Đồng nghĩa của puzzled

Alternative for puzzled

puzzles, puzzled, puzzling

Đồng nghĩa: confusion, dilemma, enigma, mystery, perplexity, problem, quandary,

Tính từ

Confused or perplexed
bewildered baffled confused mystified nonplussed perplexed stumped bemused confounded flummoxed clueless discombobulated fazed lost stuck bamboozled bollixed bushed floored foggy graveled gravelled mazed thrown wildered doubtful rattled shook unglued at sea at a loss mind-blown without a clue shook up spaced out all at sea at a complete loss in a fog befuddled dazed distracted addled stupefied dumbfounded muddled stunned disconcerted dizzy dopey bedeviled befogged punch-drunk mixed-up muzzy addlepated punchy fogged dopy bedevilled fuddled muddleheaded shell-shocked silly raddled zonked addle slaphappy spacy spacey spaced staggered spaced-out zonked-out disoriented pixillated pixilated taken aback at sixes and sevens flustered beaten thrown off balance discomposed disorientated troubled astonished astounded giddy flabbergasted woozy uncertain uncomprehending surprised foxed groggy unsteady dazzled unnerved shaken mixed up gaga hazy dumbstruck absent-minded not with it startled speechless discomfited upset wobbly reeling hard-pressed staggering disturbed dumb blank tipsy shaken up preoccupied weak-kneed nonplused weak in the knees off balance beat hard put shocked dismayed light-headed vague faint overwhelmed vertiginous shaky disorganized bowled over blown away lightheaded disorganised slap-happy engrossed worried abstracted amazed stymied vexed inattentive fuzzy absorbed agog faraway dreamy awestruck whirling swimmy aswoon thunderstruck in a dither distant agape awed swimming buffaloed aghast blind blinded light confusional weak overcome numb breathless off-balance out of control out to lunch without ideas embarrassed defeated discountenanced sailing adrift frustrated maladjusted distraught addlebrained tottering senile teetering muddle-headed benumbed frozen intoxicated adhered rocky nauseated nauseous put to it woolly with rubbery legs with legs like jelly weak at the knees had their heads messed with besotted come apart wooly numbed queasy out of it in a state of confusion in a muddle turbid confusticated got caused to be at a stand thrown off asea at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill made to scratch their head seeing stars awe-struck woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer wonderstruck open-mouthed goggle-eyed wide-eyed gobsmacked awestricken marveling openmouthed wondering marvelling licked knocked at a loss for words knocked out knocked for six lost for words knocked sideways absent diverted agitated distrait ruffled absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled sidetracked unfocused miles away unsystematic scatterbrained musing unaware vacant forgetful unreliable undependable feather-headed empty-headed erratic birdbrained daydreaming scatty feather-brained oblivious dippy unthinking unheeding dappy heedless in a flap driven to distraction with one's head in the clouds pensive with a mind like a sieve dumfounded unsettled stupid unhinged unbalanced clouded cloudy blurry incredulous unstable astray filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with wonder filled with awe out-of-joint caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot off-course demented woolly-minded deranged drugged insensible paralyzed paralysed alarmed gone jolted fouled up addle-brained horrified bleary in amazement struck dumb unable to believe one's ears impressed trippy eccentric not adjusted off-beam shattered drowsy electrified senseless half-asleep foolish cold petrified touched impish capricious whimsical pixyish daft puckish prankish stuporous bedazzled simple overawed tongue-tied unfeeling dozy nonsensical delirious enthralled staring off-track balled up frightened left speechless unable to believe one's eyes swaying slow sleepy tired insensitive in shock unsound irrational taken by surprise drunken crazy psychotic rooted to the spot perturbed unresponsive deadened unable to believe your eyes annoyed flurried whacko dead torpid asleep distressed all over the place going round in circles not knowing whether one is coming or going with Alzheimer's disease immobilized anaesthetized in a stupor unzipped abashed glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy unscrewed wooden anesthetized immobilised shook-up not knowing if one is coming or going psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance messed-up in botheration in a tizzy

Tính từ

Questioning or suggesting puzzlement
quizzical bantering curious mocking questioning sardonic supercilious teasing amused arch baffled chaffing derisive enquiring fooling funning inquiring jesting joking joshing kidding mystified perplexed rallying razzing ribbing sceptical amusing aporetic disbelieving eccentric incredulous inquisitive ironic odd probing quaint queer searching show-me skeptical surprised suspicious unbelieving unusual flippant lighthearted humorous playful funny jokey facetious distrustful mistrustful doubting suspecting negativistic interrogative nosy prying inquisitorial jocose light-hearted sportive whimsical waggish frolicsome jocular flip witty frivolous merry tongue-in-cheek comical roguish glib comic mischievous gay in jest blithe in fun jolly droll unserious high-spirited jovial mirthful chucklesome jocund tongue in cheek laughable impish entertaining puckish gleeful sunny ludic cheerful as a joke to tease festive blithesome laughing lively joyous smart clever for a laugh silly pleasant satirical fun wisecracking not serious putting one on pulling one's leg irreverent superficial ill-considered inane shallow thoughtless fatuous senseless non-serious farcical dry daft flirtatious pixieish tricksy sly leprechaunish rascally risible scampish pixy pixie devilish prankish knavish wicked elvish clowning snappy kittenish bubbly gamesome spirited jaunty good-natured sprightly capering wry hilarious diverting cheery happy flakey crazy good-humoured good-humored camp daffy campy wacky flaky boffo joculous ludicrous gagged up for grins

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to investigation
investigative fact-finding inspecting research analytical curious disquisitive examining exploratory impertinent enquiring inquiring inquisitive inspective interested interfering intrusive investigating meddlesome meddling nosy peeping peering probing prurient prying questioning researching scrutinising scrutinizing searching snoopy tampering undercover interviewing interrogative interrogational cross-examining inquisitorial quizzical experimental analytic intrigued empirical explorative nosey officious keen heuristic presumptuous penetrating trial investigatory querying tentative experiential investigational snooping agog inquisitory obtrusive intruding spying nebby catechistic presuming protrusive eavesdropping speculative busy piercing pointed thorough burning with curiosity pushy documentary evidential information-gathering wondering quizzing exploring pushing catechistical doubtful outward-looking studious Socratic over-curious over-interested dying to know nosy-parkering busybody nosy-parker intermeddling big-eyed personal forward poking challenging sifting deep minute in-depth empiric pinpointing existential objective preliminary provisional test pilot diagnostic observational based on observation experience-based problem-solving clever insightful sensitive canny smart perceptive incisive trenchant sharp subtle discerning perspicacious intense discriminating acute ingenious judicious intuitive astute quick-witted observant enthusiastic fascinated excited eager moved attentive captivated riveted gripped engrossed absorbed affected intent stimulated focused enticed inspired entranced enthused hooked inspirited ambitious roused desirous avid ardent impressed focussed beady-eyed

Tính từ

Showing distress or anxiety
troubled anxious upset worried concerned perturbed uneasy bothered disturbed disconcerted distressed unsettled agitated dismayed apprehensive discomposed aflutter antsy atwitter dithery edgy goosey hinky insecure jittery jumpy nervous nervy queasy queazy tense unquiet uptight afflicted asea harassed afraid aggravated alarmed anguished annoyed beset chagrined confused discombobulated displeased disquieted distraught exacerbated fearful flustered frightened harried harrowed het up hung up inconvenienced irked irritated miffed mortified overwrought pained perplexed pestered plagued provoked riled ruffled scared shaken terrified tormented tortured vexed ill at ease put out worried stiff in a tizzy restless on edge fidgety unnerved twitchy sad keyed up unhappy saddened sorrowful wired stressy fretful uncomfortable rattled stressed on tenterhooks heartbroken mournful depressed fazed hurt inconsolable disconsolate on pins and needles miserable dejected despondent shook up doleful down worked up strained shaky blue distracted thrown in a state heartsick grieved heavyhearted restive discomfited cheerless downcast woebegone forlorn strung out downhearted unglued grief-stricken despairing brokenhearted melancholy crestfallen low hassled spooked joyless disappointed beleaguered glum gloomy dispirited desolate excited heartsore discountenanced down in the mouth down in the dumps hysterical tearful wretched muddled shocked in a flap broken-hearted neurotic traumatized hyper embarrassed low-spirited woeful nonplussed bewildered cast down overstrung disheartened self-conscious sorry in a stew bugged droopy bummed out devastated melancholic uncertain flurried traumatised fraught cut up toey hangdog morose hot and bothered overwhelmed in a tizz grieving unrelaxed all of a dither flummoxed bereaved fuddled discouraged emotional sullen awkward high-strung in pain dismal broken like a cat on a hot tin roof mystified dolorous beside oneself spooky squirrelly windy shy at sea hurting bemused befuddled heavy-hearted strung up regretful in a state of agitation frantic hesitant unstable gutted wounded in a panic confounded angst-ridden unbalanced hard-pressed demoralized stunned highly strung sombre somber like a cat on hot bricks agonized trembling floored baffled choked stumped rueful skittish preoccupied aggrieved taken aback bundle of nerves having kittens demoralised angsty under stress excitable in a state of nerves in a sweat agonised timid in the dumps bad unsure turbulent dumbfounded panicky affected all of a lather hounded daunted crushed startled in a cold sweat stressed out all torn up horrified sorrowing fitful pressured unrestful bamboozled teary disoriented oppressed shaking wound up bedevilled timorous tristful worried sick bedeviled adrenalized down-hearted bushed under pressure in a dither at sixes and sevens in a twitter mazed wildered wrought up a bundle of nerves stupefied thrown off balance at a loss in a twit addled injured shook like a fish out of water spasmodic brittle persecuted fretting moody desperate aroused retiring distrait careworn frenzied dazed out of place aghast astounded haunted astonished wistful hag-ridden irresolute clueless unsteady quaking suspicious weepy dragged suffering sleepless febrile unpeaceful mixed-up watchful impatient hysteric doubtful lugubrious unzipped shot down sensitive shaken up in grief in doldrums maladjusted raving overcome in tears dreary fidgeting put upon insane crazed crazy foxed beaten bricking oneself pessimistic solemn under the cosh up against it taut flighty destroyed out of sorts with one's heart in one's mouth exercised bowed down peeved careful spiritless all of a doodah hectic wrecked listless fed up tossing and turning flapping difficult obsessed trepidatious bashful shivery wavering heated overactive unhinged inhibited wakeful intermittent shrinking offended in suspense insomniac angered irrational mousy stiff galled fluttery nerve-racking nail-biting affrighted terrorized angstful unconfident solicitous hot under the collar absent-minded engrossed irritable bitter horror-struck messed up mourning irascible weeping up the wall browbeaten in a spin withdrawn long-faced violent weighed down vague surprised frayed a wreck peevish introverted wrought-up overanxious verklempt amazed in a flat spin unsleeping angry stricken broken up moved nervous wreck mad insomnolent terrorised hurried fevered funereal chapfallen all of a flutter grim heavy with grief overcome with sorrow abashed touchy clutched bleak shattered creepy in turmoil quivering hunted white-knuckled down-in-the-mouth black terror-stricken befogged shell-shocked fogged hard put shot to pieces active pensive racked with suffering worn out down in dumps sick at heart with one's stomach in knots lost with butterflies in one's stomach dull frozen panic-stricken ruthful uncomprehending in a blue funk at the end of one's tether shaking in one's shoes gray grey mixed up down and out languorous triste running scared saturnine having cold feet languid comfortless singing the blues sulky in shock twittering overloaded burdened badgered skittery ripped undone indecisive tentative burned sore contused dithering vacillating unconsolable basket case disorderly gauche faltering unnatural intense flushed overemotional damaged blushing swithering scunnered narked exasperated aquiver easily agitated easily frightened lamenting remorseful histrionic unreluctant caught up impaired frustrated overexcited afire hyped-up atingle hyperexcited constrained stilted disorientated anxiety-ridden ground down distrustful under a strain reserved pining scary inflamed nonplused wrung palpitant feverish hyperactive grievous haggard besieged downtrodden frisky stirred up wreck moving shot fretted emotionally unstable emotionally unbalanced worn down emotionally damaged emotionally injured depressive chafed panicked falling apart frazzled all nerves juiced up zipped up hot discomforted hopeless heavy luckless diffident teed off put out of countenance strange dumbstruck in a lather discontented painful downbeat blank in a bad way white knuckled biting one's nails butterflies in stomach in the pits elegiacal crummy cast-down elegiac emotionally defeated ailing racked grumpy lachrymose on the qui vive pressurized defeatist tetchy staggered flabbergasted foreboding mistrustful self-doubting unassertive self-effacing mirthless in disorder rebellious alienated changeable itchy roving bustling transient unruly wandering inconstant footloose nomadic in despair in low spirits rushed weak tied up in knots piteous on a downer bleeding lacking confidence unforthcoming meek wild psyched out come apart sunk as sick as a parrot brooding mopey sick as a parrot awake testy prickly crotchety pressurised dolent in sorrow heartrending full of sorrow in mourning tear-jerking affecting troubling hapless morbid down in mouth cautious strict conventional tongue-tied lacking social skills hot-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy bad-tempered querulous short-tempered crabbed quick-tempered not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive bowled over blown away speechless lily-livered biting nails having butterflies having a funny feeling having stage fright ill-tempered let-down not happy delirious worked-up alert oversensitive critical undermined reproachful besotted had their heads messed with unscrewed deranged swivel-eyed nuts stressful feeling anxious at the end of one's rope with one's back up against the wall unassured questioning Delphic unpoised vigilant with one's back to the wall disgruntled stung piqued languished negative dysphoric crabby beside yourself dysfunctional disordered got caused to be at a stand made to scratch their head beat graveled buffaloed thrown off gravelled confusticated abstracted without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake out of one's mind at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off very upset out of your mind absent diverted old-fashioned at wit's end nerves on edge intimidated petrified touch and go on thin ice up in the air hanging by thread on the defensive discontinuous disconnected interrupted inattentive visited by preyed upon abject cowardly distant absorbed faraway shook-up emotionally scarred emotionally disturbed erratic incomplete fragmentary cowering heaving struck hit cowed pusillanimous possessed psyched-out sorry for oneself chap-fallen chicken afeared not best pleased absentminded yellow feart frit dreading gripped cut to the quick distressing bumpy messed-up scared out of one's wits in awe alarmed at in a funk shaking like a leaf scared stiff faint-hearted scared witless terror-struck apprehensive about scared to death intimidated by frightened out of one's wits in a fluster horror-stricken consumed caught off balance out of countenance in botheration dolesome emotionally confused screwed up ill-adjusted dominated controlled a basket case sweating bullets miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused unnerving disturbing hairy distressful agitating unsettling disquieting worrisome nerve-wracking wailing aching bewailing bemoaning cursed seized jerky jouncy raging choppy disrupted sporadic dogged overpowered surrounded smitten devoured held paranoid bewitched trying having butterflies in the stomach rolly rough punchy dopey pixillated silly spaced spacey zonked-out muddleheaded spaced-out punch-drunk dopy addle pixilated muzzy addlepated raddled zonked slaphappy dizzy spacy not with it fiendish tricky racked with pain storm-tossed deeply affected driven to distraction harmed fuzzy emotionally charged taken over under a spell in the grip of herky-jerky struck down laid low

Động từ

On the ocean or sea, typically of a ship or person aboard a ship
at sea disconcerted dumbfounded nonplussed perplexed adrift baffled bamboozled beaten bemused bewildered bushed confused discombobulated disoriented fazed flummoxed mystified stumped distracted lost mazed wildered at a loss not following at sixes and sevens beat confounded befuddled muddled addled fuddled vexed vext foxed befogged gravelled graveled buffaloed upset posed got muddied stupefied floored stunned flustered dazed obfuscated fogged disturbed gotten gat rattled thrown threw amazed astounded surprised staggered made someone scratch their head astonished mixed up flabbergasted discomposed put off bothered startled discomfited unnerved perturbed caused to be at a stand dismayed worried agitated frustrated unsettled shocked discountenanced ruffled overwhelmed embarrassed flurried appalled setted someone thinking bowled over obscured got to knocked for six abashed troubled blurred clouded disquieted disorientated shaken shook knocked sideways distressed alarmed took aback taken aback mortified eluded beclouded exercised unhinged annoyed shook up shaken up paralysed caught off balance stymied thrown off balance threw off balance brought up short stopped someone in their tracks put into a flap put someone off their stroke put out of countenance let down paralyzed concerned blown one's mind blew one's mind horrified devastated fussed discomforted ailed deranged fouled up dizzied overpowered frazzled distempered irked bugged demoralized left open-mouthed complicated boggled made uneasy weirded out freaked out gone to one's head made unclear went to one's head demoralised gotten to messed with one's head threw off thrown off overcome frightened affected excited daunted scared stirred chagrined rocked distorted dazzled jumbled discouraged panicked surprized disheartened tangled messed up disordered foiled hagrid alarumed derailed beset benumbed shattered defeated made nervous crushed afflicted galled psyched spooked left aghast pained provoked pothered balked struck dumb knocked out stricken dumb snowed irritated taken by surprise blown away took by surprise blew away made punchy boggled the mind of screwed up hit for six put on edge put someone off psyched out knocked the stuffing out of upset apple cart put in a spot put someone off their stride put in a hole put on the spot setted thinking inebriated hit like a ton of bricks stirred up sticked put at a loss balled up put the wind up someone distracted from stumbled stuck depressed muddied the waters baulked intoxicated undone undid muddled up threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy shamed moved prostrated humiliated hassled saddened overcame preoccupied burdened touched struck impressed dispirited bedevilled disrupted disorganized bedeviled snookered unmanned unbalanced hurried harassed heated het dumfounded overmastered spellbound swamped whelmed oppressed demeaned tried occupied disappointed dashed thunderstricken thunderstruck outwitted bustled snafued jolted dislocated chilled disillusioned hagridden terrified hagrode involved thickened made emotional dishonoured discredited intricated confusticated numbed chafed disenchanted disgruntled disarranged affrighted hindered encumbered entangled made uncomfortable owned showed up made awkward made self-conscious made ashamed intimidated deterred snew snown conquered gathered wool worked up rendered speechless knocked the stuffing out of someone mucked gnawed at steamrollered loused up caused to lose your bearings outraged destroyed made anxious made waves ravelled thrown into a tizz interfered escaped run circles around boggled the mind snarled up crazed killed knocked for a loop threw into a tizz setted one thinking consternated made a monkey of terrorized mixed you up convoluted caught somebody off balance lied heavy on wrecked caught somebody unawares knocked over with feather badgered left speechless teased hung up subordinated dishonored piqued stuck it to profundicated got at caught one short taken someone's breath away stopped daydreamed raveled brought someone up short caused someone to lose their composure intruded took someone's breath away aroused snowed under filled with consternation setted someone back on their heels mooned mulled tired dulled wondered flipped swept someone off their feet daydreamt grinded roused petrified downgraded terrorised thwarted ground mucked up grieved sent into a spin confuscated plagued stricken mistaken mistook gave someone a turn given someone a turn own gotten at thrown for loop threw for loop gave a bad time given a hard time gave a hard time given a bad time gotten in the way burned up got in the way burnt up did in ran circles around done in took breath away took someone aback taken someone aback given a shock gave a shock taken breath away

Động từ

Past tense for to think hard about something because one cannot understand it
pondered considered contemplated mulled over brooded brooded about chewed over cudgeled cudgelled deliberated on marvelled marveled meditated on mused mused over reflected on studied thought hard about cogitated on gave much thought to given much thought to pored on wondered about asked oneself asked oneself about thought about thought hard racked brains turned over in one's mind deliberated thought reflected meditated questioned speculated ruminated conjectured revolved queried agonized pondered on cerebrated mused on perpended deliberated about pondered over reviewed turned debated weighed worried entertained eyed inquired imagined dwelled on envisaged brainstormed brooded on ruminated on brooded over conceived reasoned figured ruminated about ruminated over envisioned enquired doubted wondered cogitated puzzled over pored over speculated about weighed up chewed on wrestled with agonised kicked around worried about asked yourself flashed on stewed over noodled around cudgeled your brains chewed the cud beat one's brains out about thought over given consideration to given thought to gave consideration to gave thought to agonized over looked at beaten one's brains out about cogitated about turned over thought through evaluated contemplated on thought out sized up decided on made sense of analyzed thought on examined assessed clarified deliberated over meditated over summed up cerebrated on considered the pros and cons of looked into turned over in your mind analysed had a think about registered digested excogitated mulled over things appraised assimilated accepted chewed over things stewed about hypothesized figured out turned over in mind looked at as an example batted about taken stock of made formed sorted out revolved in one's mind dealt with pictured chewed metabolized stewed used one's head hashed over gave some thought to reflected upon judged hypothesised speculated on metabolised stopped to consider took stock of given some thought to kicked about considered as an example formulated processed taken took chewn batted around taken as an example took as an example taken under consideration went over took under consideration gone over seen saw

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