Đồng nghĩa của revered

Alternative for revered

reveres, revered, revering

Đồng nghĩa: admire, adore, cherish, esteem, honor, idolize, love, prize, respect, value, worship,

Tính từ

Respected or given reverence
admired august celebrated distinguished esteemed honoured honored illustrious respected valued well-regarded renowned eminent acclaimed prestigious famous venerable noted notable great estimable prominent famed venerated exalted pre-eminent reputable important noble lionized lauded well-known preeminent respectable lionised outstanding well thought of glorious grand vaunted recognized highly rated reputed leading acknowledged of note recognised of repute well known influential elevated big-time highly regarded name of high standing noteworthy dominant notorious top honourable dignified honorable high-powered well received legendary storied powerful major significant much touted big-name foremost considerable extolled big-league major league superior popular big lofty feted chief predominant high-ranking supreme high-profile praised highly esteemed much vaunted major-league highly thought of puissant applauded immortal star prized imposing stately paramount world-class well-thought-of conspicuous signal seminal number one high-level mighty senior big league appreciated high established visible grave key laureate central professional large primary main prime principal premier capital regal highest greatest peerless numero uno much-admired arch first superstar redoubted celeb up there sovereign primal redoubtable heavy-duty potent heavy overbearing of good repute big-gun of distinction highly praised VIP big-shot time-honored remembered unforgettable prizewinning golden flaunted pivotal strong essential of good standing decorated touted astral luminous bright well-liked instrumental paraded dynamic meritorious leonine lionlike page-oner remarkable celebrious promoted overhyped publicized advertised hyped heavyweight energetic substantial boasted about bragged about publicised made much of shown off weighty well respected with a good reputation big time big name lordly inflated fine exulted in crowed about prated about big-wheel higher exceptional commanding fabled sublime iconic magnanimous infamous vital hot-dog historic winning trendsetting dominating governing regnant magnificent memorable prevailing high profile unparalleled unequaled superlative unequalled gifted incomparable matchless high-minded prior resonant formidable first rate authoritative alpha unexcelled learned arch- well-connected trusted all-important of the first rank heroic unsurpassed triumphal idealistic extraordinary grandiloquent widely known made a display of worthy of mention much-publicized worthy of note stand-out high up having made a name for oneself hailed cheered commended higher up master lead patrician refined premium aristocratic apex transcendent cardinal genteel elite focal head posh biggest core largest highbred gentle highborn huge upmarket sovran overriding overmastering wellborn number-one widely praised well born upper-crust silk-stocking top-drawer high-born blue-blooded upper-class reverenced hallowed worshipped reverend sacred sage decent exemplary wise worthy patriarchal philosophical serious admirable sedate worshipful matriarchal worshiped experienced majestic ruling crucial splendid proud resplendent impressive imperial topmost critical superb excellent brilliant controlling royal fundamental gallant monumental uppermost ultimate basic marvelous presiding epic supereminent magnific marvellous grandiose baronial kingly heroical best massive striking Homeric preponderant prevalent salient champion shining top-tier stellar beautiful four-star utmost awe-inspiring gorgeous triumphant front-page gratifying consequential ascendant predominate wonderful good surpassing towering indispensable intrinsic top-ranking palatial spectacular elemental high-power arresting dazzling strictly business playing hard ball momentous splendiferous overruling effulgent radiant top-notch staple princely much publicized material of consequence pleasurable of greatest importance first-rate No. 1 in the public eye unrivalled consummate solemn staid portly absolute blue-chip chivalrous unrivaled successful necessary lavish opulent sumptuous breathtaking special top-level deluxe luxurious maximum eventful highfalutin' integral rich top-priority especial creditable greathearted underlying public first-class magnolious ritzy splendacious must-have meaningful high-up rudimentary ranking imperious urgent radical reigning directing effective sterling praiseworthy headmost of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost far-reaching talked about of mark in the limelight on the map splendrous heavenly delightful enjoyable finest accomplished expert finished ok splendorous decisive unsurpassable unmatchable rightly prized favoured favored chosen elegant terrific characteristic inherent unlimited familiar utopian enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless awesome statuesque extravagant fantastic tremendous divine benevolent particular simple strongest telling crack root queenly high-status known marked splashy monster proverbial axial constitutional common infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded crowning singular beginning opening titled basal constitutive everyday operative keynote strategic quintessential of influence eloquent distinctive historical oratorical upper cogent phenomenal deciding richest oustanding adored landmark fateful generous second-to-none total unconditional full utter victory commemorative ceremonial celebratory second to none final compelling determining top-rank nonpareil underlined monarchical monarchal something else of importance intervening superseding of greatest significance commemorated just fine tall in the saddle groundbreaking fulfilling decorous formal considerate guiding monarchial front noble-born of gentle birth of noble birth interesting far-famed high-flying talked of initial in spotlight in limelight uplifting sensational inaugural A-number-1 A-1 paragon genius reserved courtly ceremonious omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing fit for a prince primo hotshot hotdog natural upright proper topical fit for a queen fit for a princess holding the reins highbrow composed gracious at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff exciting relevant buzzworthy pompous maximal couth sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty fit for a king loftiest crown newsworthy apical zenithal tiptop just so self-respecting highest-ranking out of the ordinary of substance most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most obvious most noticeable

Tính từ

Being gratified by something
proud fulfilled gratified honored content contented delighted glad pleased satisfied appreciative spirited dignified esteemed flattered grateful happy honoured joyful overjoyed prideful thrilled venerated well-pleased ecstatic joyous jubilant elated euphoric enchanted enraptured in seventh heaven blissful chuffed rapt triumphant captivated stoked wrapped thankful gleeful entertained entranced tickled over the moon blissed out on top of the world as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam walking on air cock-a-hoop tickled pink on a high as happy as Larry on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails charmed amused sent gladdened diverted excited enchanté pleasantly surprised on cloud seven in transports of delight made up very pleased beside oneself with happiness like a child with a new toy merry effervescent welcome wonderful enjoyable high cheerful pleasing pleasurable heartwarming delightful fantastic cheery jocund vivacious jovial hilarious upbeat lively amusing gladsome exhilarated optimistic buoyant exuberant carefree glowing riotous grinning humorous uproarious pleasant winsome larking boon jumping boisterous radiant peaceful rapturous festive grooving lighthearted zippy orgasmic rhapsodic zappy smiley saturnalian rollicking blithesome paradisiacal rosy paradisal rhapsodical untroubled fun hopeful beatific paradisaical frolicsome sanguine zingy rocking rejoicing beaming paradisiac rousing well paradisaic chirpy perky sportive chipper convivial light comfortable peppy sparkling playful blest laughing mirthful up sunny jolly smiling gay blessed blithe exultant magical wild intoxicated tickled to death can't complain beside oneself with joy looking good full of beans feel-good starry-eyed in high spirits at ease as happy as a sandboy light-hearted rose-colored rip-roaring in good spirits floating on air fun-loving flying high Panglossian in a good mood

Động từ

Past tense for to regard someone or something with great awe or devotion
reverenced venerated worshipped worshiped honoured adored respected admired adulated appreciated cherished deified esteemed exalted glorified idolised idolized loved prized treasured valued apotheosized approved of enjoyed hero-worshipped honored lionised lionized looked up to magnified regarded thought highly of deferred to held in esteem held in high regard put on a pedestal set store by thought much of had a high opinion of held in awe held in high esteem paid homage paid homage to setted great store by held in the highest regard extolled praised lauded celebrated acclaimed commended sanctified hallowed aggrandized paid tribute to hailed commemorated applauded held dear regarded highly eulogized dignified canonized eulogised distinguished recognized blessed blest emblazoned complimented canonised ennobled recognised saluted erected observed elevated embraced thought the world of memorialized sublimed upreared panegyrized doted on memorialised immortalized stood in awe of rated highly idealized enshrined valued highly decorated prayed to big upped bigged up hymned resounded immortalised liked idealised held in admiration cared for relished rolled out red carpet consecrated had a high regard for sang the praises of sung the praises of enthroned beatified rated favoured favored bowed down to caroled carolled offered prayers to solemnized heroized toasted kept approved cracked up loved dearly solemnised valued greatly appreciated greatly felt great affection for cared very much for placed great value on enskyed enskied dedicated proclaimed held sacred marvelled at marveled at set out set down acknowledged touted extolled the virtues of flattered haloed transfigured feted doted upon considered signalized remembered bowed down before lift held in respect signalised raved about marked made much of built up bigged something up cried someone up held in great respect expressed admiration for set on pedestal cried something up thought very highly of handed it to regarded with awe sang praises to sung praises to preserved sang paeans to sung paeans to spoke highly of spoken highly of held high dreaded gave key to city given glad hand gave glad hand given key to city took your hat off to taken your hat off to monumentalized protected devoted sacralized thanked divinized endorsed represented incorporated realized manifested embodied expressed embalmed contained feared anointed marvel at adorned illuminated mythified raised wondered at thought a lot of publicized included cheered lifted up recommended attached importance to welcomed bowed down gave thanks to given thanks to thought of spelt out spelled out publicised realised laid down accredited ballyhooed felicitated congratulated held in regard apprised celebritized worshipped to excess really liked rhapsodized about rhapsodized over lifted intensified bowed to setted in stone raved over heaped praise on boosted stroked given credit to given accolades to showed appreciation of gave accolades to shown appreciation of gave credit to supported nurtured embosomed fancied apprized lived up to loved intensely flipped over credited spoken well of spoke well of paid respects said nice things about waxed lyrical about encouraged cried up waxed lyrical had a proclivity for had a predilection for had a penchant for setted on a pedestal wanted made famous praised to the skies expressed approval for cracked someone up participated in cracked something up looked on with favour held setted much store by gave praise to given praise to sang sungen sung lay down went into raptures over gone into raptures over gone for went for fell for fallen for sang someone's praises sung someone's praises took off your hat to taken off your hat to taken pleasure in took pleasure in threw bouquets at thrown bouquets at taken one's hat off to took one's hat off to sang praises of given bouquet sung praises of taken off hat to took off hat to gave bouquet took part in holden taken part in partook in partaken in upgraded enhanced bestowed honour on promoted set apart advanced heard it for ordained clapped added distinction to added dignity to added lustre to made lofty raved rooted puffed up made holy made sacred graced praised enthusiastically installed sainted preferred enthused over gushed about enthused about gushed over pushed expressed delight over went into raptures about gone into raptures about hoist expressed approval of dedicated to God placed on a pedestal put your hands together put up improved the status of crowned perpetuated eternalized gave a posy given a posy invested inaugurated inducted instated eternized mobbed initiated pedestalized belauded desired lorded besainted idolatrized established laureated rhapsodized coronated consummated bragged about rhapsodised vaunted found attractive made immortal went wild about went on about gone on about gone wild about countenanced sanctioned mentioned built kinged sounded the praises of made a fuss of made a fuss over regarded as sacred offered absolved signed crossed baptised sacrificed confirmed sprinkled baptized furthered sublimated improved increased augmented hoisted appointed devoted to God had a pash on had an eye for had a crush on had a thing about carried a torch for lavished affection on gave a bouquet given a bouquet kept alive the memory of given a higher rank moved up the ladder offerred benediction stepped up mooned over pronounced holy made into a saint gave a higher rank had the hots for plugged improved the standing of given it up for raised high prayed for expressed respect for invoked happiness invoked benefits invoked happiness on kicked upstairs moved up rolled out the red carpet delighted in grooved on improved the position of gave it up for given recognition to gave recognition to sworn in swore in shown respect showed respect sang praises sung praises took to taken to given a boost to gave a boost to given kudos gave kudos gave approval given approval given advancement to given advancement gave promotion gave advancement to gave advancement given promotion given a standing ovation gave a hand showed your appreciation given a hand gave a big hand given ovation given a big hand shown your appreciation given a round of applause gave ovation gave a standing ovation gave a round of applause taken a liking to took a liking to took a shine to taken a shine to

Động từ

Past tense for to flatter or compliment excessively
praised flattered complimented adored adulated venerated elevated glorified inveigled lionised lionized stroked bootlicked cajoled fawned over gushed over raved over sweet-talked worshipped worshiped brownnosed brown-nosed built up buttered up fell all over fallen all over kissed feet played up to put on a pedestal sucked up to worked over complimented excessively laid it on thick soft-soaped spread it on worked on charmed puffed up smooth-talked gushed fawned wheedled humored buttered up to overpraised soothed exalted stroked one's ego humoured roosed rubbed the right way ingratiated oneself with fawned upon massaged blarneyed blandished honeyed courted snowed oiled jollied softened puffed belauded coaxed hero-worshipped toadied crept to crawled to persuaded conned groveled grovelled catered to sweetened up laid it on with a trowel made up to fawned on paid court to beslavered salved sold palavered snew snown soaped toadied to truckled to curry favoured with wooed kowtowed to got round danced attendance on prevailed on talked into curry favored slavered rubbed up the right way curry favored with curried favour sucked up flanneled flannelled got next to gotten next to admired commended expressed admiration for panegyrized pandered to lauded paid tribute to paid blandishments to waxed lyrical about made much of manoeuvred said nice things about lured tempted seduced beguiled enticed eulogized truckled apple-polished kowtowed fussed grovelled before tantalized maneuvered urged duped bantered deluded misled influenced deceived induced entrapped decoyed crowded cringed before pushed debased prostrated oneself to kept someone sweet sweet talked licked boots crawled yielded creeped honeyed up submitted abased oneself to cowered smoodged to deferred bowed and scrape to kneeled caved in to tantalised softened up praised to excess praised to the skies bowed smarmed around crouched knelt cringed eulogised abased oneself before bowed and scrape before grovelled to invited paid court stooped demeaned oneself to handed a line pandered cottoned scraped laid it on abased crept buddied up gotten on the right side of got on the right side of gotten around argued into got around fell over oneself for fallen over oneself for yold sung the praises of sang the praises of fallen on one's knees fell on one's knees yolden overdid it overdone it

Động từ

(delight in) Past tense for to take great pleasure in
delighted adored fancied luxuriated relished revelled reveled enjoyed favored favoured loved appreciated exulted savored savoured wallowed indulged joyed jubilated rejoiced adulated cherished chose chosen dug embraced exuberated gloried treasured valued venerated kvelled triumphed basked in crowed about enjoyed greatly went for gone for really enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed cared for drank in drunk in found enjoyable got off on gotten off on had a thing about liked to indulge in really liked took great delight taken great delight took great pleasure taken great pleasure took pleasure in taken pleasure in took to taken to derived great pleasure from found appealing found great pleasure found joy in found pleasure in got a bang out of gotten a bang out of got pleasure from gotten pleasure from had a fondness for had a great liking for had a liking for had regard for liked very much reveled in revelled in took a fancy to taken a fancy to found agreeable found satisfaction in got a buzz from got a buzz out of got a charge out of gotten a charge out of got a kick out of gotten a kick out of got a thrill from got a thrill out of gotten a thrill out of went in for gone in for had an affection for had a penchant for had a predilection for had a preference for had a proclivity for had a taste for had a thing for immersed yourself in took an interest in taken an interest in took satisfaction in taken satisfaction in derived satisfaction from felt satisfaction with got a charge from of hankered for had a passion for had a soft spot for had a weakness for lapped up partook of partaken of rated highly regarded highly took a thrill to taken a thrill to amused oneself with took joy in taken joy in drooled over had fun with enjoyed to the full took great pleasure in taken great pleasure in prized held in esteem got a buzz from of derived pleasure from admired held dear cottoned to delighted in rejoiced in thought well of felt affection toward leant toward gloried in respected madded about grooved on had a high regard for liked found irresistible esteemed exulted in thought the world of got a kick from of leaned toward found attractive rated wallowed in approved of took delight in got high on taken a shine to gotten high on taken great delight in gone a bundle on taken delight in took great delight in went a bundle on took a shine to had fun lived it up stuck on had a good time had a ball luxuriated in indulged in doted on feasted on had affection for lived a little amused oneself eaten up ate up

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