Đồng nghĩa của allured

Alternative for allured

allures, allured, alluring

Đồng nghĩa: attract, captivate, charm, fascinate, infatuate, tempt,

Động từ

Past tense for to delight, allure or attract in an almost magical manner
enchanted captivated charmed bewitched fascinated enthralled beguiled mesmerised mesmerized spellbound entranced absorbed absorpt gripped enraptured hypnotised hypnotized enticed riveted rivetted delighted engrossed pleased drew drawn magnetised magnetized ravished thrilled arrested wiled diverted grabbed transfixed dazzled bedazzled gratified wowed witched ensnared enamoured killed enamored raptured slew slayed slain delectated owned own turned on tickled pink bowled over caught up made happy carried away knocked dead swept off feet made a hit with got under someone's skin attracted lured seduced intrigued entertained tantalized interested amused titillated tantalised won engaged gladdened put under a spell excited hooked sent transported occupied won over aroused held tempted tickled invited infatuated tickle to death enslaved satisfied held spellbound hit the spot cheered vamped wooed captured appealed pulled knocked out appealed to tickled someone's fancy taken took caught the eye of intoxicated rapped overpowered overwhelmed exhilarated contented stimulated involved busied piqued immersed elated holden overjoyed pleasured enwrapped bemused caught preoccupied rejoiced put horns on cast a spell on fulfilled grooved arrided put under magic spell put the whammy on roped in turned someone on pleased greatly tickled to death floated someone's boat pulled in brought in compelled overcome inflamed roused tranced distracted stunned elevated kindled stirred fired interested greatly animated provoked subdued controlled bedevilled voodooed tricked bedeviled blew away blown away sparked sent into raptures subjugated filled with delight solaced humoured indulged humored uplifted heartened whetted teased wakened enlivened regaled warmed fixed fixt gained seized suited gladded jubilated exulted gloried scored stirred up inspired courted beckoned inveigled brightened up cheered up given a buzz gave a buzz held in awe obtained got secured buoyed up brought joy to made content bucked up gave someone a kick given someone a kick got someone going lit someone's fire moved monopolized monopolised prompted induced made someone feel good agreed with held the attention of tickled the fancy of rooted to the spot made an impression on sucked in freaked out brought around picked up went over big warmed the cockles of the heart come on to called forth struck brought forth elicited whetted the appetite of tied up caught hold of influenced persuaded gone over big overcame forspoken forspoke gave someone a charge given someone a charge gotten gat argued into gave joy to given great pleasure to gave great pleasure to given joy to gotten going given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill done it for someone got going did it for someone came on to stricken drawn attention drew attention gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift given pleasure to gave pleasure to got one's kicks gotten one's kicks electrified galvanized appeased invigorated charged envigorated galvanised refreshed pumped up fired with enthusiasm comforted feasted gassed ensorcelled mollified placated soothed energized satiated enthused sated quickened assuaged quenched pacified astonished astounded amazed agitated frenzied motivated jolted filled slaked served quietened stilled silenced energised jarred dynamized commoved fed feed met sent into transports obliged made merry reconciled satisficed surfeited flattered sold cloyed catered to provided for made your head spin lit a fire under pandered to filled the bill accommodated sufficed done the trick did the trick took your breath away taken your breath away gone to your head went to your head taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away

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