Đồng nghĩa của implacable

Alternative for implacable

implacable /im'plækəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể làm xiêu lòng, không thể làm mủi lòng
    • không thể làm nguôi được, không thể làm dịu được

Tính từ

Showing no signs of wavering or yielding
unwavering relentless unrelenting unremitting unyielding unflinching unstoppable unswerving dogged grim determined unappeasable resolute steadfast firm unfaltering staunch steady resolved unbending immovable persistent decided inflexible uncompromising single-minded obdurate stalwart intent committed stubborn adamant unshakeable tenacious constant unshaken purposeful fixed persevering obstinate insistent strong-willed unflagging undaunted unhesitating indefatigable dedicated inexorable set indomitable bold intransigent stout courageous perseverant gritty undeviating stout-hearted earnest purposive pertinacious steely deliberate strong-minded manful spirited bulldog brave plucky untiring mettlesome strong vigorous strenuous unchanging stiff indurate gutsy spunky true rock-ribbed unshakable four-square unswervable strict full of determination fast unabating stable valiant serious unbendable settled definite bound decisive meaning business hell-bent on do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon dead set dead set on solid unshrinking firmly-based unvacillating stern fearless immoveable unblinking intractable iron unintimidated uninfluenced remorseless faithful intrepid unmoved loyal immutable persisting unfailing tireless out in place in position focused perseverative patient intent on on one's mettle insistent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on tall in the saddle intent upon laborious focussed whole-hearted assertive emphatic hard never-tiring never give up tough nut hanging tough in earnest hard-line determinate dominant certain unmalleable unalterable prevailing sure hardened inexpugnable unqualified seasoned domineering going explicit bent consistent positive stand pat dyed-in-the-wool hang tough through-and-through hard-and-fast never-failing continuous lasting continuing continual uninterrupted interminable unceasing unabated endless incessant unbroken perpetual unending sustained unrelieved nonstop neverending never-ending non-stop driven unflappable wholehearted unmovable compulsive eager ambitious zealous industrious motivated enthusiastic enterprising keen forceful go-getting aspiring energetic diligent assiduous active self-starting hard-driving ardent pushy devoted hungry progressive pioneering obsessed striving fanatical avid goal-oriented self-driven hell-bent sedulous militant eager beaver go-ahead aggressive obsessive self-assertive conscientious desirous hard-working thirsty inspired fierce ruthless power-hungry rigorous on the make absorbed engrossed self-seeking fixated preoccupied concentrating intense occupied immersed studious genuine sincere concentrated power-loving high-reaching self-asserting attentive get up and go hopeful bullheaded deep painstaking dynamic pigheaded monomaniacal iron-willed adventurous intending to busy impassioned engaged self-willed daring wrapped up rigid hardworking reliable self-motivated bustling trusty operose desiring success like a ball of fire bound and determined self-disciplined hard-nosed headstrong independent cast-iron self-directed restless passionate observant telelogical calculated radical entire all enrapt exclusive whole undivided thrusting hellbent mean business direct alert watchful vehement playing hard ball not joking be out for blood nose to the grindstone intensive straight careful honest heartfelt fervid riveted pig-headed competitive meticulous optimistic intending aspirant wannabe would-be budding potential wishful enthralled confident thorough exacting punctilious particular lost cutthroat feisty ferocious possible prospective likely future dependable bloodthirsty stringent assured heedful impatient meaning what one says serious-minded warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy redoubtable minding pushing longing consumed compelled rapt employed upwardly mobile possessed self-assured can-do self-confident cut-throat expectant endeavoring endeavouring slogging swotty plugging working plodding galvanized impelled gung ho self-possessed sturdy hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive high-pressure go for broke in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct dog-eat-dog obsessional induced committed to firm about fixated on caught up buried true-blue impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided single-minded about obsessive about inflexible about obsessed with fanatical about out to fixed upon anxious to fixed on decisive about resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on tried and true audacious steamroller unafraid tough tried and tested resilient nervy powerhouse urged on

Tính từ

Stubborn or obstinate in one's opinion or attitude
obstinate wilful unbending adamant headstrong immovable inflexible intractable intransigent mulish obdurate pertinacious perverse stubborn uncompromising opinionated rigid willful steely unshakeable adamantine bullheaded dogged hard hardened hardheaded inconvincible inexorable ossified pat pigheaded remorseless stiff-necked hard-nosed self-willed self-opinionated unyielding unrelenting determined firm relentless tenacious steadfast single-minded refractory resolute tough indurate recalcitrant fixed unshakable persistent unwavering contumacious bull-headed bloody-minded persevering iron-willed unpersuadable strong-willed uncooperative cussed unmalleable balky uncompliant contrary unreasonable iron cantankerous unbendable deaf to reason incompliant stubborn as a mule strict unmanageable strong-minded unswerving unflinching set in one's ways stiff insistent dead set on set in stone locked in froward hard-line unswayable harsh grim brassbound cross-grained bolshie hardline diehard die-hard difficult staunch indomitable set hard and fast rock-ribbed unsparing merciless unappeasable ruthless pitiless ornery insubordinate assiduous tireless rigorous pig-headed indefatigable resolved unmovable bound solid unchangeable hanging tough hard-core cruel wrong-headed rebellious standing one's ground severe unforgiving untoward stern mule sedulous unflagging purposeful unadaptable stringent restive defiant unaccommodating brick-wall stroppy stalwart importunate strong unbreakable contrarious bound and determined unalterable not giving an inch dogmatic immutable dyed-in-the-wool dead set narrow-minded dug in standing pat awkward noncompliant obstreperous frozen petrified stiffened inveterate unbudgeable non-compliant renitent disobedient ungovernable wayward hidebound immalleable durable indurated rigidified fossilized bony blinkered stony resistant haughty unimpressible unrepentant hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional impertinent mean unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable unfaltering boneheaded unreceptive unstoppable inalterable fossilised patient exacting draconian proud aloof locked-in hard-shell cold fish proof against persuasion ineluctable unfailing set-on one-sided sure diligent untiring crisp unflexible doctrinaire unabated mortal hard-headed iron-fisted pounding impassive constant necessary ironclad immobile compulsory unmoved heady opinionative set in your ways tough nut to crack cohesive convinced as stubborn as a mule stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken coherent do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground sticking to one's guns hold the fort steady quiescent permanent unmodifiable mean business possessive persisting sturdy spunky true stout unforgetful no going back hell bent on stand pat set in concrete tough nut stick to guns meaning business like death and taxes with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in decided rugged categorical unruly rebel recusant thrawn uncontrollable mutinous fractious obstructive undisciplined unhelpful troublesome disobliging disorderly wild tiresome pervicacious delinquent quarrelsome errant naughty disruptive annoying truculent incorrigible badly behaved argumentative mischievous exasperating unpredictable turbulent incontrollable vexatious capricious riotous impossible crabby irritable trying unbiddable impish antagonistic negative rowdy inimical roguish rascally attention-seeking belligerent out of control peevish insurgent seditious unresponsive unwilling unbearable intolerable factious disaffected unamenable ill-natured adverse unrestrained disputatious demanding lawless prickly indocile insubmissive touchy chippy rude impolite out of hand heedless reckless violent fiendish hard to handle impulsive impetuous impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy out of line contradictory inimitable morose tetchy grouchy contentious irreconcilable estranged alienated shrewish incurable nonobservant grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky inconsiderate unsupportive uncontrolled confrontational cross unfavorable unfavourable petulant resistive untrained with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way insoluble thorny unpliable locked problematic knotty sticky obstinately disobedient unsteady unschooled narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric dissentious treacherous uncomplying boisterous hang tough erratic fickle anarchic resisting undisciplinable radical opposing withstanding inconsistent ungoverned chaotic troublemaking blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying scrappy irrepressible not cooperative lively rollicking romping noisy anarchical rumbustious lawbreaking loud unconstructive hindering vexing pesky lacking self-control undependable dissident nonconformist paradoxical hostile contrariant nonconforming discordant arsey disagreeing wrongheaded antipathetic converse dissentient frustrating making difficulties immoral aberrant arbitrary complex bulky discommodious incommodious cramped disagreeable bad misbehaving overbearing hard to please fussy self-indulgent misbehaved difficult to handle loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant boorish tyrannical picky fastidious finicky playful grumbly finical vexed testy invidious choosy captious snappy sensitive temperamental crotchety uppity uptight feisty disputative sour oafish discontented hypercritical dissatisfied querulous bearish huffy delicate oppressive hard to satisfy irritating overcritical irascible perfectionist particular over-particular dictatorial critical ungracious wicked tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish sinful teasing gallus wanton worthless evil rough wrong unendurable objectionable offensive bad-mannered ill-disciplined insupportable terrible painful insufferable full of mischief excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful improper unacceptable egregious beyond bearing not to be borne

Tính từ

Showing or having a lack of mercy or compassion
cruel heartless merciless ruthless callous harsh pitiless rancorous hardhearted ironfisted cold-hearted remorseless hard unfeeling unforgiving relentless unmerciful inhuman brutal unsympathetic unrelenting stony hard-hearted uncharitable inflexible savage unsparing severe unpitying grim inexorable cold-blooded inhumane barbarous fierce insensitive uncompromising obdurate stern compassionless affectless ironhearted stoney stonyhearted desensitized take-no-prisoners uncaring unappeasable stony-hearted indurate soulless desensitised pachydermatous insensate unbending hard-boiled case-hardened thick-skinned slash-and-burn bitter ferocious sadistic barbaric vicious mean with a heart of stone tough strict lacking compassion rigorous cold murderous mortal monstrous unkind wicked fiendish unremitting bloodthirsty rigid unyielding diabolical irreconcilable vindictive deadly satanic sworn brutish hellish malevolent unmoved evil steely cutthroat dog-eat-dog malicious inclement hostile malignant cut-throat fell intransigent intolerant beastly wanton marble-hearted hard-nosed truculent sanguinary no-nonsense arch devilish unspeakable stringent infernal out-and-out demonic hard-bitten draconian black-hearted exacting demoniac ungodly serious atrocious coldhearted Mephistophelian surly humourless humorless forbidding bestial oppressive illiberal bloody punishing heinous solemn stiff brute butcherly dastardly sour wolfish unsmiling uncompassionate flinty tyrannical hard-line unsentimental demanding adamant solid killer feral revengeful hard as nails violent adamantine intense stone-hearted without pity tigerish unkindly inconsiderate tyrannous hurtful punitive constant vengeful insensible hatchetjob austere frigid coldblooded indifferent authoritarian antagonistic hardline to the death flagitious egregious demoniacal abominable browbeating gruff malign cannibalistic hateful heavy-handed bullying avaricious unregenerate greedy hardened unrepenting indefatigable uncontrite cacodemonic killer instinct demonical demonian Luciferian diabolic lupine ravenous voracious unruly unrestrained at each other's throats from hell hellacious unholy serpentine vile nefarious somber villainous rough accursed odious base frowning moody sombre intimidating sullen wretched trying sober onerous excruciating sedate burdensome repressive rugged nasty searing staid grievous sobersided grave fiery glum angry unfriendly inhospitable stark joyless ungentle furious morose weighty astringent uncomic crabby cast-iron boot-faced brooding dark mortified critical disapproving cheerless po-faced unflinching iron-fisted uncalled-for mean machine having a killer instinct horrible terrible unemotional dreadful awful appalling loathsome shocking bad execrable offensive ghastly foul detestable unconcerned unpleasant outrageous depraved coarse horrid despicable disgusting frightful contemptible hideous spiteful crude unresponsive gross infamous abhorrent low disagreeable immoral insufferable repellent repugnant revolting black wild fearful obnoxious dire horrifying hardhanded low-down scandalous intolerable iniquitous sinful calamitous mean-spirited apathetic thoughtless repulsive heavy uncultured alarming maleficent frightening emotionless harrowing unutterable unfair uncouth dispassionate vulgar rotten impassive horrendous unrefined gruesome corrupt uncivil boorish degenerate homicidal indescribable reprobate untamed dirty unloving satanical ghoulish nightmarish uncivilized perverted bleak torturous bloodless spiritless uncultivated grisly horrific primitive rude sickening perverse obscene debased unsusceptible damnable matter-of-fact criminal unprincipled dour crazed shameful animalistic animal natural virulent subhuman dishonourable ignoble unsavory tortuous unsavoury dishonorable deplorable as hard as nails uncivilised disgraceful cool dangerous deadpan flagrant wooden icy ungenerous blank dead abusive crushing reprehensible macabre terrific grewsome lurid nightmare churlish nauseating ungracious carnal senseless ferine detached inexpressive facinorous unamiable imperturbable shabby indurated unsophisticated swinish loutish degraded aggressive without sentiment selfish torpid unlawful aloof bearish comfortless desperate upsetting objectionable anesthetized frosty crass lewd indecent heathen firm pernicious Hadean tormenting wrong ogreish tactless unchristian wrathful unwelcoming snide amoral overwhelming felonious lawless anaesthetized godawful unscrupulous impervious immoderate feelingless inured oafish ill-natured distressing gray grey faceless extreme cold fish unbearable steep benumbed yucky ill-bred unpolished lukewarm unendurable crooked dishonest exorbitant excessive red in tooth and claw Neanderthal obtuse unaffected ill-mannered poker-faced dissolute scoundrelly shady unethical catty toughened profligate licentious mad bent unrighteous louring extravagant barbarian inattentive unhallowed headstrong unconscionable heathenish lowbrow uncongenial improper intemperate great lowering not nice inexpressible despiteful ogry ogrish unnatural difficult ravening stonehearted ignorant premeditated heedless reptilian unlettered gloating lifeless self-centred uncommiserating Stygian destructive impenetrable mechanical untouched spartan stingy morbid aberrant ominous cynical stolid censorious frenetic maniacal possessed utilitarian cantankerous unempathetic deadened uncordial crotchety sensationless piggish gluttonous God-awful unclean irrational prurient barren grinding Spartan bare-bones desolate disinterested halfhearted aversive wounding armour-plated invulnerable impenitent stubborn careless unimpressionable insentient philistine self-centered unsympathizing uncomfortable discomforting world-weary hard-headed drastic untold uneducated undescribable imperceptive ignominious low-minded wearing scummy currish hard-as-nails seasoned despotic dictatorial illiterate thuggish slaughterous roughshod biting unsensitive incurious oblivious suppressive glazed flat hellborn cursed cloven-footed expressionless ill wilful Neandertal benighted deaf to blind to lacking sentiment hard-edged obstinate hard-shelled undue inordinate crippling menacing ramrod worthless deliberate needless unjustified arbitrary with a hide like an elephant numb unmannered yobbish debauched unbelievable inconceivable inured to toughened by experience swingeing sharp towering strong overweening threatening chilly unprovoked abysmal unimaginable sinister shameless rabid fearsome dull inert graceless contaminated faulty putrid insubordinate impure libidinous demoralised miscreant impious abandoned demoralized fixed as tough as old boots ineffable impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful unreasonable hardheaded overextravagant insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue gratuitous groundless motiveless deceitful devious Rhadamanthine raving uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated illegal illicit numbed hollow asleep hard-shell delinquent slippery two-faced defiled scheming disreputable sly underhanded shifty unconscientious insupportable unjustifiable frantic infuriated rapacious illegitimate robust terrifying indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable indescribably evil unwarranted maddening impossible OTT preposterous exasperating venomous biffo aggers self-indulgent vitiated disparaging errant exploitative libertine evil-minded self-seeking contemptuous conscienceless morally wrong dodgy decadent questionable corrupted crafty scrofulous squalid incorrigible scornful disdainful indictable sordid transgressing insipid vacant glassy O.T.T. extortionate willed unmotivated ruffianly blackguardly roguish underhand scurrilous too great shaming disgracing debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious opprobrious brusque blunt curt impolite thievish malfeasant stinking warped rascally toneless paralysed paralyzed still aimless discourteous over the top very bad painful remote physical galling ribald indelicate profane indecorous bluff unmannerly neanderthal troglodytic undisciplined unjust contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing culpable not cricket knavish peccant undesirable distant poignant bodily inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy filthy agonizing disturbing heartbreaking withdrawn reserved businesslike formal heart-rending vexatious disquieting fleshly less than human bad-mannered untutored unwelcome unhappy distasteful afflicting heartrending chilling unlovely unpleasing tragic sad yukky traumatic miserable unpalatable displeasing passionless tasteless lowbred foul-mouthed artless unceremonious common loud distressful icky sore mortifying afflictive provoking annoying agonising roughneck incult unladylike ungentlemanly raffish neutral restrained self-controlled stilted starchy sensual unforgivable gut-wrenching corporeal intuitive visceral corporal mammalian inborn biological innate bureaucratic clinical gelid stand-offish sick-making scurvy disgustful sick loathly subconscious instinctive somatic organic instinctual featureless straight impartial colorless colourless impersonal equal measured uncolored depersonalised candid unpassioned careful depersonalized nondiscriminatory abstract anonymous monolithic hairy grody beyond the pale fleshy appetitive material strictly business cold turkey earthy earthly beastlike

Tính từ

Having a tendency to seek revenge when wronged, vengeful
vindictive revengeful vengeful grudge-bearing ill-disposed malicious malignant rancorous resentful spiteful unforgiving unrelenting venomous acrimonious mean-spirited poisonous avenging baleful bitter cruel evil evil-intentioned ill-natured malevolent malign mean nasty relentless unkind catty grim grudging hateful hurtful malefic maleficent merciless out for revenge pitiless retaliatory ruthless wreakful full of spleen hostile unmerciful punitive pernicious seeking revenge antagonistic inimical virulent vitriolic thirsting for revenge embittered antipathetic splenetic offended begruding acrid sore insulted vicious wicked bad harmful sinister despiteful dangerous unfriendly menacing detrimental deleterious murderous fierce destructive baneful injurious bad-natured evil-minded viperous threatening waspish dirty hellish lousy noxious rough poison murder damaging deadly intimidating prejudicial nocuous adverse ill frightening mischievous ominous wounding intimidatory minatory minacious heartless unmoved callous intolerant scornful disdainful insidious ornery troublesome defamatory jealous artful perilous remorseless unsympathetic uncompassionate green-eyed hazardous bothersome of evil intent full of hate forbidding hate-filled corrupting corruptive ruinous vituperative corrupt bodeful louring ill-intentioned calamitous woeful treacherous savage wild feral harsh unsafe aggressive violent brutal foreboding untamed vile dodgy brutish ill-boding barbaric barbarous monstrous desperate depraved uncivilised abandoned uncontrollable abhorrent dark rowdy terrible nefarious serpentine ferocious uncivilized villainous fiendish

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