Đồng nghĩa của enlisted

Alternative for enlisted

enlists, enlisted, enlisting

Đồng nghĩa: enroll, induce, influence, join, move, persuade, prompt, sign up, sway,

Tính từ


Động từ

Past tense for sign up for responsibility
recruited hired mobilised mobilized conscripted enrolled mustered draughted drafted employed engaged inducted gathered joined levied listed list raised rallied secured called up pressed press-ganged registered signed up took on taken on volunteered admitted appointed assigned attracted conscribed embodied entered hitched incorporated initiated inscribed interested joined up obliged placed recorded reserved served solicited counted on entered into signed on pressed into service put your name down for matriculated assembled installed massed put down gathered together marshalled marshaled rounded up called together put your name down summoned subscribed convoked brought together invested introduced instated commandeered indexed slated cataloged scheduled collected catalogued checked in accepted applied seated baptized organized baptised become a member engrossed booked deployed signed up for organised ordained impressed formed converted rendezvoused established forgathered catechized booked in signed in inaugurated shanghaied crimped allowed attested book sweared swore in sworn in became a member went in for gone in for installed in chronicled received registered for welcomed initiated into sweared into acquainted obtained become student inventorized mustered in inserted appointed to instructed affixed added marked filed introduced to trained filled out billed become a member of instated in noted educated polled noted down written wrote gotten together got together chosen chose began begun swore sworn taken up took up became student taken course took course allowed into admitted to became a member of prest convened called grouped set up summoned up held ordered scared up opened aggregated held meeting got up united arranged congressed called in corralled sat conjured up holden gotten up sitten

Động từ

Past tense for enrol or be enrolled in the armed services
joined joined up enrolled in volunteered for signed up for allied affiliated associated leagued sided cooperated united collaborated combined confederated sympathized joined sides joined together sympathised formed an alliance aligned made common cause joined forces sided with teamed up aligned oneself banded together went into partnership gone into partnership went into league gone into league entered enlisted in joined in participated in contributed to joined forces with set foot in had a hand in signed on with signed on for got into enrolled for become involved in played a part in moved into become a part of joined up with set out on subscribed to become a member of helped in allied with teamed up with followed become connected with fought had something to do with contested tried took part in affiliated with become member paired with became a member of launched into gone into fallen in with started work at entered into become associated with associated yourself with pitched in with lent a hand with played a role in affiliated to fell in with gotten into signed up with shared in ventured on competed in embarked on come into became a part of went into assisted with committed oneself to taken part in banded together with tied up with started to be in gotten involved in became involved in plunged into got involved in associated oneself with cooperated in plugged into committed oneself come aboard mingled with committed yourself to played ventured into consorted with helped with taken up went in for became associated with undertaken gotten in on the act threw yourself into partaken in agreed to got in on the act foughten became member threw oneself into engagde in got oneself into undertook gotten oneself into began work at became connected with gone in for took up partook in begun work at thrown oneself into thrown yourself into engaged in associated with gone in with threw in with came aboard took up with broken into went in with went to broke into aligned with got together with thrown in with gotten together with taken up with gone to came into

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enlisted Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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