Đồng nghĩa của ridden

Alternative for ridden

rides, rode, riding, ridden

Trái nghĩa: walk,

Động từ

Past participle for to travel by means of being carried (by an animal or vehicle)
gone travelled traveled moved progressed driven druv proceeded cantered cycled galloped jockeyed journeyed sat sitten trotted cruised motored rolled toured hitched a ride thumbed a ride spun steered biked pedalled pedaled tooled automobiled walked cut across travelled by car ridden by car set out set forth travelled on wheels gone by car velocipeded coasted glided glid bowled gone around gone from place to place crossed voyaged traversed trekked roamed covered roved globetrotted peregrinated tramped hiked ranged backpacked circumnavigated transited coursed perambulated rambled wandered tracked navigated followed transmitted sailed migrated taken a trip went scoured junketted explored junketed hopped wended jaunted overnighted gone round passed over proceeded along moved round made your way covered ground gone riding wended your way passed through gotten through knocked around made one's way taken a plane taken a train gone into orbit taken a boat made a journey rove rode rid took a trip went round got through went riding went into orbit took a boat took a plane took a train hit the road traipsed knocked about meandered gallivanted marched tripped pilgrimaged strolled passed drifted galavanted trudged footslogged slogged plodded gadded yomped ambled stumped jetted advanced safaried circuited processed scrambled fared hied raced pushed on globe trotted batted maundered floated mooched flown flew sauntered tromped strode trogged gadded about hoofed promenaded kicked around trooped paced traveled around travelled around lumbered strutted paraded pranced legged it went on a trip gone on a trip headed bummed around bummed bussed cabbed barnstormed transported bused got transitioned escaped gigged departed coached trundled continued speeded sprung sped bustled approached steamed wayfared shuttled fore faren drave drove itinerated went on an excursion gone on an excursion tread went places gone places gone on an expedition went on an expedition repaired flitted run strayed stept stepped trailed footed run around stravaiged stridden patrolled prowled gone walkabout went walkabout padded toddled ambulated moseyed stepped out pootled traveled on foot shambled gone on foot stalked stretched your legs plodded on went on foot locomoted climbed travelled on foot filed shuffled schlepped hoofed it scuffed gotten took off taken off sprang gat batted around gone on a tour went on safari wayfore wayfaren gone on safari went on a tour trod trodden ran did done ran around went on a journey gone on a journey went on a excursion gone on a excursion clumb clomb took the air took a turn taken a turn taken the air taken a walk took a walk

Động từ

Past participle for to tease, typically in a good-natured way
ribbed roasted teased jived kidded joked joshed needled razzed slanged baited chaffed rallied taunted mocked ridiculed bantered made fun of derided ragged jested poked fun at pulled one's leg laughed at hazed twitted heckled put down funned jeered taken the mickey taken the piss out of jeered at hassled goaded wound up had on made sport of gibed quizzed japed shucked scoffed at fooled around put on jibed at poked mullock at bothered guyed satirized picked on scorned chiacked fooled jollied sneered scouted satirised flouted sent up panned ragged on scoffed goofed on sneered at fooled about slung off at flouted at pulled someone's leg annoyed made a fool of made a monkey out of harassed pestered badgered tormented nudged disturbed dogged lampooned provoked led on given a hard time pilloried sledged smoked quipped tantalized slammed tantalised reviled pooh-poohed made jokes about disdained swung at poked borak at messed around held up to ridicule run down pulled someone's chain played tricks played the fool played a prank played a joke put someone on played a trick kidded around pretended played raspberried squibbed stayed ridged boned censured dissed insulted wisecracked gagged had a joke on somebody had a laugh told stories yukked yucked got at gotten at gibed at outraged upbraided offended slapped criticised jabbed affronted louted criticized reproached twittered dug messed belittled knocked mimicked dumped on gambolled hoaxed frolicked gamboled dismissed despised messed about rotted someone played a practical joke treated contemptuously slagged off skewered jibed contemned booed fleered at discredited shown contempt discounted rejected made light of dug at disbelieved scouted at humiliated fleered cartooned unmasked exposed deflated treated with contempt showed up railed at laughed out of court exposed to ridicule poked borack made a game of held up to shame made someone a laughing stock made a laughing-stock heaped scorn on shot down plagued worried harried irritated aggravated bedevilled bedeviled rotted hectored importuned vexed vext deviled devilled gnawed gnawn beleaguered spoofed sounded snapt snapped made a monkey of flirted with rode took the mickey ran down took the piss out of disparaged girt girded slighted denigrated caricatured detracted decried burlesqued travestied hooted hurt disrespected upset swiped cracked leered grinned underrated sniggered derogated slurred thumbed nose at sniffed at quipped at held in contempt ranked out sneezed at bad-mouthed trash-talked turned up one's nose looked down on parodied cut dead cast aspersions on hurt somebody's feelings cut to the quick laughed hounded deprecated vilified detracted from depreciated smiled snickered poured scorn on minimized diminished spurned buffooned wound wounded vilipended mortified carped showed contempt maligned condemned slandered trashed dumped slang shown contempt for showed contempt for libeled libelled imitated defamed minimised dishonored flamed impugned abused aped copied calumniated disobliged made cutting remarks about said contemptuously abased aspersed given Bronx cheer gave Bronx cheer punned sallied curled your lip at miscalled injured debased degraded blistered cursed dishonoured played down treated with disdain had a go at treated disrespectfully called names amused mimed sniped distorted exaggerated impersonated misrepresented pranked had a joke with caused offence to twisted flipped perverted stepped on one's toes talked down turned your nose up at cried down diverted entertained curled one's lip done a number on did a number on swang at poor-mouthed did done threw shade gave offence to given offence to thrown shade took off taken off did a takeoff of done an impression of done a takeoff of did an impression of

Động từ

Past participle for to harass, annoy, or cause trouble to (someone)
bothered annoyed vexed vext irritated troubled irked bugged upset disturbed exasperated aggravated harassed worried galled tormented riled plagued provoked nettled peeved piqued hassled pestered ruffled narked persecuted needled chafed afflicted harried got gotten displeased nagged grated badgered bedeviled bedevilled hounded rasped eaten beset spited frosted griped gripen teased pained itched grieved goaded hurt inconvenienced molested disgusted chivvied perplexed dogged discommoded insulted deviled devilled mithered taunted chivied pursued scared browbeaten nudged tantalised tantalized interrupted bored crossed hindered impeded put out hacked off burnt up rubbed up the wrong way driven up the wall picked on gotten on your nerves given someone grief grated on intruded upon given a hard time imposed on got on your wick bent someone's ear breathed down someone's neck carped at made somebody's hackles rise angered infuriated miffed got to gotten to rankled wound up gravelled graveled ticked off given someone the hump humped maddened enraged gotten across got across exacerbated incensed offended put your back up baited agitated bummed out got in your hair antagonized made someone see red fretted hacked you off roiled antagonised driven round the bend gotten under your skin made angry inflamed affronted driven crazy driven mad rubbed the wrong way teed off driven to distraction bullied kept after gotten at got at disgruntled heckled driven round the twist kept on at gotten your back up made cross beleaguered perturbed got your goat distressed outraged gotten on one's nerves hectored gone on at given someone the pip rankled with put someone's nose out of joint gnawed gnawn niggled worked on tried made waves frustrated raised your hackles burnt burned prodded rattled henpecked abraded harped on at tortured besieged tried your patience made your blood boil importuned cheesed off hit where one lives embarrassed pricked got across someone madded enflamed ired scolded fussed given a bad time worn on given the business hazed pecked at driven bananas picked at jarred on steamed up got your dander up driven you up the wall sent into a rage rubbed you up the wrong way ruffled one's feathers racked harrowed stressed agonized curst cursed anguished dunned excruciated ragged discomposed haunted attacked disquieted intimidated chagrined dissatisfied agonised bit bitten put the squeeze on reminded ridiculed carped gibed criticized turned off incommoded egged on chid chided berated messed with worked up fired up gotten your hackles up sticked in one's craw setted one's teeth on edge stirred up gotten a rise out of browned off criticised gotten up someone's nose set on set off found fault run up the wrong way pressed prest oppressed bummed hacked steamed soured roused distempered insisted discountenanced acerbated stressed out guyed embittered domineered broken wound wounded assailed mocked ribbed bullyragged forayed macerated despoiled strained noodged eaten at insisted on affected eaten away at kept at mortified incited overwhelmed riled up entangled hampered messed grilled aggressed jerked around started chaffed heated up het up infested weighed down excited caviled cavilled gotten on the wrong side of made an enemy of somebody awoken attracted absorbed motivated interested grabbed ignited awaked absorpt quickened asked for it rattled one's cage stewed petted tiffed huffed tried the patience of razzed jumped on one's case spurred pushed someon's buttons fallen on fallen upon prompted harped on started in on rattled someone's cage given the needle worked into lather taken a rise out of taken the mickey gotten on someone curdled taken the piss out of got on the nerves of questioned examined tweaked quizzed umbraged made you see red got in the hair of flustered depressed scratched around yapped at ragged on searched high heaven disrupted jeered booed barracked shouted down mixed up hissed dissed disconcerted fazed discomfited jibed at shouted at shouted catcalls at made game of butted in upbraided yawped inveighed growled yammered murmured grizzled grumped crabbed muttered complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked croaked whimpered squawked whined kvetched caterwauled wailed grumbled moaned yowled bellyached hollered keened beefed yauped repined screamed groused moaned on at taken it out on urged grumbled at found fault with busted someone's balls egged moaned at kept complaining to busted chops gat burned up drove to distraction ate grope rode rid drove crazy drove mad drove round the bend drove round the twist drove up the wall gave someone the hump gave someone the pip cut to the quick got on your nerves aggrieved got under your skin dismayed got your back up saddened concerned stung distracted unsettled hurt somebody's feelings empurpled gnawed at got on one's nerves shocked ailed flurried alarmed injured gave a hard time discomforted unhinged cut frazzled exercised caused offense gnew put down confused slighted repelled jarred confounded disobliged scandalized unnerved scandalised discombobulated made anxious disheartened made wretched made miserable got up someone's nose caused anguish to freaked out weirded out ate at disaffected festered excoriated crazed zinged raged horrified deranged raised hell browbeat wore on disrespected devastated moved burdened nauseated sickened pothered gave someone grief aroused put off stirred tired alarumed hagrid caused anxiety ate away at derailed nagged at put made unhappy crushed seared beat got your hackles up upset the applecart wronged upset oneself whipped up appalled puzzled put someone off their stroke cast down put on the spot hit hard put into a flap lied heavy on made uneasy put into a funk put a damper on got someone gotten someone drove bananas ached given offence to gave offence to got a rise out of smouldered fumed pinched compressed cramped squeezed brewed fermented intensified discontented harmed bristled winged capped disappointed sounded revolted cooled mispleased tattered frayed eroded estranged foiled thwarted panicked boiled bore scoured preoccupied caused resentment to caused annoyance to begrudged grudged played dirty snubbed repulsed brooded victimized obsessed slurred humiliated irritated greatly blistered gathered cankered smoldered ulcerated made sore lost one's temper dejected possessed shattered imposed upon occupied terrorized caused to panic lambasted made you angry caused sorrow bled alienated caused anguish tangled mourned caused suffering made livid loused up hung up struck slapped wearied hagridden hagrode made nervous touched undone undid wigged drove you up the wall startled frightened worn wore grated upon jarred upon pushed the buttons of wore out worn out dispirited expelled dragooned victimised exiled hunted terrorised crucified caused annoyance caused resentment caused bitterness caused vexation thrilled abused dispraised confronted slandered scraped away brought down made somebody's blood boil shook up shaken up blustered frilled flummoxed furbelowed stumped cowed fuddled floored caused suffering to pierced thumbed nose at dazed bewildered made someone fed up dampened spirits got someone's wick dumped on made it hot for someone made discontented made things hot for someone complicated aroused hostility in interfered astounded made blue preyed on your mind broke the heart of broken the heart of discouraged made indignant become bored boiled over singled out caused offense to caused someone to lose their composure got the knife into lost patience intruded grated at occupied thoughts lost the affection of caused offence to amazed chastened had had enough gnawed away at made someone scratch their head sticked the knife into dragged down oke aken awoke broke brake blew up blown up got on the wrong side of shaken shook ulcered gave the business worn down wore down stricken gotten even got even driven nuts drove nuts drove you crazy driven you crazy thrown threw ate up eaten up beaten wore away worn away gave a bad time driven insane drove insane putten worn upon wore upon got on someone drove you to distraction driven you to distraction thrown off balance threw off balance trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence broke one's heart broken one's heart driven you round the twist drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you round the bend ran up the wrong way became bored wore to shreds bit into worn to shreds bitten into took the mickey took a rise out of drove you off your head driven you off your head gotten in the way got in the way took the piss out of given a zinger given the cold shoulder gave a zinger gave the cold shoulder thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy drove out of mind driven you out of your mind drove you out of your mind driven out of mind blown a fuse blew a fuse

Động từ

Past participle for to engage in carnal activity

Động từ

Pedalled or pedaled

Động từ

Past participle for to deter or cause to feel fear, especially by threats of violence
intimidated threatened bullied pressured scared terrified browbeaten frightened harassed menaced cowed daunted domineered hounded pressurised pressurized subdued terrorised terrorized harried oppressed persecuted tyrannised tyrannized bulldozed coerced hectored railroaded dragooned forced obliged unnerved awed buffaloed bullyragged compelled overawed ruffled tormented affrighted badgered blackjacked blustered bogarted constrained enforced spooked steamrollered appalled bludgeoned plagued leaned on strong-armed mau-maued pushed about pushed around picked on scared off twisted someone's arm used strong-arm tactics on scared the bejesus out of chivvied worried heckled baited hassled nagged swaggered teased dominated irritated ridden roughshod over browbeat rode rid subjugated bossed around bossed about goaded upset impelled pushed put heat on put the frighteners on put through the wringer put the chill on put the fear of God into beset put the heat on put the screws on put pressure on petrified alarmed horrified startled panicked scarified alarumed victimized frighted shocked pestered despotized castigated dismayed victimised inspired panic in filled with terror twisted one's arm lorded it over made assailed cajoled wheedled importuned argued obligated made it hot for someone made things hot for someone scared to death frightened out of your wits muscled besieged talked impressed sandbagged swayed held a gun to one's head prest pressed insisted on come at vexed prevailed on troubled vext had someone do something overborne overbore rode roughshod over stricken terror in struck terror in struck terror into stricken terror into drave driven druv drove came at

Động từ

Past participle for to move or proceed, especially at a brisk pace
trotted rushed dashed run raced hurried sped speeded shot shotten careered scurried flown hastened hurtled bolted teared torn zoomed zipped hared scuttled scooted belted pelted barrelled barreled bustled blasted moved bombed buzzed whisked bundled careened driven druv whirled blazed breezed rocketed hustled bowled blown motored coursed chased hied jetted rustled hurled ripped cannonballed nipped jumped travelled traveled stepped stept highballed sprinted sprunt humped rammed galloped scampered jogged loped tripped gone cantered jogtrotted dogtrotted ambled hotfooted it cracked on gone briskly stepped lively whizzed cut along flashed streaked darted whooshed swooped scudded charged stampeded swept winged whipped scrambled scuttered zapped wheeched bucketed scorched shifted sprung hightailed boogied clipt sailed fleeted clipped dispatched posted legged it gone all out covered ground bowled over made haste lost no time pressed on gone fast barrelled along bowled along geared up belted along gone like lightning gone like the wind rattled along spanked along bombed along gone like a bat out of hell gotten moving gone hell for leather gotten a move on gotten the lead out gone like the clappers gone like a bomb gathered momentum ran flew tore drove drave blew sprant went rode rid went briskly put on some speed bounded bound skipped paced hightailed it stepped on it pounded hopped it went like a bat out of hell put on a burst of speed sprang went hell for leather got a move on got the lead out went like the wind beetled romped doubled dived hasted plunged proceeded steamed run slowly boiled flitted skittered smoked progressed gambolled skedaddled frolicked gamboled fled went like lightning made tracks gotten cracking got cracking made a run for it rushed at made it snappy pranced frisked moved rapidly moved forward passed by went like the clappers sped away lit out made off rushed off hurdled leaped leapt strode racked run very fast pattered dove burnt rubber burned rubber ran slowly tore out torn out gone jogging went jogging got on it gotten on it gone by went by gone like lighting went like lighting stridden torn along tore along went like a bomb ran very fast went at top speed gone at top speed

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