Đồng nghĩa của eaten one's heart out over

Động từ

Past participle for to have a desire for
wanted desired fancied liked craved cared for coveted felt like hankered for needed hankered after longed for pined for required wished for had an inclination for hoped for hungered for relished thirsted for yearned for ached for cried out for felt in need of had a fancy for had a need for had one's heart set on hungered after itched for set one's heart on sighed for taken a fancy to thirsted after yenned for desiderated had a yen for jonesed for lusted after pined after spoilt for burned for died for felt inclined to felt the need for felt up to had an urge for had a passion for had eyes for had the inclination for inclined toward lusted for panted after repined for salivated for felt a need for hankered dreamt dreamed sought feened jonesed suspired given eyeteeth for dreamt of desired intensely eaten your heart out panted for suspired for took a fancy to spoiled for ate one's heart out over wished yearned pined longed ached hungered thirsted lusted envied wished to aspired to preferred missed sighed oke aken looked forward to had your eye on favoured favored loved panted desired to lacked aspired endorsed expected awaited anticipated had need of really wanted counted the days until regretted the loss of hungrily awaited regretted the absence of had as one's goal enthusiastically anticipated actively anticipated fervently anticipated spiritedly awaited impatiently anticipated zealously anticipated spiritedly anticipated thirstily anticipated fervently awaited breathlessly awaited vigorously anticipated anticipated with enthusiasm enthusiastically awaited longingly awaited had an eye on awaited with enthusiasm expectantly anticipated vigorously awaited waited for awaited with gusto expectantly awaited intently awaited impatiently awaited ardently anticipated ardently awaited energetically anticipated breathlessly anticipated set your sights on earnestly anticipated zealously awaited anticipated with gusto intently anticipated shed tears for awaited with pleasure anticipated with pleasure eagerly awaited awaited with anticipation longingly anticipated actively awaited earnestly awaited eagerly anticipated energetically awaited hungrily anticipated had as one's aim thirstily awaited chosen chose took to taken to hoped to longed to taken a liking to took a liking to yearned to wanted to hankered to had in mind fantasized enjoyed hungered to daydreamed hoped daydreamt strived savored savoured adored dug imagined contemplated itched sanctioned begged yenned visualized visualised envisioned had a longing languished lamented rathered elected had a preference for leaned towards leant toward selected leant towards leaned toward contrived craved for mused romanticized wished to have prayed for asked for aimed necessitated had a craving for had a yearning for begrudged opted for felt inclined toward had a yen revelled in delighted in rejoiced in got off on reveled in woolgathered idealized had to have had use for had occasion for felt the necessity for had need for approved of suggested grieved for carried a torch built castles in air had an eye for had designs on longed to see had a thing for conceived of had a thing about conjured up pictures leched over sought to dreamed about had hots for found sexy had occasion to found attractive fantasised welcomed cried for had the hots for pictured longingly remembered romanticised licked one's chops ideated drooled over felt nostalgic for found sexually attractive idealised felt the loss of had the horn for anticipated with anticipation leched after counted the hours until stood in need of lived in a dream world strove striven willed gotten off on fet a dearth of felt a dearth of aimed for fell for fallen for gave eyeteeth for ate your heart out gone for went for took a shine to taken a shine to

Trái nghĩa của eaten one's heart out over

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