Đồng nghĩa của careworn

Alternative for careworn

Đồng nghĩa: drawn, haggard, raddled, worn,

Tính từ

Appearing tired and haggard
tired drained exhausted sapped spent gaunt worn-out worn haggard fatigued drawn pinched hollow-cheeked wearied strained rundown weary hollow-eyed wan pale peaky ashen blanched whacked dog-tired knackered tired out shattered bushed done in pooped raddled pasty-faced fagged washed out dead beat all in wrinkled beat played out fagged out fretted worn out tuckered out worn to a frazzle fit to drop weak wiped out worn-down wasted peaked stressed weather-beaten lined tense faded sallow unwell withered fraught grim depleted jaded beaten done limp aweary bleary logy loggy effete dead kaput prostrate weakened gone consumed shot burned-out burnt-out lived-in tapped out had it knocked out played-out washed-out burned out used up jiggered fordone done for enervated debilitated ready to drop dead tired run-down prostrated frazzled bone-weary zonked out on one's feet sleepy outta gas clapped out languid enfeebled jet-lagged bone-tired drowsy wabbit fried crippled shagged out bushwhacked whipped low stonkered disabled toilworn rooted zonked out weariful asleep on one's feet out of gas infirm run down faint puffing puffed panting breathless gasping overtired puffed out out of breath puffing and blowing gasping for breath whacked out running on empty droopy flat done up on your last legs on one's last legs feeble asthenic listless unhealthy finished down-and-out flagging burnt out drooping far-gone tuckered dead on one's feet below par creamcrackered frail delicate slight wimpish wimpy soft unsubstantial tender sluggish used softened without energy asleep collapsing languorous broken-down overworked under the weather ill lethargic sick decrepit sickly incapacitated torpid undermined unnerved dog-weary vitiated low-energy devitalized groggy dead-tired dead-beat out of sorts out on your feet dragging out of condition bleary-eyed hacked wiped-out in poor health extremely tired etiolated sleep deprived old bored like death warmed up run ragged done with on last leg dog tired very tired dead on your feet wiped stressed out all-in lackadaisical languishing diminished somnolent worn down taxed rendered feeble lacklustre lackluster over-tired tired-out exasperated bedraggled dropping lassitudinous blasé wrecked heavy-lidded slumberous dozy half-awake expended empty deteriorated paralyzed gone to seed rusty out of shape on the ropes paralysed narcoleptic overtaxed overused indisposed apathetic ailing poorly petered out lacking in energy crook off lumbering heavy ropy bad rotten lousy crummy seedy dilapidated the worse for wear disheveled dishevelled tattered coarsened with sunken cheeks unkempt debauched worse for wear under par indolent inactive wooden inert down anemic shaky bedridden in bad shape not up to snuff not oneself not feeling up to snuff queer off colour peakish weak-kneed spineless off-color sick as a dog unsteady laid low laid-up a wreck out of commission out-of-action anaemic powerless declining done-in blown

Trái nghĩa của careworn

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