Đồng nghĩa của contracted

Alternative for contracted

contracts, contracted, contracting

Đồng nghĩa: agreement, alliance, bargain, compress, deal, enter into, form, pact, reduce, shrink, start, treaty, understanding,

Trái nghĩa: annul, repudiate,

Tính từ

Containing or presenting the essential facts of something in a comprehensive but concise way
compendious concise brief succinct summary compact condensed pithy crisp summarised summarized thumbnail abbreviated epigrammatic abridged aphoristic compressed potted short shortened synoptic abstracted apothegmatic capsule comprehensive curt elliptic elliptical laconic lapidary monosyllabic sententious short and sweet snappy telegraphic terse gnomic breviloquent close compendiary in a nutshell short and to the point in a few well-chosen words truncated curtailed reduced diminished decreased clipped cut lessened cut short outline shrunk cut down rapid quick edited pointed pruned trimmed shorter to the point cropped precised synopsized bare-bones pared down concentrated constricted telescoped cut-down edited down little slimmed-down encapsulated hurried hasty incisive small slimmed down ephemeral unprolonged swift precise economical decurtate sparing abbreviate curtate perfunctory transient bare boiled down not protracted in few words cut to the bone skeleton digest essential censored sketch bowdlerized stripped down expurgated bowdlerised miniaturized economized subtracted downsized miniaturised scaled down made smaller economised brusque tight sharp trenchant abrupt blunt tart gruff witty meaningful cursory economic meaty finely honed neat snippety recapped precipitate compacted taut rehashed run-down lean epigrammatical limited summarizing clever amusing piquant quick-witted epitomized epitomised summarising run-through axiomatic shortened form snippy fast uncommunicative pungent ingenious rude marrowy censorious judgmental pretentious critical disapproving abounding apophthegmatic snappish exact cryptic clear-cut forceful expressive well tuned making a long story short in well-chosen words telling significant cogent cutting short-and-sweet acute honed effective down to brass tacks

Tính từ

Of small width in relation to length
narrow tight close limited restricted confined compact cramped confining constricted congested meagre squeezed choked circumscribed compressed incapacious pinched scanty small bounded defined definite determinate exiguous fine finite hairline jammed measured needlelike scant skinny slender slim spare sparse tapered tapering thin tiny ultrathin incommodious meager narrowing near strait straitened fixed paltry pent shrunken taper threadlike narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim inadequate poky minimal uncomfortable negligible little packed light insufficient slight minute measly piddling pathetic set crowded enclosed demarcated delimited shut in poor deficient modest skimpy precise low scarce sparing stingy specific terminable exact tenuous hemmed in skimp hand-to-mouth beggarly miserable puny pitiful petty bare flimsy nominal mingy bound shabby thin on the ground slimline wedged checked suffocating stifling restricting miserly short polished jam-packed airless flexible long elongated boxy diminutive cell-like bijou oppressive stipulated shallow overcrowded definable remote minuscular marginal frail outside claustrophobic awkward overfull conditioned with no room to swing a cat faint off predictable predetermined not infinite matchbox two-by-four irregular reedy trivial subject to limitations fragile tucked up closed in trifling insignificant express determined jammed in explicit clear-cut established direct confirmed particular concrete clear black-and-white restrained grounded invalided bedfast detained hog-tied chilled indisposed kept compassed held iced sick narrowed cramp hampered curbed bedridden immured derisory sketchy cut-and-dried hard plain outright wretched sorry piffling thinning unimportant pitiable base picayune poxy minor inconsiderable worthless mean assigned convinced well defined prescribed too few too small too little not enough toytown niggling piddly footling pimping ungenerous inappreciable no-account inconsequential chicken peanut mere sealed up in jail bottled up on ice cooped up in chains flattened out locked up laid up rare shy wanting failing scrimpy clearly defined dinky twopenny-halfpenny nickel-and-dime in short supply trashy beyond doubt common shoddy sleazy de minimis ineffectual unconsequential Mickey Mouse few and far between barely sufficient insubstantial nugatory frivolous incidental small-fry superficial fiddling meaningless pointless foolish weak contemptible inferior of no account minuscule useless immaterial irrelevant feeble lean lightweight casual unproductive secondary futile of no consequence not worth mentioning minimum unsubstantial infinitesimal lesser token empty barren lacking valueless of little account reduced unsatisfactory ineffective profitless imperceptible vain of little importance silly nonessential unavailing of no importance few unprofitable small-time lousy pettifogging idle subordinate peripheral fruitless lame of little consequence second-rate subsidiary senseless not worth bothering about lamentable mediocre smaller at a premium hollow cheap two-bit lowly subtle nothing shoestring ordinary despicable bootless unsuccessful null junior lower trite hard to come by ignoble unessential low-ranking fractional sporadic inutile unnecessary minor-league second-string purposeless inane hard to find bush-league of no great concern penny-ante scattered ignorable frothy sad incomplete small-bore abortive unconvincing inept inessential counterproductive minus infrequent accessory sterile too little too late vague laughable not worth speaking of middling subnormal puerile inefficacious unfruitful occasional no-good non-essential implausible otiose to no avail diminished of no moment frugal nondescript unusable undistinguished humble bogus waste abandoned bereft unfinished scrimp dependent incommensurate tacky inconsequent purportless uncommon banal ridiculous chaffy humdrum scrubby incompetent insulting junky flighty time-wasting like gold dust unfructuous ludicrous failed imperfect not to be had preposterous not to be had for love nor money quibbling insipid no great shakes absurd outrageous risible below the mark half-baked of no value cavilling nit-picking perfunctory void to no effect tame unsound microscopic bitty mild depleted indifferent basic transparent stunted dwindling extraneous scratch destitute stinted subservient illogical pants caviling unpretentious abject drossy good-for-nothing ancillary woeful infertile second-class under defective plebeian wanky rubbishy cursory unreasonable younger subaltern no use everyday simple commonplace inglorious neither here nor there farcical incredible non-successful of minor importance faulty second-fiddle dispersed inefficient dry featherbrained fallacious unremarkable vapid unconsiderable drained smalltime of no merit thinly distributed basal partial not much cop third-string low-born impotent powerless less airy a dime a dozen straggling uncritical second-banana lower-class obscure in vain forceless withered next to none empty-headed seldom met with seldom seen no more than of no use spineless neutralized indecisive low in numbers unable to no purpose inoperative defeasible neutralised innocuous next to no unfrequent anticlimactic disappointing half-hearted ne'er-do-well dismal picky fussy symbolic little bitty smallish diddly finicky gentle potty lilliputian cockamamie cockamamy derisive comical impractical neglectable rinky-dink wispy penurious tinpot zero zilch zip irrational undemanding unsufficient peppercorn deplorable hairsplitting sophisticated unintellectual wet flat unqualified invalid parsimonious junk cut unreal motiveless jejune loitering idling just only unreasoning aimless uncelebrated diffuse crummy incapable unample devoid unfitted beside the point dead very suspect featherweight imponderous fatuous flippant unhelpful needed hardly any patchy rudimentary run-down nonrational truncated threatened shortened seldom semioccasional unavailable emasculate slack-spined no go no way not effective not hacking it coming up short not making it phony short of out of shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable of little import no big deal no big thing at a low level little or no not much casuistic captious equivocating sophistical thankless unrewarding absolute illegitimate hardly worth mentioning without depth unusual least smallest littlest slightest unsalable of no earthly use nanoscopic menial proletarian in the minority seldom found widely spaced out of the ordinary lowest missing minutest tiniest fewest merest unassuming impalpable indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible phoney baseborn underprivileged baulked misfired thwarted glib simplistic auxiliary unrefined severe unwashed rough frustrated foiled light-headed harebrained light-minded ditzy giddy lightheaded goofy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained yeasty demeaning degrading low-grade bottom supplementary intangible momentary ephemeral indiscernible invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct evanescent inconspicuous just a vulgar lowborn prole no better than only a no-win misleading hopeless unnotable not a prayer without success on a treadmill delusive in vicious circle going nowhere shuck delusory balked schematic inconceivable ungrounded false unpersuasive baseless groundless controvertible assailable wishful weakly unbelievable frilly lacking substance uncouth lumpen very little unfit working-class smallest amount of of low birth plebby low-life of low rank sordid least possible slighter poorer ignominious servile lower-ranking low on short-handed short on facile surface ignorant oversimplified additional extra attendant lighthearted lower in status undersized subjacent lower in rank tributary collateral satellite contributory outranked sub adjuvant hasty unthinking skin-deep unintelligent wishy-washy unscholarly one-dimensional hurried desultory hamstrung inexpedient feckless unexceptional entry-level bottom-rung back seat less important beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important not so important scarcer than hen's teeth slapdash passing average null and void invertebrate typical unconsidered mundane bland drab uninteresting usual unmemorable pedestrian unexciting uninspiring dull routine boring unnoteworthy vanilla normal unimpressive nodding slipshod offhand rapid rushed of no benefit prosaic uneventful uninspired rubbish workaday fleeting inattentive quick characterless whatever two a penny a dead loss insincere surface-level depthless flash summary feigning dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard not worth a hill of beans

Tính từ

Reduced in size as a result of shrinkage
shrunken shriveled shrivelled emaciated wasted diminished wilted withered dwindled thin gaunt cadaverous lean starved wizened skinny scrawny lank bony haggard skeletal atrophied undernourished underfed anorexic scraggy attenuated skin-and-bones half-starved pinched drawn famished raw-boned stick-like size-zero angular skin and bones looking like a bag of bones shrunk spare sapped taut devastated hollow-eyed underweight weak attenuate consumptive meager peaked phthisical skeletonlike macilent meagre thin as a rake desolate war-torn wrecked ruined battle-scarred hollow-cheeked like a bag of bones thin as rail lantern-jawed fleshless very thin skin-and-bone starveling anorectic spindle-shanked ravaged as thin as a rake worn to a shadow lanky gangly spindly gangling rangy rawboned slim slender malnourished beanpole twiggy gawky starving reedy beanstalk rattleboned puny lithe slight stringy weedy svelte hungry narrow fatless stalky fragile twiglike featherweight willowy stick boney delicate rickety slinky small rarefied threadlike lightweight wan ethereal skin and bone scraggly deprived of food all skin and bones thin as a rail undersized wiry skeleton shadow spindling tall sylphlike ultrathin gracile as thin as a reed wraithlike macerated frail feeble over-thin hairline fine paper-thin needlelike slim-jim underdeveloped raddled lissom trim sinewy peaky muscular stilted extenuated without an ounce of fat like a rail stilt subtle pole slightly built pint-sized looking like death warmed up no fat leggy bulimic long-legged loose-jointed without appetite sickly looking ghastly stringbean ghostly lymphatic etiolated light sallow shadowy dead waifish sticklike bare tenuous little broomstick like a skeleton like a matchstick corpse-like bag of bones

Tính từ

Ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside one's own experience
insular narrow-minded provincial parochial petty blinkered limited illiberal inward-looking prejudiced restricted small-minded conventional close-minded localist myopic narrow petty-minded sectarian short-sighted small-town bigoted diehard dogmatic dyed-in-the-wool entrenched hidebound inflexible parish-pump rigid set biased blimpish closed discriminatory intolerant Lilliputian little partisan picayune small xenophobic circumscribed claustral jerkwater confined secluded separated sequestered sectional regional conservative local chauvinistic reactionary racist racialist particular stuffy mean unsophisticated selfish unimaginative district nationalistic unadventurous strait-laced town fanatical prudish priggish moralistic prim starchy puritanical civic parish one-sided closed-minded geographical divisional bounded territorial prissy vernacular neighborhood chauvinist partial shockable opinionated ungenerous neighbourhood grudging uncharitable obdurate disdainful contemptuous hateful contained introverted hick shallow constricted lopsided one-eyed topical puritan borné inexorable short-term improvident nationalist ultra-conservative suburban thematic localised localized ethnocentrist ethnocentric isolationist uninformed factional corn-fed upcountry jingoistic jingo sexist clannish cliquish ignoble homespun rude bucolic simple homegrown unpolished outmoded unfashionable pastoral doctrinaire schismatic unenlarged pigheaded self-centred set in one's ways nasty vulgar base exclusive extremist fanatic denominational shabby spiteful extreme self-centered lacking foresight cheap nonconformist religious sceptical nonconforming skeptical parti pris splinter dissident mean-minded stingy unsympathetic resentful vindictive contemptible malicious mean-spirited uncompromising unforgiving dictatorial unfair unjust individualistic snappy irritable irate averse upset unwilling worked-up waspish outraged short-fuse antipathetic unforbearing indignant fractious jaundiced tilted unindulgent legendary strict Victorian stiff old-fashioned formal old-maidish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy proper goody-goody warped Grundyish distorted square obstinate severe niminy-piminy traditional coloured staid blind colored uptight fuddy-duddy anti-Semitic straitlaced prim and proper stick-in-the-mud homophobic of the old school tight-laced inequitable governessy mimsy sententious genteel Pecksniffian stubborn censorious prepossessed twisted austere zealous authoritarian smug nice-nelly straightlaced bluenosed fundamentalist disapproving pompous despotic slanted stern anti-gay heterosexist tyrannical conforming buttoned-down stilted arrogant orthodox weighted influenced preferential conformist straight preconceived tendentious magisterial inclined predisposed button-down deaf shortsighted unpersuadable resistant self-righteous niggling trivial maniacal radical rabid militant overscrupulous holier-than-thou sanctimonious single-minded activist pedantic Pharisaic swivel-eyed hypocritical vain self-satisfied complacent superpatriotic squeamish old-maid overnice demure overmodest interested jingoist unobjective non-objective loaded overexact simpering pretentious scrupulous affected rigorous mincing artificial precise offish fastidious finicky unprogressive ultraconservative racially discriminatory racially prejudiced racially bigoted brassbound ageist disablist conditioned paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic unbalanced archconservative classist leaning fattist presupposing intransigent mossbacked unreasoning conspiratorial devoted overzealous accessory sympathetic adhering intractable set in your ways reserved hard-line sedate set in one's opinions sober impersonal old-line old-school die-hard fixed in one's views misleading favorably favourably unrepresentative ascetic fogeyish deadly musty cynical bitter jealous humourless fusty forbidding pietistic envious old-fogeyish suspicious self-important hot bloated supercilious humorless as dry as dust puffy foetid warm fetid smoky smelly important unenlightened sordid tight bourgeois undemocratic parsimonious alt-right tightfisted totalitarian miserly anti-democratic oppressive repressive hair-shirt spartan correct disenchanted disillusioned hostile soured pessimistic traditionalist decorous close-fisted draconian fascist stodgy misanthropic invidious green-eyed distrustful disappointed covetous abstemious moral abstinent assertive Pooterish respectable doctrinal Biedermeier ceremonial ceremonious antiliberal proscriptive greedy penny-pinching emphatic overbearing imperious peremptory comme il faut straight-laced bien pensant pontifical yellow unenthusiastic tainted jaded unindifferent opprobrious imperative domineering insistent adamant high-handed authoritative arbitrary downright unchallengeable self-opinionated unquestionable categorical unyielding opinionative unbending opinioned fascistic cocksure confident definite stiff-necked egotistical unequivocal tenacious determined dictative wrong-headed bullheaded high and mighty

Tính từ

Deliberately designed according to a plan
intended deliberate intentional conscious knowing planned calculated purposeful purposive wilful considered prearranged predetermined premeditated voluntary aforethought preconceived predestined wanton willed willful witting studied volitional anticipated contemplated designed prepense pre-planned done on purpose thought out in advance on purpose set strategic advised thought-out measured scheduled purposed aimed designful weighed thoughtful reasoned determined organized projected prepared programmed deliberately planned outlined meant fixed prospective cold-blooded organised express schemed thought out with forethought according to a plan meditated contrived willing preconcerted proposed unforced cognizant laid-out rigged sewn-up set-up mindful wary reasoning rational reflective responsible meditative aware tactical accidentally on purpose framed up stacked deck politic cut-and-dried predesigned self-conscious planful predeterminate judicious in the making on the docket diplomatic shrewd prudent cunning computed estimated steered marked directed well-planned well thought out agreed arranged settled allotted preset specified established controlled selected given chosen arranged in advance preplanned pre-established arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand mannered artificial studious careful feigned strained well-considered forced affected laboured guarded investigated thought-through thought-about examined overworked reviewed plotted overdone labored gone into pre-agreed pre-decided cut and dried set up inevitable encoded established in advance inexorable foredestined precogitated forethought destined bound doomed

Động từ

Past tense for to shorten (a word or phrase) by combination or elision

Động từ

(of a muscle) Past tense for to become shorter and tighter in order to effect movement of part of the body

Trái nghĩa của contracted

contracted Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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