Đồng nghĩa của took control of

Động từ

To have captured by force
took captured caught seized apprehended secured ensnared grabbed abducted arrested bagged detained snared trapped appropriated collared conquered entrapped kidnaped kidnapped nabbed snagged took captive took into custody annexed carried off laid hold of took hold of took hostage took possession of took prisoner took over occupied overran acquired commandeered subjugated invaded expropriated hijacked obtained usurped got hold of arrogated garrisoned won colonized prevailed subjected gained colonised cornered took control succeeded achieved got confiscated sequestrated overwhelmed overcame possessed got hands on latched on to took possession subdued crushed dominated overpowered sequestered requisitioned impounded procured pacified overthrew prevailed over gained control of skyjacked poinded possessed oneself of distrained disseized helped oneself to nailed hooked netted snatched landed copped grappled corralled glommed nobbled rapped snapped up gotten busted pinched pulled in nicked grasped taken picked up gripped restrained clutched lift laid hands on taken into custody prehended grabbed hold of brought in clasped taken hold of enmeshed entangled plucked lifted lassoed rounded up seized hold of held clenched tangled wrested ensnarled meshed entoiled immeshed wrenched yanked ambushed waylayed ambuscaded waylaid treed caught up reeled in placed under arrest hauled in caught hold of shut in run to earth cut off taken prisoner run to ground caught at felt someone's collar taken captive took a grip of took in taken a grip of taken in enclosed pulled surrounded springed wired beached laid bottled clinched jagged extricated prised got fingers on pounced on laid a trap for gone for took by force gotten hold of went for closed in mousetrapped grasped hold of got a hold of taken by force trammeled clapped hands on ran to earth blocked off hemmed in fastened round grabbed away clung to clapp hands on picked off gotten fingers on snapped gotten a hold of brought to bay taken hostage stretched for trammelled clutched at felt your collar ran to ground had up a tree penned in decoyed sprent taken possession of got one's fingers on gotten one's fingers on went after gone after gotten hands on taken possession gotten on ropes got on ropes drove into a corner driven into a corner

Động từ

Weighed heavily on
preyed on burdened oppressed beset depressed distressed disturbed haunted nagged troubled weighed on worried gnawed at hung over lied heavy on obsessed plagued tormented weighed heavily on took over upset cast down bothered afflicted grieved perturbed weighed down pressed down on weighed got someone down taken over taken control of vexed bugged harassed annoyed bedevilled bedeviled caused anxiety to concerned tortured discomposed disquieted agitated irked fretted fazed beleaguered strained aggravated tried made anxious unsettled alarmed dismayed flurried fussed agonized discomforted irritated harried harrowed ailed distracted frazzled distempered persecuted niggled taxed besieged stressed hassled pestered unhinged disconcerted badgered rattled hagrid exercised alarumed derailed perplexed discombobulated weirded out put the squeeze on freaked out got to agonised niggled at racked cursed hounded flustered saddened anguished excruciated dejected scared unnerved dogged assailed hagridden hagrode despaired aggrieved inconvenienced affected undone undid attacked frightened teased embarrassed mithered pressed dashed incommoded overwhelmed tested importuned needled chafed entangled hampered galled aggressed worked up caused concern to tantalized made uncomfortable hectored teared preyed on your mind dunned dished out stuck it to gave a hard time drove up the wall started in on tantalised caused suffering to lied heavily on caused discomfort to stirred up bummed out overcharged jumped on one's case possessed given a hard time sweated out driven up the wall rankled with nagged at picked on dished it out gotten to goaded got down caused anxiety caused trouble to discomfited made uneasy threw thrown burnt up burned up gave it to given it to torn tore given the needle given one the business fell on gave the needle fell upon rode gave one the business gave a bad time ridden given a bad time fallen upon fallen on

Trái nghĩa của took control of

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