Đồng nghĩa của whined

Alternative for whined

whines, whined, whining

Đồng nghĩa: cry, whimper,

Động từ

To have shed tears, especially from being emotional
cried wept sobbed bawled wailed blubbered keened sniveled snivelled whimpered blubbed lamented mewled squalled grieved mourned bleated boohooed puled yowled grizzled howled sniffed weeped whinged bemoaned bewailed greeted plained shed tears broke down broken down choked up cracked up teared up burst into tears dissolved in tears howled your eyes out rang the blues rung the blues sheded bitter tears turned on the waterworks turned on waterworks cried your eyes out let it all out put on the weeps let go moaned screamed complained squealed caterwauled growled griped murmured grumbled hollered repined carped grouched muttered inveighed nagged squawked maundered groused yawped croaked yammered beefed bellyached fussed grumped crabbed kvetched yauped groaned kicked yelped ululated grope gripen screeched yelled shrieked shright roared sniffled bayed deplored sighed mithered barked mewed yapped meowed shouted miaowed bellowed wauled snuffled whispered shrilled girned yipped fretted sorrowed let it out cried their heart out cried their eyes out kicked up a fuss peeped piped purred woofed cheeped snarled soughed tweeted hooted quested outcried clamored cried fretfully belled cried eyes out tore up gnarled cried loudly called out objected cried convulsively raised a ruckus kicked up a storm made screeching quarreled squeaked cried out quarrelled clamoured dripped jowled cried softly cried a river carried on bickered cried the blues twote twoten hurt regretted bled agonized suffered anguished ached grieved over agonised rued grieved for pined wept over wailed for shed tears for shed tears over complained about felt sad oke aken taken it hard eaten one's heart out sung the blues took it hard ate one's heart out sang the blues whooped despaired repented holloed called hallooed thundered vociferated wept for beared wailed about languished sounded off expressed sorrow about expressed regret about sorrowed over yearned cheered beat one's breast longed for plained over criticised rained cried for cried over called at the top of your voice sighed over criticized missed objected to wrung hands kicked self disapproved hated weeped and wailed pined for become speechless worn black wore black sang sungen beaten one's breast sung ate heart out eaten heart out eaten your heart out ate your heart out taken on been sorry was sorry took on were sorry became speechless bore borne

Động từ

(colloquial) To have made a fuss or complained
created complained made a fuss cried moaned whinged fretted fussed griped groaned grope grumbled grumped kicked up a fuss kicked up a rumpus nagged protested remonstrated sniveled snivelled sounded off wailed whimpered yammered groused carped beefed grouched bellyached bleated muttered kvetched growled grizzled screamed inveighed murmured caterwauled keened repined squealed hollered squawked crabbed croaked yowled maundered kicked yawped yauped gripen chuntered mithered objected criticized found fault cavilled caviled criticised chirped found fault with knocked cribbed nattered kicked up a stink grieved lamented bewailed bemoaned split hairs put the boot in picked holes in put up a fight quibbled condemned gone on went on nitpicked denounced scolded objected to puled plained over censured niggled decried pestered deplored reproached disturbed bothered raised objections expressed disapproval hypercriticized mumbled twined opposed demurred picked on expostulated run down railed at cast aspersions on made a stand made a complaint picked at lodged a complaint nit-picked ragged repeated dwelled on kept on spoken out against spoke out against gurned harassed harried badgered hounded upbraided chivvied dwelled upon harped upon dwelt upon henpecked hassled berated worried bullied persecuted sobbed whispered disparaged rubbished sniped maligned rumbled slandered dogged sighed vexed needled kept on at pecked at vext plagued charged quibbled about pettifogged niggled about taken exception took exception dissented badmouthed trashed mewled kept after carped at refuted ascribed contravened accused defied indicted attacked deprecated laid imputed disapproved disagreed differed gone on at went on at pulled to pieces raised Cain snarled moaned on at grumbled at heckled slurred screeched grieved over breathed down someone's neck gabbled pecked sorrowed about importuned sputtered prodded picked holes inveighed against taken a stand swallowed egged carried on goaded moaned and groaned nudged baited curst excepted moaned at bad-mouthed bent someone's ear sulked hectored ran down urged wittered provoked objurgated sighed over distressed droned execrated burbled kept complaining to took a stand harped on at panned cursed talked under your breath anathematized pleaded pled muddled slagged off looked askance worked on kvetched about harped on teased sorrowed for rid rode ridden gainsaid went on about gone on about took exception to taken exception to taken on blown off took on blew off took it out on gave a hard time ate taken it out on given a hard time eaten spoken ill of spoke ill of did a hatchet job on taken apart done a hatchet job on took apart

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