Đồng nghĩa của long standing


Having existed for a long time
abiding enduring established fixed long-established long-lived time-hallowed time-honoured constant deep-rooted durable firm long-lasting perennial persistent prevailing steady surviving age-old ancient lasting long-term stable staunch time-honored traditional well established permanent steadfast continuing persisting lifelong old remaining perdurable eternal reliable fast immutable secure unwavering unfaltering long-running familiar immortal conventional ongoing set changeless unchanging settled extended lifetime marathon lengthy balanced customary strong dependable usual ritual perpetual ritualistic faithful habitual undying imperishable unending historic everlasting folk ancestral old-world old-time routine dateless ageless timeless wonted respected unchangeable rigid sempiternal sure long long-drawn-out long-drawn equable sound inveterate solid chronic sustaining carrying on advancing pursuing maintaining prolonged persevering progressing long-living living sustained long-existing resilient immovable long-cherished long-harbored long-nurtured close good all-time lifetime's for all your life livelong for life dear inseparable confidential devoted intimate boon loving cherished special treasured valued longtime trustworthy long-held accepted handed down committed unfailing sturdy true tried attached responsible stout unshakeable resolute spread out protracted extensive drawn out expanded of considerable length broad strung out stretched out very long drawn-out dragged out stalwart trustable frozen unswerving staying put calm solid as a rock stationary determinate stabile hard even well grounded uniform unfluctuating flat certain hard-and-fast unvarying level invariable unalterable set in stone honourable calculable trusty bulletproof honorable proven classic well-built well balanced well-balanced venerable tried and true tried and tested far great indelible longevous ingrained unceasing irreversible never-changing ceaseless indestructible unfading never-ending old as Methuselah full of years uninterrupted interminable endless unbroken non-stop inexpungible inexhaustible indissoluble forever unremitting incessant longstanding continual till the cows come home in for the long haul consistent regular undeviating inflexible continuous inexpugnable final unchanged static decided unbending invariant determined unvaried unyielding predictable same definite relentless resolved unmodifiable specified monotonous incommutable nonstop inalterable stubborn intent unmovable hard and fast rhythmic homogeneous agreed smooth arranged unflinching unrelieved defined tenacious predetermined strict straight absolute on an even keel single-minded cast-iron decisive explicit obdurate steady-going bound unqualified standing never-failing orderly entrenched unabating uncompromising ineradicable prescribed express prearranged metrical precise homogenous conclusive devout implacable positive rooted definitive stiff planned preset undiversified unshakable hardened matching obstinate confirmed normal unrelenting adamant stipulated repeated true-blue round-the-clock ended mature unaltered flowing unmodified unbothered unmoved unaffected untouched fluent pegged fluid frictionless inevitable nonnegotiable unaltering indefinite not changing moderate temperate tranquil expected alike scheduled appointed loyal concrete fair non-extreme frequent standard dedicated hardheaded deep-seated periodical periodic unhesitating nonrandom true to type all-year-round continued assigned recommended hidebound ironclad pigheaded jelled unflappable similar irremovable well-established sacrosanct running allotted stiff-necked equivalent identical regularized standardised standardized regularised consecutive decreed equal well-set locked in exacting written binding dictated mandatory irrevocable compulsory exact pious down-the-line stanch solid as rock unblinking incorrigible fateful well-proportioned ordered ossified fated compatible plumb symmetrical systematic consonant methodical monolithic still stated like the Rock of Gibralter always-on no end to without respite with no let-up without a break no end of for ever and ever day and night without end without surcease on a treadmill unabated writ in stone in the bag not subject to change fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians ardent tried-and-true allegiant liege immobile inexorable intense unquestioning wholehearted insistent whole-hearted assertive emphatic of a piece intransigent set in concrete carved in stone in earnest hard-line dominant unmalleable purposeful unshaken seasoned domineering quantified going bent known limited stand pat hell-bent on strong-willed dyed-in-the-wool do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon hang tough through-and-through dead set on ultimate distinct unbendable brittle unflexible categorical determining inductile inextensible unadaptable nonstretchable inelastic non-stretchable


That is beyond memory
immemorial age-old ancient traditional archaic old antediluvian dateless fixed rooted time-honoured aged ancestral antique hoar hoary long-lived of yore olden timeless time-worn venerable atavistic forever long-established prehistoric primaeval primeval time-honored timeworn very old centuries old rooted in the past old-fashioned old-time old as the hills out-of-date antiquated obsolete bygone outmoded primordial cobwebby vintage superannuated well-established from way back long forgotten deep-rooted childhood old as Adam early past classical ageless enduring historic anachronistic lasting established mossy creaky ritual oldie dated first ritualistic clunky moldy mouldy rusty earliest decrepit from the past old hat as old as the hills moth-eaten tried and true of long ago tried and tested horse and buggy passé elderly primitive relic worn-out grey-haired grizzled getting on senescent older oldfangled longevous worn advanced in years quaint past it long in the tooth over the hill silver-haired grizzly white-haired silvery-haired lot of mileage of an advanced age sometime remote stale former decayed old as Methuselah quondam unoriginal erstwhile of old pristine onetime late done unfashionable once hackneyed demode aboriginal original cast-off crumbling classic heritage retro old-world retrograde veteran old-school old-timey outdated medieval outworn old-fangled obsolescent fossilized out of date mediaeval antediluvial fossilised behind the times out of the ark past its sell-by date grey senior mature grey-bearded geriatric doddering centenarian doddery aging octogenarian nonagenarian senile over-the-hill septuagenarian unyoung ageing gray matured ripened shot been around senior citizen no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world worse for wear not as young as one used to be


Habitual, firmly established, and unlikely to change
dyed-in-the-wool confirmed entrenched inveterate complete established deep-rooted long-established absolute diehard thorough thoroughgoing utter committed dedicated deep-dyed out-and-out devoted faithful firm incorrigible loyal staunch steadfast unshakeable bred-in-the-bone chronic die-hard full-bore habitual incurable true blue unapologetic unashamed unfaltering unrepentant unswerving unwavering arrant card-carrying right-down through and through through-and-through congenital deep-down deep-seated fixed full-fledged genuine hardened infixed ingrained instilled true unchangeable uncompromising well-established mad keen deeply ingrained keen as mustard out and out to the core hard-core compulsive obsessive persistent intransigent hard-line hopeless unyielding ineradicable irredeemable obstinate obsessional rooted settled deep unreformable rigid intrenched pathological seasoned addicted explicit resolute beyond hope stubborn unshakable impenitent set indelible immutable inexorable well established deep-set hooked irrepressible eternal undying extreme reactionary conservative traditionalist dyed-in-the wool regular ultra-conservative unprogressive shameless irremovable embedded dug in set firm fortified indomitable unchanging inflexible immovable radical obscene pornographic X-rated blimpish adamant driven irresistible determined unwaivering perennial lifelong devout fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist impulsive uncontrollable enduring ardent proved fervent earnest vehement wholehearted stalwart fiery torrid longtime supreme zealous fanatical intractable sicker red-hot all-consuming hard-shell firmly established accustomed definite staid inured bona fide habituated prevalent constant recurrent recurring irreformable besetting unredeemable irretrievable irrecoverable unrecoverable unreformed uncontrite irremediable bad abandoned uncorrectable beastly beyond redemption irreparable useless impossible loser wicked recidivous abiding invariable profound accepted inbred hard-and-fast permanent innate long-lasting irradicable strict unbending unvarying deeply felt implanted worn valid fundamental basic hard and fast built-in secure inbuilt inherent subconscious lingering lasting unalterable concrete hard severe stable hardheaded solid stiff incommutable inalterable cast-iron ironclad unflappable well-set locked in set in stone undestroyable indestructible unremovable unfading unforgettable ineffaceable instinctive intrinsic gut inborn longstanding inannihilable driven in stringent rigorous exacting brassbound deep down grounded unadaptable based on lodged in one's brain steady intense val endemic installed frozen hidebound determinate pigheaded final bound flat inexpugnable jelled certain heartfelt strong impassioned perpetual unflinching sure indurated old sworn long-lived usual persisting radicated continuing customary stiff-necked avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate burning changeless sacrosanct ageless undeviating static unvaried unchanged honest enthusiastic sincere heightened serious exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary ensconced irreversible unmodifiable nerveless imperturbable stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great grave impregnable unsinkable solid as a rock fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians biased preconceived

Trái nghĩa của long standing

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