Đồng nghĩa của stationary

Alternative for stationary


Not changing in quantity or condition
changeless constant unchanging unvarying stable steady consistent invariable unchanged uniform fixed undeviating permanent immutable regular even lasting abiding enduring unalterable unchangeable unfluctuating equable stabile perpetual eternal steadfast settled persistent static continuing unwavering level never-ending immovable continual firm set rigid on an even keel unbroken predictable regularized monotonous regularised standardised homogeneous nonstop standardized uninterrupted sustained continuous solid as rock incessant invariant interminable unceasing ceaseless unabated unabating unrelieved non-stop like the Rock of Gibralter imperishable unremitting unfading relentless unfailing same inflexible never-changing ageless sure unswerving flat durable frozen established unfaltering determinate calm certain hard everlasting standing timeless well grounded reliable fast hard-and-fast perennial resolute long-lasting indefinite long-standing deep-rooted staying put solid as a rock long-lived set in stone unending endless undying ongoing dateless immortal unvaried unyielding persisting uncompromising perdurable unflagging deathless unshakable unrelenting unbending strict irreversible indestructible habitual dependable staunch repeated sempiternal solid single-minded stringent continued smooth lifelong unshaken rigorous indissoluble round-the-clock decided orderly infinite definite never-failing determined frequent running indefatigable straight remaining forever recurrent rhythmic cast-iron unshakeable surviving without end chronic inexorable unwaning final staying repetitive around-the-clock hard and fast oft-repeated incommutable inalterable indelible unhesitating unmodifiable unqualified systematic untiring absolute resolved boundless true recurring tireless ironclad dogged amaranthine unflappable inexpugnable prevailing consecutive connected aeonian binding hard-line unequivocal tranquil controlled hidebound disciplined incontestable incontrovertible unaltering homogenous metrical equal tenacious matching monolithic regimented undiversified exacting loyal ordered nonnegotiable entrenched symmetrical balanced stalwart unflinching long-term methodical periodical periodic ineradicable tight dedicated unvacillating regulated systematized ingrained consonant stern stubborn unadaptable arranged pat intense harsh returning inexhaustible illimitable always immemorial concrete inveterate longstanding old systematised assiduous diligent obdurate closely controlled strictly controlled iron-fisted brick-wall exact never-ceasing bound stiff unmoving round the clock locked in in for the long haul dyed-in-the-wool dead set on flowing fluent sine qua non clear-cut unaffected unaltered fluid frictionless plain living classic fresh unspoiled youthful alike not changing secure prolonged long-established expected implacable stout intent remorseless unsparing long-running devout impenetrable intractable without ceasing without interruption persevering inexpungible unmovable moderate temperate true to type unwearied unalleviated sedulous interminate unwearying termless atemporal agelong agreed yearlong annual yearly seasonal never dying non-extreme fair hard-nosed unbreakable specified without respite hardheaded hardened deep-seated irreparable till the cows come home not changeable organized infallible true-blue predetermined preset obstinate rooted repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent fossilized fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians perduring pigheaded jelled nonrandom going on irremovable well-established sacrosanct neat tidy similar severe telling indisputable convinced satisfied confident valid indubitable positive undeniable real genuine doubtless free from doubt convincing unquestionable for a fact unquestioning clear persuaded assured well-set stiff-necked unitary undifferentiated for keeps equivalent identical dull strictly regulated composed intransigent fail-safe unlimited surefire faithful can't-miss unerring set in concrete adamant organised well-organized well-ordered restricted patterned measured austere bottomless unruffled serene forever and a day fated incorrigible fateful well-proportioned ossified normal compatible plumb well-balanced tough authoritarian brassbound fossilised steady-going ramrod unpermissive incompliant congruous mechanical harmonious successive accordant alternating punctual precise cyclic serial all-year-round tried and true tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy rock solid tried and tested counted on bullheaded peaceful sedate recollected untroubled placid possessed coolheaded undisturbed limpid unemotional collected cool on a tight rein 24-hour writ in stone tough nut to crack cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon dead set heavy-handed day-and-night undoubting total of a piece unperturbed together unworried in order fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians confining in a straight line self-composed self-possessed even-tempered draconian rigidly enforced remove


Solidly in place and stable
firm strong fast sturdy secure secured stable fixed steady rooted tight anchored set taut braced cemented embedded motionless riveted robust solid immovable sound established stalwart stout unshakeable safe unshakable vigorous bombproof fastened forceful lusty moored nailed snug unfluctuating unmoving wedged welded bolted frozen immobile iron irremovable jammed lodged mounted screwed soldered stuck substantial tenacious tightened stiff still rigid steadfast immotile hitched settled attached hooked static locked made fast permanent unbudgeable immutable set fast set firm balanced sure stabile tied unshaking nonmoving unwavering unshaken unbudging inflexible nonmotile unbending obdurate adamant stubborn unyielding set in stone obstinate solid as a rock unrelenting situated quiet located unmovable hard-and-fast hard entrenched strict invariable hard and fast pegged immobilized final unchangeable determinate certain ingrained unvarying inexpugnable concrete flat immobilised hardened hardheaded definite cast-iron deep-rooted ironclad bound deep-seated locked in well-set stuck fast bogged down immotive nailed down unmoveable stuck down dependable unchanging hidebound jelled pigheaded inveterate unflappable stiff-necked fortified fixed firmly buttoned down done up unalterable uncompromising stringent rigorous sitting incommutable hard-line exacting inalterable brassbound quiescent inexorable severe unadaptable placed arranged stock-still trapped staunch statuelike unmoved installed stock still as if turned to stone as still as a statue unable to move biased preconceived seated


Not operating or being used
idle inactive unused unoccupied dormant fallow free inert latent mothballed off unemployed vacant disused not in use not operating out of use still ticking over gathering dust at rest fallen into disuse no longer in use disengaged abeyant motionless immobile unmoving stopped static on hold in holding pattern turned off low-key inoperative dead quiescent unengaged hidden unrevealed masked suppressed out of work suspended sleeping workless untapped lurking undeveloped jobless unseen inherent unexpressed unrealized invisible concealed unwaged subconscious repressed veiled smoldering secret undiscovered unapparent underlying unconscious available immanent out of a job between jobs on the shelf unexposed without gainful employment on the wallaby track potential smouldering without work passive not tied up at leisure quiet not working out of action untaken prepatent leisure loitering accessible out of commission not busy not at work disemployed without paid employment with time to spare not occupied without employment underemployed out-of-work on the bench at a loose end recreational casual resting do-nothing relapsing retreating receding regressive ebbing declining falling lowering unfilled unreserved stagnant sidelined down unutilized unexploited closed down own recessive not made use of untried spare unspoilt at hand up for grabs on hand not in service non-functioning going begging contactable off work off duty on vacation between appointments on holiday on leave not engaged at ease at liberty left to one's own devices not tied down having a break relaxing with time on one's hands lazy having extra time indiscernible imperceptible unfulfilled at loose ends inchoate innermost unacknowledged covert buried embryonic implied unripe torpid inferred vestigial intrinsic involved underdeveloped inferential tacit immature contained likely rudimentary possible in abeyance not activated


(of a body of water) Placid and undisturbed
smooth calm even flat glassy halcyon level mirror-like motionless pacific placid quiet serene stagnant still stilly tranquil unagitated undisturbed unruffled mirrorlike peaceful settled unbroken uninterrupted waveless unperturbed untroubled dead calm like a millpond cool composed collected together sedate unworried self-possessed unshaken possessed coolheaded recollected equal self-composed limpid unfazed at peace unflappable unflustered equable relaxed at ease nonplussed cool, calm and collected imperturbable poised unmoved nonchalant laid-back unbothered even-tempered steady chilled unemotional equanimous controlled cool-headed unexcitable level-headed dispassionate undismayed as cool as a cucumber hushed lown self-controlled unconcerned phlegmatic restful easygoing impassive confident self-assured levelheaded carefree temperate easy casual insouciant arcadian stable blithe unstirred quieted stolid assured cool as a cucumber unanxious dignified whist sober blasé serious easy-going content constant mild happy-go-lucky peaceable urbane quiescent grounded fair devil-may-care staid mellow sensible trouble-free without a care in the world calmed commonsensical unflurried secure stoical clearheaded self-confident at rest unfluctuating deliberate keeping your cool well-balanced sure of oneself cool as cucumber well balanced unaffected undaunted fine regular sleepy becalmed firm unalarmed resolute unchanging unvarying unflinching untouched gentle unvexed philosophical unexcited uniform unobstructed undistracted agreeable consistent invariable in control not moved soothed disimpassioned repressed suppressed bovine blissful centered unaltering unalterable elegant suave stabile orderly systematic methodical good-natured detached docile irenic keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on conciliatory pellucid reconciled centred resting satisfied comfortable patient reserved easeful reposeful anxiety-free sure of yourself in peace without interruption in repose earnest balanced practical proper rational reasonable wise pragmatic prudent circumspect mature realistic deathly deathlike businesslike sane judicious reliable sound dependable unperturbable demure seemly decorous downwind deathly still moderate sure sanguine serious-minded grave straight assertive stiff prim formal solemn stuffy boring stick-in-the-mud starchy sombre stately somber well adjusted with one's feet on the ground full of common sense well-adjusted good-tempered cold sober protected leeside shielded screened sheltered safe leeward indifferent cold unhurried stress-free apathetic tolerant uninterested uncaring unfeeling stoic unshakable free and easy complaisant lackadaisical aloof enlightened stony oblivious breezy hard-hearted civil callous pococurante incurious heedless insensitive emotionless debonair forbearing unsympathetic mild-mannered logical neutral flexible cozy in a relaxed manner unburdened amenable graceful clubby benign happy taking your time cosy nerveless balmy no-nonsense complacent euthymic idyllic measured disinterested hard-headed insensible uncurious perfunctory discreet deliberative farsighted not dismayed thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied unimpassioned passionless well-disposed unimpressed calm and collected unimpressible offhand listless Zen all there dry-eyed unresponsive hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches unsentimental stony-hearted down-to-earth nonpassionate resigned clinical unpassionate impervious immune analytical scientific accommodating restrained long-suffering informal unmindful impassible hard-boiled indulgent fatalistic tough abstract iceberg lax immune to insensate impervious to heedless of stubborn unyielding oblivious to non-emotional affable friendly cold-blooded leisurely accepting profound deep moral ethical philosophic deep-thinking learned uncomplaining unmindful of proof against deaf to undemanding cold-fish cool cat laid back poker-faced couldn't care less understated downbeat distant lighthearted slaphappy gay careless lightsome uninvolved low-pressure low-key easy-peasy supine deaf not bothered hardened forgetful self-centered feckless inattentive blind negligent self-centred live-and-let-live chilled out not giving a toss

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