Đồng nghĩa của got steamed up

Động từ

Past tense for to become very angry
raged fumed seethed sod flipped bristled boiled became enraged got mad went crazy went mad became very angry went bananas went wild saw red blew a fuse went ape went ballistic went crackers went into a rage went non-linear went psycho went spare hit the roof lost control blew a gasket flew off the handle got worked up went berserk went through the roof went up the wall lost one's temper foamed at the mouth went off the deep end ranted and raved lost one's rag flipped one's wig spit feathers smouldered stormed ranted blustered exploded raved rankled sizzled foamed steamed flared up blew up wigged out spat feathers cracked up smoldered threw a tantrum sputtered fulminated flared simmered chafed spitted spat burnt burned champed at the bit got steamed up about angered got hot under the collar got hot chomped at the bit raised the roof gone berserk gotten steamed up gone ballistic seen red gotten worked up blown up gotten hot blown a fuse flown off the handle gone off the deep end gone up the wall breathed fire had a fit jumped up and down frothed at the mouth erupted fretted lost your temper become enraged festered smarted spluttered stewed lost it lost the plot become angry bridled gotten angry got angry let off steam hit the ceiling boiled over lost your rag foamed at mouth boiled with rage become annoyed glowed burst a blood vessel glowered smort smorten bubbled stirred smoked fermented churned consumed gotten mad gone mad made a scene blazed sparked surged scolded roared yelled teared screamed overflowed thrown a fit threw a fit became angry railed at looked daggers snapped at flipped your lid champed at bit had a tantrum felt hurt felt wounded felt indignant felt annoyed felt resentful fussed felt aggrieved felt upset felt put out felt offended breathed fire and slaughter become indignant become infuriated made a fuss over worked oneself into sweat took offense taken offense rumbled took offence taken offence thrown a wobbly threw a wobbly resent swelled ruffled resented recoiled reared up objected heated blew one's stack blown one's stack gone crazy become very angry gone bananas gone wild moped flipped one's lid got your dander up had a conniption fit steamed up got all steamed up carried on become excited gnashed your teeth become impassioned become upset became annoyed gone into a rage blown a gasket gone psycho heated up gone non-linear had a cow become animated gone through the roof gone crackers lost your cool worried oneself gone ape got annoyed gone spare blew blown torn tore blew your top blown your top blew one's top blown one's top thrown a tantrum burnt up burned up became indignant became infuriated taken umbrage took umbrage swollen grown passionate grew passionate became animated became impassioned gotten excited became excited grew vehement got excited grown vehement drawn oneself up drew oneself up got one's dander up got your hackles up became upset gotten your hackles up gotten one's dander up gone into orbit went into orbit gone postal went postal

Động từ

Past tense for to be anxious or concerned
worried fretted agonised agonized brooded stressed feared fussed obsessed stewed sweated sweat panicked troubled bothered dwelled on concerned oneself felt uneasy had qualms lost sleep bit one's nails got overwrought got stressed got worked up got in a flap got in a fluster got in a panic got in a state got in a tizz got in a sweat got in a tizzy tormented oneself tortured oneself got in a lather suffered chafed fumed got in a tiz-woz went through the mill gotten worked up gotten in a state gotten steamed up gotten in a lather gone through the mill upset oneself labored laboured wrestled grappled upset yourself lost sleep over anguished cared moped sighed pined complained sorrowed dithered stood endured stomached exerted dreaded tolerated abided tortured brooked abode whined grumbled felt unhappy minded lamented bled carped hassled grieved chagrined affronted made a fuss felt peeved distressed yourself distressed oneself sweated it out stayed the course troubled yourself stuck it out exercised oneself tormented yourself burdened oneself busied oneself concerned yourself tortured yourself burdened yourself troubled oneself stewed over inconvenienced yourself worried oneself carried on carried a heavy load wrestled with oneself went taken took gone took on taken on bitten one's nails eaten one's heart out got into a dither ate one's heart out gotten into a dither ate heart out sung the blues took it badly eaten heart out taken it badly sang the blues given a rap gave a rap went to the trouble occupies oneself occupied oneself given a hoot gave a hang gone to the trouble given a hang gave a hoot

Trái nghĩa của got steamed up

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