to zeitgeisty subjective interesting nominal thematic nowadays being begun occurring recently appearing recently the new balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult Age of Aquarius crystal healing just now styleworthy more recent most recent

Danh từ

The most important or senior person in an organization or group
boss chief director head leader ruler chairman chairwoman employer headliner manager master president administrator controller superintendent baas CEO coryphée doyen doyenne exec gaffer governor MD sherang chief executive managing director chief executive officer head honcho big gun big shot supervisor executive captain overseer chairperson kingpin chair honcho commander foreman top dog skipper bigwig headman sachem chieftain boss man officer numero uno big cheese big wheel padrone premier Mister Big taskmaster helmsman key player jefe President superior moderator number one proprietor chancellor official head person big kahuna owner provost speaker organizer presider administrant archon prolocutor forewoman dean lord organiser figurehead monarch fat cat sovereign mistress head man convener high muckamuck elder authority ringleader manageress mandarin heavyweight warden spokesperson big noise kahuna linchpin higher-up brass monitor commanding officer superstar presiding officer ace leading light prepositus patriarch minister senior suzerain rector conductor producer guv'nor lord and master patron comptroller commissioner general nabob prex prexy tycoon functionary VIP wheel industrialist commandant prez foreperson helmer introducer spokesman big white chief better co entrepreneur businessperson person upstairs dominator MC vice chancellor head woman old man member of the board big person front office prime minister person in charge big enchilada top banana father of the chapel line manager straw boss master of ceremonies shop steward keeper jailer magistrate bossman agent bureaucrat overlord liege mayor consul admin judge custodian inspector ambassador headmaster headmistress gaoler ariki helm overling toastmaster top woman taskperson player top man headship supremo dictator handler zookeeper POTUS reins matriarch pedagogue pedagog trainer senior manager suit senior administrator senior official head of department liege lord outfit capitalist management corporation juice establishment person slavedriver top brass top cat superior commander executive officer top person director general head teacher magnate hierarchy big Daddy big Chief commander in chief workers big cheese meal ticket grandee mogul baron viceroy lead-off person Mr Big driver's seat Big Daddy Big Chief skip seneschal intendant regulator proconsul guv bailiff Capt. macher representative CFO four-striper operator pilot royalty guide top cap symposiarch gubernatorial leader bigfoot nawab nob big high-muckety-muck muckety-muck heavy pooh-bah poo-bah muck-a-muck kingfish nibs high-muck-a-muck big-timer biggie team leader pilot in command higher up chief of state spokeswoman king queen muckety muck heavy hitter grand poobah major leaguer big leaguer big boy emperor tsar prince princess mother of the chapel instructorship throne tutorship position of control tutor professorate mistress of ceremonies fellowship guru mentor important person main contender prime candidate counsellor torchbearer counselor big hitter mover and shaker big name super ganger chargehand steward grieve high-up hotshot pannikin boss pit boss guvnor czar slave driver captain of industry mastermind big fish ramrod overman major player financier brains curator big businessman potentate dignitary investor top executive lion Napoleon brass hat plutocrat panjandrum tribal chief influential person production manager sales manager big boss very important person federal case serious issue major concern matter of life and death coach C.E.O. taskmistress political boss caretaker seigneur strongman troublemaker gang leader instigator stirrer sitter examiner crew leader boss woman boss lady induna maistry inciter agitator orchestrator manufacturer pusher robber baron magnifico millionaire billionaire multimillionaire notable somebody notability disciplinarian tyrant big deal zillionaire squillionaire celebrity personage operations manager operational manager leader of the pack Big Brother muckamuck joss cacique merchant prince appointee wealthy businessman office-holder powerful person powerful batter great gun big bug officeholder office-bearer CO wealthy person business person C.O. don apparatchik jack-in-office factory boss factory owner incumbent top drawer marshal office bearer secretary public servant treasurer civil servant commander-in-chief chief officer C in C high priest high priestess point person C.-in-C. general manager

Danh từ

A sum of money lent or invested, on which interest is paid
capital money assets debt loan capital funds capital sum financial resources working capital resources funds fortune means property estate substance cash savings treasure stock gold wherewithal investment wealth riches finances kitty financing stake opulence dough bread worth reserves finance nest egg wonga pelf backing funding business interests capitalization deep pockets subsidization IRA shekels grubstake loot dosh possessions ready brass moolah lolly rhino subsidisation goods dibs wad green belongings holdings effects spondulicks valuables chattels gelt tin ackers readies bucks jack ducats boodle scratch gravy securities dinero kale mazuma greenbacks splosh Oscar simoleons shinplasters rocks lucre ways and means security worldly goods long green CD asset worldly possessions currency change notes coin silver coinage legal tender coins copper hard cash bills needful bank notes ready money ready cash banknotes specie bullion affluence prosperity cabbage chips tender moola the necessary wampum sheqels coin of the realm petty cash supply skins banknote payment green stuff refund lot mazumah ready assets note buck reserve remuneration chicken feed pledge plenty luxury richness prosperousness luxuriance revenue mammon hoard cache substantiality commodities multitude Mammon megabucks material goods well-being big money stocks and bonds ill-gotten gains lap of luxury big bucks stuff investments necessary oof investment capital financial assets fund coffers bankroll income exchequer budget pocket equity subsidy treasury purse pool share support earnings stash endowment net worth store sponsorship outlay financial backing grant things bank gear equities personalty inheritance fisc abundance stockpile interest deposit account money in the bank proceeds profits financial support collateral winnings nut financial status stocks credit patrimony the ready bonds filthy lucre the wherewithal movables pockets portfolio underwriting allowance shares materials contribution expenditure prospects goods and chattels affairs folding money net lifestyle bundle personal property personal effects involvement piece mint pile concern pocketbook top whack top dollar holding venture capital aid station in life tidy sum stocks and shares financial situation material status material position money put by for a rainy day rainy day fund material situation financial position monies contingency fund revenues collection moneys resource stakes liquid assets estates fluid assets cash reserve accounts receivable pork barrel money on hand dineros land fullness supplies outgo costs excess intangibles clover stores circumstance tontine budgeting vaults raw materials personal possessions coffer gate receipts valuable holding valuable property valuable possession valuable good valuable resource ace in the hole cash flow financial affairs money management financial state pretty penny matching funds king's ransom wallet gift present bursary takings convertible money for a rainy day balance sheet condition value financial condition spoils gold mine natural resources duds paraphernalia plunder moveables possession roll sterling contributions take return gain payoff profit paper money donations blue chips fall-back charity donation benefits kembla bill spends check wage greenback dinars pesos accumulation harvest saving allocation life saving claim folding stuff almighty dollar alimony medium of exchange life savings quota helping ration slice allotment award chattel wares vested interest special interest participation commitment provision for a rainy day mattress full valuable asset backup contingency provisions circumstances quantum total quantity financial assistance bread and butter title sinking fund reserve fund mad money unexpended balance savings account emergency funds piggy bank planned disbursement spending plan legacy right co-ownership engagement heritage something to fall back on money put saved for a rainy day something for a rainy day investing bequest portion ante advance deal devise trek expense purchase transaction earthly possessions smart money capital spending buying shares money invested financial interest capital invested vested interests bail out

Danh từ

Person who teaches college courses
professor don prof chair fellow academic academician assistant brain dean educator egghead instructor lecturer pedagogue pedagog pundit quant sage savant teacher tutor emeritus professor head of faculty Regius professor faculty member full professor head of department rocket scientist university teacher holder of a chair preceptor schoolmaster schoolteacher master coach educationist educationalist trainer mentor guru doctor guide schoolmistress scholar counsellor counselor reader researcher dominie pandit mistress intellectual adviser schoolie chalkie beak schoolman expert scientist demonstrator lector mastermind authority bluestocking bookworm specialist highbrow schoolmarm wizard acca usher edifier monitor boffin exponent supply teacher woman of letters handler department head man of letters manager teach grind workshop leader pedant dogmatist instructer expositor guardian governor docent speaker university lecturer advisor private teacher leader sophist governess pupil student college teacher oracle abecedary scholastic college tutor disciplinarian consultant supervisor thinker Ph.D. senior common room preschool teacher nursery school teacher Th.D. Einstein whizz brains inventor technician genius college lecturer brainbox maven brainiac intellect mind learned person polymath bookman pointy-head rabbi Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Theology critic augur litterateur tool disciple illuminati gnome philosopher alpha geek bookish person wise person clever clogs person of letters intellectualist geek nerd longhair prodigy whiz double-dome bright spark walking encyclopedia wiz know-it-all intelligentsia Brahmin wonk mahatma Solomon doubledome swot statto trainspotter anorak literato illuminato talent spod theorist academian Poindexter learner maharishi clever person theoretician ideologist propeller head Nestor cerebrum psyche head wise man casuist experimenter investigator analyzer fieldworker analyst tester clinician field researcher maestro braintruster intelligent person avant-garde fundi gifted child master-hand

Danh từ

A person who acts on behalf of another person or group
agent representative delegate envoy factor emissary negotiator proxy rep broker deputy surrogate trustee advocate handler manager minister substitute ambassador assignee attorney commissary intermediary legate liaison procurator spokesperson frontman mediator middleperson mouthpiece officer spokesman spokeswoman abettor actor assistant commissioner factotum functionary lawyer mediary proctor promoter steward go-between business manager messenger middleman diplomat interceder plenipotentiary intercessor consul nuncio stand-in conciliator honest broker peacemaker intermediate courier interagent arbitrator depute speaker interposer buffer fixer intermediator understudy replacement mouth voice official medium appointee moderator point man point person subordinate lieutenant aide arbiter contact prophet spin doctor negotiant organ alternate linkperson backup helper attaché linkman linkwoman talker connection influence adjutant PR person liaison officer herald underling front fill-in member nominee prolocutor regent entrepreneur relief instrument channel vehicle second-in-command intervenor judge champion protagonist propagandist internuncio bearer carrier link vicar sub number two publicist right-hand man middle person chargé chargé d'affaires pinch hitter attache press officer cabinet member contact woman interdealer broker contact person contact man press agent public relations consultant supervisor accredited messenger booker reeve executor intervener agency supervise reservations agent monitor guide fugleman spox forum agent general adjudicator bargainer haggler intermedium wheeler-dealer ambassadress reconciler pleader ambassador plenipotentiary ambassador extraordinary supplicant petitioner scout catchpole viceroy senator invigilator distributor jobber salesperson wholesaler sales rep successor designate legation concierge papal nuncio people's choice hired gun POC member of Congress servant executive administrator cutout dealer special envoy minister plenipotentiary office-holder dignitary publicizer stopgap booking agent holiday rep officeholder premier referee journal periodical publication standby touchpoint single point of contact department head help desk expedient resort recourse refuge resource expediency makeshift military attaché prime minister statesman advance man advance agent substitute agent broker-dealer public relations officer point of contact diplomatist tactician peacekeeper politician expert public servant public relations person PR expert civil servant publicity agent PRO PR consultant PR officer second subaltern junior auxiliary PA supply sidekick henchman second in command adjunct apprentice vice personal assistant coadjutor mate aid helpmate helpmeet temp vicegerent locum representant councillor dogcatcher locum tenens councilor man Friday girl Friday assembly member the second in command attendant partner supporter companion colleague associate accomplice secretary ally collaborator friend follower gofer right-hand woman accessory backer help adherent coadjutant right-hand person wingman fellow worker cover lackey reserve second string flunkey peon second fiddle minion flunky aide-de-camp temporary worker acolyte pinch-hitter inferior coworker double body man cohort gal Friday paraprofessional confederate stooge abetter serf scrub slave understrapper hireling hanger-on co-worker successor designated hitter crony stand-by third string comrade menial henchwoman succorer patron cooperator disciple myrmidon dogsbody vassal skivvy reliever aider subsidiary workmate second banana teammate subject dependant alternative satellite ancillary main man hired hand second stringer hired help matchmaker helping hand retainer playmate consort pal amigo pupil buddy chum accompaniment runnerup supporting role chorus second-rater heavy bodyguard adviser confidante minder servitor scullion escort temporary fallback aider and abetter camp follower spare bedfellow toady shadow protector sympathizer right hand yes-person cobber sympathiser hatchet man hatchet woman fellow traveler equivalent substitution supplanter changeling succedaneum temporary expedient employee little guy lightweight hand protege upstart squirt worker gopher beginner trainee dependent novice poodle small potato labourer laborer running dog workman sycophant outfit band pool labor operator party labour staff member foot soldier hired man hired person member of the workforce man member of staff P.A.

Danh từ

A cleric in charge of a college or congregation
rector minister priest vicar pastor chaplain curate preacher clergyman clergyperson clergywoman cleric headmaster parson proctor reverend churchman ecclesiastic padre divine father man of the cloth man of God dominie sky pilot josser Holy Joe churchwoman kirkman deacon bishop woman of the cloth clerk clerical woman of God evangelist rabbi theologian minister of religion shepherd holy man pontiff monk imam deaconess missionary archbishop pulpiteer dean God-botherer Bible-basher assistant curate friar abbot presbyter father confessor holy woman sermonizer cardinal predicant cassock primate pulpitarian abbey blackcoat monsignor ecclesiast prelate member of the clergy elder chief priest high priest incumbent abbé curé beneficiary ordained minister clergyman/woman theologist archdeacon clergy confessor diocesan lecturer philosopher parish priest bible thumper the rev harp polisher turn-around collar devil dodger sky scout celebrant lama scholar servant of God military chaplain archabbot vicegerent abbot-general lay preacher woman of god man of god church official churchperson person of God person of the cloth revivalist proselytizer proselytiser apostle converter propagandist televangelist crusader prior promoter gospeller herald messenger teacher campaigner missioner caretaker school chaplain army chaplain prison chaplain assistant sacred holy venerable hierarch abbess air force chaplain dignitary church officer evangelical member of clergy moralizer homilist evangelizer pulpiter preach hot gospeller preacher man metropolitan provost champion spreader of the faith suffragan exarch coadjutor proponent advocate activist gospeler abba television evangelist circuit rider TV evangelist television preacher religious teacher

Danh từ

A foundation or starting point for further work
base basis foundation core backbone bedrock fundamental heart principle source basics essence institution origin rationale roots theory carrier essential fount fountainhead medium organisation organization root spring vehicle authority infrastructure key starting point well head chief constituent important part primary element key component nitty-gritty crux cornerstone nucleus kernel center underpinning centre groundwork nub gist substance centerpiece quintessence pith keystone centrepiece soul ground bottom keynote bottom line mainstay marrow footing warp meat point fundamentals sum lynchpin net pivot warp and woof thrust premise fundamental principle linchpin meat and potatoes essentials nuts and bolts essentiality stuff crown main ingredient focus fundamental point principal element bull's-eye mainspring nexus anchor nubbin hub support quick principal constituent brass tacks chief ingredient main idea sum and substance focal point beginning rudiment axiom significance fundament spine pillar rudiments spirit prop grounding body life principles ABC lifeblood locus central component basic principles point of departure axis guiding principle heart of the matter seat first principle essential part intrinsic nature strength sine qua non rule grassroots rest vital element foundation stone key element preliminaries foundations epicenter spotlight target highlight rules laws cornerstones elements nature stress belly inside gut basic bull's eye forefront showpiece emphasis attraction polestar bones bosom heartstrings first principles axioms grammar epicentre embodiment spinal column vertebrae back ground zero inner space coal and ice rallying point ABCs details central point centre of attention center of attention hot spot ethos being chine alphabet character meaning manifestation staple constitution ground rules crux of the matter element reality fiber grain actuality structure rachis dorsum vertebral column vein quality aspect quiddity form entity animating spirit symbol life force representation realization moving force realisation incarnation moving spirit personification élan vital vital spirit exemplification buttress attribute virtuality burden caliber property timber calibre essentia germ esse fibre fundamental nature basic quality central part bulwark fundamental quality basic characteristic name of game import be-all and end-all standby dependence reliance dependance bastion importance staff supporter upholder stay crutch maintainer sustainer brace postulate law chief support good right arm antecedent explanation background dictum main ingredients

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