Đồng nghĩa của disinterested

Alternative for disinterested

disinterested /dis'intristid/
  • tính từ
    • vô tư, không vụ lợi, không cầu lợi
      • disinterested help: sự giúp đỡ vô tư
    • không quan tâm đến, không để ý đến, hờ hững, thờ ơ


Not influenced by considerations of personal advantage
impartial objective unbiased equitable unprejudiced detached neutral dispassionate even-handed impersonal uninvolved fair just unselfish non-discriminatory non-partisan balanced candid equal evenhanded indifferent nonpartisan open-minded square selfless aloof fair-minded outside free from discrimination free from self-interest without prejudice without fear or favour with no axe to grind nondiscriminatory uncolored honest independent unbigoted uncommitted nonaligned reasonable upright straight on the fence anti-discrimination on the level honourable honorable clinical fair and square decent without favouritism nondiscriminating on-the-fence unconcerned undecided inactive disengaged cool bystanding unaligned nonchalant poker-faced right on the up and up egalitarian ethical uninterested on sidelines unemotional middle-of-the-road uninfluenced scrupulous unallied rational inert unslanted removed even without favor noncombatant nonbelligerent collected middle-of-road easy nonparticipating calm neuter pacifistic relaxed judicial unswayed good virtuous uncoloured cold moral conscientious autonomous justifiable proper unconnected trustworthy aboveboard upfront non-aligned fair-and-square sensible disconnected above board true distant impassive unrelated moderate unincluded equable unprepossessed open equalized righteous equalised on the up-and-up without distinction strictly business matching genuine sitting on the fence straightforward in proportion undesirous principled that takes everything into account dinkum kosher upstanding unruffled composed level-headed logical unmoved nonpassionate legitimate right-minded right and proper on the square on-the-level unaffiliated non-discriminating pure broad-minded non-participating unimplicated unaffected lawful respectable conscionable incorruptible noble rightful sincere truthful not taking sides due reliable blameless dependable full of integrity stand-up proportionate fair-to-middling even-steven cricket level stable square deal fair shake undesiring liberal tolerant enlightened accepting catholic free permissive undogmatic unprescriptive acceptive understanding acceptant perceptive observant prejudice-free non-judgemental high-minded worthy nice reputable law-abiding faithful high-principled all right clean anti-corruption saintly innocent correct exemplary irreproachable angelic lofty pious elevated laudable moralistic charitable benevolent morally correct dutiful godly sinless immaculate chaste unimpeachable magnanimous chivalrous saintlike uncorrupted admirable guiltless devout venerable meritorious trusty greathearted spiritual helpful generous kind humane devoted altruistic considerate praiseworthy religious big true-blue respected hospitable squeaky clean clean-living creditable gallant beneficent estimable bounteous philanthropic faultless legit reverent big-hearted kindly kindhearted excellent thoughtful unbribable commendable of good repute great-hearted forthright bountiful right-thinking responsible distinguished loyal gracious squeaky-clean sainted divine munificent noble-minded constant great whiter than white pure as the driven snow dedicated self-righteous devotional godlike untainted pietistic sublime legal undefiled believing up front knightly hallowed prayerful perfect impeccable irreprehensible fitting lavish humble seraphic glorified god-fearing giving sympathetic frank unsparing holy esteemed courteous peaceable wholesome philanthropical solid incorrupt lordly true blue loose soft-touch unstinting high veracious sanctified bighearted acceptable consecrated dignified blessed unworldly spotless pietistical obedient revered venerated uncorrupt sacrosanct self-sacrificing progressive peaceful seemly decorous sportsmanlike punctilious orderly profuse civilized steady duteous unstained inculpable brave prestigious God-fearing sportsmanly tractable ungrudging prodigal open-handed sound redoubtable freethinking of principle notable cultivated mannerly gentlemanlike willing natural according to the rules well behaved civil free-thinking heroic valiant respectful indulgent eminent freehearted fulsome openhanded freehanded courtly lily-white kind-hearted unobjectionable illustrious humanitarian guileless civilised precise polite clean-cut benign safe salt of the earth large-hearted well-mannered above-board highly regarded above reproach unerring strict warm-hearted soft-hearted circumspect sporting matchless deserving peerless compliant eleemosynary almsgiving pukka rectitudinous condign deserved justified merited celibate modest competent warranted Christian professional morally right morally acceptable on up-and-up incorrupted favoring glorious sporty according to Hoyle G-rated vestal submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile well-behaved sanctimonious courageous heedful punctual exact fastidious critical well balanced kin on up and up inoffensive chivalric intrepid bold valorous lenient favouring prim saving deferential disciplined straight-arrow compassionate loving caring deified canonized ordained beatified honest-to-goodness equalitarian extremely careful thinking twice perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable dapper alright goody-goody unmarred precious daring gentlemanly proud merciful sweet goodhearted public-spirited tender princely goodish classless canonised reserved messianic special staunch obliging neighbourly firm above suspicion democratic accommodating spirited manly quixotic fast abundant ample friendly amiable unswerving plain-spoken agreeable comradely amicable edifying uplifting true-hearted supplicant sociable pleasant free-handed ready supplicating outstanding refined sure steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable genial companionable regardful honoured trusted established pleading extraordinary remarkable beseeching neighborly non-erotic non-violent improving supportive calculable free-spoken round soliciting plentiful full recognized of repute reputed well thought of name well-thought-of well respected tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted ardent undistorted liege confirmed entreating well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up plainspoken believable meaning what one says unfeigned real veritable literal truth-telling outspoken unreserved ingenuous realistic like it is imploring equal-opportunity well known favored famous well-known renowned prominent popular famed high-ranking redoubted celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed honored apple-pie simple suppliant supplicatory plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted no lie invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced blooming favoured with a good reputation recognised tried and trusted of good report in high favor of good standing flexible all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink receptive forbearing unorthodox nonconventional nonorthodox unconventional cosmopolitan unshockable radical libertarian nontraditional responsive forward-thinking advanced wide nonjudgmental untarnished free thinking without reproach in the clear of excellent character


Feeling or showing a lack of interest
indifferent uninterested incurious unconcerned apathetic nonchalant bored casual clinical complacent detached impassive insensible insouciant lukewarm passive perfunctory pococurante uncaring uncurious unenthusiastic unfeeling unmoved unresponsive lackadaisical negative remote withdrawn just watching the clock not giving a damn blasé aloof heedless cool dispassionate uninvolved listless careless inattentive cold distant offhand carefree unaroused laid-back weary unemotional unsympathetic regardless objective cavalier cursory breezy relaxed lax bored by easy-going bored stiff free and easy callous negligent tired jaded passionless fatigued impervious impersonal wearied impartial unconcerned about apathetic towards heartless unbiased superficial unprejudiced neutral dismissive nonchalant about uninvolved in disimpassioned airy emotionless uninvolved with removed offhand about unmoved by unenthusiastic about weary of unresponsive to happy-go-lucky lukewarm about phlegmatic about flippant easygoing fed up informal turned off loose bored rigid bored to death sick and tired bored to tears laid back devil-may-care not interested selfish hardhearted unperturbed slack blithe trivializing unimpressible unexcited lazy trivialising analytic not caring artless unstudied uninquiring effortless leisurely light languid rational unsentimental indolent simple uncommitted reserved spacey spaced-out unpassioned stolid abstract poker-faced staid sober logical businesslike antiseptic out of it hard-headed non-emotional unthinking sketchy desultory hurried summary passing mechanical fleeting token hasty quick brief rapid slovenly slipshod wooden untroubled unworried ennuied spiritless equitable glutted half-hearted unimpressed casual about uncaring about heedless of nonpartisan apathetic about uninterested in unruffled satiated sick phoning it in walking through it going through the motions easy equanimous equable calm serene gay composed sunny light-hearted regardless of frivolous about evenhanded candid just equal fair reckless about careless of cavalier about dismissive of square mindless of oblivious to unimpressed by glutted by tired of fed up with jaded with jaded by bored with glutted with hard-hearted lacking concern jaunty buoyant frivolous unserious nonaligned surfeited by satiated with surfeited with indifferent to incurious about distant from upbeat scornful unsocial stoical silent haughty uncommunicative phlegmatic diffident superior supercilious highbrow had it have had it up to here with sick to the back teeth up to here up to here with have had a basinful of have had enough of sick to death have had something up to here had it with detached from could care less thoughtless free from care free from worry brassed off browned-off going through motions aloof from not giving a monkey's


Not compassionate
uncompassionate apathetic indifferent unfeeling unresponsive cold frigid unconcerned cool unemotional unmoved aloof callous insensitive heartless obdurate untouched stony uncaring antipathetic aversive cruel halfhearted hard harsh icy lukewarm mean nasty repellent repugnant tough uncharitable uncongenial unkind unpitying unpleasant unstirred cold-blooded listless impassive lethargic passionless uninterested lackadaisical affectless emotionless stoical passive phlegmatic undemonstrative stolid half-hearted laid-back languid impassible detached sluggish numb flat lazy energyless limp stoic spiritless dispassionate torpid lifeless blah dull dreamy unenthusiastic casual relaxed easygoing slapdash enervated languorous unexcitable hard-hearted inert offhand tranquil thick-skinned hard-boiled desensitized uninvolved deadpan unsympathetic incurious desensitised pococurante Laodicean moony along for the ride heavy bovine placid uncurious unflappable groggy lymphatic dry compassionless pitiless desultory uneager perfunctory soulless unenthused stony-hearted inhuman uncommiserating idle insensate remorseless stonyhearted inhumane stoney unsparing slash-and-burn merciless ruthless take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted indurate case-hardened pachydermatous unlively tepid indolent abstracted leisurely insouciant bloodless aimless controlled calm shiftless slap-happy languishing lax careless feeble restrained impersonal self-controlled clinical inattentive sentimental slothful romantic faineant laissez-faire daydreaming fainéant being lazy reserved level-headed businesslike collected cool-headed hard-headed easy going laid back spring fever unruffled sober rational serene unagitated unsentimental remote equable unimpressionable distant composed taking your time insipid objective quiet chill coldhearted reticent marble inexpressive glacial poker-faced uninspiring uninspired going with the flow rolling with the punches cool, calm and collected vigorless vigourless vapid lacklustre lacking energy unenergetic lackluster characterless lacking vitality non-committal bored supine unambitious unmotivated insensible what the hell draggy droopy dispirited could care less wimpy don't give a damn couldn't care less cold-hearted hardhearted brutal unforgiving hardened severe with a heart of stone savage barbarous unrelenting relentless sadistic inconsiderate hard-nosed barbaric unfriendly inflexible unbending stern uncompromising lacking compassion sanguinary vicious intolerant fiendish diabolical wicked evil heinous monstrous atrocious hard-bitten unyielding bestial implacable fierce steely beastly marble-hearted dastardly truculent brute wanton butcherly cold fish brutish vindictive inured thoughtless unempathetic stubborn murderous ferocious toughened adamant firm inexorable indurated fixed mean-spirited stone-hearted spiteful malicious flinty grim unkindly austere deadened malignant adamantine depraved flagitious egregious imperturbable unrepenting matter-of-fact wolfish hateful revengeful stonehearted unloving bloodthirsty homicidal ungenerous cut-throat devilish selfish heedless premeditated abominable vile hideous ghastly self-centred hard as nails without sentiment unsusceptible fell malign cannibalistic stingy unfair ungracious malevolent stiff unaffected insentient impenitent unchristian censorious avaricious unregenerate greedy forbidding bloody indefatigable uncontrite rigorous sour tyrannical nefarious anesthetized feelingless exacting unamiable churlish sensationless crotchety surly anaesthetized cantankerous uncordial as hard as nails unmindful hurtful unsympathizing self-centered inclement draconian blind to deaf to maleficent immoral pernicious violent roughshod wrathful virulent slaughterous hellish blind appalling indifferent to insensitive of insensible to insensitive to heedless of insensible of disregardful of accustomed habituated strong cast-iron vigorous sturdy hardy rugged stout seasoned experienced acclimatized coarsened used obstinate impenetrable irreverent benumbed hard-edged inaccessible acclimatised steeled hard-as-nails cynical resistant impious prepared contemptuous disdainful unsubmissive unashamed obtuse wilful mulish stiff-necked intransigent immovable intractable dogged iron determined headstrong persistent unshakeable bull-headed tenacious strong-minded unpersuadable steadfast unmalleable pertinacious hardheaded willful self-willed inconvincible bloody-minded ossified pat opinionated pigheaded perverse iron-willed refractory contumacious self-opinionated bullheaded unimpressible blank expressionless unrepentant rigid uncooperative unshakable bullhead tough nut to crack proof against persuasion impertinent recalcitrant hanging tough set in stone frosty chilly hostile unwelcoming Rhadamanthine


Willing to put the needs or wishes of others before one's own
unselfish charitable generous liberal altruistic humanitarian kind magnanimous noble selfless self-sacrificing unsparing humane philanthropic public-spirited self-denying unstinting benevolent bighearted bounteous bountiful caring compassionate considerate devoted free freehanded freehearted fulsome munificent open openhanded open-handed self-forgetting ungrudging chivalrous decent denying extroverted giving helpful incorruptible indulgent loving self-effacing thoughtful self-forgetful gallant beneficent kindly big-hearted lavish sympathetic obliging kind-hearted kindhearted gracious friendly good hospitable free-handed accommodating understanding tolerant good-natured prodigal neighbourly tender benignant big warm-hearted greathearted eleemosynary amiable neighborly great-hearted pleasant princely warm philanthropical gentle polite genial agreeable affable supportive merciful benign cordial good-hearted large-hearted tender-hearted handsome well-disposed goodhearted warmhearted soft-hearted cooperative solicitous lenient civil do-good willing high-minded complaisant nice lofty honourable tenderhearted honest honorable just mild affectionate fair soft amicable attentive loose soft-touch courteous easy upright all heart tactful profuse patient sensitive plenteous moderate good-humored good-humoured softhearted reasonable abundant feeling comforting sociable congenial ready easygoing clement cheerful mindful forbearing righteous extravagant forgiving well disposed generous to a fault sweet excellent unstinted openhearted willingly given respectful open-hearted eager to please concerned diplomatic worthy eager to help regardful empathetic companionable human lordly elevated great virtuous ethical respectable empathic commiserative motherly fatherly maternal high approachable moral principled upstanding pitying mellow ample almsgiving responsive knightly amenable good-tempered plentiful bleeding-heart well meaning accommodative full equitable heedful thriftless profligate wasteful compliant moralistic acceptable social immoderate unrestrained socially concerned unstinging wild civilized natural heroic consoling brotherly sympathizing condoling commiserating bleeding heart lovable civilised fatherlike likeable sympathising delightful engaging even-tempered open-minded sweet-tempered stand-up likable well-mannered hearty community-minded rich substantial immaculate convivial harmonious unreasonable social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected approving inoffensive spotless unerring unprejudiced patriotic contributing donating prosocial unkind unrelenting cruel excessive inexorable procrustean useful beneficient valuable good scout Robin Hood idealistic favourable observant circumspect discreet eager pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic accessible very kind nonmalignant well-meaning conscientious valiant goodish broad-minded sentimental thoughty public- spirited favorable nonthreatening helpful to others personable like a sport well-bred easy to get along with easy to get on with acquiescent breezy happy lovely virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful large non-malignant angelic soft touch propitious unoffensive dutiful well intentioned deferential wholesome benefic calm heart in right place pleasing reputable softie marshmallow sublime uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious encouraging unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome unassuming doting piteous ruthful outstanding brave courtly refined adaptable pliable easy-going overgenerous sparing having heart in right place mushy as nice as pie appealing taking mild-mannered captivating simpatico sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting harmless perceptive extraordinary remarkable meritorious willing to please favourably disposed overabundant intemperate improvident noble-minded anti-corruption Santa Claus loving and giving old softie well-intentioned receptive handy accepting long-suffering casual exuberant free-and-easy trustworthy incorrupt dependable careful intuitive aware comradely has heart in right place over the top user friendly on tap on deck conscious discerning cognizant mannerly peaceable soft-centred right straight true sensitized reactive impressionable welcoming willing to help paternalistic maternalistic sisterly paternal perceiving impressible turned on to finely tuned touchy feely supersensitive sensitised tuned in insightful knowing emotionable clean-living well mannered all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded


Not showing a proper sense of care or responsibility
irresponsible careless carefree heedless unheeding blithe improvident inattentive incautious lackadaisical lax negligent nonchalant apathetic disregardful feckless indifferent insouciant lazy neglectful remiss slack tardy uncaring unconcerned casual derelict perfunctory reckless slapdash sloppy blasé cool delinquent easy slipshod unaccountable uncircumspect undependable unmindful unobservant unreliable untrustworthy devil-may-care slap-happy free and easy laid-back blithely unconcerned without care good-for-nothing unthoughtful untidy haphazard thoughtless slovenly otiose loose unmeticulous cursory shoddy unsystematic unthorough faineant fainéant neglecting regardless behindhand forgetful offhand oscitant disorganized inaccurate disorganised inexact unthinking indolent dilatory slothful permissive disorderly easy-going imprecise unprofessional hurried hasty asleep at switch asleep on job thrown together hit-or-miss disregarding inconsiderate inadvertent ignoring omitting slighting overlooking detached dispassionate incurious unheedful relaxed barratrous failing to show proper care and attention blameworthy culpable slow inconsistent defaultant daydreaming uninterested woolgathering reprehensible failing to take proper care scrappy unconsidered unmethodical unorganized at fault amateurish wild messy muddled disordered clumsy incorrect wrong sketchy erroneous scatterbrained faulty imperfect botched shabby junky chaotic threadbare any old way any which way unorganised poor pell-mell shambolic all over the place all over the shop jumbled error-ridden couldn't care less soft lenient overindulgent inefficient vague broad indulgent non-restrictive liberal complaisant indefinite general procrastinative incompetent yielding nonspecific flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy shapeless inactive idle accepting floppy tolerant nonjudgmental limp oblivious pococurante quiescent lethargic leisurely laggard inert passive dormant workshy any way paying no mind asleep at the wheel do-nothing asleep on the job


Accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance
passive acquiescent resigned submissive compliant docile unresisting yielding unassertive tractable complaisant forbearing long-suffering non-resistant obedient patient pliant deferential lamblike lifeless malleable meek nonresistant nonviolent non-violent pliable receptive subdued tolerant tolerating unresistant non-aggressive quiescent resistless supine asleep bearing cool enduring flaccid flat idle laid-back latent moony motionless poker-faced quiet reflexive sleepy static stolid unflappable unreceptive hands off going through motions walking through it biddable amenable accommodating manageable dutiful humble mild tame willing subservient conformable law-abiding obliging obsequious servile longanimous gentle agreeable persuadable governable controllable bootlicking persuasible obeisant easy cooperative stoical accepting timid ingratiating self-effacing stoic abject philosophical duteous ductile uncomplaining flexible peaceable slavish teachable grovelling manipulable self-abasing milky fawning cringing soft menial sycophantic groveling under one's thumb unprotesting fatalistic calm spiritless nonresisting adaptable complying lowly unassuming ready respectful toadying cowering downtrodden easily handled mean easygoing well-behaved docious subject game serene orderly lenient ignoble Uriah Heepish in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches at one's beck and call defeatist consenting assenting acceding agreeing conforming approving trusting gullible workable conformist weak-kneed mellow usable childlike complacent truckling putty in one's hands impressionable reconciled inferior snivelling convincible easily manipulated consentient assentient accordant modest suggestible acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive peaceful easily influenced adapted well-disposed genial phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied relinquishing adjusted accommodated dancing sniveling easily swayed unpretentious easily persuaded well-trained at one's mercy a slave to shy demure reverent retiring good observant under control disciplined down-to-earth diffident well trained well disciplined unambitious unobtrusive base craven devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike attentive regardful venerating reverential honouring hearsome unquestioning unctuous wishy-washy pabulum Milquetoast zero cowed nothing plain fearful oily low oleaginous understanding composed greasy toadyish wrapped around finger on a string dominated slimy brown-nosing cringey smarmy soapy forelock-tugging arse-licking excessively deferential apple-polishing sucky indulgent considerate browbeaten subjugated bullied oppressed ass-kissing imperturbable even-tempered forgiving unexcitable non-resisting intimidated repressed eating crow eating humble pie beggarly despicable persistent easy-going kind persevering nagged constrained uxorious unruffled equanimous restrained self-possessed untiring inexcitable mild-tempered tranquil henpecked impassive good-natured philosophic fortitudinous led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging ground down wife-ridden under someone's heel treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner self-controlled with the patience of Job self-restrained spineless under someone's thumb domesticated obeying bowing down comformable giving-in kowtowing subordinate surrendering amiable placable trainable disciplinable handleable susceptible responsive influenceable polite decent courteous helpful friendly civil well behaved proper supple conciliatory civilized weak happy flattering willing to please mannerly open thoughtful moldable generous go-with-the-flow transformable bendy easily led well-mannered honourable honorable righteous civilised unwarlike solid virtuous neighbourly mealy-mouthed neighborly moral ethical eager nonbelligerent keen diplomatic glad enthusiastic adjustable wimpish lawful peace-loving seemly disposed dedicated deferent prostrate unselfish weak-minded pusillanimous eager to please filial kindly wussy like putty in one's hands sympathetic eager to help supportive cheerful pleasant brownnosing parasitic favorable favourable feeble-minded adulatory decorous charitable weak-willed saponaceous affable rolls with punches putty in hands good-tempered good-humored good-humoured like putty in your hands well mannered acceptive peacekeeping mouldable compromising unformed tameable ungrudging following bendable under someone's control submitting inexperienced crawling tamable willing to compromise awed controlled plastic giving bending versatile spongy putty lithy trained untroublesome convenient amendable credulous conscientious concurring solicitous ingratiatory able to be influenced creeping onside arse-kissing universal protean resilient all-round all-around multiskilled responsible punctilious encourageable selfless ruly in accord in agreement accessible companionable useful forthcoming suckholing bowing scraping sycophant frightened boneless sequacious changeable at peace obligatory binding mindful bowing and scraping sheepish supplicatory indecisive irresolute glad to be of assistance well brought up well-brought-up fulsome timorous hesitant tentative apprehensive pacific incumbent on benevolent yellow-bellied without guts smooth honest placid amicable mim self-conscious sycophantish magnanimous pacifist glib correct sweet gracious nice infirm doubtful feeble non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish like a lamb to the slaughter bighearted breezy altruistic moderate warmhearted pacifistic high-minded worthy principled right-minded hypocritical plausible slick softie marshmallow irenic dovelike anti-war still lily-livered cowardly gutless chicken vacillating namby-pamby well disposed warm-hearted good-hearted kind-hearted favourably disposed crouching enslaved stipendiary sneaking parasitical compliable clean-living upstanding upright restful undisturbed balmy gushy hagiographical smooth-talking gushing hagiographic familial ordered pacificatory hospitable straight just respectable bland insinuating smooth-tongued cajoling coaxing suave loving above board accommodative sonly sororal family fraternal affectionate daughterly inclined handy prepared pleased user friendly on tap on deck befitting a son or daughter content willing to help set predisposed prone desirous zealous one fain minded in favour so minded so-minded of a mind in favor in the mood like-minded nothing loath in accord with

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