Đồng nghĩa của clerical

Alternative for clerical

Trái nghĩa: lay,

Danh từ

A religious minister
cleric minister priest ecclesiastic preacher divine reverend dominie clerk deacon clergyperson parson vicar clergyman pastor churchman padre clergywoman churchwoman curate rector chaplain father woman of God sky pilot woman of the cloth kirkman josser man of God man of the cloth Holy Joe bishop evangelist missionary theologian rabbi pontiff clergy pulpiteer elder monk minister of religion monsignor sermonizer archbishop predicant deaconess dean shepherd celebrant God-botherer Bible-basher friar presbyter holy man abbot assistant curate prelate father confessor member of the clergy chief priest high priest sacred holy venerable imam theologist philosopher scholar lama holy woman archdeacon confessor diocesan lecturer church officer revivalist apostle crusader proselytizer evangelical gospeller moralizer televangelist homilist evangelizer pulpiter preach hot gospeller proselytiser preacher man lay preacher spreader of the faith cardinal cassock primate pulpitarian abbey blackcoat churchperson ecclesiast person of God person of the cloth converter propagandist prior promoter herald messenger teacher turn-around collar abbé curé campaigner missioner church official servant of God caretaker incumbent school chaplain army chaplain prison chaplain ordained minister assistant beneficiary clergyman/woman hierarch abbess air force chaplain dignitary proctor principal headmaster bible thumper the rev harp polisher devil dodger sky scout parish priest member of clergy vicegerent metropolitan military chaplain woman of god man of god provost champion suffragan exarch coadjutor proponent advocate activist gospeler abba television evangelist circuit rider TV evangelist television preacher religious teacher

Trái nghĩa của clerical

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