Đồng nghĩa của lamented

Alternative for lamented

laments, lamented, lamenting

Đồng nghĩa: bemoan, bewail, grieve, mourn, sorrow,

Trái nghĩa: rejoice,

Động từ

Past tense for express passionate grief about
mourned grieved bemoaned grieved for bewailed cried deplored howled moaned sobbed sorrowed wailed wept weeped grieved over groaned keened plained regretted ululated wept for bawled bled complained about hurt rained repined shed tears for sang sung sungen wailed for wept over pined for wailed about cried for kicked self beat one's breast beaten one's breast took it hard taken it hard ate one's heart out eaten one's heart out rued agonized cried over repented agonised suffered shed tears over ached sighed over anguished pined shed tears sorrowed for complained expressed regret about grumbled fretted about sorrowed over carried on plained over apologized disapproved wailed over weeped and wailed oke aken brooded hated fretted apologised sung the blues sang the blues mooned felt sorry about moped expressed sorrow about despaired pined away hurt over felt sad eaten your heart out ate your heart out expressed grief moaned over hesitated keened over expressed sorrow cried a river disliked loathed deprecated felt remorse about felt contrite about felt reluctant about felt unwilling about missed criticized criticised beared keened for sulked repented of objected to pouted felt apologetic about reproached oneself for felt remorseful about felt remorse for regretted the loss of languished for felt sorrow at felt sad about felt grief at sighed languished idled lamented for kicked oneself felt sorry felt remorse kicked oneself for anguished over pined over grumped felt wretched ached over bled over cried over spilled milk cried over spilt milk yearned desponded stewed over sweated over chafed expressed sorrow for hung around had a long face expressed woe for lost heart moaned about wasted time apologized for bore borne took on taken on been sorry were sorry was sorry worn black for wore black for ate heart out eaten heart out went through the mill gone through the mill worn a long face sunken wore a long face went about like a half-shut knife gone about like a half-shut knife sunk sank been remorseful was remorseful were remorseful

Động từ

Past tense for to complain or protest about something, typically in a weak or pathetic manner
bleated complained moaned whined grumbled groused griped grope gripen whinged carped beefed grouched bellyached wailed muttered grizzled whimpered fussed screamed growled keened nagged murmured kvetched inveighed grumped caterwauled squealed repined crabbed hollered yowled squawked croaked maundered yammered kicked yawped yauped groaned snivelled sniveled mithered chuntered grieved created bewailed bemoaned mewled puled chirped cribbed nattered sounded off found fault kicked up a fuss made a fuss went on gone on put the boot in cried howled bawled wept weeped sobbed roared deplored shrieked shright yelled yelped mourned ululated screeched blubbered bayed squalled greeted protested shouted bellowed cried out wauled cavilled caviled objected opposed sighed objected to railed at kicked up a stink plained over made a complaint lodged a complaint barked sorrowed hooted yipped shed tears carried on plained whispered soughed remonstrated reproached charged denounced nitpicked sighed over grieved over sorrowed about sorrowed for blubbed demurred criticized fretted dissented deprecated refuted twined ascribed contravened knocked laid accused imputed disapproved disagreed differed defied indicted expostulated attacked boohooed criticised spoken out against spoke out against quested outcried clamored whooped niggled jowled called hallooed holloed thundered vociferated shrilled called out belled grunted cried eyes out broke down run down called at the top of your voice cried loudly found fault with mumbled turned on waterworks cried convulsively raised a ruckus cheered sniffled kicked up a storm snuffled yapped clamoured looked askance inveighed against sniffed cried a river picked holes in cried the blues gainsaid broken down nit-picked taken exception to ran down went on about gone on about took exception to condemned quibbled split hairs scolded put up a fight decried censured raised objections expressed disapproval disparaged hypercriticized made a stand argued taken exception took exception upbraided excepted trashed quibbled about berated picked on snarled rumbled kvetched about picked at beefed about cast aspersions on kicked up a stink about kicked up a fuss about let have it gurned harassed pleaded pled harried badgered protested against expressed objections rubbished sniped maligned slandered sulked pettifogged niggled about hounded lodged a protest expressed objections to minded expressed disagreement taken a stand took a stand declaimed badmouthed slurred gabbled sputtered swallowed wittered droned burbled muddled pecked bothered objurgated panned expressed disagreement with remonstrated against expressed disapproval of lodged a protest against raised objections to chivvied henpecked hassled curst execrated cursed anathematized vituperated impugned lambasted lashed ranted railed reviled admonished castigated spurned quarreled with had a problem disapproved of picked holes pestered worried bullied persecuted vilified blasted recriminated fulminated roasted groused about grumbled about cavilled at complained about had a problem with moaned about dogged vexed needled kept on at pecked at vext plagued pulled to pieces bad-mouthed slagged off ranted about griped about disesteemed disputed baulked crossed discommended made a fuss about challenged balked discountenanced disavowed blamed abused raged miaowed stormed denigrated scorched raised Cain taken on took on kept after carped at frowned on talked under your breath quarreled quarrelled bickered grumbled at heckled importuned prodded disturbed egged goaded nudged baited moaned at hectored urged provoked distressed harped on at teased raised objection railed against moaned and groaned grouched about laid out laid into ripped into tongue-lashed moaned on at kept complaining to tangled with made a stink made an objection lumbered bellyached about breathed down someone's neck made a song and dance jumped down one's throat made screeching worked over sounded off about cried softly had at bent someone's ear mixed it up with complained vehemently about boomed cracked down on made a scene rampaged worked on taken issue took issue argued against blown off blew off took issue with taken issue with spoken ill of spoke ill of taken apart took apart rid rode ridden drawn the line took a stand against drew the line taken a stand against gone on at went on at drawn the line at drew the line at lay out ate eaten begged to differ went after gone after did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on took it out on gave a hard time taken it out on given a hard time went-one-on-one gone-one-on-one

Tính từ

No longer alive, dead
deceased dead departed gone late defunct lifeless lost expired fallen asleep demised extinct inanimate killed murdered passed on perished slain slaughtered breathless cold exanimate inert insensate insentient low no more passed away not breathing at peace finished former pushing up daisies six feet under under the sod with God at rest dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail bit the dust kicked the bucket gave up the ghost nonextant stiff buried bought the farm having breathed one's last casualty disintegrated retired done bygone vanished bypast turned to dust still wasted unanimated in the grave laid to rest down mortified spiritless erased cadaverous offed reposing liquidated silent dear departed much lamented late lamented no longer living no longer extant out cold bereft of life not existing resting in peace out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward checked out pushing up the daisies past forgotten earlier ancient olden long-ago disappeared foregone old-time gone by of old wiped out died out of yore passé done for dated invalid concluded lapsed old out-of-date destroyed obsolete outmoded primeval primordial prehistoric nonexistent archaic exterminated immemorial antediluvian extinguished ended primigenial abolished void snuffed out terminated vanquished superseded primaeval no longer with us dead and gone long gone dead as a dodo irrelevant bitten the dust faded missing stone-dead ruined over outdated redundant kaput demolished effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated unconscious run had it comatose devastated crushed frittered insensible out of commission down the drain inactive desert faint brute unmoving motionless waste unresponsive limp at an end doused quenched out dead and buried a thing of the past ancient history in the past over and done with unknown inexistent not living in a faint out for the count dead to the world no longer existing remote no longer known pristine long past long ago long departed previous antiquated one-time completed erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned belated forepassed long-gone oldfangled past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

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