Đồng nghĩa của pestered

Alternative for pestered

pesters, pestered, pestering

Đồng nghĩa: annoy, badger, bother, harass, molest, nag, tease, torment, trouble, vex,

Động từ

To have made a request, or demand, of someone
asked requested demanded required appealed bade bid implored ordered petitioned proposed urged begged pleaded pled requisitioned stipulated beseeched besought challenged directed entreated exhorted solicited sought commanded craved enjoined expected importuned insisted prayed sued supplicated told appealed to applied to called for called on insisted on pleaded with put in for counted on filed for looked for pressed conjured called impetrated clamoured campaigned lobbied besieged bayed prompted charged pursued goaded clamored pushed exacted prayed to wheedled blandished obtested invoked coaxed obsecrated plagued quested nagged encouraged applied badgered asked earnestly bugged asked brusquely pleaded to asked forcefully asked authoritatively enquired inquired made a claim prodded egged on drummed nudged asked for adjured appealed for hit up desired claimed summoned pleaded for sued for called upon bespoke petitioned for obtained canvassed pressed for compelled instructed drummed up invited bid for obliged forced put in put in an application pushed for hit on raised bespake bespoken attracted gathered got beckoned postulated stipulated for applied for clamored for collected sent for rounded up prayed for begged for secured necessitated bade for engaged dictated propositioned mandated decreed braced appointed wished spoke for spoken for bought sponged insisted upon requested earnestly tried to obtain asked urgently whistled for badgered for put in an order put foot down clamoured for invocated put in a plea laid claim to nagged for inquired about bayed for warned put in an order for put in a claim for passed the hat put dibs on pestered for gotten inspired incited brought on provoked brought to pass induced pleased promoted mobilized booked hailed elected reserved referred acquired discovered constrained prearranged extracted extorted canvased aspired barked spieled paged cried ordained made beared imposed prigged suggested needed prescribed submitted commissioned tasked queried questioned pressured persuaded bummed cadged bossed around called to hired lobbied for investigated crawled made an entreaty touted dug up submitted an application forced upon worried obligated arrogated fetched placed an order ruled hustled enquired after made application copped a plea gone on bended knee to made an urgent request subpoenaed ordered beforehand mobilised implored for requested urgently referenced called forth panhandled for squared things placed an order for advanced contested authorized called the shots recited held out for contracted for summonsed made an earnest request explored cried for made up for succeeded in finding went on bended knee to made a plea to advocated sent off for laid down the law abjured caused made a plea craved of filed drummed up support campaigned for made a pitch for asked people to give accepted donations addressed fundraised wooed sent away for coerced worked on imposed on held out authorised said taken took book extraught bore borne resorted to spoke spake spoken gone in went in asserted oneself wrote off for written off for gone on bended knee went on bended knee went after gone after gave the order to gave orders given the order to given orders to given orders gave orders to given the command to gave the command to gave directions given directions

Động từ

Past tense for to bother, harass, or annoy persistently
bothered bugged chivvied aggravated annoyed badgered bedeviled bedevilled disturbed harassed harried hassled irked irritated nagged plagued tormented troubled worried besieged dunned molested persecuted beleaguered chivied fretted got at gotten at hounded importuned kept after rode ridden deviled devilled dogged hectored insisted mithered nudged provoked reminded tantalised tantalized teased intruded upon picked on drove crazy driven crazy got to gotten to messed with picked at worked on bent someone's ear drove round the bend driven round the bend drove up the wall driven up the wall got on your nerves gotten on your nerves got in one's hair gotten in one's hair got in your hair got on one's nerves gotten on one's nerves gave a hard time given a hard time drove you up the wall driven you up the wall upset vexed beset needled exasperated distressed riled put out agitated peeved ruffled galled narked hurt afflicted nettled angered piqued perturbed goaded chafed tortured baited displeased infuriated miffed bullied ticked off hacked off wound up pained heckled fussed agonized oppressed rasped rubbed up the wrong way disquieted discomposed got rankled agonised grated incensed gnawed offended racked perplexed stressed taunted concerned ailed spited maddened enraged frosted griped harrowed pursued hacked you off disconcerted kept on at rattled got across tried grieved alarmed cursed dismayed unsettled flustered anguished excruciated distracted fazed unhinged distempered prodded itched put your back up outraged strained humped depressed scolded flurried aggrieved niggled frazzled derailed hagrid discommoded ate eaten harped on at frustrated antagonized exacerbated gnawed at burned up burnt up graveled gravelled freaked out weirded out unnerved inflamed discomforted pressed given someone grief gave someone grief roiled alarumed interrupted exercised gotten haunted henpecked antagonised bummed out made someone see red saddened disgusted gnawn wound wounded burdened ragged browbeat intimidated made angry grope discombobulated grated on inconvenienced went on at gone on at rubbed the wrong way made anxious embarrassed pressurized gotten across hazed pecked at incommoded affronted frightened breathed down someone's neck weighed down discomfited got on your wick pricked got your goat teed off made waves victimized made uneasy cut to the quick pressurised berated hagridden hagrode scared assailed victimised insulted confused made cross discountenanced egged on stung pothered burned burnt mortified caused suffering to turned off bewildered sickened madded enflamed ired undone undid disheartened spooked gotten your back up got your back up given someone the hump gave someone the hump confounded got your dander up steamed up rankled with found fault with stirred up made someone's hackles rise ruffled someone's feathers got under someone's skin complained whinged whined grumbled moaned leaned on disrupted browbeaten urged dragooned harped on affected driven round the twist drove round the twist ribbed carped terrorized domineered criticized chaffed startled attacked crucified taxed blighted plied barraged upbraided gripped bored terrorised beat disgruntled ridiculed martyred put the screws on carped at put the squeeze on chid chided gibed criticised injured put pressure on festered sweat told off stewed pushed imposed on fired up nauseated despaired crazed got up your nose made your blood boil gotten under your skin got under your skin put through wringer psyched indisposed hit where one lives driven to distraction drove to distraction cheesed off found fault gave a bad time given a bad time grumbled at moaned at rattled one's cage drove mad driven mad nagged at appalled cast down kept complaining to flipped out caused anguish to made it hot for someone made things hot for someone put a damper on put into a funk made fretful eaten at ate at made miserable made wretched put someone's back up got in someone's hair rattled someone's cage made someone's blood boil cut up gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick hurt somebody's feelings raised your hackles made a scene lied heavy on put off hurt someone's feelings put someone's nose out of joint petitioned solicited kept at broke broken brake chuntered repeated dwelled on kept on pressured threw thrown smothered belaboured bulldozed drove bananas driven bananas brainwashed gotten under one's skin got under one's skin given someone the pip gave someone the pip prompted suffocated got on someone's nerves gotten someone's back up gotten on someone's nerves got someone's back up got up someone's nose started on gotten up someone's nose chevied scorned belabored bombarded curdled titillated enticed jeered roused harped upon dwelt upon dwelled upon spurred rousted infested barracked guyed booed stressed out crossed hindered impeded railroaded disparaged smitten smote smit smited mocked bullyragged macerated forayed despoiled noodged overwhelmed shouted down struck caviled cavilled entangled hampered chagrined visited bounced obtruded encroached intruded terrified interfered with mistreated accosted yapped at scratched around ragged on dissatisfied aggressed buffeted buffetted abraded reproached reviled shocked searched high heaven punished wrung boned hustled allured tempted beguiled led on intrigued excited lured fascinated bit insisted on dejected bore yawped inveighed growled murmured grizzled grumped squealed maundered grouched bleated kicked kvetched caterwauled yowled hollered beefed screamed groused yammered crabbed muttered croaked whimpered squawked wailed bellyached keened tired yauped repined caused trouble to hissed exiled expelled wronged hunted questioned examined tweaked quizzed intruded on barged in on strong-armed crowded fast-talked devastated horrified tyrannized jerked around dissed heated up baffled thwarted charmed jumped on one's case disappointed sweated feared brought pressure to bear on shaken shook egged horned in on petted tiffed huffed started in on slighted repelled repulsed disobliged jarred asked for it tyrannised enslaved dominated preyed on buttonholed dispirited singled out razzed jibed at shouted at puzzled brought down soured wearied embittered debilitated cramped turned incapacitated flipped floored moaned on at flirted with disordered run up the wrong way butted in on grinded ground messed tested strapped desolated mixed up got the knife into sticked the knife into bummed lambasted caused anguish mourned caused sorrow caused offense bled caused suffering panicked butted in made game of dampened spirits brought one down crushed caused annoyance to caused resentment to rubbed salt in wound leaded someone a merry dance played cat and mouse caused disquiet to disarranged muddled teared hacked wigged keyed up layed up turned on laid up discouraged made blue dragged down got someone gotten someone made uncomfortable made discontented caused discomfort to tried someone's patience aroused hostility in got your hackles up made your hackles rise pushed someon's buttons made someone's mouth water made restless psyched out resented shouted catcalls at pushed the buttons of weighed on eaten away at rubbed you up the wrong way sweated out become bored shattered tried your patience made livid aroused anxiety in tried the patience of kept someone hanging on sent into a rage made it tough for made you see red chastened sticked in one's craw had had enough gotten your hackles up resent made unhappy got in the hair of unquieted preyed on one's mind weighed heavily on kept hanging on gotten on somebody's nerves pushed one's buttons wound somebody up setted one's teeth on edge gotten someone's dander up pushed buttons rocked the boat made somebody's blood boil possessed umbraged got on somebody's nerves ate away at got one's goat caused concern to gotten one's goat got across someone got on the nerves of ruffled one's feathers made fed up jarred on made mouth water got someone's dander up lost patience kept hanging grated at obsessed thumbed nose at thrown off balance tyrannized over fiddled with toyed with hung over caused anxiety to threw off balance caused anxiety gone on went on wringed beaten stricken took taken given someone hell gave someone hell bitten overrode overridden gave the business given the business broke in broken in given one the business gave one the business fell upon fallen upon fallen on fell on ran up the wrong way nit-picked given the needle gave the needle torn tore broke one's heart broken one's heart broken the heart of broke the heart of became bored taken it out on took it out on gave offence to given offence to got someone's goat gotten someone's goat thrown off threw off shook up shaken up ate up eaten up taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of done a number on did a number on worn on wore on worn wore took the piss out of taken the piss out of gotten under skin got on nerves gotten on nerves got under skin driven you crazy drove you crazy drove you to distraction drove out of mind driven somebody up the wall driven you round the twist drove somebody up the wall driven out of mind drove you off your head driven you out of your mind drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you off your head driven you round the bend drove you out of your mind driven you to distraction maltreated ill-treated abused cowed put down threatened menaced coerced cut pushed around scourged discriminated against blackjacked harmed mau-maued blustered hurt one's feelings damaged misused traumatized moved daunted bogarted kicked around seared ill-used pushed about brutalised brutalized dashed steamrollered had it in for forced scarred had a down on caused pain to dumped on constrained traumatised got down suppressed enforced used strong-arm tactics on preoccupied faced excoriated trampled on confronted hurt deeply ruined ruled exploited manhandled inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on subjugated mishandled martyrized mutilated touched maimed mangled subdued abased caused pain pressed down on grilled wrecked killed compelled drained overpowered rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over obliged affrighted stirred niggled at taken over took over caused agony to awed convulsed compromised chilled made gloomy made despondent bludgeoned put on the rack messed over made desolate preyed on your mind bruised got someone down treated harshly knocked for six put into a flap put someone off their stroke scared the bejesus out of set one off cast a gloom upon beat down twisted someone's arm set on put screws to put a strain on put the fear of God into put heat on put the heat on issued threats to deeply upset put someone out put the frighteners on walked all over put upon hurt the feelings of bossed around bossed about disapproved of took control of taken control of monopolized consumed engrossed manipulated humiliated violated destroyed beared a grudge towards ravaged felt ill will towards kicked about bedogged did in done in absorbed absorpt belittled punished unfairly recurred derided ached lampooned infatuated fixated inflicted controlled held petrified throbbed suffered impaled whipped lacerated dishonored smarted mused labored laboured wreaked imposed wrought come back to monopolised worked over stabbed caused to panic dishonoured smashed disabled impaired squirmed demoralized stayed with sapped stretched exhausted lied lied heavily on pushed someone around marred weighed scarified slapped disrespected frighted made fun of overawed buffaloed wheedled cajoled impelled made swaggered stepped on the toes of spoiled repressed warned spoilt deformed caused discomfort pinched periled ventured imperiled jeoparded inflicted anguish on hazarded imperilled jeopardized adventured endangered risked incited had a hold on become an obsession with had a grip on hegemonized overcome mastered argued obligated dampened vitiated flawed endamaged disfigured blemished defaced crippled overcharged bloodied punished repeatedly and unfairly thrilled addled started avenged subjected prickled made nervous twinged deranged frenzied darkened enervated damped dragged demoralised dulled muscled impressed talked swayed sandbagged scathed weakened knackered laid a bad trip on pierced kept down played up run down reduced to tears scared off portended worked into lather tried one's patience whipped around distorted made threats to encumbered blackmailed made threats against knocked the stuffing out of saddled brought someone to their knees knocked sideways trampled underfoot overloaded loomed prevailed on fouled up stumped beaten down admonished inflicted trauma dished it out snarled brought under the yoke forced upon brought down on battered inspired panic in uttered threats to totaled waxed fuddled contorted made someone fed up got someone's hackles up despotized fulminated made threat descended upon brought to heel held down made severe demands on impended made sad prejudiced played the heavy with dished out ground down scowled frilled comminated flummoxed looked daggers descended on turned one off kept under ruled with an iron hand made blood boil furbelowed caused someone distress held sway over totalled handicapped poured cold water on scared to death threatened to harm trampled gambled with harshed someone's mellow forewarned fouled tired out had someone do something lowered stuck it to hacked up ruled with a rod of iron come at made your heart bleed flexed muscles cautioned caused someone to lose their composure walked heavy nicked made demands on jeopardised threatened to kill brought tears to your eyes scared hell out of ruled over frightened out of your wits crossed up filled with terror weighed heavy upon trodden on trod on showed antagonism to shown antagonism to shown ill will towards showed ill will towards aken came back to smort smorten befallen befell overbore overborne done an injustice to taken advantage of did an injustice to took advantage of driven drove overcame struck terror in stricken terror in struck terror into stricken terror into gave someone the works given someone the works given pain to gave pain to overthrown overthrew became an obsession with thrown into tizzy thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz threw into tizzy given it to gave it to worn out wore out shaken fist at shook fist at came at did mischief to drew blood drawn blood done mischief to took the heart out of taken the heart out of ran down gave no quarter given no quarter went for jugular gone for jugular took a rise out of got a rise out of taken a rise out of gotten a rise out of bore down gave someone the blues thrown cold water on broken someone's heart broke someone's heart threw cold water on borne down given someone the blues tore to pieces torn to pieces

Động từ

Past tense for to tease, typically in a good-natured way
teased ribbed kidded mocked chaffed taunted ridiculed derided joshed ragged needled joked jived razzed rode ridden rallied satirised satirized roasted baited bantered twitted tormented gibed annoyed funned guyed goaded harassed quizzed plagued worried hassled heckled bothered chiacked hazed harried badgered provoked slanged slang irritated aggravated bedeviled bedevilled shucked smoked rotted hectored sledged importuned vexed beleaguered deviled devilled gnawed gnawn nudged disturbed tantalised tantalized spoofed slammed dogged snapped sounded laughed at scoffed at jeered at made fun of jibed at poked fun at wound up sent up goofed on made jokes about ragged on poked mullock at made sport of slung off at took the mickey out of taken the mickey out of picked on put on put down made a monkey of had on flouted at messed around pulled someone's leg led on flirted with poked borak at pulled somebody's leg swang at swung at led somebody on took the piss out of taken the piss out of gave a hard time given a hard time fooled around kidded around rid vext gnew snapt jeered japed sneered jested scorned pilloried flouted scoffed scouted sneered at jollied insulted skewered lampooned parodied travestied caricatured mimicked panned humiliated cartooned made a monkey out of pulled one's leg made a fool of burlesqued fooled quipped jabbed jibed criticized yukked gagged yucked wisecracked fleered treated with contempt unmasked deflated exposed criticised pooh-poohed shot down showed up held up to ridicule run down made a game of railed at set up made a laughing-stock reviled got at gibed at louted disdained outraged upbraided offended slapped reproached twittered dug affronted hoaxed treated contemptuously frazzled dumped on hooted buffooned girt fooled about girded raspberried ridged stayed boned winded someone up played a prank censured thumbed nose at played a practical joke heaped scorn on squibbed dissed pasquinaded held up to shame ran down exposed to ridicule called names made someone a laughing stock laughed out of court pulled your leg gotten at laughed shown contempt for shown contempt showed contempt for showed contempt took off taken off

Động từ

Past tense for to demand earnestly or pressingly
pushed pressed pressured pressurised pressurized urged encouraged influenced persuaded advised compelled implored admonished drove driven hustled obliged promoted begged bothered hounded incited spurred advocated constrained expedited harassed badgered browbeat browbeaten bullied forced beseeched besought induced inspanned prodded solicited hassled intimidated motivated nagged recommended harried inspired made obligated prompted railroaded adjured coerced dragooned goaded nudged propelled entreated exhorted impelled insisted steamrolled keyed up speeded up sped up tried to persuade pushed around put the screws to strong-armed press-ganged put up to railroaded into dragooned into poured it on prevailed on insisted on pushed for steamrollered into bulldozed into turned on appealed to fired up sold on egged on exerted influence on used pressure on went to town on gone to town on put the heat on bore down on borne down on browbeat into browbeaten into put pressure on put the screws on used strong-arm tactics on put the squeeze on bulldozed bludgeoned blackjacked leaned on fast-talked brainwashed put under an obligation squeezed threatened brought pressure to bear on bounced turned on the heat cowed tyrannized hectored impressed domineered muscled sandbagged bullyragged bogarted terrorized menaced blustered tyrannised despotized frightened worked on mau-maued terrorised twisted someone's arm breathed down someone's neck put through the wringer put the chill on put heat on oppressed persecuted compressed ramrodded constricted condensed squashed subjugated overawed politicked sold overborne overbore buffaloed castigated enforced acted on come at picked on worked over steamrollered twisted arm bossed around twisted somebody's arm walked heavy lorded it over bossed about came at rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over rode roughshod ridden roughshod prest tormented plagued drave druv had someone do something dominated swaggered appalled beset required pushed about caused commanded ordered demanded blackmailed put the bite on tightened the screws on put screws to put squeeze on scared terrified chivvied worried daunted subdued ruled heckled baited teased irritated unnerved rid rode ridden bossed ruffled awed prevailed assailed wheedled importuned cajoled necessitated predominated spooked affrighted preponderated reigned argued bended bent henpecked besieged talked swayed overcome ordered about vexed troubled vext charged ordered around scared off occasioned foisted imposed dictated to contracted used duress on urged by force moved enjoined applied bound conscripted obtruded choked burdened used force on concussed trampled on exerted force on walked all over ruled the roost scared the bejesus out of called the shots pinned down run the show kicked around led by the nose brought pressure to bear upon ruled with a rod of iron pushed the buttons had turned the screw on effected brought force to bear on kept under thumb ruled with an iron hand run things turned the screws on prevailed upon imposed on tightened the screw on overcame bounden willed given orders to gave orders to bore down borne down beared hard on ran the show was in the saddle bent to one's will were in the saddle ran things been in the saddle threw weight around thrown weight around

Động từ

Past tense for to persuade someone to do something
coaxed persuaded cajoled inveigled wheedled enticed influenced tempted lured induced beguiled seduced urged allured charmed blarneyed blandished flattered wooed encouraged got gotten decoyed maneuvered manoeuvred palavered pressed conned hooked wangled wormed bartered importuned jawboned plagued soothed teased sweet-talked prevailed on soft-soaped won over talked into prevailed upon argued into got round buttered up worked on arm-twisted came on come on talked into something roped in twisted somebody's arm honeyed gat prest attracted convinced entrapped baited led on swayed betrayed solicited fascinated captivated spread it on sucked in brought round tantalized drawn drew ensnared smooth-talked deceived bewitched tantalised enchanted wiled snared pulled turned on bantered snowed oiled soaped stroked converted sweetened up invited deluded misled trapped tricked tolled steered led astray hit on set at ease put off guard talked round motivated talked impelled courted incited inclined prodded made argued pressurized reasoned pressured coerced brought around caused stimulated bootlicked softened massaged pushed brownnosed duped jollied crowded snew snown pressurised finagled kowtowed moved sold entangled softened up mollified appeased laid it on brought pressure to bear on netted enmeshed worked over built up gotten around got around caught captured placated enraptured beckoned witched killed magnetized made up to handed a line sucked up to played up to conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened led leaded appealed to intrigued dragged trained drug roped rubbed the right way gentled assuaged laid it on thick bedevilled bedeviled immeshed meshed entoiled bagged magnetised embroiled tangled ensnarled implicated flattered into humoured landed whetted the appetite of disarmed shilled egged one on mousetrapped touted led up garden path setted a trap for ensorcelled involved laid for caught up reeled in won the affection of betrapped unarmed humored dangled a carrot in front of boxed in swept off feet benetted egged on swept off one's feet distracted got next to gotten next to drawn in drew in gave the come-on to given the come-on to batted eyes at

Động từ

Past tense for to interfere in matters that are not one's concern
butted in intruded interfered interrupted meddled obtruded poked pried snooped nosed messed interloped intermeddled interjected disturbed bothered barged in cut in muscled in broke in broken in mucked about mucked around bursted in chiselled in charged in got into the act gotten into the act poked one's face in stuck your nose in stuck your oar in put one's two cents in put your two cents in thrust yourself in encroached overstepped intercalated insinuated interpolated intervened pushed in held up gone beyond went beyond interposed horned in infringed put your oar in interceded mixed in intruded on chimed in invaded intermediated enquired inquired trespassed meddled in mediated stepped in put two cents in gatecrashed tampered imposed kibitzed arbitrated stormed in rushed in breezed in negotiated interfered in nosed into messed with fooled with get involved chipped in crashed the gates stuck nose in encroached on poked your nose in walked in horned in on impeded hindered thrust encumbered advanced molested stickybeaked moused sidewalk-superintended conciliated peeked poked around enquired impertinently moderated involved oneself poked about messed around wormed in come uninvited dabbled in reconciled marched in blundered in crashed meddled with impinged on entrenched on poked nose in acted as an intermediary butted in on put one's oar in put in two cents intruded into charged shoved stumbled pushed collided got involved walked in on bugged pleaded pled thrusted wandered offended felled erred strayed sinned transgressed examined inspected come stirred gossiped gossipped poached spied poked into sandwiched acted advocated severed settled insinuated oneself interposed oneself involved divided separated parted joined in abused rights came uninvited interfered with sneaked watched stared peeped peered snooked snuck entrenched violated misbehaved displeased lapsed deviated penetrated spoke spake spoken broken in on broke in on involved yourself interposed yourself entreated petitioned supplicated poked nose into exclaimed come between joined the conversation acted as peacemaker piped up become involved remarked commented parenthesized nosed around stuck one's nose into imposed oneself on come uninvited to poked one's nose in voiced your opinion nosed in interceded in butted into tampered with poked one's nose into interrupted with monkeyed with barged into snuck in had your say sneaked into muscled in on slipped into entered without permission taken a hand acted as honest broker had one's say intervened in pried into took a hand kibitzed on shove shoven shave fell fallen comen came did some detective work done some detective work came between spoke up spoken up got involved in gotten involved in done wrong by did wrong by became involved taken action took measures took action taken measures came uninvited to shown up uninvited showed up uninvited

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