Đồng nghĩa của threw oneself into

Động từ

Past tense for engage in
entered into joined in took up became involved in became part of joined participated participated in took part in contributed to partook in shared in got involved in played a part in entered became a member of subscribed to plunged into engaged in went in for associated oneself with played a role in had a hand in assimilated integrated had to do with fitted in conformed to acculturated mixed with blended in with accustomed enrolled for set out on subsumed assimilated into enrolled in co-opted contested tried undertook ventured on fought moved into joined forces with joined up got oneself into became a part of went into became associated with assisted with signed on with signed on for committed oneself to joined up with signed up for launched into got into started to be in started work at began work at became connected with enlisted in agreed to pitched in with volunteered for lent a hand with cooperated in got in on the act committed oneself fell in with became member played ventured into competed in embarked on helped with taken part in engagde in partaken in gotten involved in gone in for thrown yourself into become involved in become a member of contributed played a role become part of get involved played a part had a hand taken up gotten in on the act cooperated partook partaken assisted helped engaged become connected with become member lent a hand got involved shared associated oneself become associated with had a finger in taken part opted in pitched in become a part of collaborated took part sat in on thrown yourself into something threw yourself into something gone into fallen in with undertaken gotten into gotten oneself into begun work at was involved been involved got in the act were involved been in on was in on gotten in the act

Động từ

Past tense for to address or apply oneself to a problem or issue
got stuck into embarked on went about set about tackled commenced got down to got to grips with got to work at made a start on had a crack at had a go at grappled with confronted addrest addressed dealt with attended to saw to took on applied oneself to took care of attacked undertook focused on concentrated on managed handled turned to got weaving on contended with settled down to got cracking on had a shot at tried to deal with buckled down to coped with addressed oneself to took up devoted oneself to engaged in tried to sort out negotiated fielded approached pluged away at tried went for tried to solve went at pitched into took measures about took in hand dived into turned one's hand to tried to cope with became involved in had a stab at pursued busied oneself with set to knuckled down to settled engaged started in on got started on got to work on began to tackle setted to work on turned one's attention to went to work on gave something a whirl made a run at sank your teeth into took the bit between your teeth launched into began hammered away at had a go essayed waded into started on applied oneself took a shot at setted your hand to squared off gave something a try pegged away at gave something a go tried on for size started the ball rolling accepted went for it came to grips with worked on banged away at stepped up to the plate took forward waded in attempted embarked upon manipulated maneuvered manoeuvred pegged away had at directed attention to turned focussed swang hacked adopted swung concentrated treated hammered away focused attended played dug faced learned to live with undertaken begun engagde in seen to taken on gotten to grips with gone about taken care of taken up taken forward taken measures about thrown yourself into come to grips with gotten down to become involved in given something a try given something a whirl gone at sunk your teeth into taken a shot at taken in hand gone for it plugged away at gone for taken the bit between your teeth given something a go started set out sorted out initiated entered looked after plunged into got going on gotten going on took charge of taken charge of opened knuckled down controlled worked wrought occupied oneself with faced up to looked sth in the eye carried out got off teed off entered into set the wheels in motion made a start set the ball rolling set off put one's hand to the plough put the wheels in motion put one's shoulder to the wheel taken took challenged fought gone to work on got on embraced espoused contested squared up grasped contended borrowed answered mastered influenced served launched reopened resumed renewed recommenced assumed continued proceeded restarted grappled dominated exploited commanded orchestrated organized dealt covered fixed administered to got to work gotten to work organised broached kicked off carried on followed through discussed bespoke acted towards behaved towards gotten off tore into torn into responded to got weaving preached to turned your attention to got cracking with speechified to tussled with got underway rolled up one's sleeves pontificated on got the ball rolling begun undertaking talked to made arrangements for gave attention to given attention to started off jumped off wrestled with delivered a sermon on replied to made do with come to terms with started out began undertaking preachified to managed with sermonized on got things moving droned on about made out with reacted to talked about made a speech on got one's finger out conducted oneself towards gotten on did done gone on took to went on taken to acted toward begun to tackle gotten under way got under way spoke in response to spoken in response to taken responsibility for took responsibility for gotten down to business gotten cracking got cracking got down to business behaved toward got by with gone in for went in for gotten by with came to terms with got involved in gotten involved in gotten a handle on got a handle on took control of taken control of bespake bespoken given a sermon on spoken on gave an oration on gave a lecture on gave an address on spoken to gave a discourse on given a lecture on spoke to given an oration on gave a sermon on took aim at given an address on given a dissertation on given a speech on taken aim at gave a speech on gave a dissertation on spoke on given a discourse on

Trái nghĩa của threw oneself into

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