Đồng nghĩa của required

Alternative for required

Trái nghĩa: elective,

requires, required, requiring

Đồng nghĩa: command, demand, lack, necessitate, need, oblige, order, want,

Trái nghĩa: refuse,

Tính từ

Officially compulsory, or otherwise considered essential
necessary needed compulsory mandatory obligatory vital prescribed requisite indispensable pivotal recommended imperative prerequisite critical crucial demanded essential forced incumbent integral necessitous needful nonelective peremptory statutory enforced important involuntary set unavoidable called for compulsatory de rigueur must-have all-important key paramount significant urgent compelling of the essence pre-eminent fundamental consequential high-priority pressing of the utmost importance of great consequence burning central vitally important life-and-death acute basic principal binding chief cardinal stipulated momentous wanted quintessential inescapable substantive prime all important constitutive decisive primary foremost intrinsic core called-for leading capital exigent fixed appropriate heavy proper meat-and-potatoes conventional very important standard normal desired customary usual expedient inherent preeminent rudimentary bottom-line elementary innate specified main imperious major nitty-gritty radical deciding focal serious meaningful determinative earth-shattering life-or-death great much needed weighty lacking contractual enforceable king lacked telling curricular right-hand basal commanding irremissible number one coercive OB everything climacteric assigned official strategic the law mission-critical business-critical underlined fatal preferred acceptable correct fitting determining imposed world-shaking name-of-the-game characteristic structural influential big dominant rudimental profound staple natural underlying coal-and-ice overruling primal premier overriding predominant foundational constitutional elemental constituent salient incumbent on climactic grand supreme top ruling master connected component outstanding far-reaching name of game grave desperate at the heart of dire importunate emergency extreme immediate drastic intense sore impelling crying parlous emergent terrible clamant driving regulation orthodox life and death top-priority very great time-critical done ubiquitous comme il faut socially obligatory right a must au fait conforming to accepted standards considerable prominent historic material first noteworthy notable portentous substantial arch heavyweight fateful eventful highest monumental earnest of consequence final sovereign greatest numero uno prevailing overbearing overmastering sovran prior severe of moment number-one solemn ultimate of great importance of significance epoch-making pertinent conclusive big-time heavy-duty famous distinguished controlling celebrated conspicuous illustrious uppermost no-nonsense powerful of great import no joke no laughing matter big deal seminal somber sedate staid sombre sober striking prevalent humourless humorless apocalyptic major-league definitive memorable settling remarkable eminent noted root preponderant imposing reputable topmost noble relevant large-scale big-league absolute highly regarded glorious pronounced high-level respected acclaimed renowned esteemed epochal head lead ponderous well known utmost earth-shaking appreciable popular much earthshaking well-known famed current regnant especial honoured high profile ingrained mighty world-shattering special life-changing presiding uncomic honored big league honourable honorable now or never major league deep high-powered recognized noticeable signal original iconic operative invaluable clamorous unlucky obvious marked germane instant tectonic forceful ascendant sizable keynote instrumental large groundbreaking prestigious high-profile impressive exceptional beginning certain widespread superior headline of prime importance of greatest importance public impactful almighty introductory primitive landmark admired tough top-ranking feted particular recognised dynamic venerable star stellar resonant arch- sublime top-notch top-drawer deep-seated prepotent distinctive emphatic potent hefty puissant exalted rife unforgettable extraordinary rampant extensive high-up high-ranking nucleus applicable axial best predestined foreordained inevitable doomed destined initiative trusted high apposite definite general egregious champion effective apropos trenchant authoritative testing clear strongest No. 1 trying searching supereminent ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful decided incisive revered moving intrusive projecting protruding arrestive jutting obtrusive actual indicative maximum defining big time skookum of high standing in demand sweeping psychological acknowledged life-saving majority dominating vulgar received overall common storied crisp settled respectable of supreme importance intervening first and foremost superseding of greatest significance primordial organic initial life or death of vital importance extremely important of great moment senior notorious earthshattering last arresting demanding second-to-none worthwhile pointed litmus test familiar governing sensational strong rare worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous milestone glaring front-page unusual unordinary ponderable newsworthy transcendental categorical abecedarian touchy insistent showdown climatic accomplished recognizable responsible shaping causal evaluative constraining top-level overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern of note of importance energetic stately empyrean empyreal sustaining axiomatic axiological supporting substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying glum reputed in the limelight extolled guiding creative stern touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice gloomy dour grim elevated lionised recognisable big-shot established high-flying lauded clamouring hurry-up persuasive clamoring requiring obliging heat-on irresistible exacting claiming distressing forcing unyielding reigning upper austere formative innovative legendary much-publicized lionized quiet hard difficult downbeat sad worthy cold sober prepollent imaginative concluding finishing closing ending interesting matter of life and death gratifying beacon-like in charge in the ascendancy hegemonic pioneering productive ground-breaking stirring gripping exciting riveting peak culminating hair-raising dramatic apocalyptical action-packed thrilling triumphant august fulfilling active controversial dignified topical good brilliant heroic uplifting bright proud true crowning climatical climactical contemporary prodigious lively deep-rooted huge resplendent cheering magnificent marvellous shining satisfying splendid wonderful marvelous red-letter pleasurable heart-warming rewarding pleasing live built-in hard-wired deep-down historical formidable germinal polar inspiring inspirational generative inborn native indigenous hardwired inbred connate immanent engrained of interest congenital well thought of of influence of mark in the public eye most important most prominent most influential most powerful

Tính từ

Having been recommended or approved, typically by an authority

Tính từ

Highly wanted or sought-after
in demand sought-after wanted coveted desired marketable requested big desirable fashionable popular hot in vogue merchandisable merchantable salable trendy vendible all the rage at a premium like gold dust all the go to die for in great demand in favour in favor cool voguish in favoured favorite favored crowd-pleasing favourite modish hip in fashion happening now approved liked well liked celebrated preferred well-liked longed-for stylish chic trendsetting in style nifty current prevalent saleable welcome commercial with it swank popularized pop red-hot vogue faddy faddish a la mode enviable popularised du jour well received sought after good longed for to-die-for swanky admired accepted agreeable excellent valuable wantable looked-for attractive pleasant pleasing covetable eligible appealing au courant large up-to-the-minute upscale customary chichi fly newfangled widespread in the mainstream well-known contemporary commercially successful legendary a go-go successful up-to-date exclusive notorious leading lovable prominent beloved likable sought trending famous fave long-coveted long-wished-for pined for long-craved yearned for long-desired wished for craved likeable fab neat groovy must-see dope sellable culty glorious latest well loved super mass-market corporate the new fit profitable for sale trafficable sound bankable selling modern ultra-modern smart latest thing up to date flash natty snazzy ritzy big thing up to the minute swinging last word mod fad le dernier cri avant-garde chi-chi tony craze kicky in thing new look latest fad latest fashion latest wrinkle dernier cri in with it bang up to date on the cutting edge in the latest style new sharp spiffy designer sassy fresh snappy dashing kicking elegant swish classy supercool in-thing on fleek swell funky schmick state-of-the-art dapper rakish with-it trig posh de rigueur newest prevailing usual genteel new-fashioned dressy modernistic recent present-day ultramodern sophisticated high-class debonair swagger space-age new age glamorous advanced high-toned hep turned-on def leading-edge leading edge tasteful well turned-out uptown progressive contemporaneous downtown massive cutting edge novel trim brand-new innovative neoteric fancy cutting-edge present extant jazzy beautiful hot off press à la mode slick just out topical dressed to kill showy sexy forward-looking expensive styleworthy high-tech hi-tech modern-day modernised modernized latter-day updated nouvelle plugged-in flattering high-fashion understated spruce polished well dressed down well turned out smartly dressed cosmopolitan stunning jaunty flashy well-groomed well-dressed dap gnarly fine sleek up ostentatious contempo abreast instant as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox today existent well-heeled couturial youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest on trend gimmicky last-word impressive timely exciting bang up-to-date passing immediate clean ongoing present-time twenty-first-century shiny hottest urbane pretentious bling steezy dressed to the teeth fancy-pants quite recent unique well put together spivvy dandy spiffing fashionably dressed sporty suave smooth spiff crisp well groomed lovely awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware gorgeous dicty plush upmarket superior select stately refined courtly majestic plushy graceful handsome splashy pizazzy pizzazzy on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to colourful flamboyant gay bright loud colorful in the know concurrent coincident synchronous coexistent go-ahead simultaneous coexisting coincidental coetaneous stylin' newly discovered ground-breaking groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen coeval coterminous synchronic coextensive

Tính từ

Arrogant and domineering
imperious dictatorial domineering bossy overbearing authoritative commanding peremptory authoritarian high-handed arrogant lordly overweening autocratic imperial tyrannical despotic haughty tyrannous arbitrary assertive autocratical bullish dominating forceful magisterial masterful officious tyrannic wilful willful pushful pushy compulsatory compulsory exacting mandatory obligatory oppressive high and mighty throwing one's weight around dogmatic harsh severe strict autarchic absolute draconian imperative firm rigid totalitarian doctrinaire unyielding imposing anti-democratic repressive controlling iron-handed undemocratic inflexible monocratic czarist tsarist egotistic confident pompous illiberal insistent stern dominant cocky demanding self-confident coercive lofty disciplinarian summary powerful supercilious superior iron-fisted heavy-handed rigorous proud unlimited stuffy emphatic uncompromising subjugating stringent insolent regnant decisive compelling autarchical absolutist self-assured all-powerful self-willed ordering aggressive bidding masterly assured impressive one-party overpowering uncontrolled strong-willed unrestrained patronizing overconfident dystopian sure of oneself autonomous pushing driving czarlike throwing one's weight about downright bullying brusque crack the whip in driver's seat on your high horse Neronian dogmatical august judicial stately majestic patronising highhanded dignified regal cocksure presumptuous pontifical overproud abrupt strong brisk unassailable no joke flat-out straight out dictative clamorous crack-the-whip lording it opinionated positive high-and-mighty uppity ascendant preponderant snotty prevalent cavalier disdainful sniffy intolerant absolutistic in charge decided not backward in coming forward obstinate certain undeniable definite finished fixed no ifs ands or buts throwing weight around unsparing tough cast-iron hard-line unbending brassbound hard solid classical classic definitive judgelike hard to please judge-like

Động từ

To have made a request, or demand, of someone
asked requested demanded appealed bade bid implored ordered petitioned proposed urged begged pleaded pled requisitioned stipulated beseeched besought challenged directed entreated exhorted pestered solicited sought commanded craved enjoined expected importuned insisted prayed sued supplicated told appealed to applied to called for called on insisted on pleaded with put in for counted on filed for looked for necessitated dictated needed instructed called compelled exacted obliged charged claimed adjured mandated involved entailed decreed forced imposed warranted bossed around ordained asked for summoned constrained meaned meant wanted postulated quested authorized warned authorised implied obligated justified put your foot down set up hit up called upon made bespoke impelled encompassed coerced made necessary prescribed desired wished beared declared invoked occasioned announced pressed for pleaded for clamored cried out assumed presupposed ruled taken took impetrated proclaimed included organized extorted prest pressed pressured obsecrated dragooned used applied beckoned supposed commissioned caused incorporated put in insisted upon lacked put in an application assigned relied on forced upon pushed for set stipulated for organised elected for put in an order inquired clamoured subpoenaed put under an obligation made demands on put in a plea summoned up hit on clamored for called the shots read the riot act petitioned for laid down the law ruled on put in a claim for prayed for enquired bid for sued for put dibs on bespake bespoken bore borne drave driven druv drove gave the order to gave orders given the order to given orders to given orders gave orders to given the command to gave the command to pleased hypothecated presumed hypothesized sayed said premised bound decided elected pronounced determined enacted conjured invited coaxed besieged cajoled numbered had embraced subsumed comprehended contained extracted arranged aspired railroaded blackjacked muscled concerned impressed sandbagged covered comprised implicated established obtained commandeered lobbied behooved pressurized advised engaged adjudged obtested incited goaded hounded tasked queried questioned bummed cadged sponged encouraged necessitated that bade for pressurised defined called the signals ordered to testify exerted whipped leaned on drummed up hoped for cited spoke for left no choice but to placed an order whistled for had as a consequence badgered for behoved hustled applied for had as a precondition appealed for called out for clamoured for cracked down arranged a date for had as a necessary condition laid claim to nagged for decreed that bayed for pleaded to summonsed given rise to laid down spoken for served notice gave rise to informed bought left someone no option gave directions served a court order spurred arranged a time for appointed given directions made compulsory hypothesised passed the hat imposed on strong-armed held out relied upon induced shotgunned carried enforced pestered for suggested looked to wrested lectured bounden extraught lay down boughten spoke spake spoken given instructions gave instructions asserted oneself begged for took in taken in led to prayed to canvassed asked earnestly raised sent for secured attracted propositioned pushed braced nagged requested earnestly tried to obtain asked urgently invocated inquired about made a claim put in an order for promoted mobilized booked hailed provoked reserved referred acquired campaigned gathered prearranged canvased got barked bayed prompted spieled pursued paged cried prigged submitted wheedled blandished plagued badgered persuaded called to hired lobbied for investigated crawled made an entreaty inspired touted dug up submitted an application worried addrest arrogated fetched enquired after made application copped a plea gone on bended knee to made an urgent request prodded ordered beforehand mobilised implored for requested urgently referenced called forth nudged panhandled for squared things placed an order for advanced brought on collected contested asked brusquely recited held out for contracted for asked authoritatively made an earnest request explored cried for made up for brought to pass went on bended knee to made a plea to advocated sent off for abjured made a plea drummed craved of interceded bugged filed asked forcefully drummed up support campaigned for made a pitch for asked people to give accepted donations addressed fundraised wooed sent away for worked on egged on book gotten gat resorted to gone in went in gone on bended knee went on bended knee wrote off for written off for went after gone after

Động từ

To have caused someone to do something, usually against their inclinations
made forced pressured coerced compelled drove induced obliged pressed pressurized browbeat caused commanded constrained impelled impressed demanded intimidated obligated ordered pressurised railroaded strong-armed willed badgered blackmailed bludgeoned bullied dragooned effected had harassed hectored hounded imposed on prevailed on put up to sandbagged bulldozed menaced muscled prevailed upon steamrollered put the screws on prest necessitated blackjacked bound urged pushed drave driven druv moved bounden enforced hustled restrained put screws to twisted one's arm tightened the screws on put the heat on leaned on put the chill on put the squeeze on put squeeze on put the bite on used strong-arm tactics on put the arm on put under an obligation concussed browbeaten committed influenced overcome astricted indebted restricted coerced into pressurized into charged terrorized actuated persuaded dragooned into bludgeoned into bullied into browbeat into occasioned imposed foisted contracted made necessary used duress on twisted someone's arm turned on the heat intimidated into made indebted pinned down left someone no option but to turned the screws on conscripted obtruded brought pressure to bear upon terrorized into urged by force press-ganged turned the screw on brought pressure to bear on terrorised exerted force on squeezed choked enjoined applied tightened the screw on cracked down shotgunned burdened used force on insisted had someone do something overcame browbeaten into applied pressure bore down borne down beared hard on thrown your weight around threw your weight around cowed threatened bullyragged put pressure on bogarted mau-maued frightened picked on tyrannized nagged tyrannised pushed around domineered harried pestered tormented scared blustered brainwashed goaded fast-talked used pressure on prodded overawed buffaloed put heat on daunted terrified awed unnerved subdued oppressed persecuted alarmed bothered worked on spooked dismayed disconcerted subjugated plagued hassled beset bounced irritated bossed around bossed about despotized heckled baited teased ramrodded put through the wringer breathed down someone's neck walked heavy issued threats to psyched out put the frighteners on appalled rode ridden acted on hogged carped scolded criticized abashed chivvied chided chid dogged needled warned niggled periled adventured hazarded endangered ventured risked imperilled compromised imperiled jeopardized jeoparded deterred worried rattled fazed compressed discouraged ruffled fussed picked at bugged cavilled berated caviled petrified overborne overbore castigated hindered repressed suppressed discomfited constricted squashed condensed affrighted disheartened mistreated annoyed taunted chivied antagonized embarrassed snarled scared off portended lowered impended inhibited scowled growled come at abused leaned scared the bejesus out of politicked comminated flexed muscles cautioned uttered threats to worked over whipped around looked daggers dominated chilled made threats to sold criticised swaggered made an offer they can't refuse pushed about jeopardised held a gun to one's head threatened to kill rode roughshod over made threats against scared hell out of found fault pecked at threatened to harm cajoled loomed ridden roughshod over henpecked gambled with fulminated admonished forewarned lorded it over blinded someone with something antagonised made threat leant high pressured came at ridden roughshod rode roughshod shaken fist at shook fist at gave a hard time given a hard time took your breath away taken your breath away

Động từ

To have established or stipulated as a previous condition
provided stipulated specified demanded instructed postulated stated determined imposed agreed arranged conditioned contracted designated detailed guaranteed insisted on insisted upon ordained ordered prescribed promised spelled out spelt out decreed laid down lay down particularized pledged specificated ensured established had as a condition made it a condition particularised set out underwrote set down list set settled put down for named made slotted pinned down enumerated itemized fixed fixt defined cited listed described instanced commanded individuated covenanted engaged bargained made a point laid finger on put down put one's finger on itemised set forth mentioned identified indicated quoted noted dictated appointed catalogued noticed dropped tagged ruled enjoined directed recommended individualized assigned pronounced formulated delineated related distinguished limited fingered inventoried pegged promulgated framed specialized tabbed precised blueprinted explicitized got to the point come to the point buttoned down decided explicitised made a condition of pointed out touched on referred to made provision for individualised made a proviso of laid out specialised guided selected adverted to stated clearly cataloged picked out ticked off touched upon made a precondition of gave given underwritten given details gave details wrote a prescription for written a prescription for written prescription wrote prescription chosen chose drawn up gone into detail came to the point went into detail shown clearly drawn a picture got down to brass tacks lay out gotten down to brass tacks drew up showed clearly drew a picture presented recounted revealed recited told put forward reported declared denoted rehearsed brought up communicated narrated made known called attention to showed disclosed divulged chronicled advanced imparted reeled off said run through pointed to expressed depicted adduced numerated explained introduced conveyed charted portrayed told of made reference to commented on alluded to outlined marked uttered nominated recorded announced recapitulated invoked raised verbalized adverted decided on verbalised talked about characterized discussed illustrated repeated painted shown branded emphasized relayed relaid broadcast intimated mooted proclaimed pictured offered proposed put into words let out run down made mention of characterised set aside emphasised let anyone know of put it on record settled on remarked on singled out let on about rattled off stamped displayed picked articulated highlighted pinpointed scheduled represented ran through spoken about spoke about elected spotlighted spotlit expounded tabulated referenced enunciated documented registered asserted classified exhibited unfolded acknowledged aired summarized flagged broached handpicked evidenced concluded suggested resolved gave an account of given an account of recapped propounded pointed at opted for settled upon hinted at referred reminded of summarised cherry-picked come out with fixed on figured labelled labeled voiced drew attention to spoke of spoken of drawn attention to styled talked recognized affirmed put featured elaborated located classed typified typecast averred adopted rendered preferred evoked vocalized addressed retailed exemplified asseverated signalized epitomized shared enrolled tallied allotted signalled signaled vented broadcasted sounded published numbered admitted billed worded phrased passed installed publicized argued favoured favored spoke spoken spake alleged remarked ventilated sounded out constituted interpreted spread elucidated resolved on delivered testified spilled maintained spilt enounced circumstantiated made distinctive put forth set a date for breathed a word of publicised personalised thrown out dealt with set apart read retold authorised vocalised plumped for let someone know of brought out run off put into effect directed attention to put in words epitomised treated signalised recognised checked off authorized threw out ran down tracked personalized spieled put into use accounted for put across let your hair down notified showed off told to us came out with gave as an example given as an example shown to us told us called termed spotted dubbed ascribed took taken entitled christened used earmarked reiterated denominated explored customized reviewed ID'ed IDed signified exclaimed initialled initialed modeled charactered symbolized categorized modelled personified typecasted symbolised pigeonholed alluded applied implemented titled baptized covered professed claimed devoted delegated chimed pervaded counted dinned permeated readied acted iterated allocated restated suffused confirmed informed finalized reproduced pointed prearranged pressed signed opined attested watermarked preached submitted commissioned posited sketched spun given details of gave details of cleped initiated canvased canvassed peached alphabetized polled namechecked arrived at interpolated shouted mumbled vouched predicated muttered spouted advertised blurted avouched contended chattered mouthed purported cried protested advertized pleaded orated pled placed employed couched embellished uncovered conjured up tapped culled clued in had recourse to passed on said again hand-picked drawled calendered proffered discriminated between spun a yarn made choice entered yammered echoed found exactly murmured finalised kept tabs predestined analysed unloaded embraced jawed evinced marked out optated exposed recalled painted in words conferred about realized deputized yakked voted in given an account localised gone for went for realised narrowed down exchanged views on gave an account painted a word picture of made up one's mind manifested trotted out advised of summed inserted made a selection called in recollected shot the breeze told the story of gestured towards baptised slung underlined chimed in capped illustrated with translated deliberated about modified popped off soliloquized made public pitched made to order mapped out replied reported on agreed on made allusions to made it known gabbed wrought given voice to sifted out called into use called for rehashed avowed made a choice voted for exchanged views about worked counted noses gone into piped peculiarized signed up made a list of executed brought in bared held forth fancied analyzed fixed up reenacted testified to chirped solved run singularized worked out informed of run by again sweared deputised emblematized conversed about experimented changed sweated details honed shown off counted down decided upon piped up with broken a story spilt the beans differentiated talked of gave voice to categorised tested transmitted broke down nicknamed provided details of quoted chapter and verse spilled the beans imaged talked through embodied clarified blabbed localized laid it on the line declaimed demonstrated regurgitated talked over kept count gassed launched stressed went into intoned confessed treated of got across got off broke a story accepted minuted come down in favour of produced laid bare made clear ran off played back modulated turned to lipped enforced studied whispered instantiated customised perorated noted down drew drawn putten clepen clept span gone over went over took on taken on gotten across sworn gotten off given away given utterance to gave utterance to swore gave away ran by again wrote down written down broken down agreed upon flown speck flew speck spoke briefly of spoken briefly of taken up took up came down in favour of wrote written ran resorted to appealed to gave as example given as example attested to been through gone through went through taken account of took account of gave out given out given verbal account given a report gave verbal account gave a report gotten off your chest got off your chest slang given the word gave the word gave a account of given a account of gave a rundown of given a rundown of given a description of given details on gave details on gave the facts on gave a description of given the facts on written about wrote about gave blow-by-blow given blow-by-blow gave rundown given rundown gave a personal touch to given a personal touch to gave particulars of given particulars of

Động từ

Past tense for to have a desire for
wanted desired fancied liked craved cared for coveted felt like hankered for needed hankered after longed for pined for wished for had an inclination for hoped for hungered for relished thirsted for yearned for ached for cried out for felt in need of had a fancy for had a need for had one's heart set on hungered after itched for set one's heart on sighed for took a fancy to taken a fancy to thirsted after yenned for desiderated had a yen for jonesed for lusted after pined after spoiled for spoilt for burned for died for felt inclined to felt the need for felt up to had an urge for had a passion for had eyes for had the inclination for inclined toward lusted for panted after repined for salivated for ate one's heart out over eaten one's heart out over felt a need for lacked wanted for aspired to wished preferred sought had in mind dreamt of feened suspired dreamt dreamed jonesed panted for hankered favoured favored suspired for loved desired intensely felt the want of had need of stood in need of had a preference for rathered leaned towards leant toward selected elected leant towards leaned toward endorsed felt inclined toward opted for suggested welcomed not had chosen chose given eyeteeth for gave eyeteeth for eaten your heart out ate your heart out gone for approved of went for took to taken to taken a liking to taken a shine to took a liking to took a shine to yearned hungered pined envied lusted thirsted longed missed ached looked forward to had your eye on had the hots for grieved for wished to enjoyed sighed leched over leched after expected awaited anticipated had a thing about really wanted counted the days until hungrily awaited had as one's goal enthusiastically anticipated actively anticipated fervently anticipated spiritedly awaited impatiently anticipated zealously anticipated spiritedly anticipated thirstily anticipated fervently awaited breathlessly awaited vigorously anticipated anticipated with enthusiasm enthusiastically awaited longingly awaited had an eye on awaited with enthusiasm expectantly anticipated vigorously awaited waited for awaited with gusto expectantly awaited intently awaited impatiently awaited ardently anticipated ardently awaited energetically anticipated breathlessly anticipated set your sights on earnestly anticipated zealously awaited anticipated with gusto intently anticipated awaited with pleasure anticipated with pleasure eagerly awaited awaited with anticipation longingly anticipated actively awaited earnestly awaited eagerly anticipated energetically awaited hungrily anticipated had as one's aim thirstily awaited aken craved for fantasized daydreamed daydreamt begrudged found sexy imagined contemplated visualized visualised envisioned aspired panted aimed had a crush on found sexually attractive picked contrived mused romanticized admired itched yenned begged savored savoured adored dug embraced had hots for sanctioned drooled over espoused countenanced approved approbated fell for fallen for woolgathered idealized followed wished to have prayed for asked for accepted repined fantasised pictured romanticised idealised found attractive died over turned green objected to had a craving for had a yearning for counted the hours until regretted the loss of built castles in air had designs on regretted the absence of longed to see had a thing for languished conceived of had hard feelings conjured up pictures sought to settled upon carried a torch for cottoned to revelled in desired to delighted in rejoiced in longingly remembered felt disposed to licked one's chops ideated got off on gravitated towards felt nostalgic for reveled in felt the loss of held with had the horn for anticipated with anticipation lived in a dream world willed aimed for gotten off on gone in for went in for fallen in love with fell in love with

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