Đồng nghĩa của harried

Alternative for harried

harries, harried, harrying

Đồng nghĩa: besiege, harass, invade, raid, rob, storm, torment, trouble, vex, worry,

Tính từ

Stressed, rushed, panicked, overly busy or preoccupied
harassed troubled bothered distressed hassled agitated beset hard-pressed plagued tormented worried anxious hag-ridden beleaguered flustered hounded vexed distraught pressured stressed put upon under pressure at wit's end under the cosh up against it under stress careworn browbeaten pressurized frayed hunted stressy hurried pressurised stressed out with one's back up against the wall at the end of one's tether at the end of one's rope under duress on the spot persecuted strained desperate uptight rushed fretting downtrodden besieged haggard stricken terror-stricken in a state hot and bothered worn out with one's back to the wall pushed busy overloaded overburdened time-poor overtaxed overworked hotly pursued under attack closely pursued struggling pressed in a tight spot between a rock and a hard place in difficulties in a tight corner in dire straits with your back to the wall hard at it tense jittery upset nervous overwrought edgy frazzled unnerved disturbed distracted fraught perturbed disquieted wired frightened shaken uneasy disconcerted pinched discomposed drawn ruffled unsettled frantic antsy unquiet apprehensive insecure irked alarmed worked up rattled queasy queazy nervy dithery aflutter jumpy ill at ease atwitter strung out beside oneself unglued muddled goosey hinky in a flap on tenterhooks hung up in a tizzy having kittens shook up in a cold sweat het up tensed harrowed aggravated badgered stressed-out pestered shell-shocked on the rack panicky panic-struck panic-stricken dismayed hurt emotive strung-up adrenalized confused grieved gutted choked sad discountenanced emotionally charged wound up saddened inconvenienced unhappy irritated oppressed burdened angered annoyed offended disappointed fretted tearing one's hair out in a flat spin low thrown shocked verklempt blue unzipped wounded come apart broken up put out cut up at sixes and sevens in disorder psyched out all torn up amazed bummed out grim weighed down heavy-laden afraid concerned fearful worried sick on edge fretful trembling quaking scared twitchy restless anguished spooked riled toey discombobulated flurried fidgety angstful uncomfortable tortured bugged squirrelly overstrung solicitous spooky windy angsty clutched keyed up in a twitter a wreck strung up in a sweat a bundle of nerves in a dither worried stiff in a tizz in a stew in a twit bricking oneself all of a dither in a state of agitation with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof with butterflies in one's stomach all of a lather shaking in one's shoes on pins and needles with one's heart in one's mouth

Tính từ

Annoyed, frustrated, or worried
vexed annoyed irritated exasperated bothered upset aggravated irked angry nettled troubled worried displeased distressed furious incensed inflamed irate peeved put out agitated choleric cross enraged fuming harassed infuriated maddened piqued wrathful hot-tempered huffy ill-humored ill-humoured miffed testy confused disgruntled dissatisfied fed up fretted frustrated perturbed resentful riled disturbed flustered narked provoked tormented afflicted in a huff in a temper in high dudgeon mad miffy perplexed ruffled eggy galled in a bad mood scunnered sore steamed teed off vex brassed off browned off cheesed off hoha ireful peed off snuffy tooshie wrath hacked off ticked off foaming at the mouth hot under the collar not best pleased out of countenance anxious concerned disconcerted tense nervous hung up disappointed discontented bugged disheartened discouraged embittered defeated crabbed unfulfilled aggrieved unsated ungratified unsatisfied angered irritable affronted hurt offended indignant ratty surly touchy shirty grouchy sulky ropeable hassled prickly snappy crabby grumpy impatient snitty carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall crook snaky hot and bothered worked up ill-tempered bad-tempered short-tempered in a lather wound up bent out of shape steamed up quick-tempered out of sorts out of humour uneasy unsettled dismayed apprehensive discomposed antsy jumpy jittery atwitter hinky queasy unquiet uptight queazy goosey insecure aflutter nervy dithery edgy asea worried stiff pestered shaken inconvenienced discombobulated in a tizzy scared pained anguished terrified afraid het up tortured mortified overwrought disquieted distraught alarmed exacerbated ill at ease beset puzzled harrowed frightened chagrined fearful plagued outraged livid apoplectic unhappy rabid steaming wroth rankled ballistic ticked roiled enflamed sullen tetchy foaming fit to be tied hopping mad hot infuriate riley peevish hopping irascible soreheaded horn-mad up in arms petulant narky malcontent choked seething cranky cantankerous waspish bitter crotchety chippy splenetic boiling discontent insulted fractious querulous snappish fretful stung crusty disgusted pettish beside oneself stroppy raging rattled waxy depressed moody disagreeable as cross as two sticks wounded sour dyspeptic liverish acrimonious peckish miserable wild weary on the warpath going crook thin-skinned in a pet in a fume blue in the face fiery injured aerated like a bear with a sore head curt blue grumbling volatile disaffected grieved snippy churlish peppery ornery seeing red scratchy bored in a frenzy off the air sick malcontented ill-natured on a short fuse tired antagonized complaining chafed captious saddened griping unglued incandescent spiteful curmudgeonly shocked out of joint antagonised slighted hostile beside yourself glum dark goaded sad heated burned up short critical kvetching black perverse huffish snarky acrid temperamental restless snippety stuffy dirty gutted needled raspy sick and tired thrown quarrelsome spare filthy discountenanced gruff shrewish bilious gnashing one's teeth out of humor mean sharp nasty bearish acid passionate rancorous shook up in a mood cross-grained short-fused jaded down malevolent wearied bellyaching blasé restive hateful excited grudging grieving faultfinding gloomy vitriolic salty malignant low grousing antagonistic envious out of temper malicious vindictive whingy mardy caviling cavilling morose unpleased ticklish unnerved sensitive carping picky brusque discomfited fault-finding very angry raving fazed snarling venomous muddled frenzied ill-disposed hotheaded oversensitive at daggers drawn frantic fretting in a paddy awkward unzipped in a bate ranting vicious cut up having got out of bed on the wrong side bloody-minded bummed out broken up blown a gasket having got out of bed the wrong side unimpressed stressed out stressed defiant reproachful burning with excitement good and mad mad as hell snubbed wry dishonored humiliated ready to be tied unforgiving crazy abrupt umbrageous dishonoured revengeful p.o.'d scornful disrespected blazing berserk crabbing uncontent kicking vehement crackers wronged smouldering flaming moping terse harmed insane weighty hard annoying distressing snarly atrabilious zowerswopped rebellious overemotional as black as thunder bad tempered hacked ill-used woeful perversely irritable disapproving of rousted roused embarrassed stewed impetuous unindulgent factious sick to death emotional falling apart hysterical irrational histrionic blazing mad flaming mad browned-off persecuted oppressed victimised victimized disapproving regretful dogged scandalized buffaloed dissentious troublemaking fed up to the teeth despondent storming scandalised very upset in a wax out of control in a towering rage ennuied sniveling plaintive put-out unassuaged begrudging insatiable fed-up unappeased jaundiced not satisfied jealous with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth menacing nitpicking having short fuse hot under collar in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger with all guns blazing at end of one's rope boiling mad pushed too far at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage disconsolate dejected disillusioned downcast smoldering sick as a parrot hard done by snivelling twitchy threatening melancholic forlorn joyless cheerless strained stressy belligerent aggressive unfriendly belly-aching out of place self-conscious uncomfortable like a fish out of water feisty bristly unsociable argumentative disenchanted crestfallen doleful downhearted inconsolable evil wicked misanthropic cynical pouty obstinate difficult contentious truculent harsh pertinacious full of hate full of dislike maleficent baleful uncooperative contrary whiny hypercritical whining crybaby ungracious sorrowful iracund tough brooding iracundulous pouting fussy disputatious malign glowering louring poisonous malefic bored by waspy trying dour mumpish growling tart sorehead saturnine blunt cussed on edge vinegary whingeing childish hasty obstreperous chuffy fierce surfeited by weary of distressed by glutted by surfeited with jaded with jaded by satiated by nasty-tempered foul-tempered out-of-sorts hot-blooded ugly easily offended surfeited sated satiated dismal glutted with evil-intentioned hate-filled bewildered distracted revolted sickened low-spirited have had it up to here with repulsed have had enough nauseated have had a basinful of have had something up to here nonplussed flurried repelled flummoxed fuddled abashed floored appalled nauseous up to here at sea verklempt caught off balance shook-up messed-up in botheration psyched-out mixed-up taken aback thrown off balance aghast in disorder amazed come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens all torn up grossed out turned off

Tính từ

ruined dilapidated tumbledown derelict ramshackle broken-down crumbling ruinous decaying decrepit disintegrating in ruins neglected shambly uncared-for blasted munted shacky abandoned botched broken broken down defaced falling apart harmed hurt impaired in disrepair injured marred mutilated pillaged plundered robbed spoilt spoiled uninhabited gone to rack and ruin falling to pieces rickety run down deteriorated creaky deteriorating creaking run-down worn out bad rotten old worse for wear in a state of disrepair on its last legs antiquated decayed unmaintained untended rundown shabby unsound seedy worn-out threadbare gone to seed ill-maintained historic tottering shaky done rotted stale rancid sour dateless unlivable unoccupiable hazardous unsafe precarious treacherous perilous insecure dangerous uninhabitable contaminated infected septic unhealthy blighted unwholesome battered condemned unfresh beat-up superannuated rumpty weather-beaten tacky worn quavering shaking bedraggled tumble-down crippled flimsy tired insubstantial used effete fragile anile haggard dingy faded unkept uncouth collapsing in tatters languishing failing in decline breaking up on the way out on the decline on the rocks wearing away breaking down tatterdemalion infirm in poor condition in pieces beyond repair in difficulty in trouble done for practically over in a bad way in a bad state dying declining tattered waning degenerating moth-eaten frayed ragged well worn patched holey in ribbons perishing worn to shreds in holes in rags scruffy shoddy sorry tatty forsaken ratty time-worn grotty raggedy oxidising oxidizing rusting eroding rent warby decrepit. in ruins raggedy-ass clapped out having seen better days beat up the worse for wear falling apart at the seams falling down

Động từ

Past tense for to persistently harass or bother
harassed bothered annoyed plagued tormented pestered hassled worried badgered troubled irritated persecuted vexed vext hounded bugged nagged disturbed bedeviled bedevilled irked aggravated upset distressed agitated perturbed molested beleaguered chivvied fretted bullied stressed pursued gnawed gnew gnawn chivied pressurised pressurized kept on at went on at gone on at gave someone grief given someone grief drove up the wall driven up the wall gave a hard time given a hard time drove round the bend driven round the bend got in your hair drove round the twist driven round the twist breathed down someone's neck leaned on put pressure on brought pressure to bear on beset teased goaded tortured provoked afflicted oppressed needled hectored baited put out browbeat picked on exasperated hurt dragooned intimidated prodded pressured ruffled coerced forced nettled racked railroaded dogged put the screws on galled deviled devilled pressed prest put the squeeze on agonized harrowed rid ridden rode compelled mithered chafed heckled strong-armed peeved importuned narked got to bulldozed pained tyrannized anguished agonised besieged riled angered got strained displeased pushed grated curst cursed disquieted taunted piqued kept after tyrannised worked on discomposed tried wound up hustled bludgeoned excruciated victimized browbeaten hacked off rubbed up the wrong way infuriated nudged spited maddened terrorized perplexed ailed frightened incensed blackjacked fussed aggrieved miffed burdened rankled got at victimised terrorised haunted fast-talked scared brainwashed domineered obliged griped constrained influenced prevailed on urged threatened flustered ticked off rasped frosted put down concerned hit where one lives frustrated fazed harped on at enraged tantalized tantalised maltreated unsettled ate eaten grieved bent someone's ear gotten to press-ganged used pressure on discommoded ill-treated dunned cowed rattled gnawed at henpecked persuaded bullyragged itched menaced gotten gat antagonized bounced alarmed made exercised graveled gravelled outraged made angry burned up burnt up put under an obligation pushed around made someone see red antagonised got across teed off attacked hacked you off put your back up used strong-arm tactics on put someone's back up ragged mistreated insulted abused squeezed impelled assailed spurred offended embarrassed flurried subjugated inflamed interrupted taxed teared pecked at obligated dismayed unnerved bogarted niggled insisted blustered discomforted frazzled wronged overwhelmed depressed grumbled at martyred weighed down unhinged distempered distracted gotten at driven drove drave druv derailed disconcerted hagrid alarumed caused suffering to dominated picked at mau-maued got on your nerves gotten on your nerves exacerbated egged on discombobulated despotized grope gripen suppressed weirded out freaked out twisted someone's arm fired up made waves got in someone's hair made someone's blood boil rubbed the wrong way turned on the heat scolded scourged berated terrified wrung smothered upbraided ribbed affected wound wounded plied barraged criticized confused given someone the hump gave someone the hump chaffed blighted subdued disgusted mocked bit gripped carped at overawed crucified incited exploited impressed saddened steamrollered intruded upon criticised hazed made cross muscled sandbagged buffaloed burned burnt misused misust appalled spooked enslaved moaned at insisted on enforced put the screws to sweat beat put through wringer imposed on found fault with kept complaining to grated on rankled with put up to injured abraded overpowered drove crazy driven crazy got on your wick bummed out messed with gave a bad time given a bad time drove mad driven mad made anxious singled out roiled humped pushed about gotten across ill-used lied heavy on made it hot for someone made things hot for someone turned off treated harshly cheesed off tried someone's patience rattled someone's cage cut up set one off made someone's hackles rise got under someone's skin put through the wringer set on put screws to put the chill on ruffled someone's feathers put heat on put the heat on stirred up put someone out tyrannized over walked all over put upon put someone's nose out of joint torn tore overbore overborne broke broken brake hagridden hagrode undone undid suffocated rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves got on someone's nerves gotten someone's back up gotten on someone's nerves got someone's back up scorned rousted encouraged wringed wrang inconvenienced savaged daunted yawped inveighed growled murmured grizzled grumped complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked whined kvetched caterwauled yowled hollered beefed screamed groused yammered crabbed muttered croaked whimpered squawked wailed grumbled moaned bellyached carped keened yauped repined stressed out implored advised manipulated humiliated violated titillated enticed obtruded encroached intruded pothered accosted admonished promoted disparaged begged macerated forayed despoiled noodged lacerated advocated expedited curdled festered smitten smote smit smited belittled reproached reviled egged guyed besought beseeched induced solicited inspanned punished boned bitten bored mauled clawed killed mangled mutilated discriminated against crossed hindered impeded reminded crowded struck recommended motivated infested hung over awed entangled hampered jerked around visited moaned on at buffeted buffetted aggressed inspired prompted allured tempted beguiled led on intrigued excited lured abased fascinated derided crushed affronted despaired bewildered ridiculed affrighted caused trouble to propelled adjured rattled one's cage yapped at scratched around ragged on compressed found fault ramrodded steamrolled exhorted entreated searched high heaven castigated preyed on buttonholed incommoded chagrined manhandled speeded up keyed up sped up tried to persuade threw thrown tested dissatisfied baffled thwarted dishonored charmed squashed constricted condensed gibed jumped on one's case stewed sweated feared shaken shook repressed exiled expelled hunted caused anxiety discountenanced railroaded into started in on nagged at puzzled sold hegemonized overcome mastered politicked confounded grilled driven to distraction drove to distraction drove bananas driven bananas caused anxiety to dragooned into poured it on brutalised brutalized mishandled rubbed salt in wound leaded someone a merry dance played cat and mouse dumped on flirted with martyrized dishonoured acted on discomfited started razzed eaten at subjected got your goat psyched ate at got up your nose made your blood boil grinded ground steamrollered into pushed for strapped pricked desolated indisposed scared off bossed around bossed about messed weighed heavily on bulldozed into turned on kept down got your dander up heated up het up caused anguish to gotten your back up got your back up come at sweated out sold on gotten in one's hair got in one's hair gotten under one's skin got under one's skin messed over made uncomfortable caused discomfort to worked into lather tried one's patience exerted influence on given someone the pip got someone's wick worked over made fun of pushed someon's buttons made someone's mouth water encumbered weighed on saddled brought someone to their knees trampled underfoot overloaded made miserable lorded it over made uneasy trampled on aroused anxiety in brought under the yoke scared the bejesus out of kept someone hanging on sent into a rage got the knife into got up someone's nose made it tough for pulled at mixed up twisted arm got someone's hackles up stepped on the toes of beat down asked for it brought to heel held down made wretched had a down on played the heavy with got in the hair of ground down preyed on one's mind chid kept hanging on ruled with an iron hand made blood boil flipped out browbeat into held sway over gotten up someone's nose twisted somebody's arm gotten someone's dander up pushed buttons handicapped trampled chided caused concern to gave someone the pip ruled with a rod of iron ruled got across someone had it in for got on the nerves of walked heavy made mouth water got someone's dander up kept hanging ruled over kicked around laid a bad trip on sticked the knife into weighed heavy upon overrode overridden stricken broke in broken in worn wore took taken bore given someone hell gave someone hell beaten driven nuts drove nuts gave the business given the business overcame taken it out on took it out on given one the business gave one the business fell upon fallen upon fallen on fell on nit-picked came at given the needle gave the needle gotten under your skin got under your skin done an injustice to taken advantage of did an injustice to took advantage of appealed to beaten down overthrown overthrew got someone's goat gotten someone's goat rode roughshod ridden roughshod done a number on thrown off balance threw off balance did a number on gone to town on browbeaten into bore down on went to town on borne down on taken the mickey out of took the piss out of taken the piss out of took the mickey out of took a rise out of got a rise out of taken a rise out of gotten a rise out of gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick drove you up the wall driven you up the wall gave no quarter given no quarter went for jugular gone for jugular teared at gone for went for tore at tore to pieces torn to pieces mortified stirred disrupted put off put someone off their stroke cast down put into a flap hurt somebody's feelings stung put on the spot cut to the quick moved dejected wearied destroyed instigated disheartened tired whipped sickened triggered sicced faced confronted rended rent devastated stabbed seared flummoxed disobliged caused agony to startled harmed excoriated cut punished unfairly made nervous roused dispirited panicked dashed discouraged floored obsessed stretched straught disappointed addled nonplussed nauseated weakened told off got down caused someone to lose their composure possessed brought down sounded roweled rowelled put someone to trouble put in a spot rubbed you up the wrong way put in traction put a damper on upset the apple cart put someone to shame kept at put to shame put a strain on put on trial hung up hit a sour note put into a funk put to trouble put your nose out of joint hoodwinked tricked cheated fleeced swindled harped on disapproved of petitioned beared a grudge towards felt ill will towards blackmailed bled conned eaten away at ate away at got on nerves started on gotten on nerves touched gutted pierced questioned examined tweaked quizzed ruined ravaged jeered convulsed dumbfounded stimulated stumped fuddled frilled furbelowed caviled cavilled barracked booed rocked abashed shamed befuddled bamboozled swaggered tensed overstretched overtaxed disgruntled challenged shouted down caused pain to surprised disadvantaged sapped drained exhausted made gloomy made despondent lied immolated demonized used shook up shaken up run up the wrong way tattered frayed eroded petted tiffed huffed hissed traumatized dizzied astonished demonised humbled disharmonized jangled disaccorded made desolate discorded overcharged deflated soured dissed lashed unquieted thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz caused to panic madded enflamed ired embittered scoured debilitated cramped crazed turned incapacitated flipped foiled crunched caused someone difficulty overextended interfered shocked meddled discommodated traumatised recurred jibed at interfered with shouted at fomented made fretful made restless horrified caused annoyance to caused resentment to browned off layed up laid up dampened spirits brought one down deranged frenzied got one's goat gotten one's goat sticked in one's craw made discontented intruded on tensed up loused up targeted demeaned cramped style aroused hostility in steamed up raged made someone eat humble pie got someone down scraped away pushed to the limit shouted catcalls at preoccupied made tense grudged come back to become bored dished it out butted in tried your patience degraded worn out tried the patience of caused anguish imposed upon made someone fed up had your knife into chastened had had enough niggled at worked up made severe demands on dished out wound somebody up made it tough caused someone distress caused to feel mental strain setted one's teeth on edge wore out made blue raised your hackles rocked the boat made a scene begrudged caught somebody off balance horned in on caught somebody unawares made game of tired out barged in on stayed with disgraced butted in on stuck it to caused offense made someone go out of his way caused to feel emotional strain made fed up lost patience made demands on grated at fiddled with toyed with targetted gnawed away at caused pain stacked the deck dragged down showed antagonism to shown antagonism to shown ill will towards showed ill will towards thrown off threw off ran up the wrong way thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy got someone gotten someone broke one's heart broken one's heart became bored came back to got even gotten even ate up eaten up worn on wore on given it to gave it to worn down wore down broken the heart of broke the heart of overdone overdid took the heart out of taken the heart out of given someone bother gave someone bother gave trouble given trouble gotten under skin got your hackles up gotten your hackles up gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves got under skin gotten on someone got on someone took the wind out taken down a peg took down a peg taken down took down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out wore away worn away worn to shreds wore to shreds bit into bitten into

Động từ

Past tense for to persistently carry out attacks on (an enemy or an enemy's territory)
devastated raided ravaged robbed sacked assailed assaulted attacked pillaged plundered depredated despoiled marauded ransacked reaved reft spoliated wreaked havoc on wrought havoc on wrought havoc laid waste to looted raped rifled stripped stript harassed foraged spoilt spoiled freebooted reived destroyed ruined gutted laid waste desolated devoured wasted desecrated set upon beleaguered forayed oppressed ravished wrecked vandalized attacked repeatedly pressed hard dispossessed razed deprived denuded leveled annihilated levelled depopulated vandalised pirated appropriated embezzled trespassed invaded confiscated arrogated preyed on wreaked havoc stole from stolen from gone looting gone pillaging went looting went pillaging went on raids gone on raids went on forays gone on forays demolished fleeced lift burgled totaled totalled smashed defiled stuck up decimated extinguished pulverized shattered wracked nuked vaporized vaporised pulverised left in ruins pulled down rubbed out violated burglarized grabbed liberated lifted requisitioned relieved lofted cleared out abused flattened damaged ripped off moonlight requisitioned wiped out knocked off defaced trashed upset debased hurt left desolate messed up put a damper on creamed torn down tore down did in done in havocked profaned overrun rustled corrupted stiffed steamed mugged consumed marauded over boosted swiped thieved made salvageed snatched salvaged dishonoured contaminated polluted kipped preyed burnt burned prowled turned over held up marred perverted blasphemed impaired injured harmed emptied out cleaned out tipped over disfigured blemished knocked over scarred degraded befouled reduced infected committed sacrilege scourged flawed dishonored outraged treated sacrilegiously prostituted insulted obliterated blighted crippled vitiated crabbed compromised endamaged bloodied treated with disrespect blasphemed against made desolate emptied disfeatured disgraced made lose face prejudiced laid low stamped out screwed up blotted squashed wiped off map razed to the ground crossed up taken apart made useless committed sacrilege against took apart overran did done taken took broken into broke into done over did over torn apart tore apart blew blown broke broken undone brake undid lay low did one in done one in

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