Đồng nghĩa của hold the fort


To remain in a specified state or position
stay remain wait linger bide tarry abide loiter stand dwell hover rest settle stick await dally hang pause reside stop halt lodge bunk continue delay endure lag nest outstay perch roost squat hang around stay put stick around hang about hold on hang round sit tight sweat it out wait around be left establish oneself establish yourself hang on hang out keep on stay out put down roots remain behind stay behind live inhabit stay on stay over prevail persist hold last sojourn lie are be bivouac cling be present make camp hold over carry on survive keep up run on keep going perdure go on live on haunt persevere exist be there hold up frequent hold out spend time dawdle extend attend take occur kick around pass time lie around grind kick your heels bear recur repeat cling on happen carry through proceed have no end stay around hold good make a night of it stop out be the case keep out be out be in attendance turn up remain standing be located stall last out live out standby kick about be protracted hang back stay still die slowly cling to life be situated roam continue to exist wear resist stay round cool your heels hang in the air be extant hold the line perpetuate see out waste time protract be found be in existence be real be existent be met with be latent maintain pass progress project sustain be patient wait up grind away press on hold fast be prolonged plough on drag on hold true remain unchanged footle loll bum dillydally chill drone loaf lazy laze lounge idle hold your horses wait a minute stand up outlast remain true stretch out draw out stay staunch goof off hack around veg out kick back perseverate obtain strive pursue take place advance execute ramble act come about behave deport go ahead comport conduct outlive tough it out stick at follow up see through go the limit keep at be stubborn go all the way refuse to go away stick to your guns follow through be resolute be timeless be durable wear on be long lived ride out stick to wear well apply never say die rule reign hold sway be in force remain valid be valid remain in operation be in use remain operative remain in force remain effective be employed remain motionless


Stubbornly, and usually unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
unbending inflexible uncompromising unyielding strict firm severe tough resolute stubborn unrelenting hard-line immovable intransigent unfaltering adamant adamantine bullheaded determined dogged hard hardened hardheaded hardline hard-nosed harsh headstrong implacable inconvincible inexorable mulish obdurate obstinate opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded relentless rigid self-opinionated self-willed stern stiff-necked unwavering wilful willful intractable crisp doctrinaire dogmatic fixed incompliant pitiless single-minded unflexible unswayable dug in locked in standing pat do or die hard as nails hold the line hold your ground set in stone standing one's ground sticking to one's guns steadfast tenacious unshakeable unflinching strong-willed persistent staunch stiff unswerving indurate refractory persevering stalwart resolved indomitable set unshakable strong-minded recalcitrant indefatigable steely purposeful unmalleable rigorous spirited solid unbendable insistent stringent bloody-minded unflagging steady dedicated contrary rock-ribbed committed unreasonable vigorous iron-willed contumacious uncooperative undeviating undaunted bull-headed grim balky intent earnest cussed ruthless forceful unpersuadable decided iron unmanageable authoritarian exacting difficult unshaken strong valiant dead set merciless unchanging remorseless mettlesome cantankerous stable constant unhesitating unadaptable unsparing gutsy bound fierce bold plucky froward unaccommodating unmovable uncompliant stony assertive decisive brassbound hard and fast bolshie unforgiving cast-iron gritty untiring fanatical unchangeable dead set on settled stubborn as a mule set in one's ways hard-and-fast immutable unalterable deaf to reason full of determination brave definite driven courageous unsympathetic invariable tyrannical doughty stout-hearted perseverant draconian lionhearted insubordinate serious sure cruel emphatic purposive heavy-handed diehard obstreperous oppressive unappeasable zealous ornery inelastic manful austere dictatorial stroppy die-hard awkward true stout spunky rebellious iron-fisted tight bent upon bent frozen unfeeling domineering disobedient hard-core callous untoward determinate certain inexpugnable ironclad dyed-in-the-wool defiant cross-grained wrong-headed bulldog tireless restive dour stiffened deliberate stony-hearted impliable pig-headed entrenched high-spirited non-flexible strenuous fast hard-hearted immalleable imperious ardent established unmoving unbreakable uncharitable pushy extreme demanding hanging tough rough rugged opinionative final not giving an inch heartless obstructive cold wayward taut hidebound assiduous ungovernable disobliging do-or-die unamenable bent on hell-bent on hell-bent upon drastic pontifical uncaring compact flinty immobile devoted thrawn aggressive ferocious tiresome trying rooted focused faithful loyal troublesome fractious enthusiastic keen overbearing inveterate importunate avid eager concrete obsessed narrow-minded inalterable no-nonsense active contrarious unflappable authoritative unmoved unvarying flat ramrod militant unmodifiable energetic four-square enduring abiding irreversible changeless unswervable out hard-boiled focussed unhelpful excessive forbidding unqualified absolute go-getting stand pat hard to please heavy one-sided unruly fossilized illiberal never-failing inconsiderate self-assertive hell-bent insensitive intrepid mule unsentimental irremovable picky disciplinary stuffy truculent uptight unpliable narrow ambitious iron-handed hard-bitten unpermissive punishing motivated rebel locked renitent lacking compassion despotic arbitrary recusant sturdy fossilised heroic cold-hearted categorical ingrained unemotional unfailing devout industrious brick-wall permanent formal brittle inspired tense reliable enterprising aloof aspiring thirsty fussy still desirous binding perfectionist obsessive prescribed monomaniacal independent striving grave biased hungry positive compulsive intolerant critical ungiving trusty opinioned deep-rooted hardhearted mean compulsory solidified unsupple querulous cocksure tough nut bound and determined incommutable static deep-seated prejudiced explicit feisty true-blue exact hypercritical jelled wholehearted with a heart of stone intense unpredictable two-fisted hang tough tough nut to crack meaning business negative hell bent on magisterial self-starting hard-driving confident bigoted astringent dictative goal-oriented set in concrete hardy stiff as a board by the book over-particular self-driven well-set writ in stone formidable hard to satisfy self-disciplined unbudgeable unvacillating noncompliant exasperating diligent mullish petrified direct resistant non-compliant firmly-based fearless haughty unstoppable sedulous compacted immoderate blinkered high-stake winner-take-all zero-sum win-or-lose durable gallant nonflexible impassive bony indurated rigidified unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable unreceptive boneheaded valorous unimpressionable compressed dense wild unimpressible proud starched hellbent dauntless uninfluenced quiescent pounding unabated mortal hard-headed puritanical sharp impertinent bullhead unrepentant uncompassionate ineluctable straight incurable uncontrollable unwilling never-tiring patient resilient dependable undisciplined unmerciful necessary inordinate assured nasty persisting cold fish proof against persuasion passionate iron-jawed as stubborn as a mule unresponsive unsupportive heady hard-shell locked-in impenetrable set-on unpitying high-powered outrageous extortionate convinced solid as a rock abrasive unjust unfair undiscouraged undeterred mean business thick-skinned toughened decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced good down-the-line pious stanch numbed annealed adventurous insoluble thorny indocile problematic knotty impractical speculative dogmatical theoretical disciplinarian ascetical pressing dire browbeating ascetic autocratic clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical set in your ways no going back tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of undismayed vindictive inhuman progressive pioneering punitive hardhanded solemn unkind brutal hard-hitting sagacious vehement self-confident preconceived inextensible inductile thrusting scrupulous systematic meticulous painstaking agreed lion-hearted in place in position reserved like death and taxes negativistic averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant ideological unpragmatic unrealistic swivel-eyed hypothetical sticky not put off not discouraged self-asserting like a ball of fire self-seeking get up and go power-hungry on the make eager beaver power-loving high-reaching desiring success arranged preset irrepressible unfriendly unsmiling chilly frigid icy frosty cold-blooded cool rowdy savage curt swingeing penal predetermined allotted confirmed specified prearranged allegiant liege unquestioning tried-and-true trustworthy consumed compelled nonmoving distant nonstretchable whole-hearted defined decreed precise holding fixed views firm in spirit perceptive keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful take charge with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in all-or-nothing unbudging possessed mandatory conclusive dictated irrevocable carved in stone written louring gruff dominant in earnest planned express arrogant desperate pugnacious nonmotile prevailing seasoned sore galvanized impelled unblinking sky-high peremptory remote lowering intimidating consistent going non-stretchable immotile definitive stipulated stated induced fixated obsessional unitary undifferentiated uniform sombre somber ungentle not cooperative perpetual in the bag not subject to change hard-shelled fastidious boorish argumentative finicky imperative pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised mean-looking clamorous judgmental disapproving chiseled chiselled high-handed irritable vexed testy choosy captious snappy temperamental chippy quarrelsome disputative oafish prickly bearish huffy delicate overcritical irascible particular ungracious grumbly finical hard to handle invidious fiendish sensitive ill-natured crotchety uppity touchy sour discontented dissatisfied rude crabby irritating impolite disputatious through-and-through indelible sacrosanct ageless well-established hearty unquestionable downright unchallengeable overexacting exigent cavilling nagging lasting unvaried ineradicable unchanged monolithic small-minded quibbling disparaging possessive sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous lusty fascistic unequivocal egotistical urged on fiery limiting enforceable traditional customary coercive conventional classical repressive secure burning unquenchable bitter furious granite cynical demeaning carping censorious anchored high and mighty nailed quiet hitched hooked situated attached stationary located fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive bossy normative accepted made fast high-maintenance complex rule-bound over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious rheumatic aching complicated prescriptive bureaucratic officious involved

Trái nghĩa của hold the fort

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