Đồng nghĩa của worse for wear


Under the influence of alcohol
drunk intoxicated drunken tight blitzed smashed bombed canned plastered tipsy hammered sloshed wasted inebriated pickled stewed wrecked maudlin merry soaked loaded sottish steaming blotto stoned befuddled legless under the influence bladdered pie-eyed soused incapable paralytic sozzled tanked tiddly fuddled gin-soaked tippling toping blasted blind drunk dead drunk lashed roaring drunk rolling drunk woozy zonked flying mullered out of it worse for drink bevvied drunk as a lord lit up reeling squiffy trashed under the table wired blatted boozed-up cock-eyed drunk as a skunk guttered juiced ratted stinko tanked up well oiled rat-arsed squiffed three sheets to the wind trolleyed cut dronkverdriet elephants ripped slaughtered steamed two sheets to the wind well-oiled crock fou half cut kaylied langered mashed sauced steamboats swacked well away besotted full inebriate ossified sat shickered shot stukkend zoned Brahms and Liszt broken having had a skinful inked lekker liquored up munted obliterated bacchic blind boozy cockeyed crapulent crapulous crocked ebrious foxed fried gassed high impaired lit looped monged oiled pixilated potted screwed slang sotted stiff stinking strung out tired and emotional wet babalas bibulous ebriate ebriose grogged up in the bag off your face Adrian Quist bashed buzzed flushed glazed groggy having had one over the eight laced lush monged out muddled out to it snockered tanked-up totaled wiped out half seas over as full as a goog as tight as a tick boozed up seeing double feeling no pain one over the eight drunked up in your cups jacked red-nosed happy spaced tripping gin-sodden the worse for drink three sheets in the wind out of one's head out of one's skull out of one's box boozing baked drugged doped boozed unsober sloppy tied one on out off one's head irrigated unsteady intemperate drinking geeked gone schnockered sodden dazed beery spaced-out hopped-up slightly drunk zonked-out half-seas over hard-drinking high as a kite spaced out half-cut under the influence of intoxicating liquor in one's cups blown-up on a trip under the weather burned-out dead to the world feeling good half in the bag half-crocked out of one's gourd hooched up off one's face in polluted faced stupefied mellow blazed demolished cooked elevated addled turnt plowed pixillated ploughed punchy drunk as a fiddler alcoholic full of well-being tiddled tozy-mozy


Dressed in old or worn clothes
shabby scruffy threadbare worn frayed ragged tattered tatty mangy moth-eaten ratty faded decrepit worn-out battered old raggedy seedy beat-up bombed-out dilapidated dirty dog-eared dowdy down-at-heel down-at-the-heels dumpy grubby grungy mean miserable neglected run-down scrubby sleazy tacky tatterdemalion timeworn tumbledown well worn worn out raggedy-ass warby bare bedraggled decayed decaying degenerated desolate deteriorated deteriorating disfigured meagre meager pitiful poor poverty-stricken rickety ruined ruinous slipshod tired unkempt untidy down at heel out at elbows poorly maintained falling apart at the seams gone to seed the worse for wear having seen better days broken-down falling to pieces ramshackle rundown run down crumbling messy disheveled shoddy dishevelled dingy sloppy holey frowzy ungroomed badly dressed slovenly falling apart in disrepair on its last legs daggy in tatters squalid draggletailed damaged slatternly sorry ill-groomed gone to rack and ruin poorly dressed ill-clad badly groomed inappropriately dressed grotty tousled in holes scuzzy shaggy rumpled patched ruffled unsound disarrayed in ruins mussed uncombed ragtag rent worn to shreds in rags in a state of disrepair ill-maintained crummy unmaintained used derelict untended creaky creaking rumpty beat up tangled scraggly blowsy disordered filthy disarranged blowzy weather-beaten matted knotty in ribbons yucky in a mess draggle-tailed torn wretched time-worn split ripped clapped out impaired injured rough destroyed scraggy wrecked frazzled antiquated used-up haggard superannuated unhealthy crude all the worse for wear tumbled mussy messed wrinkled knotted tangly tumble-down hanging loose badly maintained outworn scroungy disreputable cure pot ancient old-fashioned uncouth unkept in shreds down-at-the-heel skanky scabby overworked overused unravelled unravelling busted dinged totaled lined wizened rank mucky indigent impoverished sick sticky unpleasant gunky gungy decrepit. in ruins windswept windblown unbrushed slummy uncared shambly crumbly marred infirm in poor condition knocked around shacky shaky unraveling worn through distressed unraveled broken down falling down raunchy unimproved beat broken faulty defective worn thin worn-down well-worn wrung out pegged out in a bad way fallen-in uncared for beaten up seen better days uncared-for fallen in rinky-dink quavering shaking crippled flimsy insubstantial effete fragile anile disorganized disorderly desultory unpressed contemptible unfinished shredded jumbled cluttered chaotic muddled poorly made badly worn confused hazardous unsafe treacherous insecure precarious perilous dangerous full of holes littered down at the heel gaunt unwell drained in a state pell-mell disorganised messed up upside-down unruly topsy-turvy hugger-mugger higgledy-piggledy wild pinched exhausted sloven slobby drawn fatigued contaminated infected septic blighted unwholesome slobbish frowsy coarsened debauched washed out hollow-eyed on one's last legs raddled below par with sunken cheeks under par bad rotten messed-up condemned disintegrating insalubrious sordid tottering depressed dismal seamy scungy in bad condition collapsing decomposing rotting on your last legs cheap spoiled abandoned base paltry unsteady dodgy low rugged overgrown breaking up caving in falling in unstable frail wobbly weak torn to pieces tawdry rocky spoilt second-rate withering nasty breaking eroding slumlike trashy subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unprepossessing mouldering used up low-class slimy skeezy limp slum-like coming apart at the seams down and dirty forgotten unattended unloved historic overcrowded godforsaken underprivileged deprived beaten-up done clapped-out dateless unweeded uncultivated wonky teetery worm-eaten useless unusable weedgrown manky peaked shattered droopy wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging imperfect jerry-built feeble woebegone mediocre coming undone unsavoury unsavory dishonest crooked smirched substandard ordinary lousy well-read well-thumbed about to collapse about to break middling low-grade menial two-bit sad rachitic wavering tottery unbalanced rattletrap geriatric low-rent fordone undone irreparable undid shot irremediable in bad repair out of condition unoccupiable unlivable tasteless gaudy vulgar blasted munted kitsch showy garish hurt robbed plundered pillaged defaced botched mutilated uninhabited harried harmed flash Brummagem common loud about to fall apart uninhabitable corroded naff flashy disintegrated crumbled outmoded ostentatious out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky cheap and nasty in bad taste malfunctioning inoperative kaput down bust not working non-functioning dud not functioning finished duff knackered playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut done for conked out conked-out out of order out of commission on the blink on the fritz not in working order


Advanced in years
aged old ancient elderly hoary venerable grey older senior age-old antique getting on mature senescent decrepit grey-bearded grey-haired grizzled superannuated ageing aging antediluvian antiquated centenarian dateless doddering doddery geriatric hoar immemorial long-lived nonagenarian octogenarian over-the-hill senile septuagenarian unyoung advanced in years cobwebby longevous passé creaky gray long in the tooth matured moth-eaten oldie past it ripened rusty shot timeworn worn over the hill as old as the hills been around no spring chicken senior citizen not as young as one was not long for this world not as young as one used to be archaic old-fashioned obsolete out-of-date outmoded outdated olden primitive dated old hat outworn out of date anachronistic bygone prehistoric mossy old-time behind the times obsolescent old-fangled moldy mouldy fossilized medieval old as the hills worn-out feeble very old past mediaeval traditional primeval fossilised demoded primaeval weakly clunky historic frail oldfangled primordial of advanced years vintage time-worn of yore horse and buggy out of the ark long-standing musty quaint unfashionable moribund faltering neolithic Noachian prehistorical kaputt kaput passe past your prime of old hackneyed Stone Age early of a certain age stale former corny relic ripe past its sell-by date anile enfeebled remote unoriginal tired dead extinct fusty ancestral past one's prime up in years time-honoured broken-down lot of mileage long-established defunct retired on last leg antwacky vieux jeu out of fashion advanced antiquarian odd abiding long-lasting white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly patriarchal dotard of age along in years gray-haired on in years not young in one's dotage backward middle-aged done to death faded declining antediluvial disused full of years sometime decayed old as Methuselah quondam late once aboriginal erstwhile pristine onetime done demode original cast-off crumbling past your sell-by date well-established long in tooth of an advanced age on its last legs fixed rooted of olden days out of it old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it neglected démodé rococo out dowdy not modern not current out of style grown old disapproved of the old school dry as dust timeless in second childhood in your dotage atavistic forever time-honored fallen into disuse no longer used clapped out discarded discontinued weak centuries old olde worlde wasted debilitated infirm rooted in the past past its prime old as Adam conditioned seasoned old-world retrograde old-school retro old-timey incapacitated having seen better days old fashioned weakened tottering major crippled fragile past one's sell-by date pensioned emeritus ex- out of shape threadbare well-worn trite Elder I First in bad shape banal leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born hackney shopworn cliche obligatory lined hack cliché-ridden stereotyped stock commonplace mellow ragged weathered rundown dog-eared shabby wrinkled clichéd the elder pensioned off resigned in retirement emerita classical ageless overworked battered tattered frayed used enduring next higher lasting established first ritual earliest ritualistic the worse for wear tried and true tried and tested of long ago overused platitudinous dull stereotypical common run-of-the-mill uninspired derivative bromidic unimaginative vapid prosaic pedestrian hacky cliché flat worn out conventional ordinary played out routine warmed-over cornball hokey set cliched jejune bathetic familiar tune exhausted chain drained mildewed stereotypic platitudinal used-up ready-made predictable humdrum truistic boring well worn formulaic overdone dusty superseded dime-store everyday tedious repetitious imitative tripe familiar warmed-up dreary monotonous tiresome uninteresting insipid mind-numbing ho-hum wearisome stupid deprecated dinosaur fossil had it done for dead and gone past their sell-by date naff passé lifeless orthodox cliché standard standardized silly conventionalized tarnished inane mass-produced typecast uncreative ineffective deep-rooted childhood from way back long forgotten primal mundane vanilla standardised foregone quotidian old-chestnut old-saw played-out uneventful worn thin foetid mawkish zestless fetid yesterday's bent effete unvaried facile cornfed pabulum zero trivial nowhere bland nothing noplace square dumb blah mimetic gone off like a dinosaur world-weary mimic dull as dishwater ho hum apish slavish jaded epigonic epigonous canned from the past emulative copied numbing slow wearying weary jading drudging tame drab leaden arid monochromatic heavy ponderous colorless dry stodgy tiring stuffy plagiarized stereotype counterfeit plagiarised world-worn colourless cut and dried fuddy-duddy out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use has-been more advanced

Trái nghĩa của worse for wear

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