Đồng nghĩa của concerned oneself

Động từ

Past tense for be constantly or visibly anxious
fretted worried agonised agonized anguished brooded fussed stewed moped bothered complained feared pined sighed sorrowed stressed sweated sweat troubled upset oneself felt uneasy felt unhappy grumbled obsessed whined affronted bled carped chagrined fumed grieved hassled distressed yourself felt peeved lost sleep made a fuss upset yourself distressed oneself took on taken on lost sleep over sweated it out carried a heavy load ate one's heart out eaten one's heart out got into a dither gotten into a dither cared panicked minded dwelled on had qualms got overwrought got stressed got in a fluster got in a flap got in a tizz got in a panic tortured oneself got in a tizzy tormented oneself got in a sweat troubled oneself burdened oneself worried oneself busied oneself concerned yourself troubled yourself burdened yourself inconvenienced yourself bitten one's nails bit one's nails got worked up gotten worked up got in a state gotten in a state gotten steamed up got steamed up got in a lather gotten in a lather occupies oneself occupied oneself given a rap gave a rap given a hoot gave a hang went to the trouble gone to the trouble given a hang gave a hoot chafed labored laboured wrestled grappled suffered raged abraded excoriated galled irritated dithered stood endured stomached exerted dreaded tolerated abided tortured brooked abode lamented stayed the course stuck it out went through the mill exercised oneself gone through the mill tormented yourself tortured yourself stewed over carried on got in a tiz-woz wrestled with oneself went taken took gone blown a fuse blew a fuse ate heart out sung the blues took it badly eaten heart out taken it badly sang the blues

Trái nghĩa của concerned oneself

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