Đồng nghĩa của caught hold of

Động từ

To have taken control of with one's hands
took grabbed held clenched grasped gripped clasped snared snatched wrested caught nabbed seized snagged clung to clutched got hold of grabbed hold of held on to took hold of laid hold of collared hooked grappled seized hold of taken hold of laid hands on taken holden nailed got landed trapped netted nobbled copped glommed captured rapped corralled bagged clinched plucked pluckt fastened enclosed squeezed enveloped enfolded gotten hold of took a grip of hung onto embraced held fast latched on to snapped up caught at taken a grip of fastened round gotten gat hugged prest pressed enclasped secured crushed seized on pounced on jumped at cuddled leaped about hung on to grasped with both hands strained held tight embosomed acted upon cradled took advantage of grabbed at compressed accepted eagerly sticked stuck held close hung on tweaked taken advantage of pinched nipped clamped folded wrapped wrapt gathered clung clinged exploited locked capitalized on held tightly snapped something up acted on maximized maximised kept hold of put to advantage put to use squashed adhered cleaved snatched at carried encircled collected wrung received welcomed with open arms put the snare on swooped down on swooped on kept close got one's hands on grabbed with both hands grasped hold of held onto used made the most of pursued utilized cleft to cloven to accepted locken milked built on derived benefit from played on gained from followed up on turned to account jumped on taken up profited from cashed in on utilised took up profited by fixed fixt pulled bought eagerly yanked bolted tugged bought quickly jerked beared rivetted riveted hewed hew bonded owned possessed bound cohered latched twitched had brought appropriated pinioned twinged commanded intercepted mashed laid flattened wringed wrang picked up acquired gloved possessed oneself of twined hanged hung griped constricted contracted fondled leaped fastened on leapt tightened taken in one's arms gone for enthusiastically went for enthusiastically stayed near cherished make fasted handled took in one's arms folded in arms stayed put held on glommed onto stuck like glue grabbed tightly benefitted from followed the course of reached for clutched at jumped held fast to harbored laid one's hands on wedged bit loved took action on pulled at gained possession of welcomed scrunched doubled up clung on to showed enthusiasm for nestled come into possession of harboured picked followed closely wielded held someone close got a purchase folded in your arms accolled colled kneaded gathered up tugged at shown enthusiasm for gotten one's hands on clapped a hand on palmed bore borne hewn own bounden taken action on grope gripen bitten drew together drawn together gone for went for came into possession of taken possession of taken receipt of took receipt of took possession of lay close lain close taken in your arms took in your arms frozen to froze to gotten one's fingers on got one's fingers on got a hold of gotten a hold of availed oneself of

Động từ

Past tense for to pull or drag with great effort

Trái nghĩa của caught hold of

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