Đồng nghĩa của meshed

Alternative for meshed

meshes, meshed, meshing

Đồng nghĩa: complex, net, screen, web,

Động từ

Past tense for to intertwine together (literally, physically or figuratively)

Động từ

Past tense for to make or become entangled or ensnarled within
entangled enmeshed ensnared netted trapped snared caught entrapped tangled ensnarled entoiled immeshed caught up captured hooked bagged seized landed snarled snagged nabbed grabbed nailed got collared snatched copped glommed embroiled corralled nobbled grappled rapped involved snapped up gotten seduced enticed lured deceived tricked intertwined beguiled allured implicated trammelled trammeled springed wired inveigled mixed up lassoed led on arrested benetted decoyed betrapped ambushed laid for pulled in roped in sucked in reeled in boxed in setted a trap for rounded up sprent took captive taken captive gotten hold of got your hands on got hold of gotten your hands on gat secured gained grasped won taken took achieved acquired laid hands on laid hold of attained lift gripped wrested clutched obtained earned yanked apprehended reapt reaped scored detained brought in picked up pulled down procured plucked pluckt appropriated abducted pinched wrenched nicked lifted prehended garnered took hold of taken hold of grabbed hold of clinched annexed bound seized hold of carried off set back clasped clenched held gotten one's fingers on got one's fingers on swiped pulled jagged fettered snapt enchained snapped accomplished drawn drew received commandeered extricated prised kidnapped kidnaped treed cornered realized busted waylayed ambuscaded run to ground waylaid got a hold of gotten a hold of beached taken into custody took into custody grabbed away swung had embrangled broiled gone for went for scooped amassed blagged realised picked off caught hold of took a grip of taken a grip of clapped hands on clapp hands on run to earth taken by force took by force clutched at came by bounden bogged down hauled in laid a trap for stretched for pounced on hung up come to have clung knocked down clinged sticked come into felt your collar stuck mired floundered tangled up holden ran to ground took in taken in swang swungen ran to earth taken prisoner took prisoner took possession taken possession went after gone after came to have came into taken hostage took hostage

Động từ

Past tense for to mix or blend together, typically into a single mass or unit
integrated blended blent combined incorporated merged amalgamated fused joined united assimilated intermixed coalesced melded mingled homogenised homogenized intermingled mixed banded commingled compounded consolidated emulsified harmonised harmonized interfused lumped massed unified accommodated affiliated comingled conflated converged embodied knit knitted pooled absorbed absorpt added alloyed commixed composited conglomerated immingled immixed interwove interweaved interwoven married melted molten subsumed welded yoked agglutinated associated cemented compacted concentrated interblended interblent interpenetrated jumbled synthesised synthesized concatenated conjoined coordinated desegregated interfaced linked symphonized became one become one came together come together got together gotten together joined together linked up folded in lumped together put together melted into threw in together thrown in together ran into run into wed interlaced admixed interflowed included stirred blunged fitted in concreted wedded interacted whisked brought together imbibed formed crossed blended in reacted hybridized slotted in shuffled premixed worked acted wrought networked slipped in interspersed suffused weaved interbred transfused tangled hybridised braided kneaded infused hooked in ganged up mixed up diluted interplayed worked in stirred together cross-bred shifted around physically joined interreacted had an effect interrelated made up stirred in added to added in woven wove threw together thrown together threw in with thrown in with folded bled enveloped introduced spooned connected coupled matched bonded conjugated tied stirred gently spliced

Tính từ

Made by knitting, or resembling in texture something made by knitting

Tính từ

With various parts or aspects linked or coordinated
integrated unified united amalgamated cohesive combined consolidated assimilated joined collective concatenated fused linked merged affiliated allied blended coherent homogeneous homogenised homogenized leagued undivided confederate confederated federal federated incorporated interspersed pooled banded cooperative included mingled mixed mutually dependent banded together associated in league in partnership bound related connected cooperating in alliance composite syndicated tied kindred aggregate concerted interconnected akin one joint assembled joined up organized compound syncretic organised together conjoined belonging tied in solid unitary coadunate federative involved state civic national fed centralized central a unit yoked correlated collaborative joined together hooked up group centralised common cumulative mutual mass synergetic synergistic conjunct communal concentrated collated conjoint synergic bipartite similar married equivalent cognate comparable like coupled parallel corresponding interactive shared coordinated compiled public multiple homologous analogous aligned connate wed friendly partnered agnate incident in cahoots hand in glove reciprocal alike corporate matching close correspondent accompanying consanguine grouped connatural kin interdependent resembling suchlike such ditto resemblant same harmonious associate concurrent intertwined germane dependent fellow concomitant sister congeneric correlative twin team consistent intermutual dual symbiotic compatible interrelated complementary identical uniform agreeing combining equal undifferentiated indistinguishable hand in hand two-way interchangeable even duplicate carbon copy Xerox double dead ringer much the same co- unionised unionized affiliate multiparty business house company twinned fixed together hinged patrilineal agnatic gathered partner generic general universal consanguineous community heaped massed piled hoarded entwined wedded interlaced paired hitched welded conjugated touching affixed intermixed attached attendant cemented bracketed comparative coactive attractive likeable likable closely related closely connected interallied interfused put together stuck together inseparable interclasped ranged cross-party respective unanimous conjunctive conjugate coadjuvant collaborating coacting coefficient joining participating collusive uniting collegial concurring cognate with connected with congruous congruent approximative commensurate contingent near companion synonymous jibing exact symphonious congenerous conformable allying not unlike equaling congenial selfsame conforming tantamount relating invariant one and the same substitute equalling substitutable consonant approximating fungible homogenous unvarying unvaried coextensive relative referring conditional qualified reliant incidental pertinent relevant enmeshed interwoven knit together tied up in touch with same difference of a piece much of a muchness cut from the same cloth approximate facsimile proportionate like peas in a pod look-alike Tweedledum and Tweedledee spitting image matched the same like two peas in a pod like Tweedledum and Tweedledee mated consentient like-minded in rapport at one in agreement of the same mind more or less the same

Tính từ

Grilled or barred

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