Đồng nghĩa của major league

Tính từ

Of a serious or important nature or consequence
solemn serious earnest sober somber consequential exigent glum profound sedate significant staid weighty considerable critical crucial important major material pivotal severe stern substantial urgent vital acute appreciable dour gloomy grim humourless key monumental portentous sombre austere eventful grave heavyweight momentous big difficult downbeat hard heavy heavy-duty hefty humorless quiet sad tough uncomic underlined cold sober no-nonsense matter of life and death far-reaching high-priority of consequence of great import of great importance of moment of significance all-important of great consequence life and death life-and-death big deal no laughing matter no joke meaningful fundamental paramount principal historic big league major-league pressing prime sizable essential worthwhile prominent influential powerful ponderous integral main exceptional noteworthy intense large-scale grand big-time cardinal almighty valuable earth-shattering life-changing tectonic earthshaking imperative determinative deep indispensable decisive leading fateful landmark super eminent sizeable core solid strategic mammoth super colossal pertinent intrinsic focal large primary sweeping central real sturdy firm strong respectable great sound marked substantive extraordinary notable dire capital pronounced imposing much extensive massive good ample useful durable healthy striking pointed instrumental mighty telling top-priority especial impactful immediate overriding salient foremost burning determining big-deal superabundant abundant vast steady high-profile of note top-level overshadowing high-level of concern dangerous grievous big-league memorable outstanding remarkable headline epoch-making deciding signal climacteric strenuous earth-shaking unforgettable extreme of importance meaty famous celebrated active full lively busy red-letter exciting apocalyptic relevant famed groundbreaking renowned epochal dramatic ground-breaking valid purposeful event-filled hectic action-packed well-known tremendous world-shaking world-shattering stunning earthshattering devastating indicative pithy testing trying searching settling sententious psychological quintessential dominant desperate clamorous overruling necessary requisite preeminent primal premier predominant chief climactic supreme top ruling master insistent showdown touchy climatic prerequisite compelling needed required mandatory radical now or never touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice much needed very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence must-have pre-eminent vitally important forceful milestone harsh noticeable special ponderable conspicuous carrying a lot of weight impressive disastrous life-threatening distressing sensational conclusive glaring distinctive front-page rare unusual newsworthy uncommon bad threatening awful peracute hazardous exacting punishing menacing sobering bitter painful brutal arduous fierce excessive bleak worrying precarious perilous terrible intensive ugly grinding taxing toilsome preponderant obvious resonant unordinary glorious keynote particular emphatic quantum generous potent worthy of attention a lot of lots of plenty of a great deal of a fair amount of

Tính từ

Most important
chief main central primary principal key leading cardinal highest prime supreme paramount capital first predominant essential premier uppermost arch crucial dominant foremost overriding vital focal major outstanding pre-eminent ruling big big-time grand great greatest master overbearing overmastering pivotal preeminent prevailing primal prior sovereign sovran especial number-one champion consequential controlling effective momentous number one numero uno potent significant star stellar telling topmost weighty celebrated elevated eminent exalted august noble dignified illustrious distinguished prominent esteemed notable famous renowned respected regal revered honoured lofty top honored highly regarded well-known lead patrician refined respectable premium aristocratic venerable apex transcendent genteel elite head biggest posh core largest highbred gentle large highborn huge upmarket grave wellborn top-drawer blue-blooded upper-class well thought of widely praised of distinction well born upper-crust high-born silk-stocking glorious important seminal influential honourable superior famed honorable commanding stately fabled noteworthy iconic magnanimous sublime noted notorious recognized reputable superlative puissant powerful trusted all-important resonant formidable authoritative heroic triumphal recognised legendary alpha idealistic prestigious imposing learned extraordinary prized high profile high-level valued arch- admired senior mighty unparalleled well-connected unequaled unequalled gifted incomparable matchless high-minded well known redoubtable signal of the first rank first rate acclaimed unsurpassed peerless big league highly rated unexcelled high-powered prevalent fundamental critical ultimate presiding high best basic supereminent preponderant ascendant dominating salient utmost necessary intrinsic of greatest importance top-tier rudimentary underlying elemental indispensable staple regnant governing predominate greater better front popular elementary integral first-rate ranking urgent headmost high-ranking of prime importance requisite top-notch larger top-priority finest predominating majority higher-ranking original radical root highest-ranking special consummate reigning initial imperative constitutional inherent first and foremost unrivaled high-status of supreme importance unprecedented prepollent prepotent in control exemplary upper unrivalled maximum select top-ranking overpowering inimitable industry leading first-class heavy best possible second to none extensive top-class a cut above the rest topflight top drawer in the ascendancy simple characteristic standard initiative strongest axial pioneer chad favoured favored successful winning chosen richest general crowning particular overruling final compelling determining top-rank quintessential widespread super intervening superseding of greatest significance necessitous obligatory needed required mandatory compulsory burning crack ace world class most received current overall common public vulgar No. 1 must-have higher bigger elder in demand immediate executive boss second-to-none high-class tops king bulkiest lion's share rampant rife high-up world-class omnipotent absolute official surpassing imperious efficacious almighty supervisory arbitrary directing all-powerful high priority to the fore the most top-level everything higher-level holding the reins inaugural A-number-1 A-1 hotdog heavyweight primo of note hotshot optimal peak heavy stuff hot stuff record higher ranking optimum complete perfect unassailable above overhead upward at the leading edge at the cutting edge basal unsurpassable utopian unexampled domineering serious considerable senior-level senior management level executive level foundational nonpareil undefeated unbeaten unbeatable monumental tough ponderous far-reaching furthermost primordial primitive organic structural substantial heavy-duty earnest meaningful dynamic large-scale historic germane high-priority material decisive pertinent life-and-death pressing dire invaluable conspicuous intense exigent emphatic without equal beyond compare top of the line top of the range ingrained rudimental meat-and-potatoes beginning introductory abecedarian record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 top-of-the-range par excellence sans pareil profound bottom-line deep supporting sustaining constitutive deep-seated substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom underived axiological groundlaying more important more powerful more elevated most important most prominent most influential most powerful most illustrious most noticeable most obvious most skilled most excellent most outstanding

Tính từ

Great in rank or status
high top prominent senior distinguished eminent high-ranking influential powerful superior authoritative dominant elevated leading notable noteworthy pre-eminent premier prestigious prime top-level top-ranking chief commanding consequential foremost grand high-level illustrious preeminent principal ranking upper exalted head high-grade important lead lofty main presiding primary ruling top-notch big-time celebrated famous first renowned supereminent skookum major-league noted big-league esteemed respected acclaimed well-known great famed outstanding major significant well known noble honoured honored reputable high-profile conspicuous highly regarded revered venerable star notorious glorious recognized high-powered reputed legendary VIP name exceptional heavy big-name feted admired recognised big-shot respectable remarkable lionized signal august seminal of note storied lionised top-drawer of high standing serious big league world-class heavyweight puissant well-thought-of well thought of big name luminous critical crucial redoubtable bright acknowledged memorable astral estimable front-page four-star superstar pivotal high profile lauded high-up blue-chip impressive big popular honourable of repute much-publicized heavy-duty mighty high-flying big time honorable central professional grave key venerated recognizable striking extraordinary valued considerable celebrious redoubted celeb big-gun essential singular strictly business vital playing hard ball high-power aristocratic peerless special recognisable visible imposing predominant meritorious worthy of note in the limelight much touted worthy of mention something else of mark large supreme widely known of distinction underlined stand-out well-regarded iconic paramount celebrity of good standing familiar leonine lionlike page-oner first-class majestic upper-class accomplished famous name of importance of consequence in the public eye dynamic stately instrumental energetic strong potent well respected with a good reputation of good repute extolled substantial established weighty brilliant marked sovereign hot-dog historic winning immortal trendsetting dominating governing regnant big-wheel especial unforgettable shining nonpareil talked of arresting salient good excellent worthy valuable vaunted admirable applauded infamous laureate integral core meritable sterling deserving prized in limelight meretorious appreciable palmary praisable decent having made a name for oneself highly rated well received up there interesting fundamental requisite intrinsic trusted noticeable necessary earnest monumental needed indispensable high-priority far-reaching unique unusual rare observable mentionable different namable nameable citable of particular interest uncommon public worth mentioning worth taking a look at hot mind-blowing meaningful utmost murder red-letter out of the ordinary splash terrific boss cool patent the end manifest super evident highest cardinal arch master number one greatest overmastering capital primal overriding overbearing sovran numero uno topmost prior best inflated number-one highest-ranking uppermost in charge ultimate directing dignified controlling pompous front higher magnificent stellar elite champion bombastic fine intellectual orotund fustian exaggerated immodest excessive grandiloquent overblown focal unequaled consummate surpassing unrivalled transcendent top-tier headmost incomparable matchless unsurpassable unsurpassed loftier unequalled towering unrivaled elemental prevailing higher-level underlying rudimentary higher-ranking arch- high-minded number ideal guiding basic crack pioneer executive simple beginning opening root elementary original unmatchable constitutional sublime momentous second to none of the first rank further-up reigning first-rate upper-level definitive unparalleled unmatched decisive inimitable responsible managing superlative absolute untouchable unbeatable total initial unconditional perfect pretentious inaugural A-number-1 A-1 first-string superordinate of higher rank highest ranking mother of all decision-making overlying hotdog primo hotshot uplifting self-important superb proud particular greater at the leading edge heavy stuff at the cutting edge hot stuff staple rhetorical haughty verbose high-status No. 1 urgent must-have above better overhead upward magniloquent histrionic lordly aureate oratorical declamatory tall high-sounding high up higher up pertinent relevant importunate solid definite of concern immediate vigorous germane operative pressing standout of interest emphatic more elevated more important most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most significant most skilled

Trái nghĩa của major league

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